clarissa jane la hiffe

These are part of my university module (Introduction to Design Methods… - Photography)
I’m ridiculously familiar with Darkroom techniques/processes now as I’ve done this type of work three times before quite extensively.

The first photo is just a standard Photogram were I placed some personal objects onto the photographic paper and then exposed it to light for 1 second on the enlarger.

Second - Object with a negative

Third - Experimenting with 2 negatives together.
I should have exposed this for longer as there isn’t that much contrast. But in a way it has a quite nice ethereal quality - something not quite there but on the periphery.

Oh, my! This a wordy description… Uni’s making quite philiosophical and more explanatory than I was before!! Haha.

Do excuse the amount of scuffy masking tape stuck to these, there’s so much of it as these are currently stuck to my studio wall space.