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Peggy/Clara AU

Clara arrives for a pit-stop in 1940′s America, and finds herself in the company of Peggy Carter. Clara knows her story, but stays anyway, and listens to Peggy moan about her ‘phone company’ collegues. 

Try as she might, neither Clara or Peggy can stay away


because I’m trash, that’s why


@actualbiplane I think you might like this. 

EDIT: I forgot to say that it is based on this Sorry!

EDIT: none of these gifs were made by me, and the sources can be found on my blog.

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would it be possible to please request a list of all red haired females in period films/tv series etc.? any woc are particularly welcomed as i've found none. thank you for your help.

Thanks to sonamhelps period masterpage for some of these suggestions! -C&Tina! 


Peggy/Clara AU- Peggy moves into Clara’s apartment block. Neither suspects the other is hiding something, even when Clara talks for hours into the night about her ‘travels’ and Peggy has to dash off suddenly. 

“You seem to enjoy my company Miss Carter”

“I’ve never met another woman who has traveled more than I have, Miss Oswald

I made another one look! Previous here

EDIT: none of these gifs were made by me, and the sources can be found on my blog.


So I watched ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ yesterday and when the scene where Steve visits old Peggy came up (the feeeeelz) I could only think of the Doctor visiting old Clara in 'Last Christmas’ (the feeeelz again)

Hope you won’t hate me for this crossover

After UNIT: Extinction...
  • Josh: The Nestene injected me full of a plastic polymer.
  • Twelve: *pops out of the TARDIS*
  • Twelve: *points*
  • Twelve: HYBRID!
  • Clara: *drags the Doctor back into the TARDIS*
  • Josh, Kate, and Osgood: *stare blankly, wondering what the hell just happened*