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Dammit Jacques I am trying really hard to not become extremely emotionally invested in this ship and YOU ARE TESTING ME.

(fyi I am trying to resist said impulse because I have way too much in the way of personal feelings attached to the situation. In other words I AM TRANS AND HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT BEING TRANS AND IF I SHIP A SHIP WITH A TRANS CHARACTER AND IT NEVER HAPPENS I WILL BE EXTRA SAD.)

Apparently even being in a beautiful and loving relationship cannot cure me of trans romance feels.

As a long-time sufferer of seasonal allergies (hay fever), I’ve come to hate commercials for meds like Clariten and Benadryl, because everyone in them looks good while they have a little sniffle and occasional sneeze (and then they fake being miserable, like, “oh no, I can’t possibly go on like this!”. Like, no, real allergies make you look like a hot ass mess, not some model with a slight sniffle. Real allergies make you feel like Satan himself has taken residence in your sinuses and he likes to piss in your nose, clogging it up, erasing all sense of smell, and making you sneeze so many times, driving is a goddamned hazard. So, fuck you Clariten and what think allergies look like. 

You know nothing.