clark raving mad

There comes a time when we are called to a higher power. When the little people wake up and realize, together, we’re a big person. Together, we can fight the tyranny that would control us. We must speak up now, or forever hold our peace. — But suffice it to say, I have been mistreated by Cannon. So, we, the people, must protest and demand I be reinstated and that Cannon be sent back to that godforsaken nerd-nest.

Naomi: Please give me another chance.
Mr. Cannon: I’m sorry, I’ve made my decision.
Naomi: No, what do you want? Just name it, I’ll do anything. Please, please, please, I’ll do anything.
Mr. Cannon: Are you offering to sleep with me?
Naomi: What? No, I…
Mr. Cannon: Because that would be completely inappropriate. Like I said, you’re off the Blaze.