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Guys I was thinking about the Doctor’s companions and realised that most of them did not have a sibling. I mean literally - what would have happened if Amy had a sister who blamed the Doctor for her death or Clara an overprotective brother who loses it when Clara sacrifices herself for the Doctor - twice…



“The Hybrid is a creature thought to be crossbred from two warrior races. All Matrix prophecies concur that this creature will one day stand in the ruins of Gallifrey. It will unravel the Web of Time and destroy a billion billion hearts to heal its own.” 

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Does Yuuri like belly pets? And when Yura went outside for hours for the first time did Victor panic?

He likes them a lot!  He likes sleeping on his back, and getting pet, so it’s a win/win situation for him <3

Victor definitely put Yura on a yard leash the first time he went outside,but eventually he got a trackable chip for him. 

The first time Yura took off for more than a few hours Victor was a bit nervous. Yuri was the one who was waiting by the door the whole time though. He was worried about where his other family member went ;u;