Lois Lane: Fallout by Gwenda Bond (Sneak Peek #2)

↳ “I usually spent the bus ride to school reading the Daily Planet on my phone. I’d never lived in Metropolis, but I needed something steady and the same with all our moves. But sometimes SmallvilleGuy and I managed a few messages. They were almost always questions about if I’d seen the latest posts on Strange Skies, the message board we both frequented (and where we’d met two years ago) devoted to weird sightings and other hard-to-explain happenings. All I knew about him for sure besides that we were the same age was where he lived—Smallville in Kansas— and a few other details he parceled out to me. Nonetheless, he was probably the person I was closest to in the world.”  → Learn more and pre-order here.


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Superman/Wonder Woman #17. Super action and art and badass teamwork but what was touching was how we come full circle and see the love and understanding between these two heroes. If you think about it despite their differences (which is what makes them so compelling too) it is  Diana who can really understand Clark and vice versa. The burdens and the losses and how that feels. This is catharsis for them. It’s not about vying for a headline or sensation or Pulitzer. This was never for his job as a reporter for Clark. It was personal as seen in Superman/Wonder Woman #13. Nor is Diana trying to be a reporter as some folks shipping something else are trying to claim. Reading and comprehension would show that but when you also have the same folks claiming pink should only be worn by  Lois…we think we can leave off expecting constructive or logical discourse there.

This was for the two leads. Clark and Diana as people with feelings.  For them to find some emotional kind of absolution and while doing so a deeper connection.  It was a sweet end to a fast and furious arc and we look forward to June for the TRUTH. Superman/Wonder Woman #17 is now on sale in stores or for digital download.

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Diana: “We could not do this apart. We are…better…this way.”

Clark: “I love you.”

Diana: “Of course you do.”