get you a friend that clarifies that they arent mad @ u & that they love you without u even having to ask,,,, they just know that u need it,,, and they tend to u like youre a lil flower and want u to remember that they do care about u when you arent there,,,, thats the best friend

Hey ToppKlass! I just wanted to put something out there which hopefully will relieve a few of you regarding Hansol! 

 -I’ve been meaning to post this sooner but I haven’t had the time 

-So the wonderful Paula Ponzer did two livestreams this week, on Wednesday and yesterday, which I was lucky enough to catch both 

-And on Wednesday it was the first livestream of her’s I had ever seen and she is so lovely and pretty 

-there were less than 20 viewers so she could scroll through and answer any questions asked 

-so someone asked whether she got annoyed about all the questions on TD and she said no and that she understood that quite a few of her followers are TK 

-so after hearing that I decided that I would ask her about Hansol’s IG (trust me I hated myself too for bugging her but I was getting so worried) 

-so I asked whether she knew what was going on because me and A lot of TK were worried about him and we wanted to make sure that he was alright 

-and I’m so glad I did because her answer brought me so much relief 

-so basically she giggled and said of course “I know what was going on" 

-“Hansol is a bit of drama queen" 

-"you don’t need to worry about him" 

-"he wasn’t hacked" 

-"he sometimes just restarts his IG to express what he wants to and start fresh” -“he’s just taking a break from Instagram" 

-those are all the things she said that I remember 

-someone in the comments also mentioned that there were a few rumours going round and she said "rumours? tell me about the rumours" 

-so I went on to explain that a few TK were worried that he was leaving TD with everything that’s happened on IG 

-then she kinda just sat back and chuckled and literally said 

-”don’t worry he has a contract, they can’t just leave“ 

-and that alone literally revived me and actually made my life 

So basically in a nutshell, Paula says dw about Hansol, he’s doing okay! He wasn’t hacked, he’s just taking a break, and implied he is not leaving/left TD. But boy did I feel bad because she answered three exactly the same questions about Hansol’s IG yesterday, but she is a literal babe and seemed totally fine about it❤️ 

 I hope this clears a few things up for y'all and calms a couple of you down for those who missed Paula’s livestream, because I know I wasn’t the only one concerned about Hansol’s well being. But I’m very thankful to know that he’s alright and I hope more of you will be able to rest easier knowing this new information! 

 Much love ❤️ #toppdoggfighting #toppklassfighting

Boy, We’re Gold

Finally got around to making a fic aesthetic for Boy, We’re Gold by @dontyoudarestiles and @pineapplebread, in which Credence Barebone falls in love with his girlfriend’s father.

So Ruby/Oscars age gap is inappropriate for them to date or be supported by RG shippers? Really, is that true?

Some people don’t like or think Oscar X Ruby is wrong and bring up the argument that he is too young for her and it’s inappropriate/awkward but with the way shipping is in general and what people ship in other fandoms I can’t help but call bull on the two year age gap reason. Even Miles thought that it was ridiculous when he saw some people saying that and said that the age gap is fine:“ what world do you guys live in?”

I even had some cyberbully just straight up come to me on my ask to rant to me about it like he expected me to help him with his petty struggle and tried to make me think that I was weird for liking Ruby X Oscar(it didn’t work by the way, whoever you are, but I appreciate the time you invested into me. It helped me want to write this post).

So for future clarification and for those who want to say something about Oscar and Ruby’s age gap I’d like to say something….

Remember in Avatar the last Airbender; I’m pretty sure majority of the random knows about that show. Which pair did you ship?

Was it Kataara X Zuko who was 14 and 16 respectively?

Or was it Aang X Katara who was 12(mentally) and 14 respectively?

Did those pairs seem inappropriate to you, I’m just curious

Was the 2 year age gap a problem for you either Kataang or Zutaara shippers?

hhmmm, what about Nanami(16 years) X Tomoe(300+ years) of Kamisama Kiss, C.C(500+ years) X Lelouch(17 years) of Code Geass, Zeno(100+ years) X Kaya(16-18 years) of Yona of the Dawn, Ririchiyo(16 years) X Soushi(20+ years) of Inu X BokuSS or maybe even Yuki(16 years) X Kaname(10,000+ years) from Vampire knight?

Oh, what about some other examples such as manga where there is the teacher student romance or the lolicon relationship; did you ever read and support some of them despite the age gap(even one of them)?

Nah, those example aren’t good enough……oh wait I got it! 

What about the famous Ichigo X Rukia pairing who had more than 100 year age gap between them? The pairing that was the OTP pairing of majority of the bleach random… 

I guess many were just faking their love for that pairing cause of that humongous age gap…..this realization is sad cause they had so much chemistry together but alas; the age gap ruined it

And lastly,

If Ruby was 14 and the rest was 16 at the beginning of the show would you guys still ship her with whoever? Do you think the well known whiterose/ladybug etc still be shipped or would you guys say that it is not right? Would you guys say that they are too young to date(I mean even in the show Naruto,while the characters were still 12-13 people were still shipping them)? Be honest- don’t let your dislike of RG influence you.

So yeah I’m just saying that if someone brings up the argument of the two years apart thing just know that we RG shippers know that it is a load of bull and can’t help but not believe that you believe that reasoning.

To us it would look like your only pulling up/forcing yourself to believe that reasoning at your own convenience cause its not the ship you like; so basically, we would think that you guys are hypocrites.

So yeah, its alright if you have wanna have an argument/have a problem with Ozpin and that you think he’s a pedophile(don’t know why you guys think that) and that he’s a unfortunate third wheel or maybe you just want Oscar and Ruby to be Independent, that’s perfectly fine. 

However, if you try to bring up the Oscar and Ruby’s age gap to support your argument WITH the Ozpin being the third wheel- at that point it would just look like your trying to be petty and hating just to hate.

I mean in some people comments when hearing Oscar age; they were so condescending and you could hear the satisfaction of them pointing out to us and laughing about how Rosegarden is a ship sink and that its wrong

I know you guys hate it to the point that you would try to use that age gap reason when some of you don’t even care about age gaps/ignored it when it comes to your ships but really? Its not Tauradonna/Animal abuse, Oscar isn’t a bad person, Ozpin isn’t attracted to little girls.

Clarification on the situation of Rosegarden and support of it…

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According to Billboard, Ariana’s team has not yet made a decision as to whether the tour will be suspended, as they are focusing on the victims at this time. Additionally, one of Ariana’s dancers, BoyBoi, posted on Facebook hours after the attack saying they were on their way to London (this does not necessarily mean that the show at O2 Arena tomorrow will take place; this was before many details were known). We support Ari regardless of whether she continues the tour or not; her and her crew’s mental health, the safety of concertgoers, and the lives of the victims matter most in this decision.

EDIT: People Magazine has reported Ariana is back in Florida and just wants to be surrounded by loved ones right now.

A Voice of Naught and Night

Another Gravebone fic aesthetic, this one for A Voice of Naught and Night, in which an Irish detective finds a half-dead Selkie washed up on the beach. It’s all unbearably lush and indulgent and cozy. I love it.

anonymous asked:

wait how did the stalker destroy the chance of ryan and brendon being friends again? /hurt ryan? I thought she just stalked bden/sarah/dallon etc.

Ah, well that’s the thing, that’s not all she did. She also hacked Shane Valdez’s (Brendon’s ex-best friend) Facebook account (which Sarah confirmed did in fact happen, he didn’t have access to his account for at least a month she said) and through that she talked to Ryan as Shane, getting his iMessage info so that she could text him AS Brendon. I’m not sure what she said to Ryan as Shane in the beginning to get his info, but I’m assuming she told Ryan something like that Brendon was trying to get ahold of him but didn’t have his info or whatever. All I know FOR SURE is that Chelsey texted/iMessaged with Ryan while pretending to be Brendon for almost 9 months on and off. She had also made a fake Brendon Instagram and Facebook (which were both very convincing, she’s an almost impeccable liar/actor) and Ryan was following the fake Instagram and would comment on fake!Brendon’s posts a lot. So Ryan had ABSOLUTELY no idea that he was NOT talking to the real Brendon Urie for all that time. 

Meanwhile, all that time passed without Ryan ever talking to the REAL Brendon, so in real life they continued to drift farther and farther apart while Ryan believed they were getting closer again (this is really heartbreaking, I’m so sorry to have to tell you all this.) Ryan even told fake!Brendon that he wanted to work with him on a new song sometime, but of course THAT never could have happened because it wasn’t actually Brendon… Maybe if this hadn’t happened, Ryan would have talked to REAL Brendon about making music again and we’d have a new Ryan/Brendon collaboration song. But nope. Chelsey even had one of her helpers mail Ryan a Christmas package FROM BRENDON (cuz of course she knows Brendon’s real address and could put that as the return address) to really cement the whole lie that it was Brendon. 

So anyway, once her stalking was discovered and all this information became public, Shane Morris caught wind of it first and I sent him more info about what was going on, including screenshots of texts that Chelsey had sent me, showing conversations between her fake!Brendon and the real Ryan, and Shane broke the news to Ryan. Ryan never posted about it anywhere after finding out, of course, why would he? It’s deeply embarrassing. Imagine if you were Ryan and you thought you were talking to your former best friend and becoming better friends again and maybe even working on music together again in the future and then getting a Christmas gift from him in the mail and everything, that must have made him smile so much.. and all this for 9 whole months! Just to find out at the end that the entire time he was talking to and getting mail from a psychotic stalker fan?? Christ, I can’t even imagine how he felt finding out.

Anyway, Brendon unfollowed Ryan around the same time the truth came out about that.. it was a little after but I think the same month, so it could have been a direct result of that, we don’t know. Then again, Ryan didn’t unfollow Brendon, which seems like what would happen in that situation, maybe? I dunno… Either way, you can see how this would really kind of destroy what was left of their friendship… :/

And unfortunately the stalker got away with it all, still active in the fanbase both here on tumblr as well as obsessively running the “Brendon Urie Vines” YouTube account. All we can hope for is that karma gives her what she deserves in the end.

[Edit: For more information on the Panic! Stalker and what she did/continues to do, see stopthepanicstalker blog and this tag here. (Go through the tag from oldest to newest posts.)]

“I prefer to draw a line between canon and fanon”

It seems that a few people are misunderstanding what I wrote here, but this is a very important point actually.
I am not talking about “whether a pairing is canon or not”, I am talking about whether a certain fact is something that happened in the series (or was explicitly confirmed by one of the creators) or not.

Very simple example:

-Does Yuuri move to St.Petersburg after the end of the series?
Yes, we could see that in the last episode and it’s also confirmed by the creators. = it’s canon

-Does Yuuri go to live with Victor in St.Petersburg?
The fact that he is running together with Makkachin in the ending might potentially hint at that, however it’s not confirmed visually nor any of the creators have ever mentioned it. = it’s not canon (not yet at least)

-Do I think that Yuuri is living with Victor in St.Petersburg?
Yes I like to think that because I believe it makes sense, however since it’s not explicitly backed up by any official information that is currently just my headcanon.

It’s the same reason why, even though I personally do think that the scene at the end of episode 7 was a kiss, I will never refer to it as “kiss” in any of my translation notes, because the creators explicitly said that they are not going to provide an answer to that question and they are leaving that scene open to each viewer’s interpretation. To respect the creators’ will (I respect the creators’ will and their work above anything else), regardless of how I myself interpret the scene I will comply with what they say and not force one single interpretation on the readers of my notes.

I am taking interview translations very seriously (maybe even too much, lol) and one of the things I’m most careful about is not to mix my headcanons and/or personal views with facts. For this reason, I try to keep the fangirling to a minimum (mostly I’m just not commenting at all), and this might sound cold to some, but it’s really just because I don’t want to influence who is reading. I want people to just read the interviews as they are. Then of course I might frown if I see some interpretations that I think are completely off the point, but usually I don’t go around flaming people’s posts because of that. I think, however, that translators have the responsibility to convey a meaning as correctly as possible, especially when what they write has an impact on the whole fandom, hence I get more upset if the one off the mark is a translator and not a reader. Then again it’s not like I make a post about every mistranslation I see around.

I am sure that most people reading this blog understand what I’m trying to say and that the ones who are misunderstanding are just a minority, but I wanted to make this one clear since it’s very important to me. If people still manage to misunderstand what I mean even after reading all my last explanation posts, well… *shrugs* You are free to prefer other translations. I am always open to criticism, so if you have doubts about something I translated just message me with the details and I will reply. 

Thank you for reading.

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is a dumb question but where exact are the scent glands??

Not a dumb question at all. This is probably pretty important to know for the next chapter too. 👍

The scent glands (and where you put a bonding bite) are right at the junction of the neck (right where the shoulder meets the neck). It’s a pretty visible place for bond bites, but at least it’s easy access. 😜

Everything is Legal in New Jersey

“You get up and stare out the window, arms crossed. He can’t see you, but you can see him. The headlights illuminate his smug little face as he grins at another boy, now exiting the car to hug him.

“The boy’s lips form a fond smile as they share a lingering hug, and the second boy turns around to go back in the car. The neighbor boy grabs him by his revolting American Apparel hoodie and pulls him, giggling, into a kiss. Not a brotherly kiss, either.

“You watch this incident for as long as you can stomach before violently closing your blinds.”

A request-fill for the @seasons-gredence fic Caution, in which Graves is a frustrated widower and Credence is his punk-ass next door neighbor.

I’m just writing a last note before going to bed, to clarify a few things.

I changed the translation a little because indeed I agree that it didn’t sound very nice in English. I still maintain my opinion on the meaning. I do not think that Kubo was trying to make deep references to philosophy, and reading replies from various people I have the feeling that, despite everyone saying “soulmates means [insert meaning]!” as if it’s something obvious, different people actually seem to have different ideas on what it means exactly…

Actually, what baffles me the most is that I disagreed on 証 being translated as “proof” but as you see I translated “soul mates” as “soul mates”, and even though I gave my interpretation of soul mates in my end note the translation is objective, so regardless of my note you are free to interpret the meaning of “soul mates” however you prefer.

Also, I really don’t understand why people seem to think that I’m trying to attack Victuuri or whatever. Do you want a picture of all the Victuuri doujinshi I own? It’s because I like Victuuri that I love how their relationship was portrayed in the series, I think it was deep enough that there’s no need to add more to make them “more canon”, that’s why I don’t really like it when some translations look like they are twisted to sound that way. Actually that looks to me like downplaying their relationship, as if what was shown in the series was not enough and so people need to find proof somewhere else.

Thank you to the ones who sent me messages, I appreciate. I will continue translating interviews as always, and also I will continue to avoid any comments about pairings as I did until today, because as I expected, even though I stated that I LIKE the pairing it still manages to be a source of misunderstandings and pointless conflicts.

P.S.: I hope at least this note can clarify things for people who just took what I wrote in my other post the wrong way. Of course I apologize if it sounded confusing to some, but the reason I wrote an end note to the translation is exactly that I didn’t want to mess with the actual translation but still wanted to give my interpretation on what the line about the rings means, since I’ve seen many different interpretations around (my interpretation is mostly based on the way the sentence is worded in Japanese).