clare tucker


And here’s the other reason I cast Clare Holman aka Dr Hobson as the ex-Mrs Tucker in my own personal headcanon

Because if that’s not mid-1990s Malcolm threatening wrangling a hack pack, I don’t know what is.

(This is actually from the first time Peter and Clare were tv married in Giving Tongue where she was in fact a newly elected MP.  Which, in terms of headcanon, could open up entirely new planes of speculation about Malcolm’s life before Downing Street – but no, I think I’ll stick with Dr Hobson.)

And then with the monologues, all of Shonda’s series have a distinctive rhythm. I’ve seen supercuts of how the characters tend to speak in threes. So in the long monologues, you can kind of expect that to be the climactic moment of the speech, when you get to your three requests or the three points you’re trying to make — you repeat it three different ways. And so you can sort of structure your learning around, OK, what’s the crux of this speech? Look for the threes.

-Kelly McCreary

Found that interesting.