i feel the need to clarify this.

i like koreans. i’ve liked koreans all my life and i’ve also studied their culture and art at uni. i’m still learning their language and sometimes i try some recipes to cook like them. i think this started when i’ve found out my aunt’s husband was korean and i was 8.

now, people told me i have a fetish but i don’t agree. i don’t wanna marry only korean people. i don’t like em just cause of their appearence or just cause i like kpop. the passion for their music came a lot of years after. now tell me, why have i a fetish and why it’s considered bad to like koreans? i can’t understand.

yeah it’s true i like almond eyes, but i also like them on european people! it’s not like i don’t like someone who doesn’t have them. so what? i love their culture and i love their values (even tho i don’t agree on some governament decisions etc), so what? am i a bad person?

and tbh i also like other asians and americans and europeans. i have no preferences, i just love koreans a bit more.

just cause i have a blog dedicated to korean music, it doesn’t mean it’s the only thing i’m interested in or i fetishize koreans.


edit: when i say i like koreans a bit more it means i know them a bit more cause i’ve studied their culture a bit at uni and it’s obvious i can appreaciate theirs more than other cultures. it’s a choice and i’ve choosen to know  more about korea and their history and it happened that i liked it and after some years i also appreciated their music.

Let me clarify something for people who argue with me but don’t know much about me:

I am circumcised. I was cut at birth. It almost killed me, in part because of a clotting disorder I inherited from my mom, but also because infant circumcision is an unsafe procedure.

When I started really researching circumcision a few years ago, it put me into a long depressive state. I suffered, and still suffer from, intermittent erectile dysfunction. Sometimes I just feel like my penis is less, busted, broken. I know that it’s because of how much I know about circumcision, I get that. I have to have a huge ego about my penis to be able to maintain an erection for longer than a minute, and knowing as much as I do about forced circumcision makes that difficult.

Up until about three years ago, until I was twenty four years old, I lived with skin bridges on my penis. If you don’t know what skin bridges look like, have a look at this website for images and details about skin-bridges and other circumcision complications [website]. This made me have really low self esteem about my penis and made it really difficult to even look at it.

It wasn’t words that caused me to feel this way, or be in this state. It was the fact that when I was born, my parents signed me up for something I never would have asked for. The words “intact” and “mutilated” didn’t do this to me. Those are just words, they don’t cause real harm like circumcision does.

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Why is Frasier the worst? I liked that show

I loved Frasier the TV show, so I will clarify with that. I’ve seen every episode or nearly every episode at least once

but Frasier the character is p awful for so many reasons

he was (along with Ross Gellar) one of those 90s sensitive nice guys that we were supposed to root for even though they’re a bit pretentious but they were awful.

he consistently sex shamed roz throughout literally the entire series. the writing of the show sex shamed roz throughout the entire series but Frasier did it a lot

in one episode Daphne liked a dude at the dog park, so she kept trying to walk Eddie when she thought he would be there. Eddie wasn’t having it, though, so he wouldn’t let her put his leash on. Daphne remarked that he was playing hard to get, and Frasier says, “at least someone is” because haha daphne is acting desperate by showing interest in a man. never mind that Frasier would do the same type of shit to get a woman’s attention

he’s super sexist and expects perfection out of women to the point where he is either 0 or 100 with them. he either hyper focuses on flaws they have or holds them up on a pedestal, idolizing them

he was one of those white intellectuals that had various African artifacts decorating their house in the nineties but didn’t seem to know any Black people (except Cam Winston who was his sworn enemy)

remember that horrible fucking episode where Kim Coles played “Dr Mary”, and she was only supposed to be Frasier’s producer as a replacement for Roz but everyone (but Frasier) liked her so much that they made her a co-host and the whole joke was that she and the new Black producer would just talk to the point where Frasier was afraid to appear racist if he said anything that went against what they were saying and was afraid that if he spoke up about it he would appear racist?? so then Dr Mary gets her own show on another station and Frasier admits he thought Dr Mary would think he was racist if he said something, and her response was to laugh and say that thanks to his guilty white ass she had her own show now???? like Frasier’s racism literally saved a Black woman omg

he was also classist as hell and one of those people who equated intelligence and an Ivy League education with superiority

he called a woman “m'lady” during sex like omg Frasier no

he was also kind of a shitty dad? like I mean I get needing to move across the country for your own mental health maybe because he was obviously going through a breakdown but he almost never mentioned Freddy? tbh you can chalk this up to that’s how sitcoms were back then, though, so

And finally he was a Freud fanboy and tbh that alone should be enough evidence for anybody that Frasier was the worst

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1.Write your name in song titles


A-About a girl-Nirvana

R-Red Lips-Sky Ferreira

L-Lolita-Lana Del Rey

A-Arboles De La Barranca-El Coyote y su Banda Tierra Santa

2.Why did you choose your URL?

I wanted something studyblrish and I am a leo and have uncontrollable hair like a lion

3.What is your middle name?

wasnt granted with one

4.If you could be a fictional character,who would you be? 


5.Favorite color?

Lilac atm

6.Favorite song?

Noir by Lana Del Rey atm

7.Top 4 fandoms:

The Walking Dead,Marvel,Lana Del Rey,30 Seconds to Mars

8.Why do you enjoy tumblr?

to pass the time and its very informational

9.Tag 9 mutuals:

dolce-and-chicana jenpug studyingshark studyandpharmacy salltss justanothermedblr

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The Awakening Catalysts

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are notorious for their eye opening, clarifying powers, whereby they cut through all the frivolous trimmings and get right down to the gritty core of an issue. Scorpio revel in the mysteries of the world, never satisfied by the palatable icing sugar that shrouds the truth. Aquarius are all for conspiracies and collective insight, where any corrupt power or institution is their enemy. They throw you into ice water, and this can be jolting for those of us that aren’t ready for the truths that they reveal. Aquarius are known as personalities that may willingly create chaos to observe how we respond, seeing just exactly how we would hold up when our neat little comforts are turned upside down. Scorpio can look you in the eyes and know when you have put up a false front, yet both signs remind us that it can all too easy to be trapped in an illusionary, plastic existence. 

felyne-chef you do realize I’m one of the creators so I have every right to clarify any confusion with the movement . Obviously if you don’t know those abbreviations it probably doesn’t pertain to you


Man: “They say to dress for the job you want. Not the job you have.”
Me: “Just to clarify, I’m not actually trying to be a 19th century Railroad Barron or Lord Grantham.”

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hey, so you stated in a post that paramore was being sexst (in some ways?) just to clarify: i am /not/ a fan defending the band, i don't like them either, but, can you like give me an example of them being sexist?

no i meant that people ignore paramore because bandom is sexist and hayley is a woman

ESFP Tom Haverford

ESFPs are outgoing, friendly and accepting. They’re exuberant lovers of life, people and material comforts. They enjoy working with others to make things happen, and they make work fun. They are flexible and spontaneous, they adapt readily to new people and environments, and they learn best by trying a new skill with other people.

We all recognize Tom in this description, and here is a break down of the 4 functions of the ESFPs to clarify this position even further.

Extroverted Sensing

Concerned with novel, outer sensations and experiences, as well as keeping up appearances. Seeks outer simulation in the here and now: new sights, sounds, tastes, experiences.

I think this one speaks for itself. Tom loves luxury, he loves things. His house is literally a palace of pleasures. He likes his comfort, he likes buying new things, he likes experiencing things. If there is a bar in town that serves alcohol in weird innovative ways, he’s there. If there is a party to organize and people to entertain, he’s there. Tommy loves things, he loves experiences, he loves to discover anything new. He also has a high sense of fashion and takes great care of his body. He’s all about sensations.

Introverted Feeling

Concerned with personal feelings, tastes and morals. Explores and refines personal tastes and feelings. Contribute to a strong sense of personal uniqueness; invested in a limited number of love objects.

I mean is there any denying that Tom cares about his feelings more than the feelings of other people? Tom processes things internally by judging how he feels about them, and doesn’t really care that much for the feelings of others in the process. Think of how he was being pushy with Ann, not realizing that she wasn’t reciprocating his feelings. How he constantly undermines Ben without noticing it’s hurting his feelings. How he cultivates an image around him, this vibe of Tommy T, his unique strong identity around his tastes, his name, his love for things. But that also means that Tom keeps his feelings for himself most of the time. You rarely see Tom being overtly emotional: you do see Tom being full of swag. His true, deep-felt honest feelings, he keeps to himself. Think of how upset he was when Ron told Lucy what Tom really felt about her.

Extroverted Thinking

Concerned with analyzing and optimizing external systems, methods and operations. 

That’s Tommy actually having the work done. Sure, he is usually a slacker, but when he’s really into a project (introverted feeling), he will definitely try his absolute best to get it done. Entertainment 720 and the whole presentation in Meet n’ Greet, the presentation for Rent-a-Swag to Ron, founding and running a restaurant… When Tom is into something, he’ll get it done. He’ll do the work.

Introverted Intuition

Concerned with insights and impressions from the subconscious mind. Penetrates deeply to identify underlying motives and causes. Characteristiically penetrative and insightful.

Tom’s last function, the one he uses the least, can only be resumed in this word: insight. Tom doesn’t use that one so much as the others, understandably, as it’s his last one, but we can see sparks of it when he realizes his failures. He knew Entertainment 720 was on the verge of collapsing and did this whole showmanship presentation at Leslie’s meeting with local businesses. He knew his shop Rent-a-Swag was not going to make it, with someone trying to buy it. He knew he spent too much time on his screens because of his personal life disappointing him. But most of the time, Tom doesn’t have that sort of self-awareness simply because it’s his least-developped function and he has little mastery over it. 

I believe that Tom can easily be typed as ESFP. If you have questions, please be sure to send them my way.

See my master post for other MBTI personality types for Parks & Rec!

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. Im sorry. But if I’m in the middle of a sexual or romantic relationship with someone and find out they’re ace and/or aro, I’ll be an asshole and break up with them, because I’m sorry for needing that relationship or attraction towards me and to feel in th MIDDLE of a relationship that they aren’t even feeling the same way ??
I have no problem with asexuality or aromanticism. Hell, sometimes I feel like that’s what I am ! (I don’t know my sexuality or anything) but personally I’d need a relationship where the attraction is mutual, and if you’re gonna call me an asshole for wanting that, so be it

I-i-i-i-its theories time! After I’ve made a post about the idea of mysterious girl being “mahōtsukai” (wizard) I’ve got a lot of PMs. So, first of all, thanks for them, those were really interesting to read. I’ve replied to as many as I was able to, but since there was too many, I think I’ll clarify some things in this post. Just to reply to everybody at the same time. The idea here is to add more to my idea so it’ll be a bit more clear. If you didn’t read the original post, follow the link above, it isn’t that long. Here I’ll continue where I left there. But let’s start with the facts.

* Aoyama-sensei officially stated that two mothers in his manga are sisters.
* When asked “Are Yukiko and Sera’s mother sisters?Aoyama-sensei replied that Yukiko is not one of the sisters (SDB 70+ if I remember correctly).
* In The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Manga Files 872-875 / Anime Episodes 754-756) Masumi showed Conan a picture of the mysterious girl like he was supposed to know her.
* During the Suspect is Kyōgoku Makoto case (Manga Files 859-861 / Anime Episodes 744-745) middle brother asked Masumi if she already met the mahōtsukai (the most popular translation is “wizard”).
* Japanesemahōtsukai” literally means “magic user” and doesn’t mean any certain sex. It may be a wizard and witch at the same time.
* In The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Manga Files 872-875 / Anime Episodes 754-756) Masumi said that she returned to Japan to meet with mahōtsukai (while looking at Conan).
* In Kudō Yūsaku’s Cold Case (Manga Files 812-814 / Anime Episodes 690-691) Masumi said “Looks like I AM a bad girl” while looking on how Ran-chan treats Conan-kun’s wound.
* During the Taikō Meijin’s Match of Love (Manga Files 899-902 /Anime Episodes 785-786) the mysterious girl watched Chūkichi’s match even though she wanted to sleep and when he won she was extremely happy. Up to the point when Masumi found it creepy.
* During the early Masumi’s appearances there were no traces of the mysterious girl around, even though now she’s always there.
* In the Cooking Show Murder (Manga Files 844-846 / Anime Episodes 727-728) Ran thinks that she remembers Masumi together with the sound of the waves, but when asked, Masumi thinks that she can’t answer that until the time comes.

So, here are the facts. Now let’s see what we can make with all that. First of all, I’m well aware of the most popular theory. The one about Conan being mahōtsukai and how he impressed Masumi during their young years by showing something that looked like a magic. Even Weekly Shōnen Sunday suggested it (”Sera thinks that Conan is magic user?!” in the margin). But here’s a personal thought - it’s a red herring. Shinichi’s deduction can be like a magic at some points, but what he does the best is destroying the illusions. Like he always do with KID. When there’s a trick, he just reveals the truth. Often while being rude. And as it was shown in the latest Manga Files, he was like that since his pre-school times. Now let’s line up the facts.

I think I won’t surprise anyone with the idea about mysterious girl being Masumi’s mother. After Taikō Meijin’s Match of Love (Manga Files 899-902 / Anime Episodes 785-786) it’s like the only possible explanation. Everything else feels forced. Mother theory fits perfectly and I can’t see any reasons to ignore it. Now as we can see, the mysterious girl is pretty smart and good grounded in science (see Romance Novelist Murder Case, Manga Files 876-878 / Anime Episodes 759-760). It’s easy to imagine a mother, who plays with her kids by saying something “Mother is a magician!” and showing them some simple science tricks. Like the one with tomatoes in The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Manga Files 872-875 / Anime Episodes 754-756). Note that lately all cases related to Masumi’s past revolve around the magic, by the way. Cooking Show Murder, Suspect is Kyōgoku Makoto, The Tragedy of the Red Woman… Now here’s where young Shinichi appears and ruins the whole thing with his deduction show. Probably in a pretty rude way too. In the latest Manga Files we’ve seen how rude he was when he was young after all. Which explains Masumi’s words in Kudō Yūsaku’s Cold Case (Manga Files 812-814 / Anime Episodes 690-691), because after that it’s easy to imagine her punching Shinichi for not believing that her mother can do magic and saying rude words. After that, Ran appears and treats Shinichi’s wounds as she usually do and calling Masumi a bad girl.

So far so good. Next is a really interesting point in CONAN timeline - 3 years ago. First, Masumi’s family moves to America. Second, Itakura Suguru stops working on his program that Tequila asked him to continue the next year. Why it’s so interesting? Because it’s almost like Soshiki / Vermouth looked for replacement. But anyway, Sera family’s mother returns to Japan. And possibly together with Akai-san, or right after him, even though it may be at many points. But since Soshiki usually follows every Akai-san’s move, it was a bad idea to stay with him. Easy solution - middle brother (Chūkichi in this theory). So, after Masumi moved to Japan, the mysterious girl was with the middle brother. That explains both why she wasn’t around when Masumi appeared in Japan and the question about mahōtsukai. I mean, when Masumi moved, she got herself involved into the main thing, so, it’s a very logical thing for the mysterious girl to move closer to her. So, we can see that question like “Is mother with you now?” It also explains the look Masumi gave Conan when she said that she returned to meet the mahōtsukai. Again, it looks like it’s about Conan, but this way there’s another way around. She was about to “introduce” her mother to him. Just think about it. Conan met her mother during the incident with “magic”. Now she’s about to make him remember that and show him a picture. So, even her words “Magic doesn’t exist, right, Conan-kun?” from The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Manga Files 872-875 / Anime Episodes 754-756) fit perfectly. Like it was a quote of Shinichi’s own words from the past. The whole case may be a hint actually, since Masumi may have decided that it’ll be a perfect way to make Conan remember. The case was about revealing the truth behind “magic” trick after all, she may think that showing him picture of her mother right after it will make Conan remember a woman, whose trick he exposed as a kid.

So, the only thing that left is “sisters” part from the interview with Aoyama-sensei. And it’s a pretty tricky thing too. You may ask how it’s even related? Well, read the reply from SDB 70+ carefully. Aoyama-sensei clearly said that “Yukiko is not one of the sisters”. He didn’t say a word about Masumi’s mother, even though he was asked about both. Which makes you think that he avoided answering that and that Masumi’s mother is one of those two sisters. The best guess to add to the theory above will be to think that another sister is Chikage-san (Kuroba Kaito-kun’s mother). She’s a thief and a wife of the legendary magician, so, magic stuff fits great, but I dislike this version. Aoyama-sensei clearly said that KID won’t be involved in the final confrontation with Kuro no Soshiki and if we’ll assume that Chikage-san is one of the sisters, it’ll be close to impossible for KID to avoid being involved. So, who’s the second mother? In the light of this theory it’ll be Kisaki Eri-san. Ran-chan’s mother. Why? Because it’ll explain how both Ran and Conan were involved in the past. As we’ve seen in Ran GIRL and Shinichi BOY (latest Manga Files), Shinichi loved to look cool in front of Ran by showing off his deduction. And if Masumi’s mother is Eri-san’s sister (both are very smart by the way), we can easily see how during the family meeting Masumi’s mother showed some sort of “magic” trick for kids, but Shinichi decided to show how smart he is in front of Ran (stealing Masumi’s heart without knowing that while doing it) and reveal the truth.

So, that’s it for today. Detailed explanation of the whole Mother / Wizard thing. I hope I’ve answered all the question about the theory that I’ve got in the PM’s ^_^ As usual, feel free to write me about anything Conan-related. I’ll be glad to reply one way, or another.

News roundup: A few Sengoku Basara updates and an attempt to clarify the DLC situation

Amazon posts the cover artwork for the Complete Works book

The Amazon Japan listing for the Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi Official Complete Works art book has updated to show its cover illustration.

I can’t wait for Amazon to list the next V-Jump so I can place my order for both together!

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pansexual is bisexual. I don't think any of us fool ourselves into thinking the two are different, we know. The difference between the two is that pansexual is a sexuality which is meant to be inclusive. While bisexuals are also attracted to trans people, pansexual is meant to say at the same time that you're inclusive of alternate genders or transitioned/transitioning people. I hope this clarifies things a little.

there’s no need to make up a whole new word for that


Apparently there are plans to tear down the outdoor fountain where we had the RWBY meetup (and where I know a lot of other Otakon photoshoots have taken place in the past).  So, the guy who organized the meetup asked if we could take a few photos with these signs, to support saving the fountain from its fate.

If you recognize a face and can tag them, please do!