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So I was rewatching The X files and I realized how much I wanted a superbat au of it. 


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Teen Alex (17) coming home one day from a long day at practice and she's wore out because midterms just finished and she's trying to get things ready for college like scholarships. Clarke is home in her studio and Alex just quietly comes in & lays down on the couch in the room like she did so many times when she was young. Love watching her mommy paint. Clarke finishes & goes to the couch sits down & starts playing with Alex's hair. They just spend some quiet time together like old times.

Clarke still sees her baby. Clarke quietly wraps up, comes to the couch, and lifts Alex’s head onto her lap. She doesn’t ask questions like Lexa, she just strokes Alex’s hair and kisses her forehead. Clarke is Alex’s safe place, and her home.

I can’t fucking believe that M@rvel comics just publicly blamed DC and their lower prices for M@rvel’s sales dropping. 

Like, could you imagine if literally any other company did that? If any other company was like “our competitor is doing something that appeals more to consumers so it’s their fault that we’re not doing as well!!”