clarice jensen

Family (cellos: Clarice Jensen)
Mikael Karlsson
Family (cellos: Clarice Jensen)

…off the “The Conservatory Motion Picture Soundtrack EP” which was released exclusively to my mailing list and the “The Conservatory” facebook page on Dec 23 2011. This is the nostalgia theme… the theme that distorts memories in the good way, and the theme that trusts and hopes way too soon and too easily.
Glissed harmonics in the high register of the cello provides a cold and glassy background to the extremely simple tune that repeats, ever warmer. A tune yet untwisted by reality.  

The Conservatory is a 30 minute film by my good friend Lovisa Inserra. It will premiere at the Gothenburg Film Festival end of January this year (2012). It’s a thriller about distorted family ties, genealogy and orchids. 

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