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since I have one for each kinda sub section (woodwind, brass, percussion) I decided to post these guys!

You can get them on gear (stickers! shirts, pillows, etc) here - clarinet [ X ]  trumpet [ X ]  snare [ X ]

more are planned! But i just wanted to post stuff so yea

(literally do not talk to me about technical instrument anatomy i do not give a single heck)


Part of my film score for “The Fall of the House of Usher.” LOOK OUT THERE’S A MONSTER ON MY DESK! (a cat)

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Instruments as awkward cat photos

Flutes: *Look to be enjoying themselves while secretly plotting the murder of the 1st chair*:

Clarinets: “It’s my reed not me”:

Oboes: “What is wrong with this reed”:

Trumpets: “I think I’m the best and you can’t prove otherwise”:

Horns: “I know that was the wrong note, you know that was the wrong note, lets just pretend it wasn’t and move on”:

Saxes: *Too saxy for you*:

Bassoons: *Thinking about what they’re going to do after band. They’ll probably play D&D*:

Trombones: “Don’t even come near us. We’ll mess you up, just like that one section in that last song”:

Euphoniums/Baritones: “I play only play whole notes in this song. I got this”:

Tubas: *Plays everything an octave lower than written so that the band director can’t tell when they play a wrong note*:

Percussion: “I have no idea what song we’re even playing”:

Cat on a Boat in Foggy Weather Playing the Clarinet

The boat floats silently in the sea of what could be
Misty breath shimmers droplets of crystallized light in the pitch of night
A happy melody plays bringing alive a fantasy
Play on, play on
The little cat plays on
Little fish joins in the fun, appearing from a tone so clear
How wonderful, the shining song, little fish, a boat floating in mist
Play little cat, play on

Poem and Drawing by KizmetSoul aka KizmetCandy

This is my entry for the contest on My Candy Love where you are to make your own version of Priya’s drawing from episode 32. I thought I would post it on my blog. 

If Cats Had Rehearsals...

When you walk in late and try to get away with it:

Or come in too early (or even too hesitantly) on an entrance….

…and then the conductor calls out you / your section.

And sometimes you have to schedule early morning practices…

And if you try to run through a hard lick right beforehand, you might just make it even worse:

The worst might be those rare moments when a loud note or weird noise pops out all of a sudden that you simply can’t explain.

But of course, sometimes you truly deserve to be proud of your music making.

…and obviously, playing/singing with a great group of people makes being in an ensemble an amazing experience - especially when you get let out of rehearsal early. 

Honor Thy Fathers - Arrow Music Notes 5x21

This episode picks up the theme of Legacy again for Oliver, Thea, and Chase as they learn information about their fathers and how it informs the way they have lived their lives.  Should they continue to be honored? If so, how?  On the Flashbacks side of things, Oliver is preparing to return home to begin his crusade for his father.

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This makes me happy.