Guys, did we know this?!?! I didn’t know this!!! Clara’s back and they’re talking about Matty and there’s a “shocking reveal”!!! What?! I can’t wait! (x)


Some beautiful Face The Raven fan art

I cry every time I watch this episode, I still can’t actually accept the fact that she’s gone… I don’t know if I ever will, I was so attached to Clara. And the fact that she actually died makes it worse. I don’t think even Donna’s exit was as sad because she still gets to have a good life. Clara dies so young and while she and the Doctor are starting to open up about their love. It’s truly tragic.

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i need help. i have a self destructive habit of drawing all day every day. quite honestly if im not drawing im thinking about what ill draw next. its intruding on my working life and now im scared that i might get failed in class. its just an addiction at this point a very unhealthy one at that. how do i stop ??

(Not gonna lie man, I think you sent this message to the wrong person. I’m not really an artist, at least not the kind you’re thinking of. While I do draw for shits and giggles I can’t say that I’m anywhere near the skill level of someone who would receive this kind of question. But since you seem genuinely sincere and do need help, I’ll give you the best advice I can.)

(Thankfully, I wouldn’t really call your problem an addiction. While I’m certain your situation is troubling, addiction usually involves depriving yourself basic human needs in order to satisfy a craving. You’d be skipping out on eating, bathing, and maintaining a relationship of any kind. Often times people with addiction have poor health due to their obsession. Then again, I’m working of a single message so I’m not sure if I’m 100% right on your situation, but I digress.)

(It sounds like you’re just well… bored. Or at least dissatisfied with your life situation to the point where you want to escape it. Again, this is an anon I’ve probably spoken to for the first time, so this is all a shot in the dark. But I do know that I used to spend more time RPing than doing work back during my depression lows because I wanted to take my mind off of stuff. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do fun things every once in a while. The key is self discipline and knowing how to balance the two out.)

(Unfortunately, you can’t simply avoid your life responsibilities. You have to get an education and you have to maintain a job. That’s just how life works. But if you feel like you’re not doing well on a certain subject in class, try asking for help. Whether you’re in public school or college, plenty of teachers and students will gladly help you out if you simply ask. If your parents are available, talk to them about what you’re thinking and ask them to help you out somehow. Maybe they can study with you and help you do your homework. They might not be happy at first, but if you show you really want to do better I’m sure they’d be willing to do what they can. Colleges also offer study groups you can contact online. Speak to your professor about tutors. They’re free of charge so money shouldn’t be an issue there. As for work, that one can be pretty challenging. You’re kind of expected to do what you do and won’t get paid if you skip your responsibilities. Thankfully it sounds like you’re young and they’ll lay off a bit more than a more experienced employee, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid doing all your work. Sadly I don’t know what kind of job you have. The only thing you can really do is motivate yourself and avoid drawing as much as you can. You can draw things when you’re on break or have five minute breathers. Lastly, if you think you may not be feeling well mentally or emotionally, you’re better off speaking to a mental health professional about this. And I’m sorry to say but self diagnosing does not count until you speak to a doctor. It’s okay if you feel overwhelmed. There are people in your life that I’m sure will gladly want to help you out. But bottom line, you have to learn how to control your habits. There’s a time and a place for these things, and if you ignore responsibility for too long it tends to break down your door and roundhouse kick you in the face.)

(But if you do feel like you have a genuine passion for art, maybe you could find a career in the industry. I wouldn’t jump into it immediately. Instead I’d ask friends and family for a critique on your work. And I don’t mean your nice aunt who wouldn’t hurt a fly. You need actual raw criticism, someone who will call you out when what you draw is off or just plain bad. Because people are gonna pay money for what you make and trust me when I say customers are greedy folks. My mom is my toughest critic and refuses to let me serve food unless it’s perfect. Her kicking my ass along with the mental beating of several other chefs and teachers has helped me grow as a professional. And lastly, before you pursue any art, you need to ask yourself if you’re willing to go through the pain of it all. I’m not an artist, but I’m a chef. I’ve gone through hell learning my trade. I’ve had 16 hour shifts on my feet, come to work on time, physically hurt myself with knives or burns, messed up countless recipes, and went to work at 4:45 AM on a daily basis for three months to feed hundreds of people. But as a result my work has become more presentable and people often hire me for food requests. Quality work doesn’t come without a price, and trust me when I say you’ll be questioning your life decisions more often than you’d like. And no, don’t quit school or work to be an artist. I have a family history on why you should never throw away your education, but that’s a story for another day.)

(Life ain’t easy. You gotta work if you want to live a comfortable life and often times it’s gonna be boring and difficult. But you have to ask yourself at the end of the day “Am I happy? Am I growing? Do I really want the life that I have now? And if not, how can I fix this?”. You’ve got to prioritize what will make the path to a better tomorrow rather than what will make you happy here and now. The wait is terrible, but well worth it if you really do try.)

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Artist: The Hetalia cast :3

Gender:  Fall in Love, Mademoiselle

Describe yourself: I Am German Made

How do you feel:  Let’s Enjoy Today

If you could go anywhere, where would it be:  Country Where The Sun Rises

Favorite mode of transportation: Vorwärts Marsch

Your best friend: Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman

Your favorite time of day: Moon Over Emei Shan

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Gourmet’s Heart Beginner Level

What is life to you:  Ah, Annoying…

Relationship status:  Poi Poi Poi (Poi basically means gone)

Your fear:  Nah, It Will Settle Itself Somehow

Dayum son, this was really difficult with the last two! It was really fun tho and thank you Aimee for tagging me!! Anyone who wants to can go ahead and do these!

I am always seeing the news report about how this year’s Super Bowl is in San Francisco. LOL, it’s like with concerts I’ve been to where the artist[s] bunched San Jose, Concord, Oakland, etc into San Francisco. Guys, the Super Bowl is in Santa Clara. That’s a part of Silicon Valley. That’s about an hour drive from the city and two hours from where I live. That’s when there’s no traffic.

Now, I get it, it’s aesthetically pleasing and more marketable to say San Francisco. BUT let’s be honest. It’s in Santa Clara. That’s a whole different animal compared to San Francisco.

Let’s give it to the promoters though. Santa Clara IS in the San Francisco Bay Region. It makes traffic in SF a little less bad. BUT it’s not SF nor will it ever be SF. Santa Clara is pretty, but SF has history. It has culture. It has life. 

But hey, tourists go to SF. That’s good. Bring up the revenue. Remember that most people when driving get to SF through the Bay Bridge not through the Golden Gate (unless you live in Marin County).

San Francisco is where I was born. That’s my favorite city in the world.


this song gets me so fucking mad like SO FUCKING MAD

it’s that bastard vocal chop what angers me

tag dump!