clark drive

Bat family car rides must be the weirdest experience for someone who’s not a member of the family:

Jason: (from the backseat) Tim move your seat up

[Pointed silence as Tim does nothing]

Jason: (taking his gun out) I SAID MOVE YOUR MOTHERFUCKING SEAT-

Bruce: (from the driver’s seat) No guns in the car.

Jason: (slumping back angrily) Fuck off, Bruce.

Damian: (taking his daggers out) if you disrespect father you must duel with me, Todd.

Dick: No dueling in the car, guys. It’s a range rover, and Bruce said he’ll let me have it one day :)


[Several battlecries and consequent weapon removals as everyone realises that they had been promised the range rover at one point of time.]

Clark: (nervous and wary laughter) so, haha. Are you guys always like this?

[Five pair of blue eyes glare at him]

Damian: stay out of this, alien.

(A pause.)

Damian: unless you have been promised the range rover as well.

if kal el landed on earth in 1987 he’d be 28/29 in 2016 but more importantly he’d be 17 in 2004 which means he probably had an american idiot t-shirt and wore it with a long-sleeved shirt underneath it. with thumbholes in the sleeves. lana lang probably looked like avril lavigne, except they were rural so she did the best she could with what smallville’s thrift stores had to offer. she probably pierced her own eyebrow even though clark kept telling her she’d get an infection. how many of those little wrist sweatbands do you think he owned. did he have a wallet chain.

First Encounters.

This wasn’t requested by anyone but I saw a prompt on tumblr and I thought it would be cute to write about. So whoever posted the prompt thank you for the idea! @tvshows-obsessed all done!

Madi had been out adventuring as Clarke liked to call it, she’d left Clarke to fetch the fresh water. Madi knew Clarke didn’t mind collecting the water alone because she’d take a moment to radio her friends on the Ark. Madi knew almost everything about them now, Clarke would tell her stories every night before bed and sometimes Madi envied Clarke, she wanted to have as many adventures as her mother-figure, Clarke had been teaching her all she knew but she was eager to explore the scorched Earth. It was something she was unable to do when her parents were alive, her father would forbid her to leave her village, it was too dangerous they would say. Granted they were right, she was a night-blood and if someone had found out they would’ve dragged her to Polis.

Madi clambered up a tree to get a good view of the dead trees, the entire land except where Clarke and her had taken care of the land, was dark. It reminded her of her nightmares, a place where only demons lie but yet it intrigued her. Clarke had told her when she turned fifteen she’d take her to explore the world. So far they only been to Polis, most of the rivers and lakes near by, they’d searched for supplies that survived Priamfaya, the rover being amongst the things they found. Clarke had taught her to drive, although Clarke wasn’t exactly an expert herself. She said it was just a precaution just in case something happened to Clarke, Madi couldn’t imagine life without Clarke anymore. She’d found her and taken care of her as her own when she was fragile and still slightly sick from the radiation. Clarke had still been covered in boils herself, but she pushed herself to take care of the pair of them. Madi had found Clarke crying most nights, she didn’t open up for weeks but when she did Madi crept into Clarke’s bed to sleep beside her. It only helped her nightmares slightly but she didn’t mind them so much now.

A snap of a twig caught Madi’s attention, she almost slipped out of the tree when she saw a large metal object landing in the rotten trees, crushing them and landing softly on the ground. She’d never seen anything like it. She remembered Clarke had told her that her friends had gone up in a rocket–a metal object much like this one–but she wasn’t sure if this was what a rocket looked like.

She was quick to climb down from the tree–climbing was her strong suit. And she landed with a thud on the floor, leaves crunching beneath her feet. She hesitated on whether to go rush to get Clarke but it was far and she was worried these people would leave if she left. Madi warily took a step forward, the ship was just ahead, behind a bunch of bushes. She heard a clank and a bunch of voices they sounded slightly echoed, like something was covering their mouths like a mask.

When she stopped behind the bushes her eyes were fixed on the suited humans, there were three women and by the looks of it three men. Madi flickered back in her memories, Clarke always named six people other than her mum but she had told her her mother was in the bunker. Madi stepped out of the bushes, she had to take a risk. This was for Clarke. She’d want to know if her friends were finally home. The sound of her muffled movements made the seven spin to face the little girl fast, almost startling her but she stood her ground, hands raised when one of the boys, one quite small pointed a gun at her. She and Clarke had ones familiar to it and she knew the harm it could do. But she remained still. One of the men in the suits stepped forward, pushing the other mans gun down.

“Monty, she’s just a kid.” The deep voice scolded, Madi liked whoever it was already. But when she heard the voice she smiled, she’d found them. Clarke would be over the moon. The tallest man looked towards her, eyes meeting her, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “How are you here? Are you from the bunker?”

Madi lowered her hands and shook her head. “I’m a night-blood. The bunkers been unreachable since Praimfaya,” Her words made most of their eyes widen, confused on how she knew about the contact with the bunker. “The air is safe, it’s been safe for a year now. Clarke’s been waiting.”

The name made the tall male perk up against, one of the woman too. The girl pulled off her helmet and stepped closer to Madi, Madi didn’t step back, from Clarke’s story these were good people.

“Clarke’s here? She’s alive?” The brunette spoke, her face filled with disbelief. The tall one had now gone silent, the others seemed to be intrigued now, all listening to her. Madi nodded.

“You’re Raven, right? Clarke’s best friend?” Madi questioned, she was trying to decipher who was who but it was hard with the glare of the mask. But seem as Raven had removed hers she could tell by the characteristics. Raven glanced down at the floor then back up at Madi, her defense shield going up as she moved angrily closer to Madi. This time Madi backed up, she knew an angry face when she saw one.

“Raven, hey! Stop!” Another voice broke out, lurching forward to grab Raven’s arm keeping the brunette away from Madi. One by one they took of their masks, within seconds Madi identified them. Bellamy had been the tallest one, the one with the tattoo over her face was Emori, Murphy had been the one holding Raven back and Monty was the small male who’d been stood closely beside a girl of medium height which she guessed could only be Harper and the final female could only be Echo.

“Where is she? Clarke?” Bellamy asked, he didn’t meet the child’s eyes but his voice was telling her he was eager to see her, to see for himself that the blonde was alive. Madi had heard about him most and she remembered Clarke’s drawings, she drew him perfectly, getting the freckles too. Madi glanced at Raven anxiously but she stood straight and smiled.

“She went out to collect water, but she’d probably be back home soon. She’s been talking to you everyday, waiting ever since she found me six years ago.” Madi gestured for Bellamy to follow her and he stepped forward but Echo spoke up her voice wary and sharp.

“What if she’s lying? This could be a trap, Bellamy and your just about to walk into it.”

“Are you lying?” Bellamy asked Madi, Madi shook her head. Bellamy nodded, giving her a gentle smile and placing a hand on Madi’s shoulder. “Then let’s go.”

The others were hesitant but they trusted Bellamy’s judgement and followed.

They reached the cave and everyone but Madi seemed exhausted, she figured they weren’t used to climbing and walking so much seem as they’d been up in space for six years. The cave was seemingly empty but the others didn’t seem to panic, they just nonchalantly sat down against the wall to take a breather. Except Bellamy, Madi could feel his anxiety radiating off of him and she gave him a reassuring smile when he glanced over at her.

“She’ll be home soon, I promise.”

Bellamy simply nodded, still holding doubt. “How did you two meet?”

Madi smiled at the question. “Praimfaya had swept over my village, it killed everyone. Except me, I guess. Clarke had came to me village looking for things that had survived and she found me instead. She’s been like my mum ever since.” Bellamy was looking at her now, a genuine smile plastered on his face.

“I didn’t know the princess had it in her,” Bellamy smiled softly, “And there are no other night-bloods?”

“No, just me and Clarke.” She answered, twiddling her hair with her fingers, eyes dropping to her lap. She almost forgot the others were there but a voice spoke up and she looked at the others.

“How old are you?” It sounded like the question had come from Harper.

“Eleven.” Madi smiled, she found it weird thinking she was only five when Clarke discovered her, she remembered being frightened, terrified and knees to chest in the corner of her fathers shop, her mother inches from her boils and blood covering her body. She blocked out the memory when she heard Clarke’s humming and she was on her feet and darted to the entrance of the cave to greet the blonde. Clarke stopped humming and smiled at Madi. She loved it when the young girl ran to greet her.

“Hello my little night-blood,” Clarke beamed, “I thought you’d still be out exploring.”

“I found something, you’ll love it.” Madi told her, wanting to surprise her. Madi quickly took the water out of Clarke’s hands using both hands seem as it was really heavy and place it to the side and snatching Clarke’s hand pulling her excitedly.

“You didn’t bring home another two-headed bunny, did you?” Clarke muttered, but when she was pulled into the flame lit cave and her eyes landed on the seven people all stood, eyes on her. She froze, Madi squeezed Clarke’s hand with a squeal.

“I found them, Clarke!” She exclaimed happily, she couldn’t tell if Clarke was going to tell her something because her mouth had fallen open, eyes scanning the room over and over again as though it was a dream. But her eyes were looking for a particular person.

“You’re really here…” A low voice rang out throughout the cave, Raven had snapped out of her shock and she stepped aside, she knew Bellamy had been waiting for this moment for six years. Clarke felt as though her feet were stuck to the floor when she saw him, his shaggy hair only a couple inches longer and  slight stubble growing on his face, but he had the exact same burning brown eyes, ones perfectly matched to hers. She felt herself hold Madi’s hand tighter for support but she was careful not to hurt the child. “I thought I’d never see you again.”

Before she could do anything Bellamy was before her and his arms had wound around her middle like he’d never left, his arms returning the safe, happy feeling to her body. His familiar warmth unfreezing her and she wrapped her free arm around Bellamy’s neck whilst her hand remained in Madi’s hold. Clarke practically melted in Bellamy’s hold, tears brimming in her eyes until she could no longer fight holding them back and her hand slipped out of Madi’s so she could fully wrap her body around Bellamy until there was no space left between them.

“I was wondering if you’d ever come down,” Clarke said but it sounded like a mumble in his shoulder, choking out a laugh. Madi had stepped aside now, letting the two have some space as they reunited. The others had been watching the two, smiling at the pair. But patiently waiting for their chance to greet their old friend. Clarke pulled out of the hug, her hand cradling Bellamy’s jaw, her eyes tracing every inch of his face although she had already memorised it, her thumb brushed his own wet cheek, swiping the tears away and smiling through watery eyes at him, letting her forehead press against his head before bumping noses with him to press her lips against his. Reveling in the feeling. She’d been waiting longer than she could remember to do this, she’d promised herself if she saw him again that she wouldn’t hold back not anymore, not when they always get separated. “I love you so, so much.”

Bellamy had made a promise similar to hers and hearing her words, he planted a quick kiss on her lips once more, a grin smeared across his lips. “I love you just as much, Clarke, I can’t believe you’re alive, you’re actually here.”

“I’m really here.” Clarke let out a laugh, her hands still holding either side of his face. Madi cleared her throat, knowing the others wanted to see her too but Clarke’s eyes snapped away from Bellamy, her hands falling to her sides and cheeks running red when she realised the young girl had seen the kiss. “Sorry, um, I see you’ve already met Madi.”

Clarke ran her hand through Madi’s hair before tugging the girl gently into her side, a smile on her face as she looked down at the small brunette. Bellamy smiled, the child reminded him of Octavia when she was small, Bellamy knelt down to Madi’s height which wasn’t exactly small and held out his hand. 

“Time we officially met then,” Bellamy grinned as Clarke beamed at the pair before moving to greet Raven, colliding with the girl in a bundle of laughs, they were happy to be together again, Clarke had missed all of their companies. “Bellamy Blake.”

“Madi or as Clarke likes to call me, Little Nightblood.” Madi grinned straightening her beanie before extending a hand with a friendly smile. “It’s good to finally meet you after all this time.”

“It’s good to meet you too, Madi.” Bellamy said with a light chuckle. He liked her already.

So the road trip with the hydrazine this week involves Bellamy, Clarke, and Roan, as far as we know…Monty is seen talking to them beforehand, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t tag along…

Bellamy and Roan are in the rover together

which means Clarke is driving the other vehicle

y’know the one with the hydrazine on it? 





Born on this day: June 30, 1951 - Jazz bassist and composer Stanley Clarke (born in Philadelphia, PA). Happy 66th Birthday to this ultra funky virtuoso, genius musician.

The Thing About Pre Med

I finished this startlingly fast. I wasn’t planning on posting this until tomorrow afternoon, but why not? Happy Bellarke Day!

The thing about being pre-med is that people think you know stuff. They think they can come up to you and tell you about the cough they’ve had that just won’t go away, or ask about the weird tingling sensation they get on the back of their knee and just expect you to be able to tell them exactly what’s wrong with them. And sure, you can probably tell them that the trapezius muscle is innervated by the spinal accessory nerve or that hemoglobin has a quaternary structure made up of four polypeptides that each interact with an iron atom that gives it the ability to carry oxygen through the bloodstream. But at the end of the day, you don’t know shit about medicine.

Which is why Clarke feels more than a little bit panicked when her friends start treating her like their personal doctor.

It doesn’t start out as a big thing: Monty picked up a cold after their friends had spent a late night out in the cold drinking cheap liquor in a field off campus. He had come to her a couple of days later asking about the best cold meds to buy from the CVS down the street, and Clarke had advised him to pick up the generic brand after extensive assurance that yes, they really were the same thing and to buy some kind of sports drink to replenish his electrolyte levels.

Somehow word had gotten around. Before she knew it, Raven was asking her how best to bandage the blisters on her hands from the wrenches she used for her part-time job as a mechanic, and Jasper was flashing his bare ass wanting to know what kind of rash he had and whether he needed to see a doctor (she didn’t even want to begin to relive that one).

“This is getting out of hand,” she huffs to Bellamy one after relaying the story of Harper’s weird mole-ish thing (she had no idea what it was, to be honest) she had shown to Clarke with a few days prior. She takes a long sip from the coffee she’d ordered when they arrived, watching the corners of his eyes crinkle with humor as he fiddles with the napkins on their table and struggles to subdue a grin.

“Not so easy being Dr. Clarke?”

“That’s the problem,” she groans, fingers tangling into the roots of her hair and letting out a frustrated sigh, “I’m not a doctor. I’m a sophomore. In undergrad. I know nothing.” She lets her head fall pathetically onto the table, shielding her face with her arms like a petulant child.

“Good thing you’re paying so much money for such a quality education,” he teases.

Her head snaps back up to meet his smirking gaze. “You do realize it takes eight fucking years to become a doctor, right? And even after that there’s still three to ten years of more training in residency. I’m, like, 15% of the way done. If that.”

He tears off the corner of the croissant that sits on the plate in front of her, ignoring her noises of protest, and deadpans, “You’re practically an ignoramus.”

“Exactly,” she says, ignoring his sarcastic tone. “If this were drivers’ ed and I was only 15% done, I’d still be reading the damn handbook. They wouldn’t even let me near a car. But suddenly it’s okay for me to be making life and death decisions about a person’s body?”

Bellamy scoffs. “Okay, Princess, I feel like that might be a bit melodramatic. It’s not like you know absolutely nothing. What about that time Miller told you about that earache he was having, and you told him it was an infection he should probably get checked out? You were right, and he ended up avoiding a trip to the emergency room because of it.”

“Lucky guess,” she shrugs, fingers drumming a light rhythm on the lid of her coffee cup.

“Or that time that kid had that seizure in the student union? You were the only one there who knew to turn him onto his side.”

She rolls her eyes. “Please. That’s basic stuff everyone learns when they’re kids. No different than ‘stop, drop, and roll.’”

“What the hell kind of elementary school did you go to?”

She stifles a snicker, ignoring the slight heat rising to her cheeks. It was nice to know that her best friend had faith in her, even if she didn’t. “When my mom worked all the time, the only way I could really spend time with her was to shadow her around the hospital,” she says with a shrug. “You pick up a few things. I spent my eighth birthday learning the proper technique for wrapping a sprained ankle.”

“See?” Bellamy quips, gesturing vaguely with his cup, “You already knew more than the average adult by the time you’d finished the second grade.”

She lets out a breathy laugh, one hand reaching up to tug absentmindedly at the ends of her blonde waves. “I don’t know. I just—I’m terrified of getting it wrong, you know?” She traces the letters of her name written on the coffee cup in front of her with a finger, focusing far more attentively than the task requires. “What if someone comes to me with something and I tell them that they’re fine, and it turns out to be something really bad? What if I miss it?”

“You won’t.”

She finally glances up at Bellamy. His eyes bore into hers with an intensity and confidence that makes the tension in her shoulders soften. “You don’t know that.”

“I do,” he says firmly, his hand reaching across the table to rest on the hand still mechanically tracing the black-inked ‘C’ on her cup. “You won’t miss it.”

A few weeks later, everyone piles around the tiny laptop screen in Raven’s tiny dorm room in a halfhearted attempt of a movie night.

“This,” Jasper whines, “was the worst idea ever. Raven, why didn’t you bring a TV to college like a normal person?”

“I think the better question is why did we choose to have a movie night in the one room that doesn’t have a TV?” Clarke grumbles from her spot on the floor between Harper and Bellamy, adjusting her shoulders in an attempt to find a more comfortable position against the wall behind her.

A chorus of dissent travels across the group as Monty urgently shushes them with an insistent, “Shut up, this is the best part!”

They continue like that for a while, making jokes about the ridiculous dialogue and terrible acting between someone’s complaints that they can’t see or hear the movie, all the while with Monty grumbling that they’re ‘ruining his favorite movie’ and that they ‘shouldn’t even have a movie night if no one’s going to watch.’

They’re a little over an hour in when Clarke realizes Bellamy has been notably quiet.

“Hey,” she whispers, playfully knocking her knee into his own, “you okay? You haven’t bitched about the historical inaccuracies once during this entire movie.”

“I’m fine.”

She bristles at his short tone, feeling him tense next to her as he leans his head back against the wall behind them. She waits for him to say more, but no response comes.

“You sure?”

His eyes close as she scrutinizes him. She watches his jaw tighten.

“Yeah,” he said through gritted teeth. “I’ve just had a headache all day. No big deal.”

She pats his knee apologetically and turns back to the movie. Her attention for the remainder of the night switches between the atrocity of a film on the tiny screen and making sure Bellamy is okay. He doesn’t say anything else, but she notices that his jaw is still ticking and his eyes are still closed when she checks on him.

When the movie finally ends, the group lets out a resounding sigh of relief as Raven cheers, “Thank God!” The next half hour is a blur of people gathering their respective pillows and blankets as they issue sleepy ‘goodnights’ and ‘drive safes.’ Clarke sees Bellamy say a quick goodbye to Raven and slip quietly out the door. She hurries behind him to catch up to his long strides.

“Bellamy,” she calls, speeding up her pace as he stops at the stairwell. “Are you driving home?”

He shakes his head. The previous summer, Bellamy had leased a 2-bedroom apartment just off campus to share with Octavia once she enrolled at Ark University.

“Octavia took my car to go visit Lincoln,” he tells her. “I’m just going to walk.”

She shakes her head, her stomach lilting at the idea of him walking home alone at night when he just seemed so…off.

“No, you’re not,” she insists. “My car’s right downstairs, let me drive you home.”

“I’ll be fine, Princess. It’s just a few blocks.” He turns toward the door to the stairwell, already reaching for the handle, but Clarke catches his shoulder.

“Come on. It’s really not any trouble,” she assures him. “Please?” She senses the hesitation in his stance. His already sluggish movements slow even further. She can feel him caving as she presses, “For my own peace of mind.”

He turns to her with a resigned grimace.

“Fine,” he says, rubbing his tired eyes, “but only because you said please.”

She gives him a small grin, her hand unthinkingly grazing his broad shoulders to guide him toward the door. She trails behind him down the stairs, watching him rub gingerly where his neck tapers down to his shoulders. He tilts his head slightly to the side, allowing her to see the wince that flits across his face.

“That hurt?”

“Don’t worry about it,” he says.

“That’s a yes.”

He lets out a tired chuckle. He holds the door for her as they exit the stairwell, and again as they reach the main entrance of Raven’s building. Clarke is silently thankful the parking lot outside of her own building a block away had been full when she had returned to campus earlier that day, forcing her to park just out front of the dorm she and Bellamy were leaving. Though she knows he’s doing his best to hide his discomfort, she can see the stiff way he carries himself, looking as though he’s trying to minimize as much movement as possible.

“Seriously, are you okay?” she asks when she sees his grimace as he ducks to slide into her passengers’ seat. She doesn’t miss the lilt of concern in her voice, and judging by way he turns to her with reassurance in his eyes, Bellamy doesn’t either.

“Clarke, really,” he says, “I’m fine. I think I just hurt my neck at the gym earlier today. No big deal.” The smile her gives her seems a little forced, but lets it slide, ignoring the vague anxiety at the back of her mind.

“You should ice that when you get home,” she advises. “Take some ibuprofen, too, it’ll help if there’s inflammation. And no gym tomorrow, okay?”

“Whatever you say, Dr. Clarke.”

She lets out an exasperated sigh as she pulls out of the parking lot, a smile creeping onto her face in spite of herself. She’s relieved he’s feeling well enough to tease her, even if he still doesn’t seem quite right.

“Looks like rain,” he notes, his drowsy eyes examining the sky. “Hope Octavia doesn’t stay out too late. She doesn’t need to be driving home in a storm.”

“She could always stay over at Lincoln’s.”

Clarke is fairly certain that Bellamy’s gaze would have snapped to hers had his neck not been causing him so much pain. Even still, she saw him side-eyeing her with more than a little distaste.

“That’s not funny.”

“Oh come on,” she says with a snort, “it’s a little funny.”

They fall into a companionable silence for the rest of the drive, Clarke keeping her eyes on the quickly darkening sky while Bellamy can’t seem to keep his eyes open. Though only a few minutes have passed by the time she pulls into the parking lot outside of his building, she has to call his name twice before he finally jolts awake.

“Sorry,” he says gruffly, already reaching for the seatbelt buckle. He stiffly exits the car, poking his head around the car door before shutting it. “Make sure you get back before the rain hits.”

“I will,” she assures him. “I’ll let you know I made it back okay.”

He nods, cringing at the jolt that comes along with it. He shuts the car door, turning to the staircase that leads to his floor.

Before his foot can reach the first step, Clarke rolls down her window and calls, “Hey. You’re sure you’re okay?”

He turns back to her with a weary smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes.

“I’m fine, Clarke. Scout’s honor.”

“You weren’t a Scout,” she points out, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She locks eyes with his, her tone becoming more serious. “Promise you’ll call if you need anything? Ice pack, a cheeseburger run, whatever.”

“I promise,” he says, his expression softening.

She gives a curt nod, offering a quick goodnight as she rolls up her window. As she pulls out of the parking lot, she does her best to silence the nagging voice in the back of her mind telling her that something isn’t right.

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Drink me

This got so far away from me they don’t even technically *have* a drink, but somehow I doubt you’ll care.

Clarke poured another glass of whiskey for the officer sitting at the bar and gave him a tight smile.  Another patron walked in and took a seat four stools away.  He was the rare man her age not in a German uniform, but the officer at the other end of the bar paid him no attention.  “What’ll it be?” she asked.

“Whiskey,” he replied in perfectly accented French.  Too perfect, actually.  “But I’ll take whatever you’ve got.”

“Can I interest you in a pinot noir?” she asked carefully.

“I’d prefer a merlot,” he replied.  He was measuring her reaction so she continued with the code.

“I can see if I have one in the back, unless you’d prefer to look for yourself.”

He stood.  “That might be best. I can be quite particular,” he said, and followed her back into the store room.

 Clarke shut the door behind her.  “American?” she whispered in English.

“What gave it away?” he replied.  The back room was tiny, with barely enough space for the two of them to stand.

 “Accent,” she hissed back.  “You sound like a textbook.  What are the orders?”

 “Railyard about 40 miles from here, tomorrow night.  We’ll need kerosene and matches.”

 Clarke tapped her foot on the trapdoor beneath them.  “Come in just before closing.  I’ll have my car out back.”

 He nodded.  “Bellamy, by the way.”

 “Clarke,” she replied, and shook his hand.  She grabbed a bottle of merlot and handed it to him.  Back in the bar they were just a patron and a bartender. 

But by tomorrow morning, they might be facing a firing squad.

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Reunited At Last

The route never changed that much, except for the plants getting a little greener as the years went by. Clarke could drive it in her sleep by now and usually, she hated doing it without Madi. It’s boring and it takes too much out of her day. At least with Madi in the passenger seat, they could talk and laugh as always. Clarke had left her sleeping this morning though. The little Nightblood is far too exhausted for such a mundane trip like collecting water from the river. She had trained hard yesterday and Clarke was proud.
A few more minutes and she would get there. Back to the same river. The one she visited each day for six years on this radiation soaked planet. The one she almost drown Roan in all that time ago when he tried to take her as a hostage to Lexa. A time long gone.
She thinks of her friend sometimes, then again, as she glances at her rifle in the front seat with the name of every person she’s lost etched into the wood, she realises she thinks of them all. The sun is beating in through the rover window and the morning dew on the grass track below it makes the wheels slide a little, but Clarke is too occupied listening to Jasper’s old music player. She has it hooked up to the rover’s radio and a song that reminds her of Bellamy is playing. Clarke sighs, running her fingers through her short blonde hair as she props her elbow up on the ledge of the open window. They all remind her of Bellamy.
Just as she turns the corner, her eyes land on the trees ahead of her. They’re sliced at the top, as if something has cut through them. Almost instinctually, Clarke slams on the rover’s breaks and her heart is thumping when it stops. It’s the first time this route has looked different, and she’s afraid to let herself think why. She hadn’t heard anything crash last night and she definitely would have seen it if she had been awake. Still, Clarke has hope.
The rover hums to life once more and she tears off ahead, following the direction of destruction along the way. Bark, leaves and branches all mark her way and Clarke is unsure if it’s adrenaline or fear that’s driving the pulsating in her ears. It might not be them, after all. She stops just before a dirt covered hill. The rover won’t make it up there but the smoke coming from behind it tells Clarke that she has to. She’s dreamt of this day far too often; seeing her friends, finally having them come home, finally seeing him.
Six long years and so many times, she heard noises only for it to be false alarms, she’s let her eyes trick her with unrealistic signs that they might have come home. But now, this could be it. Yet the anxiety that it might be another dream, another false alarm - it’s clouding her excitement.
Clarke grabs her rifle and clambers against the rocks and dirt, willing herself up the steep hill. She slides a few times but before she knows it, she’s just below the surface. She’s too hypervigilant to just spring up, too aware of danger because let’s face it, it’s all that’s been present since she landed on this beautiful planet. Instead, she slowly raises her head to peer over the top of he hill, the rest of her body flat against the dirt.
It takes a few beats for her eyes to focus on the white rocket, smoking from the crash to the ground. But it’s theirs. She knows it. The next few moments happen all too quickly for Clarke. She imagined it different - she’d see her friends and Bellamy and she’d run. Right into his arms. But now, she lies frozen to the ground.
She sees Raven first. Her black ponytail looks as it always does and she’s dragging her leg like always, but her face is different. Not physically, but emotionally. She doesn’t look like she’s carrying the burden she once did, the pain that once resided there. Monty and Harper are next, bent at the side of the rocket as if examining its damages. Murphy and Emori are sitting on the ground, feeling the grains of dirt below them as if it’s the most magnificent thing ever. Echo is leaning against the door of the rocket, holding a cloth to her bloodied head. Impact clearly wasn’t smooth.
Clarke doesn’t get time to look further because her stares are broken by Raven.
At some point, she must have stood up because now, her two feet are on the other side of the hill, gravitating towards her old friends. Raven is looking right at her with a confused and shocked look in her eyes. The others have heard because now, they’re looking too, taking slow steps forward. Clarkes mouth is dry and she doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Raven turns her head to the side, as if waiting for someone. Clarke follows her gaze, right to the dark haired boy emerging from around the side of the rocket.
Clarke’s heart skips. He’s exactly the same. Just as broad, just as physically fit. She can see his freckles from where she stands and his hair is a hot mess of curls. He’s rubbing the back of his head, carrying a wrench in one hand. He stops walking when he realises everyone has gone quiet, looks at Monty and then follows his gaze directly to Clarke on top of the hill.
Clarke imagines the expression that comes into his face mirrors her own.
Her own voice sounds so distorted, a crack right at the question. Her dreams haven’t done him justice. He drops the wrench and takes a few steps forward, passing out Raven who has returned her stare to Clarke. Monty makes to walk towards his friend but Harper stops him, he needs to give them this moment. It feels like forever has passed before Bellamy starts walking and Clarke matches his steps, magnetised towards him.
Inches in front of one another now, Bellamy is breathing heavy.
'I thought you were dead’ he says with a wave of emotion behind it, tears glossing his eyes. Clarke’s heart stops at the sound of his deep voice and all she can do is fall into him like she had done too many times all that time ago. He grips her jacket tight, scrunching it in his fists behind her as he embraces her and she mimics the passion behind the hug by squeezing her arms tight around his neck.
He smells of home, he feels like home and he’s finally home. Back with her. She pulls back, wiping the tears from her cheek with the back of her hand.
'Last time I saw you, you were heading to space in a rocket’ she gives him a half smile. 'Had to be done.’
Bellamy gets the significance, returning her a smile of his own. He pulls her back in, embracing her once more.
'I missed you, Princess.’


After a particularly difficult 23 hours working in the hospital, Clarke is haunted by the thought that she could lose the people that she has grown to love. It takes some persuasion for her to realise that loving people so much is not a weakness, and that instead of pushing them away she must cherish their time together.

Clarke learns that her love for her family is a blessing.

part of a hand to hold onto

8k words, 1/1.

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The hospital dorm is dim, despite the blazing sun outside. Flimsy curtains have been drawn across the two small windows and a slither of light seeps in through the cracked doorway, but otherwise the room is quiet and dark, filled only with the restless tossing of doctors trying to catch a moment of sleep in the carnage of the day. Clarke sits on the edge of a bed, perching precariously. Her hair is ratted, hanging half out of the sensible bun she put it in so many hours ago and falling around her face in strands matted with sweat and tears. Her face feels stiff and clammy, her scrubs pungent with sweat and blood. Elbows on her knees, her whole posture is curled over on itself, as if trying to protect her soul from the heaviness that hangs around her shoulder. Her hands are lightly clasped, but that doesn’t stop them trembling.

She hears the door swing open above her, but doesn’t look up until the mattress beside her tips gently. A hand rests on her knee, stilling the shaking and she draws her head up to blink at Wells in the darkness.

“Hey,” Her friend tries for a weak smile but she can read the exhaustion in the lines of his face, etched into the bags beneath his eyes. “Thought you were going home.”

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