clarinet tango

Check Please marching band au:

(I have too many ideas so I’m just gonna give you all of them)

Jack Zimmerman is one of the best college flute players, and since they don’t really have a piccolo player, he usually picks up that part, too (which he’s secretly pretty proud of). Until this piccolo player named Bittle comes along…

Lardo is the drum major.

Ransom and Holster play something low brass, either trombone or baritone (or they could be on the drum line).

I can’t decide if Shitty plays saxophone, French horn, or clarinet, and my headcanon is that he can’t decide either, so he switches between all three.

Dex and Nursey are clarinets.

Whiskey and Tango are in the pit, which usually consists of Whiskey playing one thing pretty consistently, Tango running around playing everything else, and Tango, of course, taking ten years to tune the timpani.

Mandy and Jenny perform some beautiful non-corporeal color guard shows.

Chowder IS THE TUBA.