clark phillips


Australia have won the cricket world for the fifth time.
We’re the champions. We’re beyond perfection. We’re mighty Aussies.
I’m super happy today. Probably the best moment in my life. We’re fucking phenomenal.
Anyone wanna hug? *hugs everyone* anyway.
This world cup is for you Hughesy, Phillip Hughes, 63 Not Out Forever.


@playbill Scrapbook 2006: some highlights from the POTO page

  • Michael Shawn Lewis demonstrating “the technique that won him the company’s cheese ball eating contest”
  • Patricia Phillips hearing “you are the best BROAD” when Hal Prince said over the PA system that “You are the best ‘frog’“ (mid performance, of course)
  • “Stephen, please keep your backstage voice small and unimportant, much like your performance” (Craig Jacobs being cheeky with Stephen R. Buntrock)
  • Jennifer Hope Wills having a boob accident in Hannibal, where one did a peek-a-boo out of her Hannibal bodice when dancing
  • An alternative MOTN pose by David Gaschen and Susan Owen