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if kal el landed on earth in 1987 he’d be 28/29 in 2016 but more importantly he’d be 17 in 2004 which means he probably had an american idiot t-shirt and wore it with a long-sleeved shirt underneath it. with thumbholes in the sleeves. lana lang probably looked like avril lavigne, except they were rural so she did the best she could with what smallville’s thrift stores had to offer. she probably pierced her own eyebrow even though clark kept telling her she’d get an infection. how many of those little wrist sweatbands do you think he owned. did he have a wallet chain.

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Lexa playing with Clarke's pregnant belly like tapping a certain place and Alex will kick there and she does that a lot and Clarke loves it because it's just so adorable she doesn't even mind Alex's strong baby legs

I have this headcanon (is it still a headcanon if it’s mine? lol Idk) but anyway Alex gets super “excited” and kicks whenever she hears Lexa’s voice and it drives Clarke crazy (she loves it so much) and like she can’t even hold a convo w Lexa tho bc Alex is KICKN’ whenever Lexa speaks up. Lexa lives for it

Friendship on Fire

A birthday present for @blakesdoitbetter, because I know how you feel about fireman!Bellamy, and everyone deserves smut on their birthday ;)

Clarke is pretty used to Bellamy showing up at her apartment at any given time. She lives closer to his station than he does, and sometimes he’s exhausted when he gets off his shifts at weird times, so he drives to Clarke’s place and passes out on her couch, which is admittedly very comfortable.

She doesn’t mind. Bellamy’s her best friend, and she likes having him around. Plus, he sees a lot of shit, working for the LA Fire Department, and Clarke knows he needs to decompress after some of it, and he shouldn’t be alone with his thoughts. They watch Netflix or play video games or make food, and she’s happy to be the sunshine he needs after a hard shift.

She gave him his own key after a while, so he can get in right away if she isn’t home at the moment, so she’s not surprised when she wakes up at two in the morning to the sounds of her front door shutting, the deadbolt sliding back into place, and heavy steps ambling around her kitchen.

“Bell, is that you?” she calls.

There’s a pause, then he shouts back “Yes!” but his voice sounds strange.

She rolls over a minute later when she hears him approach her bedroom, and sees him standing in the doorway, a glass of water in hand and a blank expression on his face.

“Hey,” she whispers. She smiles softly, but he doesn’t respond, his face falling into a frown as he avoids her eyes.

“What happened?”

He shakes his head, drags a hand over his face. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

She sits up, her covers bunching around her hips.

“Okay.” She nods.

He stares at her for a moment, his face serious and dark.

She reaches her hands out for him at the same time he says, “Can I just—” cutting off with a strangled sound and making it to her bed in a second, settling into her as she lays back and pulls him in.

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oooh okay what about Bellamy teaches Clarke how to drive + smut in the back and against the rover?

“Now ease up on the break.”

Clarke lifts her foot off the pedal and the rover lurches forward. Bellamy curses, and she slams her foot back down, causing them to stop short. 

“Jesus, Clarke, I said ease up.”

“I did ease up!” she snaps, turning her head to glare at him. 

Vous allez être la mort de moi,” Bellamy sighs. 

Clarke’s eyes widen. “What?”

“I said, ‘you’re going to be the death of me’, which, realistically, is quite possible.” [AO3]

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Drive - Oh Wonder ft. Dodie Clark


sometimes I wonder how much JRoth actually knows his own character, because in that quote he definitely says that Clarke leaves tribalism behind because of L/xa and like…

first of all….Clarke is the one who is for tribalism?

When for the entirety of all 3 Seasons, Clarke was the driving force behind trying to unity the Grounders.

Remember her attempt at peace talks with Anya in Season 1?

Remember her attempt to bring Anya back to Arkadia because she thought that the Arkadans and the Grounders stood a better chance of survival against the Mt. Men together?

Remember how she attempted to sway L/xa after Anya’s death because again she knew she needed help to defeat the Mt. Men. 

She spent all of 3A trying to unify the Grounders and Arkadians and then went into the City of Light to free them all. 

Like…yes, the heart of her motivation was to protect her people, but there are numerous times where she makes decisions that benefit both Arkadians AND Grounders….


books couples + halsey lyrics

  • mara dyer and noah shaw { gasoline }
  • juliette ferrars and aaron warner { hold me down } 
  • tessa gray and will herondale { empty gold }
  • mare barrow and maven calore { ghost }
  • layla shaw and roth { young god }
  • alex andros and aiden st. delphi { I walk the line }
  • ruby daly and liam stewart { drive }
  • clarke griffin and bellamy blake { new americana }

I constantly see people going on and on about how Clarke and Bellamy are basically the be-all and end-all of the hundred/Sky People, how they are the reason any of the hundred has survived, and how they are responsible for getting the hundred through every obstacle they’ve faced, and so on.

And I’m always sitting here like okay, they’re important and great, yes, but um …


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Dude I think we have different definitions of agency. Agency isn't always a characters will enacted in the plot, it's also a continue attempts to change a situation. Even if the situation is negative. Like yes, l.xa does most of the plot driving but Clarke never really looses her action. Yes she has less 'freedom' to declare her will bt agency isn't freedom. Agency is the attempt at change even within a limiting circumstance. And just bc it didn't work doesn't mean she lost her agency.

Nah, we don’t have different definitions of agency. My definition of agency is absolutely correct as it applies to a fictional character. You are choosing to apply the definition of agency, as it applies to actual, living, breathing human beings to fictional characters, who are never in control of their own actions or destinies. 

Like….the definition you gave me is literally what pops up in Google, if you type in “agency.” Which is a philosophical term, not a literary one. When you see the word “actor” in the definition for agency, it doesn’t mean an actual actor, it means an entity with the ability to take action.

Literary agency is not the same thing, and as The 100 is a television show, with a written script, you must account for literary tropes when you watch it. Character’s without agency don’t change anything. They can’t affect the plot. The plot affects them. 

I gave you numerous (read as the entire first half of Season 3) examples of Clarke’s inability to affect the plot and numerous instances of the plot affecting Clarke. 

“Like yes, L/xa does most of the plot driving,” L/xa isn’t the main character. Clarke is! L/xa shouldn’t be moving the plot at all, not directly. The fact that you can’t understand that is just further proof that a lot of y’all really didn’t know you weren’t watching the L/xa show.  In Seasons 1 and 2, L/xa’s actions contribute to the movement of the plot, absolutely, but it is Clarke who ultimately moves the plot in the direction it’s meant to go. 

Do you know what happens when a character loses their agency? They becoming boring, because they are essentially acting as props. This is why so many Clarke fans had trouble connecting with her in S3A, because she wasn’t the active character she’d been before. Because the loss of her agency made her boring. It’s not because we don’t like Cl/xa. It’s because our main character wasn’t acting as a main character!

Clarke became (as you actually pointed out for me) parenthetical in a story that is built around her! That’s a problem, and if you can’t see that, it’s not my fault. 

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Gera you are DELIVERING me. From evil, to evil, I'm being sent to and fro like a real hoe. I'm always struck with your understanding of not only the characters but People. That's heavy man, and I can only imagine where you gotta go and where you been to translate it all to us. Guilt, love, anger, fuck man. Those all got weight to em and I feel it pressing on my chest when I read your stuff. Wth is up with Anya is she secretly in love with Lexa?? Clarke?! She is driving some NAILS

I’ve been to literal hell and back several times

thank you so much, your kind words encourage me to do better every day, for real!