“She has her faults of course but they only prove to make her perfect. Because when I’m with her I forget my own. I love her. I love. She makes me… human? No, I can’t be that. But she does make me… a man. I’m a man who can fly but it’s this woman who sweeps me off my feet. I’m home. In the only arms strong enough to hold me. Her breath smells like a prayer on my lips. Her taste? Peaches? Consumes me. And she looks like…god. How she looks. I’m in paradise…faults and all.” – For Tomorrow

Air Conditioning

It was, hard, when Lois divorced him, to say the least. Hard in the sense that he lost his first love. His first real, deep love, just gone. Things had been amicable, of course. She hadn’t been mean when she said she didn’t feel anything for him anymore. He’d seen it coming a mile away. They shared custody of Jon, naturally. It was decided he’d live with Clark, so he could learn more about his powers in an understanding environment. He spent weekends with Lois (when she’s in town). Clark is ready to put away the romance side of his life, and focus on being a father and a hero. Until you sprout up into his life.

You’re a psychic, working with the League on a magic case. You’re all smiles and jokes, and he finds it charming. The bad guy is found and cuffed, to be put away shortly, when you take your leave. “It’s been a fun week, Supes, but I gotta go!”

“Are you sure? I’m sure the rest of the League would agree with me when I say you’d be an invaluable asset to our team,” Superman says, floating beside you. Batman is staring daggers into the back of his head, he knows, but for some reason, Superman feels like he can’t let you go that easily. Bruce hates it when he just makes decisions all by himself outside of battle.

You smile knowingly. “Why Superman, are you flirting with me? Look, I’m honored, really, but. I’m just not the superhero type. The only reason I got involved with this guy is because he was fucking with the future. I hate when I can’t see what’s in front of me, if you know what I mean. Also I’m not in shape, like the rest of you. Hell, Wonder Woman had to carry me here, bridal style! Trust me, it wouldn’t end well. And besides,” You give him a good look up and down, “This won’t be the last time you see me, that much I can promise.”

With that you wave your hand and a door appears. You walk through without looking back. Barry races up to Clark and claps a hand to his shoulder. “Oof, I gotta say, not your finest line, Supes. Usually you have ‘em eating out of the palm of your hand! What happened!”

“Shut up, Flash,” Clark grumbles.

Clark’s life has taken on a routine, of sorts, since Lois left. He wakes up around six AM, does a precursory sweep of Metropolis for trouble, wakes Jon up by seven, makes breakfast for the two of them, sends him off to school, then gets to work himself. Of course, there’s superhero shenanigans throughout the day, and real life stuff to take care of. He gets home by five, if he’s not with the League, gets Jon to do his homework, makes dinner, and everyone’s in bed by ten, if there isn’t a megalomaniac out to eradicate earth. 

Jon seems to understand why his parents aren’t together anymore. He understands the price of being a cape (for the most part. He’s still ten, after all). He’s upset about it, but not angry. Lois and Clark were very adamant to tell him it wasn’t his fault at all. Or the fact that Clark was Superman. They don’t want to think he’s incapable of finding love as a superhero. Clark isn’t sure he believes it anymore, but he says it to his son with a reassuring smile on his face, and a hand covering Jon’s.

 He’s walking down the street on a Saturday with Jon and Lois, ice cream in hand. Jon’s in between the two of them, holding Lois’ hand while he talks animatedly about something Damian had done the other day. 

“And then, Damian calls me stupid, but I know he doesn’t mean it, if he did, he woul-” Jon’s cut off as he trips, sending his double scoop cone flying through the air. It lands right on your shirt, and you groan. 

“I saw this coming, so I wore a cami underneath this, but it’s still a bummer I’m gonna have to have this shirt dry-cleaned,” You say with a smile, looking at the family of three. 

“You!” That’s all he can say. He’s shocked to see you here, in Metropolis, in front of his family. 

“Me! I told you you’d see me again, Clark! Why does no one believe me when I tell them things.” You crouch down to Jon’s level, and pull a crumpled five dollar bill out of your pocket. “Hey bud, wanna go get some more, on me? I recommend the heavenly hash. Still chocolate, but with a bunch of other good stuff mixed in.”

Jon hesitantly looks up at Lois. She gives you a once over, and you smile up at her, flashing a peace sign. She nods slowly. “Jon, let’s go get you another cone, while your dad and his friend talk for a little bit.”

They walk away and you stand back up, looking at Clark expectantly. He decides to go for the obvious. “How did you kn-”

You roll your eyes. “C’mon man, I’m psychic! Did you really think I wouldn’t have figured it out! Plus, in an alternate future I saw, you told me, so I decided to just speed that one up. No harm, no foul. You kid is really cute by the way.”

“…Thanks. Why now? And what’s your name, since you seem to know everything about me.” Clark looks at you wearily.

You tell him your name giddily. “And, well, this is when the Fates wanted us to meet! I try not to fuck with them as much as possible. The name thing? Whatever, out the window. But meeting people is a big deal to them. They get real pissy when you interfere with predestined meetings.” You leave out the part where the two of you are soulmates, just because you don’t want to freak him out too badly. Why ruin a nice afternoon? “So, what’re you doing tomorrow night?”

Marvel: nearly everything can be explained by some sort of science. From mutants to parallel universes to infinity stones, basically everything has a logical explanation

DC: lol bitch there’s aliens, magic, and green goo that brings back the dead. No one really knows how anything works but Batman doesn’t trust any of it

In Celebration of Black Panther’s Best Picture nomination. As a comicbook fan, be it superheroes, indie or graphic novels in general, living to see a Superhero movie get a nomination for Best Picture for the FIRST TIME ever feels SUPER good :D

Shazam: If a superhero can’t save his family, what kind of hero is he?

Every single superhero without a family out there: