Hello! I was surprised last night to log on and find that one of my recent posts had become rather popular, and as a result, the number of people following me increased rather dramatically. I’m the kind of blogger that doesn’t really get the social interaction element of Tumblr, but I do like to check out the blogs of people who follow me. Considering the huge number, I haven’t really had the time to check all of you out, so I thought I’d just give a short introduction first and then work it all out from there!

So this is me. I’m a twenty year old third year fine art photography student based in London, studying at Camberwell College of Art. I like minimalism, figurative sculpture and installation. My own work is scattered throughout this blog, but I’ve recently started using it to share some of the artists I’ve been researching. Outside of making/studying/loving/hating art, I like to knit, bake cakes, ride bicycles and tell people outrageous lies about myself.

This photo of me was made by the fantastic Mihai Surdea while I was taking a quick break from assisting the enormously talented Dan Oara on a recent shoot in Timisoara, Romania. Thanks Mihai!

Petros Chrisostomou creates incredibly intricate small scale models of locations and places ordinary object into them - for instance a wig, a shoe or mushrooms. Sometimes the scenes are immaculate and deceiving, other times they deliberately feature clues, like pennies resting against a sofa that is not much bigger than theme, which serve to either tip off the viewer to the true nature of the photograph or to confuse the viewer further.

Click through on the image for a link to his website.