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another fem!doctor au: “The first nineteen years of my life, nothing happened. Nothing at all, not ever. And then I met a woman called the Doctor. And she took me away from home in her magical machine. She showed me the whole of time and space. I thought it would never end. … Well, that’s what I thought.” {insp}


Three Time’s The Charm

The first time he met her she was too young for him. The second time he was her professor and she was his student, dating a silly guy with a bow tie. Now she is back, teaching at the same university, and the Doctor is determined not to let this opportunity slip away. However Clara is now engaged to a maths teacher.

There was an outcry for more university AUs and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in reading this after I’ve finished “Matters of the Heart”?

Tuning In On You: Chapter 1

John Smith is a late-night radio show host with a troubled past, a sarcastic producer, and a secret he’s certain he’s taking to the grave. But when an Impossible Girl calls the show, John becomes determined to track down his mystery caller, convinced she holds the key to facing his demons. Hounded by the press and with his ratings in freefall, John finds his life spiralling out of control in new ways…

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And some days I pray for Silence
And some days I pray for a Soul
Some days I just pray to the God
Of Sex and Drums and Rock ‘N’ Roll

And some nights I lose the feeling
And some nights I lose control
Some nights I just lose it all
When I watch you dance and the thunder rolls

And maybe I’m lonely
That’s all I’m qualified to be
There’s just one and only
One and only promise I can keep

As long as the planets are turning
As long as the stars are burning
As long as your dreams are coming true-
You better believe it!

I have met someone. A prince.  He’s tall and handsome and…and so romantic. We walk together and talk together, and just before we say goodbye, he takes me in his arms, and then…I wake up.

The Cat and The Toad | Peter Maximoff [Hogwarts!AU]

Title: The Cat and The Toad [Hogwarts!AU]
Author: Clara
Character: Peter Maximoff
Warnings: v mild swearing
Prompt: “Hi, you don’t know me, we’re from different houses, and I’m not exactly sure how to tell you this, but I think you cats in love with my toad??”
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au: Oswin Oswald manages to evade Dalek conversion long enough to be saved by a strange man who calls himself the Doctor and his two best friends. She joins them in their spaceship in order to fulfill her dreams of seeing the stars. (aka an au where Oswin doesn’t die)