Personal Effects, by Clara Luu

different kinds of lines

as I was watching the dancers tonight, I connected their form of performance art to the architectural design process that we were introduced to earlier today. 

quick thoughts:
I can see how dance is obviously very much a balance between function and form, and maybe this is where dance can be innovative/new? 
Context matters too…if we were simply seeing the movements not on a stage, or not set to music…that would be weird. 
Noticing the lines, curves, shape, joints of the body made me think of how I look at buildings. 

I’m very much a non-expert at watching dance, but I noticed that during the show, my attention was drawn to the body figure, outlines, and shapes. I noticed short and long dance moves. I found it interesting  that the body movements could be smooth and fluid, or choppy and kind of angular,mechanical-doll-ish, or flashy and energetic and declarative, or crumply. I kind of found myself trying to think of a narrative for what I was seeing, like in the Nutcracker or another type of story ballet, but I couldn’t, so I just focused on the moment, on the kinetic. 

The last piece of the performance was my favorite. I liked how there was so much continuous energy and movement, each dancer rolling or leaping or stomping or waving their body about in succession both symmetrically and asymmetrically, yet not at all like a circus. I was transfixed, following the progression of dancers and their movements- up and down, side to side, quick angles and smoothness and twists and leaps- remembering how earlier in the day, I ran my eyes similarly along the NY skyline. 

Also, I tried to think of how I could use dance to make an audience feel as uncomfortable as possible, a la Octophonie. Anyone got anything?