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what does getting clark'd mean?

It’s when you’re given first call-out one week, and are eliminated the following week. It’s called getting Clark’d because Clark (C11) had this happen to her – though it happened to other girls before her – and she was super cocky about her first call-out, making her elimination the next week extra notable and hilarious.

Who’s remembered Clark from cycle 11 of ANTM? She’s the prettiest in the group and kind of bitchy. She had a little fling with Elina Ivanova and it was super cute on the show. 

I just could not fucking resist this girl. She is too fucking amazing to begin with. She’s soooo pretty, talented, and I think it’s great that she believes in our Creator. After ANTM, she started appearing on several TV shows including How I Met Your Mother (2 episodes), CSI: NY and most recently, Millionaire Matchmaker. 

I cannot wait to see more of this girl. She is amazing. :)


#27 Clark Gilmer (Cycle 11)

I loved Clark as SOON as she dyed her hair dark brown. Something about her skin, her eyes, her hair, her body.. It was all just way too gorgeous. I had a lot of hope for her, but she began to go super flat and boring in her pictures. But I just have a soft spot for the country girl, so with those looks, how could I not love her instantly..