Whouffaldi that speaks to  my heart #2.

This is “Between one heartbeat and the last” by luluha.deviantart.com 

This is a wonderful image, it really captures the concern and care they both feel for one another. I love that in her last moments of life Clara looks after him, and tries to protect him from the damage his rage would do. 

I used this picture (with the artists permission) as an icon for the “Post Hell Bent Fixits" collection on AO3, as it so nicely sums up that last moment, but also leaves us free to speculate on what comes next. Great work always leaves us with questions, I think, and this one does.

Jenna’s return to D.W.: is she or isn’t she?

During her recent press junket to Hollywood to promote Victoria at the Television Critics Association, Collider interviewed Jenna Coleman and asked flat out if Clara is coming back. You can read the interview here: http://collider.com/jenna-coleman-doctor-who-clara/

There have been differing interpretations of her comments, with some sites saying she’s hinting/teasing at a return, others calling it confirmation that Clara isn’t returning, or if she is returning it may not be for several years.

After the jump, some thoughts on this.

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Taking the facial features of a man he had saved in his tenth form as a reminder that the Doctor saves people, the Twelfth Doctor has struggled to come to terms with his inner demons since regeneration. Outwardly brusque, the Twelfth Doctor is rarely seen without Clara Oswald at his side, keeping him in check. The pair are sometimes aided by the unorthodox Paternoster Gang. The Twelfth Doctor has faced perennial foes such as Daleks and Cybermen while overcoming other, newer adversaries – armed with little more than his sonic sunglasses, an electric guitar and his ‘attack eyebrows’…

This box contains the following unpainted pewter miniatures: The Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald, Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, Strax and 5 plastic bases for use in the Into the Time Vortex game.


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