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Saw a reblog of Clara in the waitress uniform, and got inspired. 12's conversation with her in Hell Bent; instead of him leaving, he reveals the mind block didn't take, then leaps over the counter where snogging (and possible shagging) ensues. Bonus if Ashldr sees them and facepalms.

“She could be anyone, right?” Clara asks, trying to keep her tone bright and not dissolve into tears. She isn’t sure how many of her life lessons the Doctor remembers, and she’s not sure whether she’d prefer him to be indifferent to or overly concerned by her emotions. “You don’t know who you’re looking for. I mean, she could be me, for all you know.”

She glances at him then, fleetingly, but long enough to see his brow furrow, and then she looks away, busying herself with wiping down the counter with a cloth as she lets her words sink in. He doesn’t remember her, she knows it in her heart of hearts. He doesn’t have a clue who she is, or he wouldn’t have spun this whole elaborate little tale. Stupid, stupid her. This whole idea had been doomed from the start.

“There’s one thing I know about her,” the Doctor says with a chuckle, and she hates him in that instant - hates him for his levity, when she’s spent months grieving. “Just one thing.”


“Clara, look at me,” he murmurs, and the use of her name is enough to make her freeze in her task. “Clara, I know who you are. Please. Just look at me.” 

She turns on the spot, her eyes filling with tears, and she meets his gaze before losing her composure and dissolving into hysterical, irate sobs. “You bastard,” she weeps, fuming at his deception and how it’s played with her emotions. “You absolute… you really had me thinking… you complete arse…”

“I’m sorry,” he ditches his guitar and circles the counter, pulling her into his arm and politely overlooking the way she smacks him in the chest and then clings to his lapels. She feels her anger ebb slightly as he embraces her, and she melts against him, still weeping from the shock. “I just… you were so strong, my Clara.”

“I cannot believe…”

“Clara, I love you,” he says, the words slipping out in a rush, and she looks up at him, blinking in consternation. “That’s the one thing I know, OK? I know that the universe can go to hell, because I love you, and I need you.” 



“And you remember what I said-”

“-in the Cloisters? Of course.”

Clara kisses him then, not caring about the consequences, because he’s right. The universe can go to hell.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently watching DW with my Dad in German and yesterday it was “Flatline”’s turn and the German dub once more didn’t disappoint in making it obvious how little Clara cared about Danny. During the phone call she tells him that she loves him, which was translated into German with “hab dich lieb”. German speakers will probably raise their eyebrows already, but for those who don’t speak German, let me explain:

“Ich liebe dich” is the correct translation for “I love you”, which is said to your lover/husband/boyfriend (or female versions of those) in a romantic context. “Hab dich lieb” technically also means “I love you”, but it’s a weakened form that is usually used in a platonic context (family members, friends, pets, …)

In contrast, in MotOE during the last scene when Clara says “I love you” (and Jenna confirmed that it was aimed at the Doctor), they translated that with “ich liebe dich”. I’m curious to see what else I’ll discover in the German dub.
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“they were literally like this from the beginning can you believe”

Never seen this particular photo before. How can people deny there was chemistry? I remember reading some claim that she looked uncomfortable with him too. You have to be kidding.

I don’t think anyone expected Peter and Jenna to hit it off as well as they did - or be as right together. This is why Jenna agreed to stay for another season - cancelling her resignation twice and if Victoria hadn’t come along, who knows? It’s also my firm belief that this is to credit or blame (your choice) for what was clearly some form of a “course correction” with regards to Danny Pink. Only Steven Moffat can speak to this with authority - and maybe some day he will - but I don’t think he expected Twelve and Clara to go in the direction they did … but then he saw them on screen together and I think it was evident from that first readthrough, and certainly on screen we saw it from the restaurant scene in Deep Breath and the “Am I a good man” scene in Into the Dalek, and the opening to Robot of Sherwood. I always wonder what might have happened if they had decided not to film most of Series 8 in order of broadcast. What if they’d filmed Mummy on the Orient Express first, before Deep Breath. Would we have had the hallway nightcap? The “if only you liked the people you were supposed to” conversation? Would whoever was responsible ultimately for Clara saying “I love you” to the Doctor (I doubt it was a spur-of-the-moment thing) even have thought of it? Food for thought.

Genesis of the Daleks might be one of the most misunderstood scifi stories ever. Everyone remembers the Doctor refusing to detonate the charges that would kill the embryos in the incubation room, but everyone forgets that the Doctor changes his mind and goes back to do it anyway, only getting interrupted by a Dalek that accidentally blows the charges first. The embryos get killed either way.

Yes, a Dalek did this; Daleks already existed before the embryos. This wasn’t a mission to erase Daleks from history: it was a mission to replace who survived and became the Daleks. Because what do we know about these embryos?

DAVROS: That outlines the chromosomal variations to be introduced into the embryo Daleks. It is to be implemented at once, Gharman.

GHARMAN: Davros, this will create enormous mental defects.

DAVROS: Not defects, improvements.

GHARMAN: It’ll mean creatures without conscience, no sense of right or wrong, no pity. They’ll be without feeling or emotion.

Before the CIA interfered in Genesis, the embryos lived, grew to maturity, and then (since they had no conscience or positive emotions) exterminated both Davros and his original Daleks. These are the completely ruthless Daleks we saw from the First Doctor until Genesis.

The original Daleks, which survived after the Doctor destroyed the embryos, had defects:

DAVROS: There is much to do. I want the genetically conditioned creatures installed in the machines immediately. Twenty of them.

NYDER: Twenty?

DAVROS: They are our troops in this battle for survival.

NYDER: But they’re still very erratic, unstable.

DAVROS: They will not be allowed self control. I will prepare a computer program that will limit their actions. After that, we are going on a journey.

(This limiting program is the same stuff that changes “Clara” to “Dalek” and “I love you” to “Exterminate”, and makes strong emotion fire the gun.)

When Davros says in The Witch’s Familiar:

DAVROS: Oh, they have no choice. My Daleks are afflicted with a genetic defect.

DOCTOR: What defect?

DAVROS: Respect. Mercy for their father. Design flaws I was unable to eliminate. And now he sees it. Now he understands.

Davros created the Daleks, but who changed history so that Davros survived their creation, and prevented the completely ruthless Daleks from arising? The Doctor did. Note that the only time Davros is completely lost to the Daleks, gobbled up by the Nightmare Child at the start of the Time War, they manage to almost defeat the Time Lords. Davros is the true Dalek inhibitor.

Lost & Found, Chapter 33

“You’re an idiot,” Clara giggled, “I love you.”

John stopped his movements and his hands instantly wandered from her waist to cup her face as he bent down to kiss her. For some reason Clara suddenly felt butterflies in her stomach and she had no idea where they had come from. They had known each other for over five years. She shouldn’t still get butterflies.

“I have an idea,” John whispered when their lips parted, “Come with me.”

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Two years go Clara tried to break up with Danny but nearly lost her mind instead

Something that is not often addressed with Doctor Who is that the concept of polyamory - the ability to be in love with more than one person at the same time - runs through many of its stories and characters. Series 8 was proof of this as we saw Clara in love with both the Doctor and Danny Pink at the same time. It had become a full-fledged love triangle in “Mummy on the Orient Express” as she began lying to both men in an attempt to keep both of them. And it came to a tragic climax in “Dark Water,” which aired two years ago today, as we see her reaction when Danny is killed, which leads to her betraying the Doctor.

The scene shown above has no precedent in Doctor Who - a companion losing control and trying to blackmail the Doctor into changing time (compare to “Father’s Day” - did we see Rose threatening to destroy the Doctor’s life so she could save her dad? No.) Fast forward a year and you’ll see the Doctor becoming the one to lose his mind from losing someone he loved. Parallels.

This is a bit of a long entry, so a break here out of courtesy for people viewing this on their dashboards before I explain why I believe Clara was going to end her relationship with Danny as this episode began.

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One year after the most significant scene of Series 9

One year ago, on Oct. 17, 2015, an episode that started out as a fun Vikings-with-horns romp, “The Girl Who Died”, ended up being arguably the most significant episode of Series 9 before the finale trilogy.

And it all comes down to one scene, illustrated above.

I’ve written about how “Under the Lake”/“Before the Flood” set the parameters for Hell Bent, to the point where it’s a prequel, no argument. “Girl Who Died” is the second prequel, setting up not only the whole Ashildr subplot, but also we see the Doctor finally find the justification for changing history to save one life. That he is the Doctor and he helps people, come hell or high water. He helped the Roman whose face he later adopted. And he created an immortal in Ashildr, and he did so while telling the Time Lords to go to hell. The pistol is cocked; the Time Lord Victorious’ finger is on the trigger. And he fires in “Hell Bent.”

The scene is also significant for another reason. In “Before the Flood” Clara proclaims that the Doctor has made himself essential to her - which for someone who promised in “Death in Heaven” to never say “I Love You” to anyone else was Clara saying “I love you” to the Doctor, underscored by her challenging the Doctor to prove he feels the same by coming back to her.

Here, we have a remarkable moment where the Doctor returns the favour as he tells Clara that one day the thought of missing her will make it difficult to breathe and all he’ll be able to do is run away in his TARDIS but the pain would never stop chasing him. Platonic friends do not say this, full stop. The Doctor, due to rules set out by Russell T Davies, does not say “I love you” to anyone. He expresses it in other ways. This was another “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference” moment except without the need to play semantics on the use of “care for” as some have done to justify it. It also explains why the Doctor would frankly wipe his memory of her than endure the pain.

This is also the episode of course in which we see Clara stroke the Doctor’s face for the first time. And it was the episode of the now-iconic spinny hug moment. Those two moments were cherries on top of an already-loaded sundae.


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Clara: Can you believe we’re here Y/N?
Y/N: I didn’t think Robin Hood was real? I thought he was just a story.
Doctor: He is just a story.
Clara: I loved hearing about Robin Hood and Maid Marian! Finding a love like theirs was all I dreamed about as a kid.
Y/N: Well you can be my Maid Marian any day Clara.
Clara: Smooth.
Y/N: Well I try.
Clara: I just can’t believe we are Sherwood Forest! *squeals* This is so amazing!
Y/N: *laughs* You’re being such a fangirl. I love you.
Clara: What?
Y/N: What?
Clara: You said you love me?
Y/N: I guess I did, didn’t I? 
Clara: I love you too Y/N. *kisses you* And I would happily be your Maid Marian.
Doctor: Oh get a room you two!

how to be super platonic

a masterlist by clara and 12:

  • super platonic soft hand touches complete with super platonic direct prolonged eye contact “i don’t want you to change”
  • straight up calling an adventure “a date”, in context comparing it to ur crush’s other date in a competitive and triumphant tone of voice
  • Clara on mood-lighting in regards to the Doctor: “honestly the accent is enough”
  • platonically shipping ur bff with someone who looks and acts just like you
  • platonically getting extremely upset when above ship sinks
  • platonically getting into a shouting match with your pal’s bf
  • 12′s outright disgust and anger/disbelief at the suggestion that he’s Clara dad is how you portray father/daughter relationships yep
  • demanding a personal explanation for ur bff’s boyfriend
  • generally acting like you’ve just found out ur gf is two-timing you with another man
  • spending an entire episode trying desperately to one-up Robin Hood but definitely not bc he keeps mackin on your girl
  • super platonic train corridor scene which sends levels of romantic/sexual tension to heights which cannot be measured by mere mortals
  • acting like you’re going through a rough breakup for an entire episode
  • that time Clara just straight up told him “i love you” to his face
  • bonus: that time he thought Clara was telling Danny “i love you” and looked like someone had just kicked him in the stomach (see point above)
  • lying about everything so ur crush can start their life with their partner/become queen of gallifrey
  • platonically crying in the middle of a hug so ur pal can’t see how upset you are
  • “he’s crazy about her”
  • “clearly besotted”
  • Jenna on that last minute whouffle epiphany
  • haha the entirety of Last Christmas what
  • 12: we can’t  just kill aliens
    alien: tries to eat clara
    12: motherfuCKER do you WANT to DIE
  • clinging to ur pal’s hand while you enter a death sleep in the slim hope of saving them
  • “I will hold Clara’s hand but that’s it”
  • “you’ll never look any different to me”
  • “there are only two people i’ve felt inclined to marry - hint; one of them is standing in this room staring at me like i am queen of the universe and the other is my dead boyfriend”
  • platonically eye pleading with your friend and begging them to run away to outer space with you, plus hand touches, a kiss, and the facial expression usually used by a man on one knee proposing
  • the platonic sliding scale of fighting off hugs to pretending furiously that you don’t enjoy them as much as you do
  • platonic parallels between ur current platonic friendship and past canon romantic/sexual relationships
  • i only go for girls who scatter themselves through my timeline
Is Whouffaldi a sunk ship? (long-ish post)

I can hear all the non-faldi shippers screaming “yes! hallelujah yes! it’s over! Clara told Danny she loved him!” and yeah, okay, she did tell Danny she loved him and yeah, I do think she means it - kind of. 

I argue that Clara is in love with the idea of Danny.

She’s a control freak; everyone in the whovian fandom knows this, and in “Dark Water” we all saw just how far she was prepared to go in order to regain some of that control (tardis key scene). So, knowing this, we need to look at Clara’s reactions to Danny’s death and if it’s “love” or “outrage”. 

In “Listen” Clara saw Orson, a kid who looked just like Danny and a kid who made some pretty clear signs that somehow, someway they were related. Clara is CONVINCED that this means she is destined to be with Danny (and maybe she is) so much so that she goes out of her way to make more time for Mr. Pink. For a control freak like Clara, thinking that your future is secure, regardless of whatever crazy adventures she goes on, is a HUGE attraction. It’s something that she thinks, no matter what happens, she will be in charge of.

Clara forgets that time streams can be re-written. Clara forgets that there could be a thousand Danny’s in a thousand universes living a life with one of her many echos. It doesn’t cross her mind that maybe this Orson isn’t a descendant of this Clara. 

And I mean, lets look at their (Danny/Clara) relationship. I don’t think they’ve had a conversation that doesn’t involve a) lying or b) Clara running off to The Doctor. They don’t seem natural together - it’s all awkward moments and weird, off handed comments when they’re together. And look, lets be honest, every time Clara tells Danny she loves him she’s either with The Doctor, looking at The Doctor, or attempting to use it as a distraction to stop Danny asking about The Doctor. 

(also, in Dark Water when Clara is on the phone to Danny notice how she says I love you, then says “those words are yours NOW.” < She’s lying again. Those words were The Doctors (MotOE) and still are. You don’t jump into a time stream for a “friend”.) 

So, when Danny dies and all of a sudden this assured, set in stone future vanishes, Clara is furious. She’s in a passionate rage. How dare Danny, the man she is supposed to love die before they have a chance to even be in love? It’s why she’s so desperate to tell him she loves him. She needs to tell him, because if she doesn’t how can their relationship grow into the future she saw? 

And Clara needs to tell him she loves him because his death is on her conscience. It’s obvious in her speech with her nan. “His death was boring. Ordinary.” … “am owed better.” < Saving Danny has nothing to do with Danny. It’s about clearing her own conscience and regaining the upper hand on life. Ever since the start Clara has lied to both the men in her life. (Doctor and Danny) but she doesn’t feel bad about lying to The Doctor, not really, not when he lies too. But boy does she feel guilty for lying to Danny - why? Because unlike her, and unlike The Doctor, he is good.

Too good for her and she knows it, but instead of coming clean at the start, she exploits it to spend time with her madman in a box. Hmm, sneaking out, lying about where you’ve been, exploiting someones good nature… sounds a lot like cheating to me. And essentially, that’s what Clara has been doing. 

Having an affair with The Doctor. 

So now Danny is dead, she hasn’t got the future she was promised, and guilt is eating her up. Of course she freaks out and lashes out at the only man who she knows will ALWAYS be there for her, and maybe the man she truly loves - The Doctor. 


I’m just gonna come out and say it. if you don’t see the chemistry between these two, the longing in The Doctors eyes, the eye sex conversations and all of the subtle ‘i love yous’ then you need to re-watch the show. When else has a Doctor taken such an adamant dislike to a boyfriend? When else has a Doctor made a conscious effort to not mention the love interest, or even say his name? When else has a Doctor openly admitted (to the audience) that he saw robbing a bank as a date? Or that he thought giving her the main decision was about respect? He re-quoted her words for petes sake! He listened to what she had to say because he’s still learning and he trusts no one more than Clara to teach him. 

TwelvexClara is on par with TenxRose. And because Twelve doesn’t think she wants him, or that he’s 'good’ enough for her, the longing is all the more obvious. At least Ten knew that Rose never wanted Mickey - this Doctor doesn’t have that luxury. 

So he’s tip-toeing around the issue. Pretending he doesn’t care when in reality it’s what he cares about most. You see the pain in his eyes every time Clara chooses Danny; it’s not about subtext anymore, it’s obvious. And when she betrayed him, that was genuine hurt. And when she started to cry - he couldn’t even look at her. He had to turn his head away because seeing her upset was too much. 

I don’t think I need to fill this out with lots of gifs showing the way these two look at each other. It’s more than friendship. They’re smitten with each other. It’s love. 

…. but, this is Doctor Who. He never gets the girl. Clara will choose Danny, The Doctor will grieve and it will hurt all my whouffaldi feels. But Rose and Ten parted ways too, yet their ship is sailing as strong as ever. So, do I think Whouffaldi has sunk because Clara said “I love you” to Danny? 


body language & whouffaldi: season 8

Buckle up,  kids. I’m only including the most important/key scenes, otherwise we’d be here all night. As it is, this post is hella long, even though I’m only discussing season 8. (A post about season 9 is forthcoming.)

There are three types of distances: intimate, personal, and professional.  In most, if not all, of their scenes together, Clara and the Doctor are interacting in intimate space, which starts from their very first episode together.  However, there is an underlying theme of who is controlling this space – and when.

In “Deep Breath,” the Doctor uses a classic “display” gesture and pose to show that he’s newly confident in the form he’s taken with this regeneration. Not only that, this moment takes place on the TARDIS - it’s his space, it’s something he can control.

In contrast, we have the classic “I’m not a hugger” moment. Clara is using touch to create intimate space. This is overwhelming to the Doctor because in this regeneration, he’s never been that close to another person before. The stiff posture here is the direct opposite of the earlier “display” cluster set. Intimate space isn’t his territory, so he can’t control it (at least not yet, but we’ll talk about that in a forthcoming post).

In “Listen,” we see some progress from his earlier resistance. Clara, again, is the one to initiate intimate space. The Doctor spends the whole time in “masking” behavior, which is when we pretend to have an emotion we don’t feel - it’s a kind of suppression, which is demonstrated in evasive body language. Notice the deflecting hand gestures he’s using.

“Mummy on the Orient Express” is everyone’s favorite episode because of the sexual tension. See how in this first scene, they’re back into intimate space. The Doctor is surprised that Clara is willing to be that close to him after what they went through in “Kill the Moon.” He’s also engaging in masking behavior: as much as he likes having Clara next to him again, notice how he’s carefully controlling his face and looking away.

Let’s also examine the infamous hallway scene. Notice how neither one of them is crossing from “personal” space to “intimate” space - this literally and figuratively shows the emotional distance between them.

At the end of the episode, Clara says “I love you” - Jenna explained that she was specifically talking to the Doctor in this scene. See how the Doctor is using more “masking” expressions: the slight smile that he then controls.

On a happier analysis, the Doctor smiles at the end of the episode, but only because Clara is smiling. This is called “mirroring,” where we’re compelled to respond to the emotions of people around us in a similar way. More than that, though, it’s one of the first moments where the Doctor allows himself to combine emotional experience (what he feels internally) with emotional expression (what is shown externally).

In “Dark Water” notice how they just barely cross from personal space to intimate space. Both are hesitant to bridge this gap, so touch signals are the easiest nonverbal way to convey their inner feelings. It’s one of the key turning points in their relationship because of the almost subconscious level these signals are operating at - Clara isn’t looking at the Doctor when she holds out her hand. She knows she needs him, but is performing some masking behavior of her own.

In “Death in Heaven,” this is explicitly said to be masking behavior - “just a way to hide your face.” However, there’s much more going on here. When we pick up on emotions in others, we rely on several different cues to do so. The Doctor is giving multiple cues here: vocal (the tension in his voice), facial (the slight downturn of his mouth), indirect verbal (stating what he feels), bodily (how stiff but also accepting of the hug he is), and physiological (note how watery his eyes are).

“Last Christmas” has been examined to hell and back, so I’ll just leave you with this. Here, the Doctor is engaged in classic “submissive” pose: making himself smaller in the face of something (or in this case, someone) that he wants to show reverence towards. It clearly indicates that Clara is the one in control, beyond the indirect verbal cues he uses to explain why he’s doing this (”please, don’t even argue.”) In terms of facial cues, he veers between confident and unsteady - notice how he looks down as he says the line, which matches the submissive posture. As season 8 ends, the Doctor is much more comfortable with outward emotional expression, which neatly foreshadows season 9.

  • Writer 1: We don't want people to ship the Doctor and Clara in this episode, what should we do about that?
  • Writer 2: We could have them give each other longing gazes as sultry jazz music plays in the background.
  • Writer 2: Have them act as if this is one last trip before breaking up.
  • Writer 2: Oh! And Clara and her boyfriend's conversation about the trip should make it sound like she's dumping the Doctor.
  • Writer 2: Have her conversation with Maisie about the Doctor sound like she's trying to decide whether to stay in a relationship.
  • Writer 2: And at the end, we'll have Clara say, "I love you." And she'll do it while looking directly at the Doctor.
  • Writer 1:
  • Writer 1: Perfect! No one could possibly ship them now!