I was not originally planning to do a part 2 to my Klance/Lotance animatic but The first part was so well received I couldn’t help myself?? and thanks to everyone for suggesting songs, enjoy :)!

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So, um, Skyeward lives? In what way?? (I gave up so long ago I forgot what it was like to hope for them, don't let me start if it isn't real)

I gave up too, dude, so I’m honestly as surprised as everyone else.  I haven’t watched since the season 3 midseason finale when they killed him off, so I can’t give you accurate details surrounding his return.  Apparently it’s some sort of canon AU arc they’re doing?  I’ll post this publicly so anyone with more info can elaborate, because I’m pretty lost.  All I know is that he’s coming back and I’m really conflicted about it.

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I hope Jin knows how much we appreciate him. They should have clarified that they were gesturing for Jin to speak, not Jimin. I feel terribly for Jin because I think he feels utterly unappreciated.

Yeah they should have clarified….or jimin should have just insisted that jin speak….

I think he really did feel unappreciated….if just for a moment…..ugh im tired of this happening

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How do you interpret the scene where Sasuke apologises and Sakura asks 'for what?' to him?

Sakura just wanted to hear Sasuke say it himself, so when he apologised, she asked what for. She wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easily, she wanted to explicitly hear it. And when he clarified that it was for everything:

Sakura was just like, “you’re damn right”!:

Sakura was mad, obviously. But the joy and sheer relief that the Sasuke they knew had finally been salvaged, vastly overpowered any lingering anger she may have had at the trouble that he caused. Thus, she just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing:

It only took them around 4 ½ years, but Sasuke was finally back ^_^

ok im relistening to the end of ep 49 to clarify something and i have two things to point out

  1. kravitz stands up when taako enters, because he’s a gentleman and taako deserves it. this is a good sign for their relationship because taako Knows he’s a Big Deal and likes to be treated as such.
  2. the way taako says “that one’s on me.” is so ABSURDLY coquettish like what the fuck justin mcelroy????? I HATE YOU THIS IS GAY

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I'm confused about that youtubers Caitlyn Jenner comment, I feel like I'm missing something/don't know the context; but why was it bad? I'm genuinely trying to understand I'm not trying to start trouble sorry!

This is the last post ill talk about this but ill just clarify here since it might have been a bit ambiguous.

The person made that comment on Lana Del Rey’s recent ‘Love’ video. I’ve noticed that it’s been a common joke to relate women who look a little masculine/off/just negative features in general to Caitlyn and is often used as an insult. Personally, I think it’s immature and incredibly transphobic.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Caitlyn is a good person nor am I really a big fan of her in terms of how she feels about representing trans people as whole (she’s actually said some pretty negative things in that aspect from what I remember when she first came out). However, constantly using a trans woman as the subject of negative aspects of women and basically saying “you look bad so you’re basically looking as good as this ‘fake‘ woman” is really controversial to me. Whether or not you meant it in a transphobic context, using one of the biggest trans figures in the public eye as a common subject for ugliness just continues to reinforce the idea that somehow trans people aren’t as good as cis people. Sorry if this is controversial to some of you. I don’t really want to discuss  it further (publicly, as that can get spammy and nasty, feel free to message me if you do want to have a discussion about something I might be missing) so that’s that.

Tell the Trump Administration to Protect Transgender Students!

The Trump Administration’s Departments of Justice and Education, led by Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos, are preparing to rescind the Obama Administration’s Title IX guidance detailing schools’ obligations for protecting transgender students.

Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in any federally-funded education program or activity. Last year, President Obama issued guidelines clarifying the federal government’s position regarding Title IX and how it extends transgender students. Through these guidelines, the Department currently asserts that Title IX’s prohibition against sex-based discrimination extends to claims of discrimination based on gender identity (i.e. Transgender students can not be discriminated against in education programs receiving federal funding.)

We need to send a message to the Trump Administration and tell them that we expect them to protect transgender youth from discrimination. Please call the Department of Justice — 202-514-2000 — and the Department of Education — 1-800-872-5327 — and ask that DeVos and Sessions maintain the Obama Administration’s guidance protecting transgender youth.

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I'm the anon about blecho. I just want to clarify that I believe in bellarke, I think it's happening this season, and I don't care if they share a sexual moments with others. I don't feel pressed about that. My problem is just with Echo and with the narrative forcing relationships where there's just betrayal, hate and pain. It's just my point of view

It’s a fine point of view and I don’t mind that it’s different from mine. But you sent it to my inbox so I’m going to share my point of view even if it’s differing. See, I don’t go to other people’s blogs and argue with them or disagree with their theories, I stay here and wait for someone to ask me what I think. I know people don’t agree with me, and it has been a problem. So i stay in my lane, my little blog, with my little opinion. If it sounds like I’m mad at you or being antagonistic or think your opinion is bad, I don’t. I’m not. It’s just sharing two different ideas so we can have the discussion. I’m not going to jump on people just for having a different point of view. I will if people tell me I’m not allowed to speak, or try to force their ideas on me, but just sharing different ideas is not a problem.

And this is where I am with that question.

They haven’t ADDRESSED the betrayal between Clarke and L. The forgiveness was shallow and unearned. The vows made in episode 3 were broken by episode 7. No amends were ever made for L betraying the skypeople. Saying “I’m sorry I turned you into this but I did it for my people,” is absolutely worth nothing. 

But people think this is acceptable. L betrayed THE SKY PEOPLE. She said it to Clarke’s face, but then she invited her home with her, because she wasn’t one of the ones in the mountain who were sacrificed. L betrayed BELLAMY and the delinquents and the sky people and her ALLIES. Clarke took off after. But what did L do? Kept the sky people from being independent, put a kill order on the people who helped them. Kept them trapped by boundaries and walls. Didn’t let them use the resources in the mountain that they defeated. 

So how did she make amends to the Sky People? By threatening them with extermination if they didn’t submit to her?

Her excuse, “I did it for my people,” was just that. An excuse. If she did it for her people then why didn’t she make amends to Arkadia for breaking their agreement? If her people wanted what she did for them, then why did they keep saying again and again that what she did was wrong and they wanted her out?

But Clarke accepted “I did it for my people,” because she was traumatized and still burdened by her own guilt, and a lot of the fandom accepted “I did it for my people.” But it has been made explicitly clear in the narrative that you can’t just “do what is good for your own people,” you have to DO THE RIGHT THING. 

So here we have Echo just doing what is right for her people and causing more destruction and betraying Bellamy on a personal level, just like CL. And just remember, neither relationship was JUST based on pain. Both had a bond and partnership before the betrayal. Both relationships saved each others lives. That’s why it was a betrayal, because that trust was betrayed.

This is their chance to rectify the unearned forgiveness. To ADDRESS betrayal and see what that really means to those betrayed and the burden that the betrayer should have to face. 

I don’t see it as, “oh no, not romanticizing betrayal again,” I see it as “this time we’re going to see what lessons we have learned.”

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Hi Cate: I'm an on-and-off visitor to your blog and the XF Tumblr fandom. I've also done some time in PR (not entertainment.) Since I believe you are a PR professional I have a question. Are celebrities, other than maybe a Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie ever advised by their firms to "come out" with their relationships? Love GA but she's not exactly !hot! right now. Why in the world all this talk about her relationship with PM being handled improperly? Isn't she just living her life? Discuss!

Hi there! I’ve said this before but I’ll clarify again: I am a PR professional but not a publicist. I do have some experience in entertainment PR but it’s not my area of expertise (I live in Canada…let’s be real, lol).

With that said: I completely agree with you. No one cares Gillian and Peter are together (outside of the hardcore fanbase active on social media). It’s not that newsworthy. I would speculate that Gillian didn’t even discuss strategy about her relationship with Peter with her PR team…because it doesn’t need “handling.” What do people expect from her exactly? A statement saying she is with Peter and get the fuck over it? That would make her look so silly.

As for any mishandling: did anyone honestly believe that her flirty David tweets meant anything? For me, the more she tweeted about David’s dick or Speedo or schmoopie, the more obvious it was that the whole thing was a joke. The one exception: “especially one of you” ruined me for a while because it seemed more sincere. But it was followed up a few months later by a very specific denial by Gillian and David, in two separate interviews. On the record, Gillian has always been very clear they were not involved and never were. David also specifically denied they were in a relationship, lovers, etc. Yet, the very fans that chose to ignore their denials are the ones screaming that she lied to them or that the situation was mishandled. It’s asinine, tbh.

The truth is that people have had loads of time to get used to the idea of Peter and Gillian together. The news broke on Page Six last OCTOBER. The public has had almost four months to digest the news. The fact that a certain segment of the fandom chose to eat up a bunch of bullshit conspiracy theory rather than look at what’s in front of their faces is on them, not Gillian or her PR team.

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WAIT! STOP NOW! Do you really have a girlfriend???! Clarify this now kid!

Well, yes, I have a beautiful, incredible, intelligent, sweet and loving girlfriend.
Okay, but really I do not talk much about my relationship drama here, because well, it has a lot of drama. But this is the fourth time that I and this beautiful girl are dating, we dated for 8 months in 2015, broke up, dated for another 2 months, broke up again, dated back in 2016 for like a month and now we’re back together. She was my first girlfriend and I really like her, but our relationship had tons of drama so I did not really talk about it. But now that we’re both out and mentally stable I feel more comfortable talking about it :)

inquisitorhierarch replied to your photoset “By the way and for the record, this is a lie being repeated as part of…”

This just in: it is now immoral to fight back against people trying to murder you, but only if they’re white emo boys designed to mirror today’s horrible toxic masculinity culture. For reasons. Totally good, totally logical reasons.

To clarify: The victims of the Massacre of Tuanul on Jakku were not armed combatants. Tuanul was a spiritual village where Lor San Tekka lived. The villagers were rounded up and executed.

I agree that it is not immoral to fight back, but there was no fighting. It was a slaughter.

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aaaa I'm 17 and recently got diagnosed with ADHD and don't know how to bring it up to my parents and idk what to do bc telling them would help a lot but I'm afraid of telling them lmao

uuuh I don’t really have a whole lot of advice since my parents took me to get diagnosed so they knew as soon as I did, buuuut it did take until I was 19 for that to happen because honestly my mom probably also has ADHD so whenever I would explain a symptom she’d be like ‘oh yeah that’s totally normal’ because she was not aware that it was not normal. Plus you didn’t really clarify why you’re worried about telling them? I mean if you’re worried they won’t take you seriously then that depends on if your diagnosis was a professional diagnosis or not, and what your goal is (i.e. getting an unprofessional diagnosis confirmed, getting therapy, getting meds, etc etc). I think figuring what you’re hoping to get out of telling them is probably an important part of saying whatever you’re going to say, since you kinda need to tailor your message accordingly.

@leftpawedpolarbear replied to your post “@-stepsky- replied to your post “@-stepsky- replied to your post…”

I actually think it was very in-character for Maggie to apologize the way she did, the big issue I have is that the apology was framed as the solution and not an opening to discuss the real problem(s).
To clarify: I think the apology is consistent with Maggie’s tendency to be overprotective of Alex which, as we saw in this episode and also earlier when she initially turned Alex down, is NOT necessarily a good thing and is something they should discuss and work on as a couple.

I agree with all of this!

@ichise Oh let me clarify I’ve played Bloodborne and loved it, one of the best games I’ve played on PS4 so far or just in general. I also beat Dark Souls 3 and am about halfway through Dark Souls 1 and I really just don’t have as much interest in the story or even the gameplay. Fighting universal entropy is hardly a motivation to keep going in a world where you’re just going to die anyway, so the “fighting your way out of a fever nightmare but is it really a nightmare or is it real” themes of Bloodborne along with the perfectly done horror elements was all just love for me it spooked my shit. I don’t dislike the Dark Souls games, and I can appreciate the care that Miyazaki puts in them as much as he did Bloodborne but I’ve just never gotten into them as much.

Demon’s Souls is on sale right now on PS3 and I’ll probably grab it and see how it sits with me. In the end I also prefer the kind of aggressive playstyle that Bloodborne and Nioh allow for rather than the constant shielding and wimpy attacks you gotta use in Souls. I understand it’s a bigger challenge but it’s also. Fuckin boring m8