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Hello, Miss Cassandra Clare! I really love the universe you made, especially the incorporating all religions thing. I just have one question: do Shadowhunters start using the new runes Clary made? (since we saw that a bit in CoHF with Mr. and Mrs. Carstairs.) If so, do they start using the Portal rune instead of warlock Portals? Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a good day! :D — yorkiebutts

As Clary moves forward in her life, she does keep creating runes. We hear about the runes she’s created and what she’s up to in Lady Midnight. Because Clary can’t always control what runes “come” to her mind, it’s an interesting assortment. But other Shadowhunters can use them, just like they can use Fearless.

Portals are a different issue. According to the Codex:

The difficulty here turns out to lie in Shadowunters’ restriction
to Gray Book Marks. We cannot arbitrarily describe a
destination using the runic language we are permitted
to use. The solution was discovered by Branwell and his
anonymous warlock collaborator, and it is an ingenious
merging of two runic systems and the magic inherent in
the mind of the one traveling through the Portal. First, a
“frame” of Marks (which have analogues in both seraphic
and demonic runic systems) is created, and inscribed
within and around this frame is a set of demonic runes that
are drawn in an unstable, unfinished state.

Shadowhunters (other than Clary) can only use and work with Marks in the Gray Book, and later, Marks Clary invents. When a warlock creates a Portal, they use runic/magical language to incorporate the place the Portal is taking people. Shadowhunters can do that if they have all the materials, the languages etc. there and can kind of copy what a warlock might do, but other Shadowhunters besides Clary can’t just “make” Portals because what she did was very odd and unusual and not normal Portal magic. Shadowhunters cannot make a Portal with a stele, other than Clary, and even Clary cannot make one without a stele.

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