clark burscough

The “Muggy Ebes” zine is here for Thought Bubble!

Okay, first of all I want to send a big thank you to everyone who has offered their support concerning the last few comic diary strips I posted. It meant a lot to hear your kind words and I am so grateful my readership is made up of such considerate folks! I’m not quitting the strip (just to be clear)! I was working through some personal stuff and needed to take a breather from posting for a bit. But rest assured,  I’ve kept up on drawing the strip more comic diaries will be coming soon. But not this week as I’m a little preoccupied preparing forrrrrrr


And one of the main reasons I’ve been off the grid was because I was busily getting together and printed my very first comic diary zine and I’m so happy with how it turned out! 

It’s full colour and is a mini anthology of 40 comic diaries from 2015 so far! WOWERS! This is not something I was able to do before and if it sells well I’ll absolutely try a more ambitious page count!

I’ll have a big stack of these on my table at Thought Bubble so if you’re gonna be there buying/selling, then come over and pick up a copy! I’m also selling one-of-a-kind watercolour postcards and clay figures too!  

If I have any left over then I’ll  put ‘em online and sell them there so keep your peepers peeled!

OH! And I also have a two page comic that the awesome Clark Burscough scripted appearing in the annual Thought Bubble anthology! All proceeds go to charity so you better get one! (Below is but a fraction of how cool it is!)

I’m in New Dock Hall

I’m tabling alongside my two university pals Izzi and Isaac, who are each selling their own crazy cool comix and prints so you have NO excuse not to come by our table and say hi! We’re super conveniently placed right by the entrance so no worries finding us! 

Hope to see you there!