claps and bows

08/12/2016 ink, brown pencil, gimp

I can’t express enough how much this show and the representation in it mean to me. Really. Just can’t.

You know, every single episode comes out, and by the end I’m “this is my favourite episode”, and every fucking single time the next one comes in, I have to shift the scale drastically. 

I was 100% sure they meant a medal with the round gold thing. I was like, no way, no way on Earth they would do rings, they are already on a very thin line here. AND THEN I SPENT A HALF OF THE EPISODE COVERING MY GAPING FUCKING MOUTH. LIKE I USUALLY END UP WITH EVERY EPISODE LATELY.

do not repost, I do not give permission to repost, so don’t


shy hyungs while seungri sings the birthday song for youngbae~

This seems promising.

oh my god, karkat. Two lines in and I’m losing it already.

This is a work of fucking art. I’m gonna print this entire thing out and nail it to my door so I can look at it evert morning and remember that I can never hope to write dialogue this good. I have no words.


this is the best fucking thing i’ve ever laid eyes upon. holy shit

Of course John would be so nonchalant about it. You can just see Karkat staring blankly at the screen as his train of thought gets violently thrown off its rails after a direct collision with the phrase “hi karkat!”.  It’s wonderful.

Poor guy. His fate had been sealed the moment he attempted contact with John Human, Friendship Specialist Extraordinaire. Now the microscopic worms of this disease are nesting deep inside his brain, rotting it slowly. The illness has claimed another victim.

An aside: oh god will this bug get off my desk arleady. Sir. Madame. Excuse me but could you get off? Please? You need to get off. I’m trying to write a reaction here and you’re rather killling the mood. No, this is neither an exit nor the moon, it’s my fucking computer screen and knocking yourself against it won’t help you in any endeavor I can imagine.

So here’s Karkat, subtly dancing around inviting John to a romantic hatedate, candles and all. And what is John’s response?

Ouch. Poor guy.

Karkat that doesn’t even make sense. You okay dude

Oh man, this whole thing. There’s Karkat getting kismesisblocked, again. There’s him running out of complex metaphors and collapsing in a puddle of fuck you’s. There’s “see you soon”, which can only mean they’re gonna meet at some point and THANK GOD I’VE BEEN WORRIED THEY’D BE STUCK IN SEPARATE PLANES OF EXISTENCE FOREVER. I was so concerned about this, because between the backwards trolling, the miscommunications and half the trolls refusing to communicate there haven’t been many chances to form linear relationships and if the last John heard of Karkat was some shitty trolling attempt from minute 1 it would break my heart into a million pieces. So thank every possible deity that isn’t happening. Can’t wait for them to actually meet.

In conclusion, this is my favorite log so far and I am in fact convinced that God made this world solely so this piece of text could one day be written.

The Fire Dancer (open)

Dean threw his fire staff up into the air then threw two plates as he caught the staff and hit them one at a time. The plates exploded into a million pieces like mini fireworks in the sky. Then he finished his routine by “eating” the fire on the ends of the staff. The crowed clapped as he bowed and put his staffs up, debating about doing one last show for the party tonight or not. It was definetly break time as he went and got a drink at the outdoor bar.

The mutant was trying to make his way in life, and he made great money performing at parties. Some of the more wealthier people around the area had caught wind of him, so he was doing better than normal. Dean discovered he could make money using some of his powers, but he walked a fine line with it.

2015.06.27 ToshI x Kyo interview (LUNATIC FEST)

ToshI’s channel - LUNATIC FEST Special - Kyo

ToshI: Hello everyone, this is ToshI’s channel, LUNATIC FEST special edition. Today, first we will have a very special guest. It’s Kyo from DIR EN GREY.

(clapping and bowing)

T: I didn’t thought you will come to participate like that. Thank you so much for coming.

Kyo: No, no, no

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The sound of the Obsidian Corps. marching into the huge room of Pink Diamond, followed by the collective clap of them bowing. Their leader, Black Obsidian, stood while the rest were knelt, showing the proper pose of greeting any Diamond (save for the false ones, Cubic Zirconium and Herkimer).

“My Diamond, we are here for the annual renewal of our status as an official Diamond controlled ‘guild’. Our success on the violent wasteland known as Alternia has been monumental in securing another colony in your name. Understandably, there were difficulties in which fusion was necessary, namely when it came to dethroning and killing the leader of that disgusting rock called 'Her Imperious Condescension’. Failure likely would have ended in an invasion of Homeworld. We also took it upon ourselves to kill a grub breeding organic lifeforms that occupied the rich cave system. No doubt their rainbow of blood will be nenificial for the forming of the colony. We brought back the corpse of the breeder for research, my Diamond. As leader of the Obsidian Corps., as a collective we request a promotion into your forces.”