@chloebennet : Instagram story with Elizabeth Henstridge 12/10/2016.


a magical place indeed


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@chloebennet : Instagram story with Jason O'Mara 12/09/2016


And I look over and Elizabeth is just shivering, drenched, head to toe in this beautiful gown, and Chloe is right next to her, bent over just laughing hysterical. No sympathy whatsoever [x]


Iain: Elizabeth being Elizabeth as well, I’m sure she got out and went “I’m sorry”.
Clark: She thought she hurt the pool. And Jed and Maurissa were holding her knapsack, upside down and water was draining out like a cartoon. And then her phone came out and it had weird images on it, like, of fish swimming by.
Henry: I walked up to them like two minutes afterwards and Jed our executive producer was like “Woah, woah be careful” and I’m like “What the hell?”. It looked like someone pulled a seal out of the pool. I was like “What is all this?” then look over and Elizabeth is just shivering, drenched from head to toe in this beautiful gown.
Clark: And Chloe was right next to her just bent over just laughing hysterically. […] She never got that churro though.