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Shit dayum, girl! I totally loved your art, it's practically perfect! Idk if you take prompts or anything but could you please draw a Clara&Bruce again, because gdi, your genderbend is awesome! Besides, let's face it, the lack of fem!Clark on the web is too much to be ignored... Anyway, thanks for being such a talented artist!

it…turns into something else entirely haha

thank you anon (´∀`)♡

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prompt idea, if you wanna: Bill running into Clara and Ashildr while on an alien planet and separated from the Doctor (you decide if they know who she is or not, though I reckon they would), and it's a nice show of gay appreciation for each other all round

@evilqueenofgallifrey, your attempt at gay subterfuge is terrible.

Bill isn’t entirely sure who the two women are, or why she’s following them through an alien bazaar on a planet whose name she can’t pronounce. Well. She knows the answer to the second question: they’re both cute, countered only slightly by the fact that they also look shifty as hell. The first largely negates the second, to the point where it’s not until she’s wandered off after them that she realises she’s lost the Doctor, and she’s alone with them in a back street. Normally being alone with two beautiful women in a deserted place would be a cause for celebration, but these two look like women who Do Not Want To Be Followed, and Bill feels a tiny stab of panic. Only tiny, though, because the two women are laughing, and one is tossing her hair, and frankly it’s unfairly distracting.

She takes out her phone and tries to look subtle as she keeps following them. She’s not quite sure why she does that. Thirst, possibly. That, or stupidity. She’s trying to aim for nonchalant, and she thinks she’s succeeding, until they stop walking unexpectedly, and she crashes into the back of the more petite one.

“Hello,” the woman says kindly, and Bill’s heart stops, because women this attractive do not usually talk to chip girls. “You’re Bill, aren’t you?”

“Urm,” Bill says, blinking stupidly. “Yeah.” 


“This is a bad idea,” the more sullen one pipes up, scowling almightily. “You shouldn’t tell her, you know who she is.”

Somewhere in the back of Bill’s mind, she wonders how and why they know this. All concern is out of the window though, because the one with enormous brown eyes is still smiling at her.

“Yes, and I trust her. And I want her to trust us.”

Spy for us, you mean.” 

“Urm,” Bill says again, trying to appear intelligent. “Spy on who? The Doctor?”

“My friend has this wonderful idea that you could text her from time to time and tell her how he’s doing,” the moody one says snidely. “My friend, however, is an idiot.”

“Why would I do that?” Bill asks, before any arguments can erupt. Not that she’d mind watching one. “He’s not that interesting.”

“He is to me,” the kind one says. “Very much so.”

“In a love interest way, or a murder target way?”

Please say the latter, she prays selfishly. Please.

“Well,” the woman looks awkward. “It’s complicated.”

“Oh,” Bill’s face falls. “You like him?”

“Yes,” she shrugs, like it’s no big deal. “But it’s been two hundred years, and if I’m being honest, I’m not averse to you, not at all. You’re actually pretty cute.”

Bill grins. “What’s your name? I mean, if I’m gonna spy, then I’ll need to save your number.”

“Clara,” the woman says, and her friend thumps her in the arm. “Ow.”

The complaint sounds oddly fake, and the smirk that passes between the two women is bizarre, but Bill isn’t concentrating much on that, because this woman - Clara - is going to give her her number. Jesus Christ.

“And I’m Ashildr,” the sullen one says. “Thanks for asking.”

“Sullen isn’t my type,” Bill quips before she can stop herself. “Sorry.”

“And your type is?” Clara asks, and the smirk on her face has changed. 

“Petite women with cute brown eyes.”

Oh god. She’s flirting. She’s not good at it, but never mind.

Clara only smiles in response and reaches for Bill’s phone, inputting a phone number and then handing it back. “There,” she says, with a subtle wink. “For spying… or… other things. Gotta run, I’m afraid. Don’t mention seeing me to the Doctor, yeah? He gets… well, just don’t. Or I won’t be answering your calls.”

Bill nods, then grins giddily as the two women leave.

Seems like her luck with women might be changing.

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Yooooo what's up Clara? I'm heavily procrastinating on the 9537383 things I need to to do but stiiiill. I wanted to see how you're doing. I feel like you don't get asked that often? Idk. I hope you're being more productive and healthy than me lol <3

Well currently I’m crying because this is such a nice message oh my god, who are you-

I’m going 120% right now between cosplay commissions, zine submissions, digital commissions, organizing the nsfw zine with Auri, and updating the cat au whenever I can. 

Being busy is actually good because it keeps my mind occupied! It’s stressful, but I want to give my all this spring, so thank you for everyone’s support!

I hope you manage to find the motivation to get all of your tasks done! I like to reward myself after finishing a task, maybe that would help? Have a great week!

Some Doctor Who characters going to a LGBTQA+ Pride

Requests are still closed but I simply couldn’t ignore this one, since it emanated from a friend who wanted to feel a bit better after the recent events. Some of these characters (like Ace) are canonically queer, and some are just headcanons I enjoy and support (so please don’t message me to tell me what is canon and what isn’t, that isn’t the point).

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could you write something about a trans boy at coal hill coming out to clara please?

Clara is worried about one of her students, which admittedly is nothing new. She’s worried about all of them if she’s honest, about their exams and their coursework and their wellbeing and their happiness, but she’s especially worried about this one. Daisy Rendell used to engage with her lessons enthusiastically, but now she tends to sit at the back in silence, picking at the sleeves of her jumper and staring out the window with a tearful expression. Clara’s not stupid. She knows that pressing the teenager to talk won’t help the situation, so she waits, and she watches, and eventually Daisy hangs back after school one day, loitering in front of Clara’s desk with her eyes downcast. 

“Hey,” Clara says with her best supportive smile, keeping her tone soft and non-threatening. “What can I do for you, Daisy?”

She notices the way the teenager flinches at the name as though she’s been hit, and she understands at once. 

“Is there another name you’d prefer me to use?” Clara asks gently, and the teenager looks up at her with surprise, looking like a deer in the headlights. “Because I can do that.” 

“I… ah…” the teen stammers. “Yes. Please. If that’s… if that’s alright. Damian.”

“OK,” Clara nods, making a mental note to update her mark book and the registers. “And pronouns?”

“I…” Damian’s face crumples. “He. He. I’m a boy and I know I’m a boy but no one will listen and I don’t wanna wear this stupid skirt but my mum makes me and I hate it, I hate living at home, I hate having to have long hair, and I can’t… I just, I can’t deal with this, miss, I can’t…”

“Damian,” Clara says in a low, reassuring voice, watching the teen’s eyes light up at the name. “I’m listening, OK? I’m listening and I want to help. You can do this, I promise you that, and I will do everything I can to help you. That includes giving anyone detention who uses the other name, or the wrong pronouns.”

“But my mum…”

“Would you like me to speak to her?”

Damian hesitates a moment, then nods. 

“Would you like to be there when I do?”

Damian nods again, a little more uncertainly this time.

“OK, so we can do that. In the meantime… now, I didn’t tell you this, OK, or I’ll be in trouble, but if you rip your school skirt up the seam, I’ll give you a note saying you can wear jeans until your mum sorts something, OK?” 

Damian looks at her with wide-eyed gratitude, tears filling his eyes. “Miss…” 


“Thank you.”

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#okay, so Doctor wanted to wipe out Clara's memory in order to keep her safe against the Time Lords. But I don't get why it's him that forgets Clara? I mean, it's not Donna scenario where it's either death or memory loss. They could do something not to have him forget like that. I think it's just pointless?

I think there are a few reasons why the storyline unfolded the way it did, and personally I’ve come to terms with the Doctor’s memory loss (N.B.: mind you this was after some serious fix-it fanfic therapy, most of which involved a Whouffaldi reunion with fat babies). 

I wouldn’t say it was pointless - it 1) was dramatic as fuck, 2) allowed JLC to leave the show with the option of a return appearance and 3) allowed for Clara’s exit without killing her off. All in a very, neat package, with a nice parallel-ing nod to what happened with Donna.

And it is a very neat package indeed, because it achieves all of the above and still manages to make it conceivable that the Doctor could then move on with his life and be the character we see in Series 10. Now that some time has lapsed since Face the Raven (both for the Doctor and the audience), and especially in light of how seemingly angst-free the Doctor is so far in s10, it may be difficult to recall just how much pain the Doctor was in (and how much pain we were in) after Clara died. Like, I couldn’t get out of bed the morning after FtR and was completely out of it for a week and he punched a wall for 4.5 billion years. So there was no fucking way he could have just let her go at the end of Hell Bent short of a complete memory wipe. Or he could have let her go with his memory intact, and then spent the rest of this regeneration (and possibly the next few) brooding over her.

That’s how I see it anyway.

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Clara/Rose #15?

15. you found me

Clara/Rose, AU

Clara spun from side to side, hair fanning out behind her as she tried to figure out where she was. Familiar panic was starting to creep in, to sizzle through her veins and override her brain.

Getting lost was her worst fear, had been since she was a little girl, and now the teleport had spat her out somewhere that was decidedly not home and possibly not even on the right side of the planet.

Oh god, Rose was going to think she’d just up and left after their fight this morning. Clara didn’t fight the tears as they welled in her eyes.

How was she going to find her way back home?

Clara bit down on her bottom lip and started really looking at her surroundings. There weren’t any distinguishing features that she recognized and definitely no people around. She was just going to have to pick a direction and start walking and hope she found civilization soon.

She was just about to start walking when the familiar whooshing sound of a teleport filled the air behind her. She spun around and thought her heart might burst with joy when she was met with the sight of Rose standing in the swirling dust.

Clara barreled into her girlfriend, almost knocking the both of them over as she wrapped her arms around Rose.

“You found me,” she said into Rose’s shoulder. “I didn’t know where I was and I was so scared but you found me.”

“Course I did,” Rose soothed, running a hand over Clara’s hair. “The technicians at your office called me immediately when the teleport malfunctioned since I’m on record as your emergency contact. Might’ve shouted at them until they gave me the coordinates to where they thought you were.”

Clara sniffled as she pulled back from the hug so she could look at Rose. “Was worried you wouldn’t think to look for me after our fight.”

“Nah, I’d already forgiven you for that, was just waiting until we were both home to talk about it.”

Clara leaned forward and pressed a lingering kiss to Rose’s lips - a thank you that tasted strongly of relief and gratitude.

When she pulled back, she gave Rose a puzzled look. “Okay, but if you’re here, does that mean we’re both stuck now?”

“You think I’d come rescue you unprepared? I brought the personal teleport I use for field work and swiped Mickey’s too so we’d both have one. We’ll be home as soon as we’re ready to travel again,” Rose assured her.

“Want to spend our decompressing time avoiding our post-fight conversation and making out instead?” Clara asked, swaying forward and trying on the smile she knew Rose had a hard time resisting.

“You’ve recovered fast,” Rose said, gaze catching on the tear tracks on Clara’s face before locking onto her mouth.

“Gotta do something with all this adrenaline.”

“Good point.” With that, Rose pulled Clara to her and threaded fingers through her hair before cutting off any reply her girlfriend might’ve had by snogging her thoroughly.

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Please could you continue the trans boy and clara story. I'm a trans boy and I'm not in the best place at the moment and this is really helping me, I'm about to come out in school (I go to an all girls school) and I'm terrified.

Clara meets with Ms Rendell the next day, with Damian at her side fidgeting nervously and mumbling his words. She’d prepared herself for the worst, and memorised entire lists of facts and figures and examples to throw at the woman if need be, but luckily Ms Rendell turns out to be the sort of parent who only blinks at their child, adjusts their use of pronouns, and assures them that they will always be there for them, no matter what. “Although,” the woman says with a low chuckle, as Damian weeps in her arms, clinging to his mother in a way he probably hasn’t done in years. “I’m still not buying you an Xbox. Sorry son.” 

Clara watches the way Damian’s face lights up at the word ‘son,’ and she smiles down at her pupil, glad that she could facilitate this tender moment between a mother and child. She knows that tomorrow comes the challenge of telling other students, and so she sits down that evening with Miss Jacobs and formulates a strategy.

The next day she stands in front of the class with Damian, now clad in a pair of school trousers and with his hair clipped short, and announces to the assembled teenagers: 

“This is Damian.”

“No,” a voice at the back of the class mutters in the kind of low tone that Clara has become accustomed to picking up on. “That’s Daisy.”

“Right, if I hear a single person using that name intentionally, I swear to you all now that I will give this entire class detention for a week. Is that understood?”

There’s an extremely begrudging chorus of ‘yes Miss Oswald.’

“You will use his name. You will call him Damian. You will use the correct pronouns. Any intentional misgendering will result in class-wide detention. Got it?”

“Yes Miss Oswald.”

“Good,” Clara nods, gratified that they’ve understood. “Damian, take a seat.” 

To their credit, the class make the utmost effort to get it right. Sure, they slip occasionally, but one or another of them will seek to correct their peers, and she doesn’t hear a single student use the dead name. By Friday afternoon, Damian looks comfortable in his surroundings, and Clara allows herself to breathe again. When he hovers in front of her desk that afternoon, after the final bell has rung, she smiles at him warmly. 

“Hey, Damian.” 

“Miss, I ah… thank you. For being. Y’know. A bit scary but helpful.”

“Well. you’re welcome.” 

“Really, it… it means a lot.” 

“I know,” Clara smiles. “You have a good weekend, OK? Keep badgering your mum about that Xbox.”

“I will,” Damian grins. “See you later, Miss.”

He ducks out of the classroom and Clara sits for a moment, reflecting. Her phone lights up with a text and she picks it up, grinning at the message.

The Doctor: How was school? Did you fight off any aliens?

She smiles, and fires back: No, but I like to think I saved a life.

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Unpopular opinion: I really can't get myself to like Bill even though I see that she's praised by almost everybody. I just can't forgive her for having shot the Doctor, I saw that as an act of doubt and misconfidence in him.

Hello Anon!

Trust me, I completely understand. It is perfectly okay for anyone not to like a someone. It is a fact of life that there are people on this planet we cannot possibly relate to. However, just because we cannot relate to someone doesn’t mean we should stop trying to understand what they are saying.

What Bill did, it was foolish. There is just no other word to describe it. We would be having an entirely different conversation if she had doubted the Doctor. The crux of the matter is that she believed him. She believed his lies and retaliated. In retaliating, she did not consider what could have happened to her, in turn, least of all the only other person in the world who believed her and happened to be standing right behind her. (At this point, anyone reading this will acknowledge they forgot about poor Nardie.)

There was a moment I was filled with disgust for a DW companion. She did something worse than Bill. She betrayed her only friend in the world. And yes, this is ‘just’ a TV show, but I took it very personally. And in spite of her treachery, the Doctor forgave her. He chose not to close the door on her. He didn’t even ask for an explanation. He just forgave her because she was all he had at that time. There was no Missy then. There was no River Song. There was no one who knew enough about him, except for her. And so, of course, he would forgive her. He made her a promise.

Bill’s and Clara’s idiocy, I can fathom. For many millennia, humans have been known to be impulsive and short-sighted. What I am truly grasping at straws for is what the Doctor did. 

What the Doctor did, was beyond reckless. This was a life & death situation for Bill. She absolutely did not hesitate to respond with deadly force and make a decision she would have regretted all her life. Instead of being a good and wise parent, he let it get that far. He let her believe his lies. He planted one lie in her head and she lost all sense of what she was. Exercising that kind of influence on a pure-hearted person who adores you and everything you stand for, in such a reckless, heartless manner… That was a Missy-imprisoning-Clara-in-a-Dalek-and-nearly-convincing-the-Doctor-to-kill-her move.

You see, the #1 problem with Time Lords is that they are arrogant, attention mongering little sh-ts who don’t notice the tears so long as they get their thrill. No matter how far the Doctor chooses to run, even he can’t resist his demons.