Clarification on the Leaked Wu Yifan pics

These are the facts:

He was hacked months ago. THIS ISN’T SPECULATION. His team released an official statement and he posted about it on IG and Weibo.

As you all know, access to a person’s e-mail account makes it easier to access all their other accounts including iCloud or similar cloud apps.

This statement was posted on November 8th 2014, and they mentioned the hacking starting more than a month before. These pics were leaked in October and it corroborates what they said:

To be honest, there shouldn’t even be a need for a post like this because any sane person can tell that post was made up from the very first paragraph. It reads like fanfiction and an anti trying to push a certain narrative about someone so they can fulfill whatever agenda they want.

But let me back up my claims with actual facts (something the OP failed to do). OP claims Kris first got in contact with Xu Jinglei about her movie in December 2013. OP must not have done her research because Kris and XJL have been mutually following each other on Weibo since August of 2013. Kris only follows people who are 1) his friends 2) related to work. XJL has mentioned that she contacted SM several times to get him in her movie and the fact that Kris followed her back shows that he knew about it and he knew about the potential project since August 2013.

OP also claims he first tried to leave in April 2013, but the period when he went to Canada/China was between February to March 2013. He was already back in Korea by March.

OP posted this screencap of an alleged WeChat conversation between “Kris” and some girl:

This is especially hilarious and I will point out the reasons why this is obviously fake:

1) His display picture is a fantaken picture of him on stage. Do you think Kris would really use that as his DP? 

2) Anyone can fake convos on WeChat. To prove this point, his fans made up convos copying the format in the alleged one above:

See how easy it is to make up a convo?

3) The picture shared in the convo is a widespread popular pic of some girl that’s shared around on Weibo. This is the actual pic:

You can see this pic posted on this article about popular pics of non-celebs.

This is an obviously falsified convo using a popular picture that’s been shared on several Chinese social media sites. 

Another point which Krisbar highlighted is that Kris has really, really huge hands. Here’s a pic to highlight how huge his hands are compared to a girl:

In the alleged couple pic, their hands were not that different in size. So either this girl has yaoi proportions like him (unlikely) or that isn’t even his hand at all.

So yeah, several parts of her statement don’t add up. Not to mention how convenient it is that some of his antis on twitter alluded to something going to “ruin” his career yesterday and now this fanfiction suddenly popped up with his hacked pics. She also claims she lived in Korea for a long time yet she decided to post her “revelation” on an international forum.

Anyway, don’t ever believe anything especially not during these times when Kris is still in mediation with SM and the next schedule is only a few days from now. Such a coincidence. Not.

Just remember that some of these antis took his departure very seriously and would do anything to ruin him because they took it as a personal slight. Always take anything with a grain of salt. This also applies to Luhan.

anonymous asked:

wait how did the stalker destroy the chance of ryan and brendon being friends again? /hurt ryan? I thought she just stalked bden/sarah/dallon etc.

Ah, well that’s the thing, that’s not all she did. She also hacked Shane Valdez’s (Brendon’s ex-best friend) Facebook account (which Sarah confirmed did in fact happen, he didn’t have access to his account for at least a month she said) and through that she talked to Ryan as Shane, getting his iMessage info so that she could text him AS Brendon. I’m not sure what she said to Ryan as Shane in the beginning to get his info, but I’m assuming she told Ryan something like that Brendon was trying to get ahold of him but didn’t have his info or whatever. All I know FOR SURE is that Chelsey texted/iMessaged with Ryan while pretending to be Brendon for almost 9 months on and off. She had also made a fake Brendon Instagram and Facebook (which were both very convincing, she’s an almost impeccable liar/actor) and Ryan was following the fake Instagram and would comment on fake!Brendon’s posts a lot. So Ryan had ABSOLUTELY no idea that he was NOT talking to the real Brendon Urie for all that time. 

Meanwhile, all that time passed without Ryan ever talking to the REAL Brendon, so in real life they continued to drift farther and farther apart while Ryan believed they were getting closer again (this is really heartbreaking, I’m so sorry to have to tell you all this.) Ryan even told fake!Brendon that he wanted to work with him on a new song sometime, but of course THAT never could have happened because it wasn’t actually Brendon… Maybe if this hadn’t happened, Ryan would have talked to REAL Brendon about making music again and we’d have a new Ryan/Brendon collaboration song. But nope. Chelsey even had one of her helpers mail Ryan a Christmas package FROM BRENDON (cuz of course she knows Brendon’s real address and could put that as the return address) to really cement the whole lie that it was Brendon. 

So anyway, once her stalking was discovered and all this information became public, Shane Morris caught wind of it first and I sent him more info about what was going on, including screenshots of texts that Chelsey had sent me, showing conversations between her fake!Brendon and the real Ryan, and Shane broke the news to Ryan. Ryan never posted about it anywhere after finding out, of course, why would he? It’s deeply embarrassing. Imagine if you were Ryan and you thought you were talking to your former best friend and becoming better friends again and maybe even working on music together again in the future and then getting a Christmas gift from him in the mail and everything, that must have made him smile so much.. and all this for 9 whole months! Just to find out at the end that the entire time he was talking to and getting mail from a psychotic stalker fan?? Christ, I can’t even imagine how he felt finding out.

Anyway, Brendon unfollowed Ryan around the same time the truth came out about that.. it was a little after but I think the same month, so it could have been a direct result of that, we don’t know. Then again, Ryan didn’t unfollow Brendon, which seems like what would happen in that situation, maybe? I dunno… Either way, you can see how this would really kind of destroy what was left of their friendship… :/

And unfortunately the stalker got away with it all, still active in the fanbase both here on tumblr as well as obsessively running the “Brendon Urie Vines” YouTube account. All we can hope for is that karma gives her what she deserves in the end.

[Edit: For more information on the Panic! Stalker and what she did/continues to do, see stopthepanicstalker blog and this tag here. (Go through the tag from oldest to newest posts.)]


Please beware of any rumors spreading around about Wu Yifan.
If you happen to saw the photos, please don’t spread it anywhere, because it will not benefit anything to WYF. If you saw someone uploading it on tumblr or twitter ask them to delete it.

  • The woman beside him was one of the staff who accompanied him during Day Dy Up recording on 15/01/10.

From that photo spreading around, it was obviously that they went out for a dinner together with the other staffs after the recording not the other way around.

  • And another one, he was not smoking on that photo (spreading around), instead he was holding a pen, look at the way he holds a pen it seems that people mistaken it as a cigarette.

Please don’t believe the rumors easily, whats best to do now is to help him promote his first movie. Please support & protect Wu Yifan.

Thank You!



So this has been some of the response we’ve been seeing in regards to this post. I feel the need to address this in order to clear some things up.

The tattoo people are referencing as the one mentioned in England’s MKC lyrics, a “hot six-string” which you could assume to a be a guitar, was never brought up by the OP. The only thing that was mentioned about England’s tattoo was the location. His waist. Something we previously did not know. So far there’s no mention of what kind of tattoo it is. Just where. There’s a possibility it may not even be the same tattoo referenced in the song. We don’t even know if there’s an actual picture of it. Even if it is the very same tattoo, the location of it is still new information.

But, if you guys are worried that the copy book is just filled with info you already know, we could, just… not scanlate the super rare book that people waited hours in line for.

¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ 

Just to clarify

I can’t stop anyone from believing everyone everywhere was always white forever.

You want to believe this is a white guy?

Go for it! I can’t stop you.

I’m just saying you can read about it here on the University of Michigan’s site, and you can look at the geography involved in this map (from the link):

As you can see, they’re differentiating by religion, not race, because that’s what people cared about at that time. Religion was pretty much the most important category. Racial categories as they exist today did not exist then.

Basically what you’re seeing is a huge shift in populations moving around, people of many races, religions, and nationalities. Africans, Asians, Europeans, et cet.

If you prefer to believe that Christian=White, that there was no intermarriage or that there’s no difference in skin tones in this image of Ferdinand I of León and Castile, with wife Sancha (far left) and their daughter:

You can do that. I’m running a blog where we talk about how this stuff is left out of American History Education, where they teach European history as “our” history.

If you want to believe everyone ruling Spain from the beginning of time has been white, when the fact is, you’ll never read something from primary sources from the year 900 along the lines of “yes these people were definitely NOT white!” because whiteness didn’t exist yet, fine!

I just think it’s odd that you’re not angry with the American education system leaving out entire chunks of history because the people in it might be brown, you’re angry at me for daring to say that any of them might not be white.

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I always love your analysis, but I think part of the Makorra analysis is reaching. Yes, Mako feels uncomfortable in any non-dominant role, but blaming that all on traditional gender roles seems unfair. You touched on it with his relationship with his brother, and I think that's the root of it. He's used to protecting Bolin and covering his mistakes. He feels like he needs to protect Korra in the same way, when what she needs is an equal partner. Calling it sexist seems simplistic.

It is…Freudian’s theories tend to be overly reductive. However, Mako safeguarding against wounds to his dignity/ego happened to play out in a very gendered way, which is why I felt that evoking the term “emasculated” was appropriate in this context.

Honestly, the reason I took this harsh of an angle was because of Masami 2.0…how Mako jumped at the chance to help out Asami, literally risking his job he wasn’t willing to risk for Korra. And then how Mako was still working overtime to prove himself right, immediately assuming Asami showing up at his apartment was to chastise him so reacting poorly to that…it reminded me all too much of the “castrated male.” And it rubbed me SO the wrong way, too.

This also played back into an observation made by an anon that spurred my Masami analysis…that Masami (1.0) seemed very “typical” in terms of the gender dynamics. We had Asami telling Mako in 1x04 that he made her “feel safe” and cuddling next to him, when 3 episodes later she’s bragging to Korra about her ability to take care of herself. I made my argument for why Asami behaved in that way, but why Mako was so comfortable in that role vs. his obvious unease at being challenged by Korra (look at the “writing tickets” fight) seemed to play into some troubling ideas that Mako felt he needed to be the protector and the one with the power.

Now, as I said, it happened to play out in a gendered way, which was the source of my unease. But now that I think about it, I probably could have written the same analysis, though linking it solely to Mako’s dignity, not assumed gender role. In many ways, the Avatar-verse is quite post-modern, and women are often powerful benders, so learned gender roles are probably much different (unless you’re from the NWT).

You bring up an interesting point with Mako falling into the protector role because of Bolin. And there was also this really insightful commentary in response to my analysis that touched on Mako needing to assume the role of guardian as a survival mechanism. I do maintain that pride and ego feature strongly in Mako, but certainly his upbringing largely shaped how Mako operates in the world.

So yeah, TL;DR, a Freudian analysis is a rather reductive way to look at something. I still have my own strong issues with the gendered way Mako’s relationship arc unfolded, which is why I wrote what I did (I was just super aggravated/uncomfortable at the implications of it), but of course there’s other dynamics at play. Examining gender is just one lens, and not the best.

Hopefully I was able to at least able to shine a light on Mako acting poorly to any perceived slight or demeaning remark, and that he and Korra were incompatible because he wanted to be a protector and she wanted an equal?

A Small Clarification about Short Stories

So, recently I said in response to a Tumblr ask that I wasn’t finished with “the short stories,” and a lot of people took that to mean that I was going to write short stories beyond the four stories about Four that are coming out later this year, and started suggesting things.

However, I meant that I’m not done writing the Four short stories (the ones you already know about). I am still working on those. I did not mean that I currently have any plans to work on any other short stories in the Divergent universe— I don’t.

I just don’t like for people to have expectations that may not be met based on some clumsy wording of mine, so I thought I would clarify!

Because I saw luhanqt defaming Yifan’s fans saying that we are voting down on Luhan’s movie on Weibo and leaving negative comments. I want to clarify that, Yifan’s fans are not the one who started it.

This is a comment is made on 27th June. The comment is “disgusting”, and the person voted 1 point for SOWK, the lowest you can rate for the movie. 

Another comment “super lousy”, voted 1 point for SOWK. 

"The actors’ fans are of bad quality." Voted 1 point for SOWK. 

Now, let me show you the overall ratings for both Yifan’s and Luhan’s upcoming movie. 

8.8 and 9.9, do I still have to explain further? Who is the one getting more negative votes and comments. 

And not only for this vote, there’s another platform where we can rate for their movies. But yet Yifan’s movie is once again voted down, by the fans of all 11 members. This voting system goes by the number of stars 1-5. All translations are done by me. Look out for their comment and the date commented. 

And all these that I posted are not all. If you are still not convinced, I can provide more evidences. The motive of this is to not put hate on the members, I am just showing the actions of the fans. Because people always believe what they first heard. Accompanied by language barrier, many facts are twisted and modified. 

Oh, what, you guys were worried Bellamy wasn’t in Episode 8? Sorry about that, but you know…no spoilers. We can neither confirm nor deny any speculation. But now that there is photographic evidence showing Bellamy is in Episode 8, we can say…

Hey guys, Bellamy is in Episode 8. :)

uh can i just clarify something?? ;o;

for that gif set, yixing was really drunk. lol i wasn’t joking TT-TT not like dead drunk tho just a little high and tipsy drunk. luhan brought china line for hotpot after winning the award and they drank. there were a few fan accounts here and there too. but basically yixing and luhan were accusing each other of being drunk when in actual fact both were already drunk lol.

but even so, yixing still went "eh???" when a fan called out for him at the hotpot place and immediately bowed to her. he was in a happy and excited mood as you can see from the gifs. lol there’s nothing wrong with drinking at his age~ he definitely had a good night and i’m glad he had a blast, ok!! 


Today I made a joke preview for Monsterkind’s update. I believe that it needs clarifying.

 I had a LOT of people accusing me/being worried I’d pull a ‘Tessa Stone’ and stop updating my comic after posting those Valentines. Not only is that completely rude to Tessa Stone, but it’s absolutely demeaning and unfair to me.

I know a lot of people who said it said it as a joke, but when you have several people making a post, making a tweet, writing a comment, sending an ask, etc. about “how scared they are” that I’ll just “up and quit” and “abandon my comic” is way more hurtful and damaging and not worth what little humor there is to the “Valentine comic abandonment” joke.

I’ve never said this publicly here because up until now I didn’t have such a hard time ignoring it, but I’ll go ahead and say it: I would very much like it if you guys would stop comparing me, my work, my work ethic, my production quality/speed, and my life to other comic artists/people.

Please stop asking if I’m drawing Homestuck characters in the backgrounds. Please stop telling me how worried you are that I’ll quit Monsterkind “like Tessa Stone quit Hanna’s Not a Boy’s Name”. Please understand that I am me. I’m not another person, my comic isn’t someone else’s comic, my work is my work. I do it all on my own.

I’m absolutely 100% okay with jokes about my comic and jokes with my characters crossing over to different fandoms, comic universes, and the like.

But I’m absolutely 100% not okay with having my work belittled or constantly compared to that of someone else’s.

Thank you,

Taylor C.

This is the original screenshot of Tao’s Weibo Profile, unedited (translation in red are done by me). I initially didn’t want to post this as KrisKingdom has done it. But Tao’s fans crossed the line this time.

Tao liked TWO anti-WYF posts, and this is an action to encourage his fans to continue hating on WYF. Resulting in the actions of his fans today. 

Important Clarification on "Discover the Dragon Age" ...again

I’m here to clear up the confusion over my original post, as well as the clarification post that I released last week from PAX East.

For reference, here are the two excerpts I wrote:

"Discover the Dragon Age" Original Panel Summary

Romances in Inquisition in Dragon Age* are not one in the same: some for affection, humor (like Varric buddying with you), or hate-fueled forbidden love (i.e rivalry love). Don’t worry, guys: you don’t need to romance in Inquisition. Just consider it an option. 

First Clarification Post

Question: “Anyway, I’m a little confused about the part where you mentioned the way DAI is handling romances. You said about Varric’s being humorous and being a buddy, was that just an example used based on the way the DA2 relationships worked? Or were they hinting that Varric might be romanceable?”

Not hinting Varric romance at all. The examples there are reasons why Hawke or the Warden romance (or rather, buddy up wtih) other characters: affection, humor (similarly to how buddy buddy Varric is with Hawke), or painstaking affection (rivalry). They were just examples used to preface what romances mean to people.

Now, it looks like another gaming journalist website missed out on the clarification post, because a few sites are speculating that there are only "affectionate romance, a rivalry-based forbidden romance, even a humorous romance" based off what I had originally wrote.

No, this is incorrect.

Those examples of romances are what we have already experienced in the past with Origins and 2, and examples of what we could experience in Inquisition. Anders was that forbidden romance, as he knew he would ruin Hawke’s life by rivaling the Templars and Chantry. Affection lies for many romances, like Alistair displaying his visible admiration through giving a rose to the Warden. (To further clarify, my Varric example does not pertain to an actual situation in Inquisition.)

Your possible relationships in Inquisition will vary, depending on character. However, your romance experiences will not fall under a numbered restriction of relationship conditions as simple as affection, humor, or rivalry. 

I apologize to those who were initially confused, as the original post did say “in Inquisition”. On Sunday, I did my best to clarify these statements in my additional post. However, other journalist sites are still claiming this error as recent as yesterday. As the original source of this information, I ask that you ignoreany claim from a site regarding this specific topic (unless Bioware). 

Thank you.


1st pic - Article that stated Yifan signed with Yuehwa Entertainment. Notice that the the source is from Sports World.

2nd pic - A k-fan posted on Weibo regarding the reputation of the reporter.

3rd pic - Article stated that Yifan and Xu Jinglei are dating. Notice that the source is once again from Sports World.

It seems that this is not the first time that this reporter helped SM spread false rumours in the k-media. But this time they took it to a whole new level where they even involved a Chinese director in their scheme. This is too much.

cr. 吴亦凡的洋气隆咚锵咚锵

A few weeks ago, our guest host and veteran local reporter, Dave Davies, interviewed Pennsylvanian Republican State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, prime sponsor of the state’s voter ID law, which is now under court challenge.

Here’s an update from Dave:

When I asked Metcalfe if he believed that in-person voter fraud was really occurring in the state, he said it was, and cited the case of another legislator who’d said in floor debate that his vote had been stolen by someone who went to his polling location and voted in his place.

After the interview I called the lawmaker Metcalfe mentioned, State Rep. Bernie O’Neill. It eventually emerged that his vote hadn’t been stolen, and he’d felt pressured into exaggerating his story by Republicans anxious to get the voter ID law passed.

You can read more on Dave’s blog here and then here. And you can listen to the Fresh Air interview with Metcalfe and read the clarification posted on NPR.