clarence phillips


1) ‘Long Distance Lends Enchantment’

2) Know All Men By These Presents

3) Illusion

4) Corn Exchange

5) Home Ties

6) Birches

7) Idol Industry

8) The Survival of the Fittest

9) Net Results

10) Between You and Me and the Post

Illustrations by Coles Phillips (1880-1927) from ‘A Gallery of Girls.’ Published 1911 by The Century Co.

University of Connecticut Libraries.

Clarence Coles Phillips was an American artist and illustrator. He is known for his stylish images of women and a signature use of negative space in the paintings he created for advertisements and the covers of popular magazines.

In May 1908, he created a cover for ‘Life’ magazine that featured his first “fadeaway girl” design with a figure whose clothing matched, and disappeared into, the background - Wikimedia.

Woman reading in rocking chair. Good Housekeeping, July 1913. Cover art by Clarence Coles Phillips (1880-1927).

“Then Faversham rose suddenly. He stooped over her. She heard his voice, hoarse and broken in her ears: “Lydia ­I love you! ­I love you ­with all my heart! ­and all my strength!  Don’t, for God’s sake, let us make believe with each other!  And ­I believe,” he added, after a moment, in a lower tone, “I believe ­that you love me!” – The Mating of Lydia by Mrs. Humphry Ward in this issue.