Push the Button

Doctor: do you feel safe
Clara: course
Doctor: give me a number out of ten
ten being woohoo
one being ahhh
Clara: you’re being weird
Doctor: I need know. I need to know to make sure your not afraid
Clara: of?
Doctor: The future. Running away with a spaceman in a box. Anything could happen to you.
Clara: That’s what I’m counting on. … Push the button.

Doctor Who 7.11 Journey to the Center of the Tardis
Limited Edition Doctor Who Series 9 steelbooks available to order - Blogtor Who
Exciting news! Amazon are doing a limited run of Bluray steelbooks for the Doctor Who Series 9 Complete Series.

This is wonderful news! The fact that Peter personally selected Alice to do the cover makes me very happy. She definitely would have been my choice as well since she does such beautiful work.

I really loved the way Peter and Jenna looked in the Zygon episodes, and it looks as though Alice chose photo references during one of them. I’m guessing here, but it looks like they were from these scenes in The Zygon Inversion: the Doctor’s anti-war speech (when Bonnie says there’s nothing in the boxes but buttons), and Clara in the TARDIS at the very end (”So, you must have thought I was dead for a while?“).

After purposely buying Doctor Who comic #1 Year Two Cover A just to have another one of Alice’s masterpieces in my collection, I do believe I need to pre-order this gem as well. :)

Hold on to your hat!
We’re joining an IG challenge with @sfplbookarts and library friends during the month of Feb. For the four Thursday’s in the month we’ll be posting #hatsinthelibrary and #hatdesignfortoday .. Showing off all kinds of hats. Feel free to join the fun, the wilder the better!
This is by Emily Sutton, from her Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day.
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