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answering some of @abazethe100‘s anons:  

Some people say that bellarke not going happen this season is that true

ok, dude, who have you been talking to and do they actually watch the show? because clearly the answer is idiots and no.

The idea that Bellarke is not going to become romantic canon got blown to pieces last episode if it wasn’t before and I’m just going to provide you will beautiful gifs made by the talented people in this fandom because:


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2. They stood so close together the entire episode that the camera always include them in shot TOGETHER

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3. Jaha who has witnessed their interactions one other time back in season 1 tells Bellamy that he centers Clarke and that she’s lucky to have him

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5. they are literally married

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6. she watches him sleep and the last time that happened in the show was with Kabby and guess what they had sex this season

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7. Yes, you will. Clarke hasn’t made the list when she says this because she knows that no matter what Bellamy will be on there

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in conclusion bellarke is coming and we will be getting a kiss this season 

Y’all like the moment at the end of the ep ended my life but can we talk about that scene with Jaha for a sec -

“You center her” 

“You got it backward”

Yall, this is Bellamy ADMITTING ALOUD that he sees Clarke as his center. He doesn’t look surprised or taken aback at Jaha’s words that they could be that to each other; sure, he doesn’t think he does for her what she does for him, but this is truly a huge moment for Bellamy to canonically admit that Clarke is his rock, his person, his eye in the storm. He loves her so much y’all, that’s what that scene is telling us.

And the doubly beautiful thing is, that scene at the end? When Clarke writes Bellamy’s name as he sleeps just feet away? It’s telling us she loves him too, he centers her too, even if he hasn’t come to quite believe it yet. Even if he can’t see it yet. They center EACH OTHER; they balance each other in every way possible- always equal, and always together.

Jaha didn’t get it backwards, he just looked at one side of the coin. Flip heads, Clarke centers him. Flip heart, Bellamy centers her. They center each other–they’re just on the wrong side to realize it.

When you literally admit Clarke centers you, tell her to “be careful” and “watch your step”, literally wake up from your sleep because you can sense she’s distressed, say “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.”,  write Clarke’s name on a list that decides who gets to live or die and then comfort her while she’s crying, but people still think you don’t love her:



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Did you see in the scene where Abby Clarke and Jackson are discussing the sickness and bellamy walks in and Clarke does that hand gesture to him??? So married

You  made me go back and look at that scene and YES that is a good scene.  Terrible. The radiation is coming so much sooner than expected and all of Luna’s people are dying…. they lost 40 on the way to Arkadia. I kind of love that Luna came to them anyway, even though she knew she was risking being turned away because of what she did to them. Because she knew, even then, that they weren’t bad guys, even though she did not agree with them. 

But there, Clarke’s trying to figure this out with Abby and Jackson and in comes Bellamy and she raises one hand from her arm, like half a greeting and half a “hold on” because if he’s in the room, that’s where her attention goes.

I’m telling you, she is so focused on him. All that circling they did in season 3B and it’s ended up with them at the center of the storm, holding it down, keeping each other calm while everything rages around them. 

It’s more than just married. She’s his center. He’s her center. And THEY are the center of all their people, and I don’t just mean the Arkadians. I mean all their people, Luna, Murphy, Niylah (love that they dropped a mention of her in there so she’s still with us on our team) Roan, Indra, Octavia. 

Things this episode actually did?

- bellamy blake being so tired and sleepy, yet he doesn’t want to be separated from clarke because dammit if he hasn’t been away from her long enough  so he just collapses on the couch with boots and holster and everything on

- hand nuzzle

- the narrative acknowledging how both bellamy AND clarke, who have sacrificed so much for their people, who have done unspeakable things to make sure innocent lives are saved without receiving acknowledgement and receiving so much hate and blame and judgement for their actions, refusing to believe they deserve to be on the list

- because forgiveness is hard for us

- and yet, they can’t stand the idea of the other dying, they can’t stand the idea of the other not having more time, they can’t stand the idea about not living together

- an outsider acknowledging the worth bellamy is to clarke ‘she’s lucky to have you’

‘you have it backwards’ bellamy fucking blake canonically admitting that clarke centers him and what he means to her

- domestic!bellarke with bellamy feeling comfortable enough to fall asleep in a room with clarke and her platonically gazing at him

- the moment clarke starts to cry bellamy wakes and comforts her, but he doesn’t even question why she’s feeling so much doubt in her self-worth because forgiveness is hard for us, but if you need forgiveness, I can give that to you, you’re forgiven

- don’t even get me started to the symbolism of bellamy and clarke being the last of the list, being numbers 99 and 100

and this is all canon? it all happened

redheadhoneypie  asked:

Rosy, again coming to you for expressions explanations, as I am not native. Would you be so kind and explain what exactly to understand under "keep somebody centered"? It seems the writers are very imaginative in the ways how to talk about love without actually saying the L word :). Is it so also in this case? And Bellamy saying "you have got it backwords" - is it him sort of admitting feelings again? Thank you!

I agree that the writers are very creative in the way they are drawing Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship without ever using the word “love” but constantly using words that fit the definition of the word “love.”

Keeping someone centered means you keep them grounded. Keep them from flying off the handle or … I just gave you two more idioms, didn’t I? Okay, well, lets describe it then. Let’s look at it in terms of balance. If you don’t have a stable foundation or footing, you can easily fall over or collapse. So saying a person centers you is saying that that person helps you keep your balance, or equilibrium. Gives you a center point with which to maintain your stability. We can take that physical balance and translate it into emotional or mental, too.

I do think it’s Bellamy admitting his feelings for Clarke, but he has so many feelings for him, and she does for him, that any single feeling taken alone could be platonic. He’s not admitting the full range of his feelings for her, but he is kind of saying that she makes him a better person, huh? Stronger. More balanced. That’s another step towards that full definition of love, isn’t it?

I love that you don’t have to be told anything about Bellarke, you can see it. I mean I love when it’s blatantly stated in canon, but in my S4E02 notes I wrote that Bellamy keeps Clarke’s head clear. We saw this, saw Clarke panicking, off-center without Bellamy. Then this episode Jaha comes right out and says that Bellamy centers her. We get to hear and see these things and that’s wonderful.

Bellamy Blake literally in canon just stated that Clarke Griffin keeps him centered.

The #3 definition of centered on Merriam-Webster is “emotionally stable and secure”

Like…. Clarke does this for him. This very small thing in the chaotic, burning world around them. She calms him. Gives him focus. Gives him drive.

And I 100% guarantee you, if someone were ask the same of Clarke, it’s true the other way around as well. He gives her hope, purpose, a reason to add her name to the list of survivors.

This episode… it was just so damn powerful. I will never be over this.