claremore high school

So Claremore High School just posted this status. My AUTISTIC little brother was on the team last year and he loved it. Honestly some days it was the only reason that he went to school. He has problems with social interactions and this was the one time that he could feel happy. Well this year Claremore High School told my mom that because they changed the robotics teacher the team was gone. Well apparently that was a lie. My mother has given me permission to share this and I want it to go viral. My brother is a sweet boy and he really just wants to be accepted, but school has become a war for him. PLEASE help this go viral. 

ALL year they have locked my AUTISTIC brother out of the special education rooms. It was written into his IEP that he was ALWAYS supposed to have a room to go to when he started to have a panic attack. Well they locked him out once again. PLEASE PLEASE share this and do what you can to make this viral. Do anything you can to make the school have to do something to fix this. My little brother should be allowed to go to school and feel safe. Well his OWN special education teachers this year aren’t even helping this.