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So clearly it's a Clark baby? I still think it isn't Brianas though either tammis or Briana became a surrogate for her but either way obviously not Louis there's no trace of Louis or any of his siblings in Freddie

i don’t think briana was ever pregnant tho….it’s so confusing but that baby looks a lot like the clark side that’s for sure


President of NAACP in Minneapolis Nekima Levy-Pounds is standing on her knees willing to be the 1st arrested with the #Justice4Jamar protest on Interstate 94. 

24-year-old Jamar Clark was killed last year on November, 15. All witnesses said he was shot dead laying on the ground, NOT RESISTING and handcuffed at the moment of the shooting. The police claimed that he was shot while trying to obtain the officer’s gun. Both police officers Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze, involved in the murder, were subsequently placed on paid administrative leave.

Such victims are the reason this brave woman is standing on her knees ready to sacrifice her freedom and her life for TRUTH and for JUSTICE.


#BlackLivesMatter #Justice4Jamar #StayWoke


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