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Maintaining Focus Spell


to help obtain a healthy state of attentiveness.

“when you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.”

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I can’t stop thinking about flint’s Name Origin Story lately

Did I ever tell you where that name came from?…I told you of my grandfather who raised me…Well, in his youth he was a deckhand on a privateer off the coast of Massachusetts. And one night he was alone on the late watch at anchor in the Boston Harbor when he sees this man climbing out of the water and onto his ship. A stranger…The stranger approaches my grandfather and asks him for a little rum. Man said that he’d fled his fishing trawler. Accused of killing another man. And when asked his name, the man simply replied Mr. Flint. This stranger, he never said whether he was guilty of the killing or why he chose that ship or where he was bound, he just sat there. Eventually, he asked my grandfather for a little more rum from below. My grandfather went off to fetch it, but when he returned the man was gone…It was as if the sea had conjured that man out of nothing and then taken him back for some unknowable purpose.

I feel like they have to be circling back to this in some way. this idea that some iteration of treasure island flint’s end has already been told. a man named flint who asks james mcgraw’s grandfather to fetch aft the rum?!? a man who has been accused of doing dark things, but who seems nothing but a ghost, conjured out of the water and then taken back?!?

every time I read this I’m just……..can this story really end in any other way than with Flint™ being returned to the sea…….

“There may be ways of severing oneself in that way…sacrificing one part to save the other.”

or is part of the tragedy of it all that nothing is ever sharp enough to make the cut

[running around in circles]

NET NEUTRALITY (edited for clarity)

-text 50409

-put in your address

-when it asked for who you want to write to say congress. if it mentions which senators or something along those lines, say both.

-text these two letters:

Dear Senators and Representatives:
Please support any amendment that would strike out Sections 628, 629 and 630 from the Government Appropriations. These sections would undermine the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules and prevent the agency from enforcing these critical protections. It is unacceptable to use a budget bill to circumvent the FCC’s open rulemaking process that millions of citizens participated in.

The American people have called for strong net neutrality rules. Congress should let the FCC do its job, and not engage in unproductive partisan brinksmanship.

Thank you.

Net Neutrality is the cornerstone of innovation, free speech and democracy on the Internet.Control over the Internet should remain in the hands of the people who use it every day. The ability to share information without impediment is critical to the progression of technology, science, small business, and culture. Please stand with the public by protecting Net Neutrality once and for all.

-text ‘done’ and ‘then’ send in separate messages.




(disclaimer, the letters written are not mine, i found them each on other posts. i wrote these instructions for my friends were then just copy and pasted here)

Chapter 4 of DR:AE convinces me that Touko Fukawa and Genocider Syo are becoming much more like one person. The fact that they share not only knowledge but also their feelings (something that we didn’t know in the first Danganronpa) reveals that despite their contrasting personalities, they both have people whom they love and whom they’d go to any lengths for.

Take the scene after Touko and Komaru’s (literal) fight. When Komaeda provokes Genocider Syo, the latter immediately slashes at Komaeda instead of Komaru—because Touko, after the fight, wanted Komaru to run away like she wanted without a backward glance. At that point, Genocider was getting ready to kill Komaeda. Like, literally kill even though she promised Byakuya-sama that she would never take another human life. Touko’s feelings for Komaru is shared by Genocider Syo, who was prepared to break her promise to her most loved one—not to mention relinquishing any chance of being an official Future Foundation member—in order to save Komaru.

Komaeda registers this as well, and curiously questions why a serial killer—someone who selfishly takes lives for the sake of sexual pleasure!—would have an actual friend whom she would sacrifice things for?

Well, as I’ve mentioned in the beginning, Touko and Genocider share feelings. They share their emotions but have different personalities—different people often use different ways to express their emotions, and this split personality girl does not differ.

Syo often cackles maliciously, aims sexual jibes at others, and generally demonstrates outrageous and mind-spinning behavior. I’m betting that most people before DR:AE regarded Genocider mostly as a comic relief character, or just someone entertaining, or some useless red herring designed to add more confusion to the second trial. 

But then the God of All (Read: Kodaka) released possibly the best game in the series involving character development, showing that there’s so much more to Genocider Syo than a perverted serial killer with no conscience. She herself has feelings as well—but like her other personality, she has difficulty expressing them. Thus, she opts to kill to demonstrate her love (or rather sexual infatuation) for the many men, Touko being unable to do so due to previous heartbreak. 

Touko Fukawa did not have any friends. By transition, nor has Genocider Syo—but I bet most (including I) have not thought of this, have believed that Genocider Syo does not care for friends since—as Komaeda mentioned—she’s a murderer. 

However, Chapter 4 has proven that wrong. Touko struggles with feelings of loneliness—due to her family’s neglect and abuse of her, due to boys and men playing around with her heart, and due to the fact that no one ever believed in her because of the serial killer harboring inside her. Those feelings, as we now know, are inside Genocider, too. 

Yup, Genocider Syo is a lonely person. It’s pretty funny, saying it out loud, but it’s true.

Back to the DR:AE scene. After Komaeda went on about how it’s rather strange that a serial killer involves herself in camaraderie, Genocider begins to giggle, then laugh in her usual loud way. Nothing strange, right? She laughs at the fact that Komaeda believed she and Komaru to be friends, in a what is clearly “that’s so fucking ridiculous I’m gonna snort” manner. 

But then she snatches Komaeda’s hair, rejects the notion coldly, and furiously snarls, “Who the hell are you calling friends?”

Funnily enough, we never, or barely ever saw Genocider Syo, a serial killer, angry. All the men she killed were probably killed with a smile worn on her face, since she kills for pleasure. But now—she’s legitimately pissed, pissed at the fact that Komaeda is picking on her loneliness and the fact that she betrayed Komaru but is still called her friend. Genocider Syo hated it as much as Touko did—hated betraying the first ever person who trusted them and believed in them despite Touko’s perverted habits and Genocider being a serial killer. 

That loud cackle, then… was probably Genocider’s way of concealing her true feelings. Like how Touko was saying terrible things to Komaru so that Komaru didn’t have to worry about her anymore. 

Komaru then stops Syo from killing Komaeda and declares that she is going to stay with her. Genocider is visibly shocked by this, asking why Komaru even thought of doing such a thing when she was moaning about wanting to leave this whole time. (Touko would later do the same thing in the epilogue.) Syo couldn’t fathom any reason why Komaru would want to stay, because in fact, she was concerned for Komaru, and she desperately wanted Komaru to escape because that’s what Komaru originally wanted to do. Touko believed that her betrayal of Komaru would be the final straw that would cause the latter to leave her forever, but at the moment that hardly mattered, since she wanted to save Komaru. Those feelings carry over to Syo so that, for the first time in quite a long while, the two personalities agree on the same goal.

Komaru then says that she knows Touko and Syo are scared and lonely, that she can’t just run away and leave her by herself. Syo… just doesn’t get it, and if Touko were in her place, she wouldn’t have either—they wouldn’t understand that this declaration of Komaru’s is a declaration of friendship and loyalty. Neither Syo nor Touko have ever felt true friendship—thus, neither recognized that Komaru was still sticking with them despite the betrayal, because she understood them, and their inner emotions. 

Genocider thrusts a pair of scissors at Komaru’s throat and tells her in plain terms, “I betrayed you.” It’s like—why didn’t she understand? I betrayed her, so this is the part where they would leave me without regrets, right? She’s wondering, why on earth would Komaru still stick with her? I believe that she thrusted the pair of scissors at her to scare her off even further, so that Komaru would know the true reality of things—the fact that Touko and Syo have backstabbed her.

But Komaru takes Syo’s hands in hers and that she understood that she had no choice, and that she wants to do what a friend would do for a friend—and that is to help her, even if Syo wouldn’t like it. Syo then makes a “tch!” noise and begins rambling about how Komaru’s speech was full of broad niceties and how anyone can say things they don’t mean, all in a “whatever” tone of voice. This is preeetttyy much tsundere behavior in a nutshell. 

But the words really got to Syo. Indeed, she says that there’s no way she would ever dislike Komaru’s wanting to help—instead, she expresses her gratitude with her first ever “thank you” in her life. Despite everything she told Komaru, despite her betrayal and wanting Komaru to leave her, she was very much relieved, and incredibly grateful, that Komaru wasn’t going to abandon her after all. She was stammering and being really awkward and flustered, very much like Touko and not at all like her usual self. Then, she sneezes, and Touko appears, blushing like mad and tapping her fingers together, claiming that she heard everything. 

I’m not sure if that’s really the case—I’m more inclined to believe that the overwhelming emotions Genocider Syo felt during their conversation were transferred to Touko. Their love for Komaru allowed them to work together for once—and the revelation of their shared feelings revealed that Syo has affection for Komaru too, contrary to what her usual behavior might suggest.

I am just so grateful towards DR:AE for developing Touko and Genocider—they’re truly great characters and their growth is the thing I treasure most out of the entire Danganronpa franchise. 

I still can’t believe that my particular body / health problems this semester began all the way back in late October

the main 3 factors I’m gonna cite are a) taking pics for dining at the medical school campus, which is probably where I caught my cold, b) my water bottle nozzle breaking (since replaced, don’t worry), which is part of why kidney stones happened, and c) accidentally eating that fucking edible, rubbing my heels raw speedwalking away from that party in fishnets, and then making myself throw the edible up, all of which in combination shocked my body into some kind of confused and, apparently, vulnerable state


these are two cut characters, seemingly the female counterparts of royal guards 01 and 02. They lack overworld sprites, but sprites for their hands and helmets were made, although i’d expect they would have a different chest plate.
their text is still included in the text dump of the game
it interestingly enough starts out with the line
so i’ve got no idea why thats in there, but ive never seen it in game, only other   time I found an f bomb in this game was another random line saying “What the  fuck is wrong?”

here is the slightly edited for clarity text for 03 and 04. its pretty sweet , I wish i could have helped them like 01 and 02. If Toby ever makes a dlc for Undertale or patches it, I really hope these two get put in, they seem almost done. 
the text is out of order and I’m not sure who says what, but the basic concept is that 04 is the cat and is trying to act solo and like she doesn’t care about 03,   and 03 is the bug who is depressed. turns out they both still wear the friendshipbracelets they made for each other, but you can make them remove their gloves and reveal the bracelets, if both reveal them you can spare them like 01 and 02. if you kill one of them, the other will regret not telling the other and will          become very upset. They go get icecream and presumably would meet 02 and 01 there.

 RG 04 
 DEF* Royal Guard member.* Protective of her armor.
04: Hmph,try not to mess this up.
04: I'll take you down alone!
03 attack,I guess. 
04: I'm a one woman army.
I know, but...
Nice to meet you???
04...!! Why didn't I...
04 !?You... YOU...!
 03 rubs her glove quietly.
 04 hums and looks the other  way.
 03 stands guard.
 04's twitches her tail.
 03 is trembling.
 03 is holding her face in  her hands.
 03 stands still.
 03 seems sick.
 03's breathing intensifies.
 You touch RG 03's glove. It starts to come loose.
 You shake RG 03's claw.
 You tell RG 03 that she  should stand up for herself.
My glove..!
03...Is that...?
Yes.It is.
Go ahead. Laugh at me.
No, I...
RG 04 is looking at her own  glove.
What are you talking about?
Don't touch that!!
03 I didn't want this...
03...answer me...
03 I never said sorry...
03...!? Why, you...
04 holds her head in her hands.
Sad mews emerge from 04's armor.
 04 is thunderstruck.
 04 does nothing.
 04's breathing intensifies.
 You attempt to touch RG 04's  glove. She bats your hand away.
 You touch RG 04's glove softly.  She nods and begins to take it off.
 You tell RG 04 to remember  what being friends is about.
I still wear mine too.
Our friendship bracelets from high school.
03, I'm sorry. I thought you hated me, after what happened...
We did some pretty nasty things to each other, because of...
That old drama? Forget about it.
To tell you the truth, I requested to be partners with you.
I wanted to become friends with you again...
But I didn't know how to breach the topic.
After this...
Do you want to get some ice-cream?
You know it!
 03 and 04 are planning all  sorts of things to do together.

In case anyone was still uncertain, the Dread Wolf lives on.

A reddit user was able to find designer’s notes within the code of the game that explained the epilogue scene with more clarity.  The text reads as follows:

This is Flemeth from the previous two games. In this game, Flemeth’s story comes to a head– she knew that Solas would summon her, and that he would need to steal her power to further his plans. She knew that because they are both elven gods… yet Solas has slept for a thousand years and his power dwindled, while she was killed long ago and a spark escaped from her into the body she now holds. She has nurtured that spark, and knew that Solas would need it. He was once her oldest friend, but she knows that in his drive to restore the elven people he will kill anyone– even her. She intends to let him have the power, so long as she can pass the essence of her god-hood onto Morrigan, a gift Flemeth had always planned for her daughter yet one Morrigan misunderstood as hostile possession.


Episode 15: "Those women longed for the touch of others' lips, and thus invited their kisses" - aka "Dismantling Wish Fulfillment, Self-Loathing, I Must (Not) Run Away"

Oooohhh boy.

I know I maybe say this too often, but this time I mean it like never before: shit is getting intense here. I won’t hesitate to praise Eva’s SF aspirations (because the stuff it gets up to is legitimately inspired and I love it to bits), but the real strength of the show lies in the circuitous human-interest stuff taking place between and behind the scenes where the genre takes center stage.

And this episode sidesteps almost entirely around the SF matter. This really is the hinge-point of the series, where it undertakes the challenge of telling its story without resting on the crutch of the giant robot conceit - the only thing keeping the audience tied to what goes on is the strength inherent to the characters.

Which is fascinating, because a lot of what this episode is about is highlighting the widening gap between the way the children and the adult cast experience the overarching conflict of the story. Fitting, given that the Big Evident Theme this time is the reconciliation of adolescent conceits with maturing interests.

Asuka, for example, wrestles with something I’m tempted to say is kind of a recurring component of Gainax heroines’ personal struggles. It’s most obvious, I think, with Mamimi in FLCL, but it deserves wider attention and closer thought - perhaps from someone in a less privileged position than I.

But I’m getting off topic. I was talking about recurring conflicts among Gainax heroines, as relevant to Asuka. Asuka is frustrated.

Okay, there’s a strong argument to be made that everyone in NGE is frustrated, but Asuka specifically has some particular issues in that regard, because, well, Asuka is Asuka, and Asuka is all about her facade of control. Asuka won’t stand for anything that won’t fit into her all-conquering personal narrative, and while it helps her cope with living that approach makes things complicated when it clashes up against things that are bigger than her.

In this case there are two things Asuka’s approach clashes against: patriarchy and, well, NGE’s plot. Let’s address the patriarchy first.

Part of Asuka’s control system is built around her approach to men/the appeal of men, and it boils down to this: if they dissatisfy her, she shuts them out/down. She will not allow a man into her life except on her own very specific terms. 

She’s also big on taking what she wants. She’s the Hero; she can do that kind of thing.

Asuka makes the rules. Asuka’s decisions are final. Asuka will tell you when to breathe and when not to if she wants, because that is how she does things.

And she is completely unafraid of saying when she is unsatisfied. She will walk away when she wants to. 

This is great! Asuka has constructed a persona that demands control and consent in everything she does, and more power to her for that ambition.

Here’s the problem: patriarchy isn’t friendly to that identity. Her growing interest in the sexual as an adolescent means that that identity is brought into direct conflict with the powers of patriarchy, and through the lens of an outside patriarchal observer that identity is warped into a vile parody of itself - it becomes tsundere. A conflict emerges, then, between Asuka’s self-concept and appetite for human attention/connection and the engines of exploitation and objectification made manifest through the male cast. 

And of course there’s the matter of Kaji - the man Asuka wants. And again we have to ask why? Just… why?

Because again, Kaji is scum. Kaji exploited Misato’s survivor’s guilt and intoxication. There are so many better ways you could reaffirm Misato’s sense of self-worth here; Kaji demonstrates here that his chief interest is not so much restoring Misato’s morale as it is reestablishing an emotional chokehold on her. Misato establishes in this episode that she sees much of her father in Kaji, and what we know about her father is that he was an abusive jackass; I’ll let you make the inference.

Misato pushed Kaji away for a reason. It was a very good reason. 

Because Kaji is scum. I cannot say this enough.

Why, then, does Asuka show an interest in him? Thus far, Asuka mostly refers to Kaji as “a real man” or “the only real man around.” But what the hell does that actually mean?

I can muster a hypothesis. Asuka is more perceptive than she’s perhaps been given credit; she recognizes that there’s more to Kaji than meets the eye and his superspy mystique fits him right in to her personal hero narrative in a way that makes him simultaneously interesting and powerful but also nonthreatening to her own position of prime significance. She sees a James Bond in him. He’s also an adult - something that Asuka, as has been alluded to before, has a bit of a thing about. To Asuka, adulthood is all about composure, about becoming your mask, and it’s a trait she finds depressingly but not unexpectedly lacking in her male peers.

But Kaji has it in spades.

What Asuka glosses over is that 1) it’s not safe to be James Bond’s love interest; 2) Bond is a loathsome asshole; 3) Kaji’s mastery of the adulthood game makes him an inveterate bastard; and 4) a mask is not a face no matter how well it’s worn.

Let’s shift gears some, and talk about Big Ideas.

Just for clarity, the text in yellow is a soap opera playing in the background. It’s also what you ought to be paying attention to.

As I’ve mentioned before, the interaction between media and how people who consume said media let that consumption inform their behavior is Kind Of A Big Deal in Eva, for good reason. Take note; the J-Drama playing in the background here has strong resonances with Misato and Kaji’s actual conversation. 

(this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened in-series, btw; there was a stretch a few episodes back that I neglected to comment on with Misato and Shinji talking in the car, while a radio host talks under them about gross dudebro entitlement - short version, it was fitting)

I would say that this staged conversation taking place in the background is meant to be reflective of what’s going on in Misato’s head; this is how she wants the Big Inevitable Conversation with Kaji to go. Note that this is pretty much the exact opposite of what happens; Misato’s whole self-effacing argument hinges on the idea that she’s remained stagnant.

And then we’ve got to take the scene in juxtaposition into account:

And here it is, people: A Major Thesis Statement of Eva:

Misato is dead wrong.

Keep in mind, she’s advising Shinji to follow through and try to connect with Gendo.

Let me repeat that.

Misato tries to convince Shinji that hard work and dedication and a steadfast will to progress will fix Shinji and Gendo’s relationship.

This is without question a catastrophically bad idea. 

At this point, Misato hasn’t realized the possibility that maybe it actually is okay to run away. Maybe sometimes you actually really must run away, because the situation where you are isn’t fixable. Nothing in the world could make Gendo less of a shit. Nothing in the world could de-scum Kaji.

It is okay to run away from the people who abuse you. It is okay to turn away from shitty systems that cannot possibly be fixed. It does not make you a coward. It does not make you weak. It does not make you less worthy.

And, if the juxtaposition means anything, it’s that this idea that Just Pushing Forward Will Fix Everything is something sold to us via Media. Misato sells this notion because it’s what’s on TV; it’s the story we hear told, it’s the line we buy the moment we tune in.

And Eva, as it’s becoming clear, is all about beating that notion in with a very big stick.

Alright, enough.

I made a post a while ago in response to people saying that nobody should like Homura because she’s human trash. eventideprincess’s post in reply to it basically sums up my point in this post. 

I don’t give a single solitary shit who you like or what your favorite shipping is. Congratulations if you like KyoSaya more than MadoHomu. Don’t care. That’s great.

But telling people to stop liking Homura or MadoHomu? No good. 

People have their own opinions. But wait! They're different from yours! Oh, the horror, the horror!

…yeah. Accept it. Learn that people ship MadoHomu and that you may not necessarily agree with it, but let it go. Just let it go and move on with your life. There are better things to do than to provoke strangers online. There are better things to do than to hate.

I, for one, don’t think MadoHomu is an abusive relationship. It just doesn’t match up with the definition, and I honestly don’t see the reasoning behind all this “gross ship” thing. I may write a wall-of-text on that later… but yeah. I just presented an opinion that may possibly be different from yours. Better hit the ask button and spam a bunch of shit at me, then? Welp. Have fun with that. Maybe you’ll die on your keyboard from spewing profanities for the rest of your life.

I love Homura and I ship MadoHomu. How-ev-er, I actually think Homura’s the morally worst of the characters and MadoHomu isn’t very healthy. Who said that just because I love the character and the ship means that I condone their actions? I hate seeing people saying “oh if you support madohomu then you must be an abuser like hameru lol” or calling people who like Homucifer “human trash just like her”. Jesus Christ, where did that come from? I love Homura because she’s a complex and interesting character, and I love MadoHomu because I believe they deserve each other after working so hard.

Oh, so if someone likes Kyoko, then that means they condone letting people die for their own gain? If someone is a Sayaka fan, that must mean that they love turning insane and beating the shit out of witches daily. No, lord, NO. We like these characters because their stories are interesting and fun to talk about. Sometimes they even relate to us. Doesn’t mean we’re going to do whatever they have done. 

If we follow that shitty logic, the only characters we can like are Mary-Sues. Yeah, let’s all love bland, uninteresting, oh-so-perfect characters instead. No, no—we should like everything you like, and if we don’t, then we’re rapists and fags and maggots! Oh lord, how could you have a different opinion?!

…yeah, I think that’s enough sarcasm for one day.

Please Understand

When I insist on texting, or IMing, it’s not that I don’t want to TALK, it’s that I’m better at communicating through text. When I speak, I think faster than my mouth can keep up with. This leads to words missing, or blending together, or long pauses while I think out my reply and THEN say it to avoid that. It’s not a matter of respect, it’s a matter of I literally can’t talk. There are people who click with me on a similar wavelength and can understand my babble, and those are the people I chose to speak to more often. I text for clarity. I text because I can types words I can’t say. I text because my fingers can communicate better than my mouth.