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Dammit Jacques I am trying really hard to not become extremely emotionally invested in this ship and YOU ARE TESTING ME.

(fyi I am trying to resist said impulse because I have way too much in the way of personal feelings attached to the situation. In other words I AM TRANS AND HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT BEING TRANS AND IF I SHIP A SHIP WITH A TRANS CHARACTER AND IT NEVER HAPPENS I WILL BE EXTRA SAD.)

Apparently even being in a beautiful and loving relationship cannot cure me of trans romance feels.

As a long-time sufferer of seasonal allergies (hay fever), I’ve come to hate commercials for meds like Clariten and Benadryl, because everyone in them looks good while they have a little sniffle and occasional sneeze (and then they fake being miserable, like, “oh no, I can’t possibly go on like this!”. Like, no, real allergies make you look like a hot ass mess, not some model with a slight sniffle. Real allergies make you feel like Satan himself has taken residence in your sinuses and he likes to piss in your nose, clogging it up, erasing all sense of smell, and making you sneeze so many times, driving is a goddamned hazard. So, fuck you Clariten and what think allergies look like. 

You know nothing. 

Anti’s New Buddy

                  Jack jumped as he heard a loud thud come from outside the house, his knee banging into his desk. “Ow, fuck!” He rubbed his sore knee, pausing the game he was playing. “Hey Anti? Mind going outside and seeing what just made that noise? I’m kinda in the middle of recording right now,” Jack called from his recording room. “Fine! But if it’s some nutjob and they try ta kill me I’m holding you responsible!” He heard Anti shout back. Jack chuckled before replying, “You’ll be fine ya big baby! Besides, if it is some random lunatic you can just pull the spooky demon routine and scare them off.” “Touche!" 

                  Anti got up off the couch he had been sitting on in Jack’s cinema room, brushing off some lint that had gotten onto his shirt. Today he had felt like wearing the outfit that the fans had come to associate him with since he had started showing up in Jack’s videos, aka the tight black shirt and torn black skinny jeans. Though instead of the black and white sneakers he was wearing his green and white ones and he was wearing his choker rather than leaving the scar on his neck exposed. He was also wearing a black and green bracelet on his right wrist. He ran a hand through his spiked up dark green hair, brushing aside a strand that had fallen onto his face. He left the room and headed outside, going around the house towards where the sound had come from. He paused when he saw the wheely bins had been knocked over. That must be what made the noise. But who or what knocked them over? 

                      He was about to set the bins upright again when a noise reached his ears. It sounded like, mewling? He picked up the lid to the one trash bin and his eyes widened when he saw a kitten. It couldn’t have been more than 2 months old. It was black with white front paws, ginger on it’s hind paws and a little bit of its hind legs, it had a white tail tip, a patch of white on it’s chest, and a tiny spot of white on it’s forehead that kinda looked like a four pointed star. It was it’s eyes that really got his attention though. The left eye was green and the right was blue, just like his eyes, though the kitten’s were a paler shade. The kitten looked up at him, wide-eyed. He stooped down and picked it up carefully, mindful of it’s claws. He was surprised when it started purring, snuggling up against him. To say his heart melted would be an understatement. He hurried back inside, eager to show the adorable little thing to Jack.

                         Jack was startled when Anti suddenly burst into his recording room, holding out a ball of fluff and saying, "Can I keep it?!” Jack frowned when he realized the ball of fluff was in fact a kitten. “Anti, you know I’m allergic to cats. I’m sorry, but no.” “Aww come on! Mark let’s Dark have Jasmine! I want a little buddy! And besides, your allergies aren’t that bad, nothing clariten d or whatever couldn’t fix. Please? Just look at his cute little face! I promise I’ll take good care of him!” Anti begged, bringing the kitten closer to Jack’s face so he could take in the adorableness better. Jack glanced between the big mismatched eyes of the kitten and the pleading ones of Anti. He heaved a sigh. “Fine. But you better take really good care of him and brush him regularly so his fur doesn’t get all over the house. Or we will find him another home, got it?” “Got it! Come on Shadow, let’s show you the rest of the house!” Anti promptly left the room with the kitten in tow, presumably to give him a tour of the house. Jack shook his head in amazement. Who would have thought that the guy who tried to cut his throat last year would be parading a fuzzy kitten around a house they now shared. The world works in mysterious ways.

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