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and yea it includes most of 2015 ;)  

8 years of 7th regiment

16 years of 27th Lancers

1 year of Academie Musicale

1 year of Americanos

3 years of Anaheim Kingsmen

2 years of Argonne Rebels

1 year of Beatrix

1 year of Black Knights

1 year of Bleu Raeders

42 Years of Blue Devils World

9 years of Blue Devils B

1 year of Blue Devils International

 31 years of Blue Knights

4 years of Blue Saints

21 years of Blue Stars

33 years of Bluecoats

21 years of Boston

8 years of Bridgemen

6 years of Capital Regiment

20 years of Carolina Crown

15 years of Cascades

3 years of Citations

1 year of City Sound

1 year of Coastal Surge

8 years of Colt Cadets 

30 years of Colts

1 year of Columbians

1 year of Commodores

42 years of Crossmen

1 year of DelaSalle Oakland

1 year of Des Plaines Vanguard

4 years of Dutch Boy

3 years of East Coast Jazz

1 year of Eruption

3 years of Esperanza

1 year of Fever

3 years of Forte

10 years of Freelancers

5 years of Genesis

26 years of Glassmen

2 years of Gold

1 year of Golden Empire

1 year of Guardians

 4 years of Guardsmen

1 year of Heatwave

1 year of Impulse

9 years of Jersey Surf

2 years of Jubal

6 years of Kilities

 9 years of Kiwanis Kavaliers

6 years of Legends

3 years of Les Etoiles 

6 years of Les Stentors

2 years of Louisiana Stars

45 years of Madison Scouts 

15 years of Magic or Orlando

13 years of Mandarins

4 years of Memphis Sound

3 years of Muchachos

 5 years of Music City

3 years of North Star

2 years of Oakland Crusaders

9 years of Oregon Crusaders

13 years of Pacific Crest

 5 years of Patriots

 44 years of Phantom Regiment

14 years of Pioneer

1 year of Purple Lancers

4 years of Racine Scouts

6 years of Raiders

5 years of Revolution

1 year of Royal Crusaders

45 years of Santa Clara Vanguard

 12 years of Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets

2 years of Seneca Optimist

6 years of Sky Ryders

8 years of Southwind

7 years of Spartans

37 years of Spirit of Atlanta

3 years of Spirit of Newark

2 years of Spokane thunder

10 years of Star of Indiana

2 years of Stangnas

7 years of Suncoast Sound

1 year of Taipei Yuehfu

1 year of Tarheel Sun

7 years of Teal Sound

11 years of The Academy

36 years of The Cadets

43 years of The Cavaliers

1 year of Thunder

34 years of Troopers

13 years of Velvet Knights

1 year of Watchmen

2 years of Yamato

2 years of Yokohama Scouts 

Ok so heres the thing, if you have a show that I dont know have on this list I ask that you message me so that it can be spread and the love of the activity spread farther and wider. If you have videos of any show that isnt in here I would love to see that as well.

929 years of Drum corps in total


This 4 year old boy from Indonesia has some rifle skills! WGI will be waiting for you!


March 8th 1911: International Women’s Day launched

On this day in 1911, International Women’s Day was launched in Copenhagen by Clara Zetkin. Zetkin, a German socialist activist, led the Women’s Office of the Social Democratic Party. The official commemoration of the day began in an attempt to draw attention to the struggle for female suffrage and women’s rights. Activists from 17 countries organised demonstrations and protests for March 8th in order to have more far-reaching impact and to emphasise the need for women’s liberation. Initially only celebrated in Europe, International Women’s Day soon became a global phenomenon, spreading to Russia, Australia and the United States. Ever since 1975, the event has been celebrated by the United Nations, and in 1996 the organisation began to establish official themes for International Women’s Day; this year’s theme is ‘Planet 50-50 by 2030′. This day is a moment to celebrate the achievements of the feminist movement, but also to acknowledge the considerable barriers which continue to hold women back, including lack of representation in politics and business, pay inequality, and systemic misogyny. Today’s Google Doodle is a video honouring International Women’s Day, featuring the voices of women from around the world.

Without help from the men – even against the will of the men – the women rallied under the socialist banner. Under this banner they will struggle for their emancipation, for recognition of their rights as equal human beings. Just as the worker is subjugated by the capitalist, so woman is subjugated by man. And she will remain subjugated as long as she is not economically independent. The essence of the traditional bourgeois family is that the husband is supposed to be the provider and thus the boss of the family. The wife is his private servant in the family and his subordinate. But as a result of the transformation of the relations of production, woman is now economically independent, so both spouses now face each other as equals. This equality is the basis of the new ethical relation of man and woman in the family. The great struggle in which vast masses of people are challenging vast financial interests requires that men and women together dedicate all of their strength and moral power to this struggle. Only together with women – not by excluding them, and certainly not against them – can the working people win this struggle!
—  Clara Zetkin
Kind of a rant

Alright, I’ve never understood why, or even how people can say, “I HATE [insert corps name here]” like, I understand rivalries (kinda) and I can understand hating a show, or a piece of music, *cough, cough* BD 2013 *cough* but how can you hate a whole corps? How can you hate on people doing what they love, with people they call family? Especially when the hate is coming from people in corps or vets. of corps, YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS LIKE, YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WORK THAT TAKES, EVEN THE CORPS THAT AREN’T WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS WORK AS HARD AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE THATS THEIR PASSION, how can you hate on that? How? So what if their show isn’t what you like, they worked super hard on this show in the blazing hot sun like you did, and they are out there doing what they love, performing their hearts out. So maybe I don’t understand, but I just don’t believe there is any reason to hate a corps, ever.


International Women’s day 2015

Thanks to all women:
To those who go beyond society’s prejudice of race or gender.
To those who fight for their dreams and know how to pick themselves up when beaten down.
To those who work tirelessly and are even willing to die not to compromise their ideals.
To those who know how to make difficult choices and can still love even after being let down.
And thanks to DW for giving us those women; may they be role-models for a better world for us all.