Leaguers are secretly alive in the 31st century: Clark by the yellow sun, Bruce by lazarus pits, Diana by living with gods, Barry by speed force, Hal by becoming will power, and Billy by staying Shazam. They meet to pull strings to help the legion.

Supergirl films scenes for the season 2 Premiere - Featuring Tyler Hoechlin as Superman
THIS BLOG POST CONTAINS POSSIBLE SPOILERS TO EPISODE 201 OF "SUPERGIRL". If you have not seen this episode and do not want to read or see any possible material from the episode, do not continue...

Supergirl shot their first on location scenes for season 2 in downtown Vancouver yesterday….but almost no one (only me & 1 other person) saw Melissa Benoist at set.

What everyone DID get to see though was the debut of TYLER HOECHLIN as Clark Kent (Aka - Superman ) on set.

There are MANY MORE photos inside the post.