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Can you do super mom fluff please? I low ur writing! 💗❤️💗

You asked for some super mom and I’m just, I don’t even know what this is about! My brain just farted and all of these words appeared… Sorry for any grammar mistakes! Thank you for your request!

“Oh My God; are these your photos?” You quickly pull out the album you had briefly flipped through out of boredom and turned to look at Clark who is cleaning the corner you were supposed to clean but simply opted to sit at the side instead. “Clark, love, look.”

Clark stopped vacuuming and turned to look at you. His eyes immediately landed on the album in your hand and a smile formed on his face. “I didn’t realise I put the album up in here – your baby photos should be in the album too.”

Your jaw dropped slightly. “What do you mean my baby photos? When did you – did you get it from my aunt? She made me wear the silliest costumes ever, I still shudder whenever I think about everything I went through as a baby with her.” You laugh at the memories: your aunt was a fashion designer and since you live with her, she had always made you her guinea pig. You still remember the countless of costumes she made you wear – even the ones with the most ridiculous frills and laces, you wore them too when you were young.

Clark chuckled, shaking his head at your antics. “You looked extremely cute – if you can fawn over my photos, why can’t I share the same sentiments?” He asked cheekily and you rolled your eyes.

“I think I want to show this to Jon.” You tell Clark who nodded his head. “Our boy has been quiet for the past hour – that’s definitely not a good sign.” Jon is such a loud, happy kid that the house is rarely ever quiet like this and it somewhat worries you that he has yet to call out for his Dad and his Ma.

“Be careful,” Clark abandoned the cleaning tools and helped you maneuver around the stacks of boxes and old furniture. “I’ll finish packing these as soon as I can and will join you shortly.” Clark tells you and you nodded your head, holding the album close to you. Clark grins at you and placed a kiss on your temple. “See you later.”

You gave him a flying kiss, laughing at his expression briefly before climbing down the stairs. Knowing Clark, he will most likely be finished quite some time later. He was always thorough whenever he was cleaning and you definitely did not want to disturb him.

Walking down the hallway, you stopped momentarily in front of Jon’s room, peeking inside and frowning when you did not see your son. The state of his room is clean too which probably means he had yet to come in his room at all today. Closing the door to his room, you decided to go downstairs, perhaps he would be in the kitchen.

True to your words when you arrived in the kitchen, Jon is busy doing something. You raised one of your eyebrows as you watched your son decorating some dessert – it looked like a few cupcakes from where you were standing – diligently. His expression – full of concentration – is almost too adorable for you to disturb but now you were curious as to what he was doing.


He all but nearly drops the piping bag and lets out a small yelp, causing Krypto to bark at your voice too. Krypto jumped to his feet but relaxed when he spied you, getting comfortable once again.

“Ma! You scared me!” Jon whined and you chuckled before walking towards him. Jon looked at his masterpiece and grinned widely when you approached him. “Look, I made some cupcakes for Dad and you!”

You leaned over to press a kiss on his cheek and Jon giggled. “Do you think Dad will be done anytime soon?” He asks you and you shake your head. “Aw, I really wanted to eat this with him.” You can see the small pout on your son’s face and you smile instead.

“We can let it sit here for a bit – meanwhile, I have something I want to show you.” You tell your son and Jon immediately scooted over, carefully placing the cupcakes a little bit further down the counter. You placed the album you had found in front of him.

Jon looked at the album before pulling it closer towards him. He began flipping through the album, stopping at several photos he found of his Dad and you that he found extremely funny like, “Ma, why are you wearing a bird’s nest on your head – wow, that’s Krypto when he was younger! – oh, look that’s Dad when he was younger!”

That was how Clark found the two of you an hour later. He had finally finished cleaning the attic and packed away all of the boxes. The smile on his face grew when he saw how happy the two of you were; Jon happily chatting your ears away with all the things he had done and you looking at your son like he is the sun in your life.

Clark quietly crept up behind you and wrapped his arms around Jon and yourself; you would have gotten surprised if this wasn’t such a Clark thing to do. Your husband just loved to hug you or Jon from behind and you have grown so used to it.

“How are my favourite people feeling?” Clark asked and pressed his lips to the top of your head. You smiled at him and Clark just couldn’t resist himself from giving you a kiss on the lips. Jon pretended to gag but giggled when Clark pulled away from you to give him a kiss on the head.

“Contented, now that you are finally here.” You tell him and Clark grinned.

“Dad, I made you these! We have been waiting for you.” Jon pushed the tray filled with cupcakes toward Clark. “I’m super hungry now, come on~”

Clark chuckled before nodding his head. “Alright, alright.” Clark gave you one last kiss before moving to sit across the two of you. “Thank you, Jon.”

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Clark tries to use the snapchat flitters on Bruce.

no powers au prolly lol 

“Okay, now what?”

Dick helps Clark navigate through the app. Clark still doesn’t get it, but he’s determined to learn. Bruce gave him a new phone since his old (ancient) Blackberry gave up on him, and Clark really doesn’t have the budget for a new phone.

“Now, press and old on your face, and wait for the app to recognize your facial structure,”

Clark does as told and when the app notifies him that it recognizes the shape of his face, a dog’s ears and nose appear by his head and nose. He bursts into a laugh. “Look, look!—wait it says…” he opens his mouth like the app suggests, and a tongue licking animation plays together with a sound effect. Clark laughs again, and Dick joins him this time.

“If you want to take a picture of you with the filter, press this button once,” says Dick. “If you want to take a video, press and hold it. Then you can save the photo or video by pressing this button, or you can add text to it using this, then share it like this,”

Clark somewhat gets it. “Okay, okay,” he nods.

“You can put it on your Instagram. You’ll probably get a ton of followers if you can manage to try putting filters on Bruce,”

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anyway!!!! allow me to present michael ealy as clark kent:

he’s got the baby blues:

he’s got the great smile:

he’s a dork:

here he is in glasses:

pls imagine this face directed at lois lane:

and this one:

he can do serious too:

look at him:

these gifs:

and finally:

michael ealy as clark kent 2k17