#339: “Barbie in the Nutcracker was one of my favourites growing up, I was distraught when my (evil) step-mum took it and my dolls away. It gave me a glimpse into classical music, and into ballet. I got it on DVD last year and almost lost it I was so happy. I’ll always remember sitting in front of my old television, wrapped in my comforter, watching.”

- anonymous

On The Road To Nowhere, Ch 25

“Good morning,” John said carefully, yet his voice came out hoarse and raspy.

In response Amy rose from her seat and closed the lid of her laptop before she stuck it under her arm and made her way past him, out of the kitchen.

“It’s 1 pm,” she said coldly before the kitchen door closed behind her.

Rory looked torn, to say the least, as he exchanged glances between John and the door. He didn’t seem sure whether he should stay or follow after his wife and it took him almost a minute to make a decision. 

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