clara's art

I have been,,, heavily considering rebooting ghost bc after what. 3 years? I really,,, miss him

he will be deoncelerized and keep only like. a skeleton of his old plot

if u interacted with him before u can interact again! he won’t remember u cuz I’m essentially starting over w him but u will be able to talk 2 him idrc if u did before or not I’m just excited to write him again

his name will be,,, Johnathan bosteau and I will type up more story/character related things when I finish painting(?) these

also that handsome boy on his left is his son, Johnathan bosteu jr, and I can’t decide if he’s gonna go by Johnny or Jr. yet

Adrift somewhere, with old traditions.

Merry Christmas!


on the move collecting numbers imma take ur girl out~

i actually did the sketch for this way back in the middle of s9, but never finished it. and then the rest of the season happened and clara got her own tardis and stuff so it felt kinda out of place BUT HEY ITS FEMSLASH FEBRUARY SO HAVE IT NOW

This girl, this beautiful girl, with eyes the size of the ocean
This man, this dutiful man, has got these mixed up emotions [x]


this is just a doodle page i pumped out tonight, drawing some of my favorite characters!!! mostly uhhh jim and blinky are. my favorites. which is great! cuz theyre main characters so theres a whooole lot of them

i absolutely plan on making some kinda bigger illustration for this show, i love it very much 

circus baby was to originally be created i william afton’s daughter’s (i’ve named her clara) image, but after learning of her friend beatrice’s death in the institution

she asked her father to create it in beatrice’s image instead, thus creating the current circus baby design you see here

DS by me