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If exams are taking over your life because you’re putting too much pressure on yourself and making you want to die and question your purpose and giving you identity issues clap your hands

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Can I get BTS reaction to you Twerking to one of their songs cause girl....I be fucking it up!

I do too girl. *This is prob NSFW and contains some graphic images!

It’s Saturday morning and your baby Yoongi said he’d be home this afternoon. You’ve been excited all day and finally got up from texting him in bed to clean up the house. Jumping out of bed with a smile on your face cause he said he: “got your begging ass” something. Trying not to repeat the episode of last time when you copped an attitude cause he didn’t bring you a present home. Stereo set to your favorite playlist, you start in the bedroom and work your towards the living room. You didn’t notice the time that had went past, and here you are shaking it to Silver Spoons.

When Yoongi opens the door, and stares…not saying anything, just watching you work that ass a little too hard when Hobi starts rapping. As you make them cheeks clap and turn around, there he is looking at you, a small smile on his face. 

“You gonna bounce it that hard tonight?” He asks.

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You and Jin have been cooking since early afternoon. The rest of the guys have decided to come over and play Cards Against Humanity tonight which should be funny with you and Namjoon trying to translate. The music had been soft and sweet, Jin singing in your ear as you were cutting scallions. Remembering he needed red pepper flakes, Jin asks you to cut up and sautee some onions and he’ll be back. 

Somewhere between cutting onions and turning on some Big Sean, you started dancing. But right when Big Sean says: “Stop, now make that mother fucker hammer time.” You dropped that ass like a hot potato and did exactly what he asked. 

You didn’t notice Jin opening the door, and him standing there with a big ass smile on his face, slowly starting to attempt what he calls dancing.

“I hope you aren’t burning the onions though.” 

Somehow you and Hobi playing Just Dance, turned into some sort of freestyle competition between you. He bets that you can’t do a dance that he can’t mimic and do better. Raising an eyebrow you shake your head, give him the best you got. 

“That’s it?” He asks, rubbing his hands together… “I’ll show you how it’s done, you have to be sensual with it.” 

Tae wasn’t sure about what gift you were giving him for his birthday, but the lit candles and music pumping through the apartment told him it might have to do with dancing. Smiling at him, you gave him a handful of ones and told him to tip you as he felt appropriate. Rude Boy started to play and he smiled recognizing Rihanna, but the look of shock on his face as his girlfriend strutted from down the hall was priceless. 

“Whaa.” The only sound to come from his mouth as you mounted his lap and began shaking it in his face. 

Jungkook always had a smile on his face when he came to the dance studio to watch you practice and tonight was no different. He said goodbye to all the other girls, blushing as they waved cutely at him. You knew your man though, he was just a  nervous wreck around females because he didn’t know how to act. Hell, he was still the same way with you. You love getting his cheeks to turn a rosy red, when you said something to make him choke on his tongue. 

“Kookie…” You called innocently, getting him to look up from his phone. “Wanna play before we go home?” His face said everything you needed to know. 

Public and Private Jimin were two different things. Him on stage, he was a savage, fierce, sexy and demanding. At home he was smol, sweet and cuddly. Except when it came to sex. 

Sitting on the floor where he could see you, he’d been teasing you all day. So, pretending to be innocent you decided to give him something to look at. 

“Jagiya…” He warns. Walking slowly over to you. “Get on the bed…you can do that on my face.” 

“Turn around…yes just like that.” 

Namjoon was behind you filming some videos before he left for another Asian concert tour. What he loved most to do, when he couldn’t touch you-was to touch himself while watching videos of your ass bouncing. 

“Fuck baby.” He says getting a close up, letting his hand squeeze your ass, his fingers dipping precariously close to your slit. “Let’s take this to the room, I have something else I wanna film.” 

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Look, generalizing isn't ok. Your personal experiences don't tell anything about the placements themselves, but about you and exclusively you. I have one of the most defamed Venus placements ever, and I've never had eyes to another person , I never betrayed a friend. I'm an adult. So, anon, have you ver stopped to think about yourself? What lead those people to cheat ? I'm sorry to tell, but if the answer is only the placement, you're completely wrong. Open your eyes, mate.

😅😅😅😅😅I'm back!! And I messed up.😊😊😊😊😊😊

I’m so happy I could cry!!

I got Third place in the Senior Division of the talent show!!!

I got it!! I’m so happy!! I also messed up! I was on the last part of “MIIIIIIIINE……..” but when I was done with that part, everyone clapped and I told then, “Wait, I’m not done yet!!” I was so embarrassed, but I then Sang the last words.

“I hope that you….Buuuuurrrrrrrrrrn.” I then said, “Now I’m done.” And everyone was laughing and clapping. I was so shy and I quickly went to my seat and as I got off stage, some of the people were clapping.

But Third place, I was so crying of joy in the inside and I was so happy I got something. A little girl on the 1st place and the big prize, but I wasn’t mad.
more gross things joshie has said

•he wiggles his booty for luke like a cat in heat
•id do anything for him I wish he’d get in my ass
•he wants his hole shredded open for a week its rly romantic
•imagine their witch sex though
•it’s a shame he’s gonna suck the life source out of his dick tonight
•boys who treat their UTI’s together stay together
• rn he’s probs only in undies letting his tidds hang out and get some air
•i bought an asshole-pink colored shirt I think I’m wearing Luke’s bussy shade
•i want him to piss on me so bad
•I had to recharge my boner after she left
•me: literally SPLOOGES what the fuck
•rmr that one time i jerked off to his nose
•i love Michael and his juicy dick and his juicy balls
•I had a dream michael was clapping his ass for me
•lick my hairy boy asshole u fuckin musty bitch
•I love daddy’s jean shorts
•I wanna feed him my imaginary dick
•extract the devil from my b hole
•I’d eat ass but if you ask me eat celery I’ll never speak to you again
•that man can slap my ass till it catches on fire
•still would drink both luke AND michaels gargled mouth wash
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