In light of reaching 4k recently, I wanted to do, well, something. So here’s my follow forever. Everyone on this list makes the excessive amount of time I spend on this website well worth it. If I could hug each and every one of you for 13.6 seconds, I would. Seriously. I’d hug you all so hard.

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Hello!I always do a follow forever for christmas so I’ve decided to make this one today and I really want to thank you everyone, thanks y'all for make tumblr a nice place to be.

#:  -damons, 1864damon


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Being that I hit a milestone, season premiere and started following and changed a few things I decided to do another follow forever. 

I appreciate all your notes, love reading your tags (some are just super cute) and not to mention the sweet messages I get. You may not see your name here in mutual's for example because tumblr had a size limit and I couldn’t add all 300 of you. But for anyone interested check out my blogroll below.

Firstly you should all go follow my spazzy girl who is just the kindest soul- saviorswan

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hutchersno’s 2nd follow forever

so I’ve followed a lot of blogs since my last follow forever and I’m about to reach my new goal so I just wanted to make this to thank everyone who made my dashboard so much better specially my mutual friends! I’ve started this blog as a the walking dead blog then I slowly changed to a multifandom one, so I wanna thank the walking dead and the hunger games fandom for being so nice and everything. Uhmmm, this sounded too much like and acceptance speech lol. But here you’ll find fandoms of the walking dead, the hunger games, doctor who, and teen wolf. Anyway, here’s the list of my favorite gif/graphic makers:

bold means the ones that i talked few times before or that I followed a long time ago and never unfollowed.


amc-walking-dead; ameliaponde; annebethchase; augwins; besidethedyingfires; bowtieandafez; brittany-pierce; brookeeverdeen; claraseleven; daryldixonns; doctorwhoblog; doctorwo; everdeenes; everdeenflame; flirtycompanion; frostingpeetaswounds; gifshows; glennmaggie


haymitch; hearttopieces; hollandes; ifinnicks; jaimelannister; jameesmcavoy; jameskirk; jlawrencie; joshutchersonn; kahniss; kirasyukimura; kira-yukimura; lustgood; maliatale; melark; michonne; mockingjayrises


normansreeds; normansreedus; normreedus; nosafezone; ohdaryldixon; ohfrays; ownanchor; peetamellakr; pheeta; radiantasthesuns; reedusdixons; rickgreene; ricktatorshipxo; stevensyeun; stuff-and-thangs; stydia; suchasugarcube; the-walking-dead-amc; timelordgifs; tonysbanner; trackersjackers; walkingdixon; xthewalkingdead

gif blogs

gifdivergent; gifthg; thewalkinggifs

+these are my most liked and reblogged blogs:

rickgreene, thewalkinggifs, trackersjackers, pheeta, normreedus, reedusdixons, peetamellakr, normansreeds, normansreedus. <3


thank you for making me have the best dashboard ever. I’m really sorry if I forgot you…; But if I follow you, you are already one of the bests - Murilo :))))))))))))))