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Hi there I read a post in the ororo munroe tag that had a comic that said Storm killed an embryo and I'm confused if it was a fetus inside her or was it something completely different. I can't find a darn thing on Google to explain the scene to me.

It probably refers to one of Storm’s most difficult battles, and her most powerful moment. It happened in Uncanny X-Men 165. All the X-Men were infected with Brood eggs and they were going to turn into Broods. Storm had to decide whether or not to die herself and turn into a Brood or live. Here, let me show you since Claremont is far more eloquent than I could ever hope to be:

So there you have it, Storm aborted a Brood embryo that if allowed to come to term it would have killed her, take over her body and used it to kill and break havoc across the universe. Storm did not die, of course, she was rescued by the Acanti. The full story is Uncanny X-Men 162 - 166 and it is one of the best X-Men stories ever, but then again all the Classic Claremont era is