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The Masks We Wear (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Okay hello! This is my first imagine! Yay! I’ve worked really hard on it so don’t be afraid to give feedback!
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Words: 2,557
Warnings: None other than some swearing

Being the new kid isn’t easy, especially when you are judged so fiercely for being yourself. You know the right words to say, the correct outfits to wear, when to smile, when to laugh, and when to disappear. You’ve never been the popular person, but you get along just fine with the façade that you’ve mastered so well it almost feels like you. Almost.
Your first day of school arrives just like the five before, even though the fall semester was already half way done. With your dad in the army you couldn’t blame him for all of the moving, after all your grandfather, great grandfather, and so on, all chose the same life. This move was slightly different though, your dad finally got the promotion that would keep you in one place for the rest of high school. You knew that at this school the mask you wore would need to be convincing enough to help you survive longer than usual.

This new school was bigger than the last, and your sense of direction wasn’t top notch. After the office gave you your timetable you scurried through the hall desperately looking for classroom 27B, and wondered if the office lady thought it would be funny to give you a fake room number. You looked at the doors as you darted around the now empty hallway as everyone had already entered a class. You were startled back to reality as you heard a locker slam behind you. You turned to see a boy walking away from you with leisure towards what you thought might be an exit, but you couldn’t be sure.
“Umm… Excuse me!” you surprised yourself with saying, but the boy only glanced over his shoulder and kept walking.
You dashed towards him this time, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I don’t know where 27B is and I’ve been looking for 15 minutes, and I don’t want to be late on my first day.” This time the boy turned around and looked at you with a mix of boredom and the smallest bit of amusement.
“You’re looking for 27B?” you nodded your head as you glanced at the piece of paper to the rooms around you, back to the boy.
“You’re on the wrong floor,” he said with a little more amusement showing.
“Oh…” the embarrassment evident on your face, “Well I guess that explains why I can’t find it. Anyways, thanks, and I’m y/n”
“Well, thanks, Connor and I’ll see you around? I don’t really know anybody and you’re the only conversation I’ve had with someone at the school who doesn’t work here”
“See you around,” he shrugged “I guess, but I wouldn’t plan on it.”

With that short-lived conversation, you were off to your first class. All the classes seemed to drag on, with teachers mindlessly going on about formulas that you wouldn’t remember in a week. As it does at every school the lunch bell rang, and it was time for what you pictured hell as :a lunchroom. Kids scuttle around trying to find a table that would get the most attention from the people they want to impress, and others take it as time catch up on homework in clusters of others as a form of protection. You on the other hand used this time to find a group that would keep you safe, I mean high school kids are mean. You settled on a group of girls that seemed nice enough and spent your lunch smiling at the right time, laughing when needed, and making the right comments so that the girls at the table said they could tell you would fit right in with them.

The next week was fine enough. You made some friends that you could eat lunch with, gossip about the teacher’s new haircut with and text for help on Algebra homework.  You even decided on trying out for the cheerleading team, which you made. It seemed as if the mask you perfected was working like a dream.
On the Monday of your second week, the girls you ate lunch with were all busy. A few had lunch detention, while others had the weekly student council meeting. With nowhere to go for lunch, you wandered on the lawn by the football field, where you spotted the familiar face of Connor, the boy who you met on your first day. Picking up your pace you walked over to him and sat down across from him and pulled out your lunch.
“What the hell are you doing?” he asked with annoyance rising in him.
“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m about to eat lunch with you,” you replied taking a bite out of your sandwich.
“I know what the fuck you’re doing. Why are you eating here?” he said this time getting angrier. “It might seem like a funny joke to eat with the freak, but this freak prefers to eat alone, so leave.”
The anger in his voice made you jump, but you didn’t get up.
“Why would eating with you be a joke? And I’m not leaving, I don’t have anyone to eat with and this freak likes eating with people,”
“Yeah well have fun by yourself,” he said as he picked his bag up and stomped away. You watched him walk away, the surprise evident on your face. Why had he thought you were trying to be mean? Why was he so defensive? All of these questions rattled in your mind as you walked back to the school building.

After cheer practice, you went with some of the girls to get frozen yogurt just around the block.
“Do you know anything about some kid at school named Connor?” you asked as everyone took a seat.
“Which Connor?” one girl answered.
“Well he’s tall, has long hair, really pretty eyes actually-,”
“You mean psychopath Connor? He’s a total freak. He has some major issues, but his sisters nice. I’d stay away from him if I were you, if people see you near him they might get the wrong idea,” and with that the subject changed to who was the best kisser on the football team.

The next day during lunch you told your friends that you had to do work with a teacher at lunch. Instead, you went back to the lawn from yesterday and sat next to Connor once again.
“Again? Really? I thought I made myself clear,” Connor said as flipped the page in the book he was reading.
“I’m not the best with listening to directions,” you said smiling at him this time.
“Your friends still busy or some shit?”
“No, I just wanted to eat with you,” Connor finally looked up from his book in surprise, but quickly went back to his annoyed face. You two spent the rest of lunch in silence together, him reading, and you eating your sandwich.

The two of you eating lunch together continued. With your persistent talking Connor eventually replied with more than one-word answers, and soon your daily lunch together became something you looked forward to.
“So what about ‘Fahrenheit 451’?”
“Well I did read that one, but only after I watched the movie and had turned in my essay”
“Well fuck, and you still got an A?” you nodded laughing looking at the amazement that had settled on his face.
“I am impressed, that takes real skill to bullshit your way through English class so well,” he said slowly clapping. You dramatically bowed as you walked over to the lawn together. Connor had started waiting for you by the bleachers so you could walk to lunch together, but he denied that he was waiting for you.
“It was a needed skill. Sometimes my family would move and the new teachers would automatically want an essay the next day from a book I’ve never read.”
“Well that sucks,”
“I guess it does, but I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve gotten used to it all,”
“You shouldn’t have to get used to it. Why aren’t you mad at your parents? I would be so fucking furious, and you just smile about it all,” you laughed as he said this while sitting down under a tree.
“I don’t get to be mad. This is what my family does. Besides I would sound so horrible if I got angry at my dad, the man who served three tours in Iraq, the man who risks his life for America,” you said as you pulled large clumps of grass from the ground,
“But sometimes I just want a dad, an actual dad, not some war hero, but someone who tells me to change shorts because they are too short, a dad who says cheesy jokes, not some man who lives in the same house as me, but is a billion miles away because he has no idea who I am.” You started throwing the clumps of grass you had uprooted. You glanced over at Connor who looked conflicted.
“What?” you asked abruptly aware of how loud you had gotten. In an instant Connor suddenly hugged you. His arms were long and lanky around you, but somehow you felt safe. His body smelled like coconut, probably from shampoo, and his heart beat somehow sounded beautiful. He let go of you, a second later, and the hug had felt like a million years and less than a millisecond at the same time. You looked up at him and he was looking anywhere, but your eyes.
“Thanks,” you whispered, “I really needed that.” Connor mumbled out a response along the lines of ‘no –problem’.

After that day you were painfully aware of Connor. You were aware of every step he took and how he kept his hands in his pockets, and scratched at his jeans when he got angry over something small, and how when you made a bad pun he would roll his eyes, but smile slightly. It seemed like all at once everything about Connor was magical and you would count down the minutes until lunch with him, and it seemed Connor was thinking the same thing.
“So I was uhmm-well I was think-no that’s no right,” Connor mumbled about a month and a half after your first lunch together, “I was thinking that we could hang out outside of school.” Connor looked down at you trying to hide the nerves that he felt asking. The nerves were evident on his face though as he watched you reply.
“I’d love to,” you said simply, but the smile on your face said it all. You were ecstatic; finally, you would spend more than the designated time at lunch together.

You and Connor had settled it and decided that you would hang out that Saturday and work on English homework together at your house since Connor said that his parents would be all weird about it. Finally, Saturday arrived, and the nerves you had denied were obvious as you paced your room trying to figure out which shirt to wear knowing they were basically the same shirt. Little did you know that Connor was also pacing his room trying to decide if he should wear a black shirt or grey shirt. Of course, Zoe found this hilarious and Connor, being too nervous to yell, allowed Zoe to help him chose a shirt. They settled on grey, Zoe saying that it showed that he wore more than black.
Connor showed up on time and you couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he was an actual friend, even though you wanted more, but he was somebody who you didn’t feel the need to wear your mask around, with him you could just exist.
“Uhmm, we can go hang out in my room if you want,” you asked motioning towards a hallway.
“Sure, but your parents will be okay with me in your room?” he asked as you opened the door to your room.
“Oh, they don’t really care what I do, and if they did they aren’t ever home to enforce the  rules they have.” With that you sat on your bedroom floor and pulled out your English books, but they were quickly forgotten when you started talking. Within minutes of talking the subject turned to Connor’s family.
“I don’t know. It’s just like I’m the fucking black sheep. I just want them to look at me and not be ashamed of their son,” Connor huffed as you lay side by side on your floor looking at the blank ceiling.
“I’m sure they aren’t ashamed”
“You don’t even know them, you can’t be sure”
“But I know you,” you said pushing yourself into a sitting position.
“What the hell does that mean?”
“It means you are the last person anyone could be ashamed of. You have this wonderful mind that anyone would be lucky to know about, you are the fastest reader I know, you pretend to hate others, but you are so incredibly caring, and you are my favorite person and the only one who knows me.”
Suddenly Connor pushes himself up.
“Bullshit. You have friends and I’m just a pity friend and we both know it,” Connor said. You knew you hit a chord in him. Whenever you said nice things about him he automatically thought it was a lie, no matter how many times you promised it was the truth. It pained you to think that somebody you cared for as much as Connor didn’t know that you did.
“Now that’s bullshit Connor. We both know that it’s fake with everyone, except for you! I put this mask on so I blend in, stay alive, and make it until the next school,” you took a breath and moved closer to Connor as you started speaking again.
“You’re the exception, with you it’s all real. I don’t have to pretend life is okay, or pretend I care about school drama. With you I’m just me, and with me I think you are just you.” Connor stayed silent for a minute after that.
“If we’re being honest and shit right now,” Connor spoke softly, “People don’t like the real me, but for some reason you do, the angry parts and everything, so I guess  don’t need a mask with you.” You looked at Connor and saw how scared he was, of being alone again, of being rejected. You knew that this was truly him without the façade that he had perfected over time.
“Connor,” you spoke softly. He took his gaze off the floor and looked at you. You slowly put your hands on the side of his face and brought your lips to his. He still smelled of coconut, but you were more concentrated on the feeling of his lips on yours. The surprise of you kissing him quickly wore off and he kissed you back as if it were life or death. His chapped lips melted into your and his hands found your waist as he pulled you closer. Too quickly the kiss ended as you both needed air.
“I hope it was okay I kissed you,” you softly laughed.
“It’s more than okay. I hope it’s okay that I don’t want to stop kissing you,” he replied as he went back to your lips for another kiss.

BTS reaction to their idol crush showing interest in them

Anonymous said: How would BTS react if an female Idol (they have a crush on) actually Shows her interest in them ?? ( + a Lot of other Male Idols have crushes on her and actually tried to Date her)

Ah, I’m so sorry it took me practically forever to get to this ;-;

I hope you still enjoy it though! c:

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Namjoon would be backstage with the rest of BTS at a music show, watching your performance in awe and amazement. As the music would echo through the venue, he would watch your powerful movements, his eyes fixated completely on you, wondering how you could pull off such difficult choreography and still look flawless in the process. The other boys would nudge each other, chuckling and giggling to themselves as they would glance over at Namjoon who would still be completely mesmerised by you. 

The truth would be, he would have had growing feelings for you for a few months now, falling for not only your good looks, but also your lively personality, the way you lit up the atmosphere of the room as soon as you walked in. The way you were always smiling and staying strong, even through difficult times. Plus it would be an added bonus that you were a natural beauty. “No wonder practically everyone has a crush on her,” he’d muse to himself, as you watched you take centre stage, capturing the attention of everyone there.

So, when your performance finally ended, the audience would roar up in applause, the lights on stage going out and so allowing you and your group to exit the stage. Namjoon would finally snap out his trance, vigorously clapping and bowing politely as you walked by. While the rest of your group smiled and thanked everyone before walking onward, you’d linger behind, looking directly at Namjoon as your lips curled up in a genuine smile. His heart would skip a beat, a curious expression forming on his face as he’d look around to ensure it was him you were looking at. You’d walk up to him, and before long, the two of you would be deep in conversation, to the complete surprise (and slight jealousy) of the other males idols around. Though Namjoon would act chill about the whole situation, his heart would feel like it was about to burst out his chest in joy, and so when you’d say your goodbyes and walk away, Namjoon would stand there, a grin etched on his face and the other members would pat him on the back and cheer for him. 

Jin (Seokjin):

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

You would be part of a popular girl group under BigHit Entertainment, and although you would’ve just debuted only a few months ago, your powerful style and sheer talent would attract attention worldwide. Being under the same entertainment company as BTS, you would often bump into them; on your way to practice, on your way out, even when coming in to record.

Jin would notice how cheerful you always were, always greeting the staff enthusiastically, and always putting 100% into everything you did. He’d appreciate your hard-working nature, your strong work ethic inspiring him to work harder. He would admire your seemingly effortless beauty, from the way your smile seems to shine brighter than the sun, immediately lifting the atmosphere, and improving the mood of everyone around you. The way your hair would tumble down your shoulders, bouncing around as you walked along. The way your eyes would light up, a small sparkle dancing across your pupil when you danced or sang.

So, one day on his way into practice, he’d notice you humming along with your earphones in, your hair swinging around in a cute ponytail as you’d throw your bag down into a corner, sliding your jacket off your shoulders and you’d prep for a long day of practice. You’d quickly adjust your hair, only to look up and see Jin standing by the doorway, a small smile tugging at the corner of your lips and you’d beckon him to come in.

“What, me?” Jin’s facial expression would contort into one of both surprise and curiosity, as you’d beckon him to come into the room. He’d tilt his head to the side, a little like a puppy, which would cause you to giggle and stroll up to him, grabbing his hand and pulling him in. His heart would flip inside his chest, a smile forming on his face as you would endearingly grin up at him.

Suga (Yoongi):

Originally posted by pjkook

(A/N: I’m sorry if this part came out crap, my brain basically fell asleep ;-;)

You would be a solo artist, one of the most charismatic and successful female rappers in this present age. You’d never fail to get the audience hyped at your performances, lights flashing as you’d jump around the stage, the audience roaring and dancing along, as you (pretty much) spit fire from your vocal chords, rapping at seemingly the speed of light. Yoongi would admire you since your debut, clearly impressed by your rapping prowess. 

On the other hand, you would also be an avid fan of Yoongi himself before you debuted. You’d admire his amazing song-writing skills, always listening intently to the lyrics of every song of his and of Bangtan’s. You would look up to him, and so your own style of rapping would have a lot of elements of Yoongi’s style also, from his flow to even how he shut down haters.

During a music show one day, you’d be preparing for your performance, which would be straight after BTS’ performance, staring intently up at the screen while make-up artists would rush around the room, make-up products lying everywhere. During Yoongi’s verse, a grin would creep up onto your face as you’d admire his sheer talent, feeling your body moving along to the beat. When their performance would finally end, and you’d move backstage, mentally preparing yourself to perform. As BTS would walk past, you’d bite your lip anxiously, debating whether to say anything or not. 

“Ah, Yoongi sunbae?” You’d call out, causing him to stop in his tracks, looking over at you curiously. “I was wondering if you had any tips for me before I went on stage?” You’d ask, as you fiddled with your hands behind your back. 

“Uh, sure,” Yoongi would smile, pretending like his heart wasn’t soaring in his chest. He’d feel so happy that you came to him for advice, not Rap Monster, not J-Hope, but him. “So, what you want to do is…”

J-Hope (Hoseok):

Originally posted by cleolux

Hoseok would grin down at his phone, his eyes skimming over the text you had sent him.

You: Hey is this Hoseok?

Hoseok: Yeah who is this?

You: Ah this is (Y/N)? From (Y/G/N)? I was wondering if you could help me with some choreography, knowing how amazing you are at dancing haha

“Ah, what should I do? What do I do?” Hoseok would pace around the room, trying to work out what to text back to seem cool. “Namjoon, what should I say to her?”

“Just tell her, yes, you’d love to help, and arrange a time and place,” Namjoon would laugh, shaking his head with a smirk. “Clearly she admires you, calm down and stop freaking out Hobi.”

He’d take a deep breath, before sending;

Hoseok: Ofc, I’d love to help, when do you wanna meet? ^^

“Phew,” you’d sigh in relief, your heart doing somersaults when you’d realise that you were actually going to meet him, one on one. While you could use some help with your choreography, this was also partly an excuse to spend some time with him, as you would admittedly have had growing feelings for him since the time you first met him.

You: Is Friday good? At around 12 maybe?

He wanted to help you, so why were you feeling so nervous?

Hoseok: Yeah thats perfect, see you then ;)

“Do you think the winky face was too much?” Hoseok would dramatically press his hand against his forehead, a long sigh escaping his lips.

Namjoon would simply hit him playfully, assuring him that everything was going to be fine.


Originally posted by bangtanofarmys

Jimin would stand in front of the mirror, practising what he would say to you, how he would act. He’d push his hair back, smirking in an attempt to look suave, but this charade would only last a few seconds before he’d scrunch his eyes up in embarrassment, giggling at himself, shaking his head.

“Are you still freaking out?” Yoongi would smirk, leaning against the door frame, holding his fist to his mouth as he’d try to suppress his laughter. 

“Hyung!” Jimin would whine, still giggling as he’d push Yoongi out the bathroom, brushing his fringe out of his eyes. He’d sigh, anxiously looking down at his phone, anticipating a text from you.


You’d pace around your dorm room, nervously chewing on your lip as you’d glance around at all the clothes scattered around. “What should I wear, Lisa? Casual? Or should I dress up? Heels or flats?” You’d wave about five different items of clothing in your best idol friend, Lisa’s face, as she’d step back, laughing as she’d wave her hands. “Aren’t you the one who asked him out, (Y/N)? Why are you freaking out so much?” She’d laugh.

“Girl,” you’d put your hands on your hips, looking at Lisa with an expression of disbelief. “Have you seen Park Jimin? Ah, he’s so…” Your lips would curl up in a smile at the thought of him, causing Lisa to hit your shoulder, laughing.

(A/N: That last paragraph is low-key how I feel about Jimin ;-; He’s been wrecking my bias list recently, I’m so sorry Tae ;-;)

V (Taehyung):

Originally posted by taehanstic-baby

Taehyung would look around when you’d approach him, looking a little like a lost puppy. “Is… she talking to me?” He’d ask, his mouth stretched into an O-shape as he realised it really was him you were addressing, despite all the idols sitting at the tables.

While he would be flattered that you’d chose to talk to him, he’d be a little confused as to why him, and not all the other handsome male idols in the room that most girls would kill to even make exchange greetings with. After all, you were one of the most popular female idols in the present age, known not only for your stunning visuals, but also for your amazing voice. So why him?

Despite this, once you took a seat next to him, a pretty smile on your face, he’d relax, and the two of you would hit it off almost immediately, talking about everything and anything, the conversation flowing from topic to topic effortlessly. 

Truth is, you wouldn’t have given much thought about all the others who’d approached you before, trying to act suave as they’d attempt to talk to you. You’d simply politely greet them, turning them down gently so as to not come off as rude. But when you’d see Taehyung sitting there, a rectangular smile on his face as he interacted with everyone in the most enthusiastic way, you wouldn’t be able to help the grin that would creep onto your face, tilting your head slightly as you watched.

You’d exchange numbers, giving him a hug before you walked off again, leaving a blush creeping up on his face while his group members would all simultaneously cheer for him, as he’d press his hands to his flushed cheeks.


Originally posted by buy-me-jams

Jungkook wouldn’t know what to do with himself when he’d see you walking towards him, especially as he’d glance around to see the slightly jealous expression on the faces of the other idols, who were also waiting backstage. He would have had growing feelings for you for a while now, but he wouldn’t know what to do, whether to approach you, or whether to just keep quiet about it, leaving his feelings to bottle up out of control.

You’d approach him, touching his shoulder as you’d greet him. He would open his mouth to say something, only to close his mouth again when he’d realise he had no idea what to say, or how to greet you. You’d giggle at his awkwardness, instead deciding to take lead of the conversation, talking about pretty much anything, from their comeback, to other idols you looked up to. He’d eventually begin to relax, a grin beginning to appear on his face as you’d talk. He’d finally join in with the conversation, laughing and chatting along. 

The other boys would glance over at him, some of them holding their hands to thier mouths, laughing yet surprised at the same time that Jeon Jungkook, out of all people, was actually holding a successful conversation with a girl for once without finding an excuse to run away.

“Wow, our Kookie has really grown up, huh?” The boys would comment in awe, as they stared at the two of you, deep in conversation.

parted, and never parted || kiribaku week 2017

kiribaku || 4,100 words || sfw || @kiribakuweek2k17

Before going into battle, it’s only proper to make an offering to the god of war. But Kirishima’s run out of things to give. 

space / fantasy au / nightmares

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Growing Together

An unexpected guest arrives in Skyhold, reawakening memories, awakening insecurities, and making quite a turmoil in the Inquisitor’s life.


Cullen Rutherford X Demetra Trevelyan

“This is ridiculous.” Demetra murmured, rubbing her tired face and looking at two very specific people in the courtyard. Luckily alone on the ramparts, the Inquisitor bit her lip, the taste of her lipstick spreading in her mouth.
One of the two people she was observing tossed her head back, laughing, her hand gracefully leaning against the man’s arm. Demetra wasn’t sure she liked seeing the two of them so close.
Not that she was jealous. Not at all. Why should she?
Cullen was just talking to their new guest in Skyhold. Just talking. A friendly, nice chat in a very open space, under the eyes of other people. It wasn’t as if they were hidden in some alcove, she reasoned, looking at them from the ramparts. The silvery laugh of the woman echoed in all the courtyard again, reaching the Inquisitor herself. And hitting her like a punch in her guts, destroying all her well crafted thoughts.

Elan Surana.

One of the few mages escaped from the massacre of Kinloch, saved by the Hero of Ferelden and her companions. Demetra knew about her, of course, even before she appeared in Skyhold.
One night, chatting while waiting for the sleep to come, Cullen had confessed her about his youthful and impossible infatuation for the mage who was his charge. It hadn’t been a problem, for Demetra. She knew he had a past, and she surely wasn’t going to be jealous of something happened when she wasn’t in his life. She had reassured him with kisses and tender words, happy that their relationship was being built honestly and openly.
Beside, past couldn’t hurt her.

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William Nylander - Part 8

Can’t think of anything witty to say, so just read my story. 

The thought filters through my mind right when he hand reaches out and grabs my thigh. My breath catches in my throat. I don’t know what to do. It’s not an inappropriate touch, but it still makes me uncomfortable. So, I do the only thing that comes to mind and take his hand in mine.

               It seems to please Nathan and he gives me a cocky smirk that makes my stomach turn. His hands are still clammy and now I understand why. I fold his one hand between both of mine, making it so his hand is not touching my leg in any way. The play is halfway over, I can handle this for the next hour. I hope.

               Rian shifts slightly beside me, moving even closer to me. I know she can feel the anxiety rolling off me in waves. She gently places her hand in the crook of my elbow and squeezes, I relax a little. If I was alone with Nathan this would be a whole different scenario. Jake catches my eye and I can see sadness reflecting back at me. We both know now. We know what’s different.

               I have no idea what’s happening on the stage and I don’t care. All my energy is focused on the boy sitting beside me that reeks of booze. I don’t know how I missed it earlier, especially when he hugged me. When did that start? Why is he drinking? No wonder Jake doesn’t like being around him anymore. Jake is a casual drinker, only at hockey games and the occasional party will he throw back a few. Both Jake and I learned our lessons while going through college together, all our time we used to spend at parties and bars was replaced by hours upon hours poring over our computers and notes. We learned then what was more important. Our future or a few hours of fun that we wouldn’t even remember? It was an easy choice.

               I haven’t even had alcohol in almost a year now that I think about it. Most of my friends are in the wine craze, I could care less about alcohol. If you need a substance in order to be fun to hand around with, then I most likely don’t want to spend time with you. Now looking at Nathan dread fills my stomach. What am I supposed to do with him once the play is over?

               Jake would take him if I asked him to. Take Nathan home and let him sleep whatever is in his system off. But I know Jake wouldn’t like it. Something happened between the two of them that Jake isn’t telling me, I can feel it. I could bring Nathan back to my apartment and make him stay there until he sobers up at bit. That’s most likely my only option as I don’t know Nathan’s roommates and would feel incredibly awkward dropping off a drunk boy to them and high tailing it out of there.

               Applause makes me jump and look around, everyone around me is standing and clapping at the actors bowing on stage. Rian squeeze my arm before standing, her hands coming together slowly but her eyes are down on me. I manage to get to my feet and then half drag Nathan out of his. He’s hooting and hollering and while I’m happy my hands are finally free, I almost wish I was able to make him stop shouting so much.

               Catching Jake’s eyes, I widen mine at him and nod at the isle, it’s time to go. Jake nods and takes Rian’s hand, it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. He bring her out into the isle with him and waits for Nathan and me to go ahead of him.

               “Come on, Nate,” I say over the chatter around us.

               “Already? But they just finished,” Nathan complains, looking down at me and I try my best not to scrunch my face when his breath hits me.

               “That’s the point, bud. Play’s over. Time to go,” I say as if I’m talking to a small child. I take his hand and pull him along behind me. To my surprise he doesn’t resist, just follows along after me like a puppy dog on a leash.

               “Jake!” Nathan booms when he sees him. “How’s it going buddy?” He clasps Nathan’s hand, letting go of mine.

               Jake gives him a half smile and takes the opportunity to wrap an arm around Nate’s back. “Everything’s good man,” he says while giving me and Rian a look that says ‘get me the fuck out of here.’ Rian and I lead the way, trying to block out Nathan’s drunken words babbling out of his mouth.

               “So you and Rian. Bet Y/N beat your ass over that.” I can’t argue with that one. But I don’t listen to Jake’s reply, if he even has one. My sole focus is finding Nathan’s car in the now dark parking lot. I turn back to Jake and Nathan, my hands filtering in and out of Nathan’s pockets in search of his car keys to make the alarm go off.

               “Whoa, shouldn’t that wait until we get back to your place?” Nathan asks me, a grin on his face as my hands skip into his pants pocket.

               “Yes, but I need your car keys in order to get back to my place,” I say, going along with it as long as it means I get his car keys.

               “Gotta go up higher then,” Nathan says, the lazy grin still on his face. Nathan is a very attractive boy, and looking up at him now, with the boyish smile and shy eyes gone, he looks even more attractive. But I push all that away, I hadn’t ever thought of him like that and I never will. I flip open his jacket lapels, my hands fine the cool metal in the first pocket I check.

               “There they are,” I mutter and turn away from him. Holding the keys high over my head and hitting the horn symbol. To my left, down two rows the beeping emits from. I flip off the alarm and head across the parking lot. Handing Rian my own car keys I talk to her.

               “Take my car to my apartment, I’ll take Nathan in his car there as well. I don’t know his roommates and don’t want to leave him alone if they aren’t home. Jake will take you home,” I add but that was probably pointless, Jake is one who brought her here.

               Rian nods any way. She takes my keys, though she keeps her fingers around mine. She’s nervous about being around drunk people, always has been. Our parents don’t drink much, no one in our family does really, which is probably the cause of her discomfort. She hasn’t been around it.

               Jake and I are able to get Nathan sprawled out in his backseat.

               “What do you think he had before he came here?” I ask Jake as soon as we are able to get his long legs in and shut the door.

               “I have no idea, but whatever it was, the wine was a little over the top I’m thinking,” Jake says and I squeeze his shoulder.

               “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

               I get into the driver’s seat of Nathan’s car and pull out into traffic.

               “Please don’t puke, Nate,” I say, looking over my shoulder at him in the backseat. His eyes are closed and he looks like he might be sleeping.

               “I won’t,” he mumbles, his lips barely moving.

               We ride in silence for a few minutes, not even the radio playing.

               “I don’t know what I have to do.”

               I hear Nathan whisper in the backseat, his words a little jumbled and I know he didn’t mean for me to hear, but I listen anyways.

               “You don’t want me like this,” he says a bit louder this time and I frown, looking in the rearview mirror at him.

               “Excuse me?”

               Nathan brings an arm to his face, covering it so only his mouth shows. “You don’t want me sober either.”

               “Nathan, what are you talking about?” I ask again, he doesn’t reply right away. I can see his mouth opening and closing, repeatedly licking his lips.

               “You’ll never see me as more than a friend.”

               My mouth pops open, I don’t know what to say.

               “Always be little Nathan, the boy who fell in love with the girl who broke this nose and who beat him in every sport and test in school.”

               I swallow hard in my throat, wishing my apartment was closer so I didn’t have to listen to this.

               “The girl who doesn’t want him.”

               “Nathan, stop!” I snap, my eyes flashing to the mirror again, his face is still covered. “Stop talking like that.”

               “Why? What does it matter? You already knew how I felt, yet you didn’t do anything about it. I thought maybe when I kissed you the other night that it would change things. Instead tonight you turned away from me,” he slurs and I wonder how he’s even putting thoughts together.

               We finally get within sights of my apartment complex and relief floods my system. The sooner I get him on my couch and sleeping the better. I don’t want to hear everything that’s spilling out of his mouth. Luckily, by the time I’m pulling into my parking lot, he’s snoring. Also an unlucky thing because I still need to get him the eleventh floor.

               Jake and I somehow manage to prod Nathan awake enough to get him into the front lobby and into the elevator. Rian runs forward with my apartment keys to open the doors for us. We shuffle sideways through my front door and disrupt Kota’s nap on the couch by flopping Nathan down on it. With a flick of her tail and annoyed meow, she disappears down the hallway.

               “Thanks, Jake,” I whisper, which is pointless because Nathan is out cold.

               “You sure you’re good with him here?” Jake asks, his eyes a cloudy brown when he meets mine.

               I nod.

               “Everything will be fine, Jake. He’s already asleep. When he wakes up he will be back to normal,” I take his shoulder and lead him back into my small foyer where Rian waits. “Just take my sister home and then go home yourself.” This time I level him with a severe stare. “Just boot her out and leave. No goodbyes of any sort. Do you two understand me?” I demand, pointing back and forth between the two, one hand firmly on my hip.

               Rian flushes scarlet and Jake just looks sheepishly at me. “Yes, Ma’am,” he salutes me and I bite back a smile.

               “I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” I say to Rian and she nods. Then the two of them are out my door.

               I stand in the foyer a moment, the night replaying like a whirlwind in my mind. What the hell? I glance at the clock over my catch all table for my keys and mail, 9:20. Earliest night I’ve had in a month. Then my mind flashes to Will and his game, I rush back into the living room, glancing at Nathan to make sure he’s still sleeping and flip on my T.V and right to the Leafs game. Ten minutes left, Leafs ahead.

               Settling down in the single chair beside my couch, I pull a blanket over me and turn my full attention to the screen. I watch the mix of blue and white jerseys, Tampa Bay is in town. My eyes searching for one jersey in particular, oh there he is. Oh, he just gave up the puck. Some impressing he’s doing. A thought comes to my mind and I glance at my phone, back at the T.V and back to the phone again.  

               Snatching up the phone I open my messages before I lose my nerve.

               When you said you wanted to impress me, I thought you meant it…

               I hit send before I can erase anything and the anxiety already pools into my stomach. Now I have to wait for a reply and he’s not even done with his game yet.

The game ends with a Leafs victory in regulation, the first one in five tries. I switch to another game being played out in California that just started, my typical night routine; watch hockey until I pass out. Although I do move into my bedroom so I don’t disturb Nathan who quietly snored my ear off the last hour.

When my phone vibrates on my pillow I jerk awake, unaware of when I drifted off. A quick glance at the game clock tells me that I was asleep for six minutes tops. I pick up my phone and when I see the message is from Will my stomach drops. I had forgotten about my message. Sliding open the screen I see his reply.

Ouch. But u said u weren’t going to watch to why waste the energy?

I smile despite myself and lay back in my pillows, holding the phone just above my face.

I was under the impression that all pro athletes give 110% every time they are on the ice?

That’s a lie. We would all die if that were the case

His reply is instant and I feel like a teenager again, albeit I am only twenty.

Not nice to lie to the fans

Are u a fan of mine?


Ouch. Again. Who knew u could even wound my ego over text?

I send the sassy emoji, the girl with one hand flipped up and unimpressed expression.

And thru emojis…

I start to type out a reply but I see the little bubbles pop up that he’s typing and hold my breath waiting.

Are u already done with the play?

My thoughts stray to Nathan passed out on my couch and sigh.

Yeah, Cinderella wasn’t all it was cracked up to be

Why not?

I hesitate, thinking out a response.

Cinderella is no place for drinking…

Ahh. Some asshole ruin everything?

Pretty much, and now he’s passed out on my couch.

There’s a long pause before he starts replying, a whole commercial break for the game playing in the background.

On ur couch?



Yes, but I feel like you forget you’re also blond…

Nah, my hair is just better. How did he end up there?

I hesitate again, this is hard to explain over text.

Short story is that he had a lot to drink before showing up and I couldn’t leave him alone.

Playing the good friend card?

Apparently, no one else was willing to.

Well, that puts a damper on what I was going to ask you.

My heart jumps in my chest and I swallow hard.

What was that?

It’s not that late so I was going to ask to hang out. I know we said Wednesday, but I leave for a road trip Thursday and won’t be back until Monday.

I let out a frustrated growl. Stupid boy sleeping on my couch continues to ruin everything even when he’s passed out.

You could come over…?

I send it and bite my lip waiting for a reply.

U just said blondie was asleep on ur couch?

I have other rooms

Right when I send it I realize the double meaning and want to hit myself, but Will’s reply doesn’t hint anything.

Are u sure?

Am I? I think so, I want to see him. Really bad.


On my way

My heart thunders in my chest, excitement taking over my every being. As soon as it comes, so does the realization at what I just did. Nathan’s in my living room and I invited the boy I’m actually interested in over. I sit up in my bed and stare my door. What did I just do?

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Question: there is a gif of Sam coming out of a theater? And clapping for cait as she follows him. I think she's wearing a white top? Where is this from? Curious bc I've never seen it before and you blogged it once or twice.

are you talking about this, anon?

this is from the Writer’s Bloc panel in LA last spring. they were being introduced and Sam clapped for her and then bowed to her as they came down the aisle to the stage. this was right after this happened backstage:

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Could you do an imagine where the gorillaz s/o is a fire dancer? (Fire poi, fire hoops, fire fans, etc.)

(Sorry I don’t really know much about fire dancing!)

2D: He can’t keep his eyes off of you. He feels a mix of amazement and fear for you. 2D gets anxious if you get too close to yourself with the fire. The flames mesmerize him and you smile. You feel accomplished with your performance when you see 2D’s jaw hanging. His eyes are wide and he’s got a giant smile of his face. Once you got rid of the fire, he runs up to hug you tightly. “Love, dat was awesome!” You giggle and kiss him sweetly.

Murdoc: He has to admit, he’s truly impressed. Murdoc has never seen so much concentration go into a single performance. He watches you closely, making sure you don’t burn yourself. He enjoys the outfit, too. Watching you dance around in that tight suit makes him hard. Murdoc’s eyes are never taken off of your body, even after the performance.

Noodle: Noodle watches in awe as she sees the fire dance around your body. She loves your performances, it’s never boring. Even though she worries you may burn yourself, she trusts you. Noodle wants you to teach her your moves but maybe add the fire later. The way you move your body with the fire causes her eyes to glue to you.

Russel: He worries that you may get hurt but once you start, he sees that you know exactly what you’re doing. He sits back and observes your moves. The way you move with the fire was elegant but sexy. Russel likes watching your body, it’s hypnotizing. He grins as you finish and loudly claps. You bow and giggle. He plants a kiss on your forehead.

We’re in Hot Water Now (incomplete)

Summary: Victor’s body changes into a female one whenever he’s hit with cold water, no big deal. He changes back when hit with hot water, so it’s not that big of a problem. It does get a little difficult, explaining to his close friends sometimes. 

He has no idea how to tell Yuuri about this unfortunate trait of his. “What should I do, kobuta-chan?” he cries, cradling the piglet of Akatsuki Yu-topia to his chest. It makes vaguely wheezing sounds in response. 

(The piglet is actually Yuuri, who had gotten a load of freezing cold melted snow on him earlier, but Victor doesn’t know that.)

Rating: G. Has a fair bit of genderbending, like Ranma ½ does.

For victuuriweek day five: crossover. I went for Ranma ½ fusion with Yoi. (This is just a snippet, as a I ran out of inspiration and was unable to finish it, so here you go).

It’s somewhat an open secret to all of Victor’s rinkmates. Less so to the ISU and Russian Skating Federation officials, but thankfully the issue is one that is easily remedied by everyone carrying a thermos of hot water at all times.

“Are you able to do all of your quads when you’re like that?” Mila asks one day as Victor tries to dry his hair after she dumped some hot water on him.

Victor pauses his drying and thinks for a bit. “I’ve never tried,” he says. “I haven’t skated much as a woman. It’s not like I’m going to be entering women’s singles anytime soon.”

Keep reading

Saudade: Ch6

When you reached the hotel, you still couldn’t really believe you had said yes to this. The moment Josh had suggested flying you out to see one of his shows, you didn’t really think much of it. You weren’t a huge fan of airplanes and you honestly didn’t really want to leave Brendon either. But after another phone call from Josh and talking over it with Brendon, it was best you went and spent a day or two with Josh, just enough time for you to act like everything was normal, and then go back home and fuck Brendon senseless. It was honestly so screwed up, but you couldn’t help it. Much less, Brendon was temporary. After Josh comes home from tour, Brendon will be gone, and everything will be back to normal again. Right? You had been very careful too. Any time you did stuff with Brendon, you made sure it was protected sex, you washed your clothes from the smell of weed, you tried to sober up the best you could, you changed his contact name in your phone to simply Bren, and you had warned him not to give you any hickeys or scratch marks a week before your flight to see Josh. Maybe if you faked it good enough, Josh wouldn’t even notice anything had changed about you. When you walked into the lobby, you looked around, eyes scanning for that familiar face, and when you found it, you melted. It was then that it finally sunk in that you hadn’t seen him in so long.

There he was. The boy you originally fell in love with. His curly hair was bright yellow now but everything else was the same. Cat-like smile, squinty coffee colored eyes, that gorgeous tattoo sleeve, edgy gages, a tiger tank top, ripped black jeans, usual sneakers, and arms open wide, ready to hug you. You knew you had missed him earlier, but now, the feeling had intensified a million times worse. You felt as if you had been missing and empty and heartbroken, and now, being able to run into his arms and hold him tight, all of you was complete. “There she is,” Josh beamed, pulling you into his embrace and kissing your lips. “I missed you so much.”

“I don’t want to let go,” you whispered, clinging onto him so tight. “Fuck, I missed you so much Josh. I missed your voice, I missed these arms, I missed those lips, I just-”

“Y/n,” he breathed your name and pulled your face back towards his, kissing you again and again and again, fingers tangled in your hair. It felt like resurfacing to catch your first breath of air after being drowned into the dark depths of the water. It was refreshing and relieving and so joyful, calmness and coolness and nothing but love laced within his words. It tasted as if there was pure sugar coating his lips, his tongue dipped in honey, his hands soft cotton candy against your skin. When you both finally pulled away to catch your breath you laughed, wrapping each other in your arms again, then pulling away.

“You should probably take me up to the room before we spend another hour kissing in this lobby,” you teased.

“Actually, uh, I have to be at sound check in the next ten minutes,” he explained, scratching the back of his head. “As much as I’d love to catch up, I still have work to do.”

“Can I tag along?” you wondered.

“Yeah, yeah, of course,” he nodded excitedly. “It’ll just be me and Tyler goofing around, but I’d love if you came. Let’s just give your bags to Mark and then we’ll take off.”

Honestly, you truly did miss Josh. You didn’t even realize half of how much you missed him until you saw him again. Sitting on the edge of the stage, smiling up at the boys and dangling your feet from the side, you couldn’t help but admit that there was nowhere else you’d rather be. You listened to the clash of cymbals and beat of the drums, Josh bouncing up and down in his seat, nodding his head to the rhythm. Tyler gave you an overenthusiastic wave and hug earlier, telling you how much Josh missed you and complained about you being gone, and now to see him singing his heart out, playing the ukulele, closing his eyes and swaying side to side, you knew this was where you truly belonged. This was the band that you fell in love with, just like you fell in love with Josh. After they finished the song, you clapped and cheered, earning a bow from Tyler and a wink and blown kiss from Josh.

The show that night was just as spectacular. You danced and sang with Jenna as the lights flickered around the arena, the fans roared, the boys played their hearts out. It was amazing. The two boys were rolling around in hamster balls, being lifted up on their drum kits in the crowd, doing backflips and jumps off the piano, having drum battles, running around the arena, climbing up on towers, and all sorts of crazy shit. By the end when the confetti sprinkled into the air, you were hooting and hollering along with everyone else in the venue, grinning back at Josh after they had taken a bow, then racing up to meet him. “That was fucking phenomenal!” you cried, wrapping your arms around him and kissing him passionately. “Holy shit!”

“You liked it?” he laughed nervously, searching for approval within your eyes.

“I loved it!” you reassured. “Oh my goodness, Josh!”

“Come on,” Tyler gave you a teasing punch on the arm. “You know you were staring at me the entire time.”

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes.

“Come on, Ty. Maybe if you ego can deflate a little bit and you stop bragging we’ll get to the restaurant sooner,” Jenna joked. “Can’t take a shower and get dressed if you stay out here flirting with Josh’s gal all night long.”

“Right, I have to behave for the Missus,” he smirked before leaning in and giving Jenna a kiss. “I think we’re heading out to get a bite to eat. You guys want to tag along after showers?”

“Nah, I think we’re going to head for the tour bus instead,” Josh explained.

“Wait. We’re not staying in the hotel tonight?” you raised an eyebrow.

“We have to travel overnight to get to tomorrow’s venue, we have an interview in the early morning,” Josh frowned. “I’m sorry, I should’ve told you.”

“No, it’s fine,” you reassured. “I just uh, I think I overpacked then.” You weren’t about to admit that your reason for disappointment was because you’d have to fuck him in a cramped tour bus bunker instead of a nice comfy hotel bed all to yourselves, so you kept quiet.

“It’s okay,” Josh reassured.

While the boys took showers and got dressed, Jenna and you talked about some of the opening bands and some of your favorite local venues. Then Tyler and Jenna headed out for some food, leaving you and Josh in the tour bus alone. He was in an old gray t-shirt you had bought him, wearing some shorts and a black snapback, drinking a Red Bull and easing into the sofa, his arm around your shoulder. He was talking nonstop about some of the coffee shops he had visited in a couple cities prior to this one when you finally decided to cut him off with a kiss. When you pulled away, you chuckled. “Sorry, I just, um…” you looked away shyly. “I missed that. A lot.”

“Yeah?” he raised an eyebrow, setting down his energy drink. “You really did miss me?”

“More than you could ever imagine,” you sighed.

“Then let’s make up for lost time,” Josh whispered. He held your head in his hands, gently sifting his fingers through your hair and delving his tongue into your mouth, pressing it against yours, both of your eyes closed. It was as if moving in slow motion, floating through space, drifting underwater, blowing in the breeze. Each movement and touch was so graceful and careful.

“I missed you so much,” you mumbled against his lips. It was like falling through tufts of clouds, everything so soft and sweet and quiet and calming. His hands slid underneath your shirt and you hummed softly as he pulled it up over your head, tugging it gently off of your arms, tossing it to the ground. You then took it as your cue to slip your hands underneath his shirt, closing your eyes and sighing at the feeling of his abs underneath your palms, your skin sliding against his chest, his toned muscles making a small smile tug at the edges of your lips, then finding the hem of his shirt and helping him pull it up and off as well. You began to place kisses on his lips, his neck, his chest, his stomach, then slid down between his legs, glancing up to watch his face, eyes half lidded and biting down on his lower lip as you dipped your fingers into the waistband of his shorts, slowly sliding it off his body.

“God baby,” he inhaled a sharp breath as you tugged them off, then groped him carefully through the fabric of his boxers, eliciting a moan from his lips. “I love that.”

“Yeah?” you couldn’t help but smirk. You took his boxers and slid them off his body, letting his erection spring free, then instantly kissing his head, pressing your tongue against his slit, taking him into your mouth, only making his moans grow louder, his fingers softly tousling your hair as you took him deeper and deeper.

“Mm that feels so good,” he hummed. You began to bob your head up and down, lips working down his shaft, hands on his hips, closing your eyes and loving the taste of him in your mouth. You felt him tense, a choked sigh get caught in his throat, and you knew he was close. You started swirling your tongue around his shaft. “Fuck-” as he came he lost control of his body, warm liquid pouring into your mouth and dribbling down your throat, you sucking him off and getting every drop, praise falling from his lips. You climbed back on top of him, about to place his lips on his when you both heard something you were definitely not expecting. A knock on the door.

“Holy shit,” your eyes went wide and you backed away from him, hopping off the couch and fumbling for your shirt. Josh instantly stood up and tugged up his boxers and shorts, then raced towards the door, glancing back to make sure you were fully dressed before opening it up. You nervously gulped down your nerves and gave a hesitant smile as Jenna and Tyler entered the tour bus.

“I thought I was going to freeze out there! You took forever to open the door, Josh!” Tyler teased. “Gosh, what were you doing? Up to no good I bet.”

“Just dozed off on the sofa,” he lied. “We’re a bit sleepy.”

“You can always turn in for the night if you want,” Jenna suggested. “We don’t mind a couple snorers. I think me and Ty are going to start up a movie though.”

“Oh okay,” you glanced at Josh, hoping to get across the point that you were still turned on beyond belief. You were aching to have his cock inside you, especially after that great blowjob, and all this time you had been away from him. Plus, you were already soaking wet. “Want to head to bed, Josh?” You were desperate for him to pick up on the hint.

“I don’t know, a movie sounds like fun, right?” he asked. A little part of you died on the inside.

“Maybe…” you drew out the word, still hoping he’d figure out what you were going for.

“Come on,” he insisted. “It’ll be fun.”

“Fine,” you complied, taking a deep breath and reassuring yourself that he must have something planned for later. He wouldn’t just leave you hanging like that, right?

It was at least a half an hour later, Jenna and Tyler curled up on one side of the couch, you and Josh on the other. Each couple had their own blanket, arms wrapped around each other, eyes on the screen. Tyler had popped in some latest hit blockbuster everyone had been talking about, and everyone had their gaze glued on the screen except for you. All you could think about was the ever growing wetness between your legs and how much you wished you could just fuck Josh right now. You could barely even stare at the television you were so distracted. You were leaning against Josh, his arms wrapped around your waist, both of you underneath the blanket when the idea came into your mind. You slid your hand down to meet his, your palm on top of his wrist, helping him gravitate towards where you needed his touch. Maybe if you could just get a little bit, he just fingered you nice and slow and you were subtle and quiet, Jenna and Tyler didn’t even have to find out. You slowly moved Josh’s hand towards your thigh and he glanced at you strangely. “Please?” you mouthed, inaudible, pleading eyes. He glanced at you, glaring, half annoyed half disgusted that you would even think it would be appropriate, then returned his attention to the movie. A bit hurt and offended, you tried again, urging his hand to push just a bit father, which really reeled in his attention, him turning his head towards you and full on glaring this time.

“Cut it out,” he muttered, wresting his hand away from your grip and then looking back at the movie. He glanced out the side of his eye at Jenna and Tyler, who didn’t seem to notice the small spectacle, and then shifted his gaze back to the screen.

“Josh,” you barely whined. You couldn’t help it. Your fingers snuck back to find his palm when he gave a menacing glare at you again, then leaned close to your ear.

“I told you to cut it out,” he hissed. “Look, this is not appropriate. Jenna and Tyler were kind enough to offer us to spend time with them, and this is what you’re going to do?”

You bit down hard on your tongue, so hard it began to bleed. Josh had never spoken to you like that before, or even looked at you with that kind of glance, a menacing glare you couldn’t even seem to pry out of your mind. Maybe he was right. You were the problem. Tears started to form in your eyes and Josh glanced at Jenna and Tyler again, who this time looked back, definitely picking up on the vibe. “Uh, something wrong?” Tyler wondered.

“No, we’re fine,” Josh reassured.

“I just need to use the restroom. It’s no big deal,” you insisted, pushing the blanket aside and getting up from your seat, walking out of the room and not even daring to look back. You assumed Josh would go after you, or at least you hoped he would, but nothing. Instead, you locked yourself in the bathroom, then sunk to the ground, tears falling down your cheeks.

You were right. Coming here was a bad decision. You felt miserable. That’s when there was a knock on the door, and you wiped your tears, getting up and opening up the door. Of course it was Josh. “Hey,” his voice was a lot softer. “Look, I’m sorry baby.”

“It’s fine,” you sniffled, still wiping a tear from your cheek. “I was just, not thinking right I guess.”

“No, it was me,” he insisted. “I was being selfish and stupid, I didn’t know they were coming, I promise we’ll sort this out. I wasn’t being considerate and after-” You shushed him with a kiss, pulling him into the bathroom and kicking the door shut with your foot, tangling your fingers into his hair and knocking off his snapback, slipping your tongue into his mouth. You were going so fast, spinning around and around, reckless and desperate, when Josh slowed you. He pulled away, rubbing small circles on your back, bringing you to a slow stop, as if reeling you back into reality. It was as if he was flashing a yield sign in your face, warning you to slow down, to take it easy, to relax. You took a deep breath, looking up into his cocoa eyes before kissing him again. This time it was how he liked it. Slow, soft, sweet, just right.

“I-I’m sorry,” you stammered softly when you pulled away and he began kissing your neck.

“Shhh don’t apologize,” he mumbled. “Just tell me what you want, babe. I want to make you feel good.”

“Just something quick,” you nodded slowly. He picked you up carefully and sat you on the edge of the bathroom counter, placing a kiss to your forehead. You closed your eyes tight. “I don’t care, I just want you Josh. I miss you so much and I-”

“I know,” he shushed. He placed his lips to yours and tugged down your sweatpants, rubbing you through your panties. You were still wet from earlier, and now twice as soaked. “So beautiful.” He put his lips on your neck and slid your panties down to your thighs, running his fingers up and down your folds before pushing one in, making you gasp.

“Fuck,” you sighed, holding onto his shoulders as he began to pump in and out, then adding another one and making you moan.

“Not too loud,” he reminded. He moved them in and out slowly, then pressed his thumb to your clit, starting to rub in small circles, causing you to hum softly, so fucking close. He went faster, his fingers picking up the pace, thumb rolling over your clit until you came, barely able to keep from moaning his name for the entire bus to hear, your walls clenching around his fingers and wetness seeping from your folds.

“Holy shit,” you muffled yours moans into the crook of his neck and listened to him whisper praises for you as he pulled his fingers away. He placed them in his mouth and hummed for a moment, then glanced back at you.

“Miss me?” he whispered.

“Most definitely,” you chuckled. You pulled him close and kissed him again, everything pastel colors and flower petals and honey lemon, beautiful and simple and perfect.

“Come on, sweetheart,” he gave a small smile, helping you off the counter and sliding up your panties and sweatpants. “I think we might have a little bit more of the movie left.”

He took your hand in his and guided you back outside, Tyler and Jenna not seeming to notice or care that much, which you were thankful for. Josh let you lean on him, his arm around your waist, blanket wrapped around the two of you, television glowing bright within the dark room. You placed your ear up to his chest, closing your eyes, tuning out all the sounds except for the steady rhythm of his heartbeat, slowly lulling you to sleep.

Not Who I Seem - Joshua Fluff

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Request: hello! may I make a joshua request? in which he sings the song “introducing me from camp rock to the reader/his crush? thank you! have a nice day

Word Count: 1066


Member/Group: Joshua of SEVENTEEN

A/N: Okay, I totally forgot this song existed but when I searched it up and re-listened to the song, I really could see Joshua singing this song. For my fellow disney-kids from the 2000′s, I hope ya’ll enjoy this!xx

 The school bell ring, signaling the end of another long and tiring school day. You stepped onto the concrete sidewalk to begin your walk home, when you suddenly heard footsteps behind you. As somebody who was a young teenager that was well informed about stranger danger as a child, you spun around and pulled a large can of pepper spray out of your bag. The stranger yelped, but then you realized who it was: Joshua Hong.

 “YOU ASSHOLE. Why did you feel the need to scare me? We aren’t even friends…” Joshua nervously scratched the back of his neck as he avoided your eyes.

 “Um… I just wanted to ask you if you could come to that cafe near main street and help me study. I mean, you don’t have to, but I would really appreciate it considering how smart you-”

 “Yes. Just please, stop rambling. Let’s go.” You confidently stepped towards the cafe, utterly unaware of Joshua’s now scarlet cheeks.

 “So if Y=X squared, it’s a quadratic equation?”

 “Yeah, Josh… Why did you even ask me to come here if you know what you’re doing?” 

 “I thought it would be harder, plus I hate studying alone.” The boy’s response was clearly just an excuse, but you didn’t let him know you knew that.

 “Since we are done now, do you wanna go to the park?”

 “I HAVE A LIFE TOO. But fine, I’ll go…” Joshua got up from his chair and went to pay for your drinks as you gathered all of the school supplies that were scattered across the small table. When he came back, he grabbed his guitar case from under one of the chairs and led you out of small building.

 “So… How’s life?” You stared up at Joshua, and attempted to formulate a response in your head.

 “It kinda sucks right now. My parents are still in America for a business trip, and I have had nobody else to talk to except for my dog for the past six months. What about you?”

 “Well, I’m pretty good right now. Besides exam season coming up, the most stress I’ve felt lately was deciding whether I want Cheerios or Fruit Loops in the morning.” You couldn’t help the chortle that escaped your mouth, which in turn caused Joshua to burst into peals of laughter. 

 By the time you both stopped laughing, you had reached a pretty remote part of the park. You were about to sit on the grass when Joshua pulled a small blanket out of his backpack and laid it on the ground.

 “Did you plan this? Are you about to murder me and dump me in the woods or something?” Joshua wildly shook his head and gave you a strange look.

 “No, I come here a bunch to play the guitar. That’s why I keep this blanket with me.” More excuses.

 “Well, Mr. Guitar Man, why don’t you play me something? Make up a song about anything and let me hear what you sound like.” He thought hard for a few seconds before opening his guitar case and beginning to strum out the melodious chords.

I’m, I’m good at wasting time
I think lyrics need to rhyme
And you’re not asking
But I’m trying to grow a mustache

 A giggle escaped your mouth, but Joshua just smiled and continued playing.

I eat cheese, but only on pizza, please
And sometimes on a homemade quesadilla
Otherwise it smells like feet to me
And I, I really like it when the moon looks like a toenail
And I love you when you say my name

 Suddenly, you began to realize what he was singing about. A rosy blush crawled across your cheeks, and you began to get anxious.

If you wanna know
Here it goes
Gonna tell you this
The part of me that shows if you’re close
Gonna let you see everything
But remember that you asked for it
I’ll try to do my best to impress
But it’s easier to let you take a guess at the rest
But you wanna hear what lives in my brain
My heart, will you ask for it, for your perusing?
At times confusing, slightly amusing
Introducing me

 He winked at you, and you let out another awkward giggle.

I never trust a dog to watch my food
And I like to use to the word "dude”
As a noun, or an adverb, or an adjective
And I’ve never really been into cars
I like really cool guitars and superheroes
And checks with lots of zeros on ‘em
I love the sound of violins
And making someone smile

If you wanna know
Here it goes
Gonna tell you this
The part of me that shows if you’re close
Gonna let you see everything
But remember that you asked for it
I’ll try to do my best to impress
But it’s easier to let you take a guess at the rest
But you wanna hear what lives in my brain
And my heart, will you ask for it, for your perusing?
At times confusing, possibly amusing
Introducing me

 “Joshua, oh my gosh, stop it!” He simply chuckled and continued.

Well, you probably know more than you ever wanted to
So be careful when you ask next time

So if you wanna know
Here it goes
Gonna tell you this
The part of me that shows if you’re close
Gonna let you see everything
But remember that you asked for it
I’ll try to do my best to impress
But it’s easier to let you take a guess at the rest
But you wanna hear what lives in my brain
And my heart, will you ask for it, for your perusing?
At times confusing, hopefully amusing
Introducing me

 As his fingers crossed the neck of the guitar one last time, you began clapping. He jokingly took a bow before tucking his guitar back in his case.

 “Josh… are you trying to ask me what I think you are?” He nodded, and slipped his hand in yours.

 “I really like you a lot… would you maybe consider going out with me?” You nodded, and leaned up to plant a kiss on his cheek.

 “Maybe next time, I’ll let you get to know me a little bit better as well.”


Warnings: Implied smut, fluffy stuff, cute Dean

It’s been two days since the boys went on a hunt in Indiana, I would have gone but my lovely boyfriend, Dean, said “(Y/N), it’s a dangerous hunt and you would be a big help with research,” so naturally I rolled my eyes and huffed and told them I was one phone call away if they needed me. Despite our issues I still loved him and decided to let it go, it wasn’t like I’ve never killed a monster or anything, I mean Dean has clearly seen me hack off some Vamps head before and I have seen Sam and Dean kill just about everything. But I was secretly happy that they left me at the bunker so I could finally have some alone time without hearing the boys bicker about the music on the radio and where to eat.

Within the two days of the guys being gone, I had actually gotten a lot of stuff done around here. I did both Dean and I’s laundry and put it away, I went grocery shopping, and today I just decided to clean up around the bunker. While I was cleaning up the bunker I pulled out my bluetooth speaker and of course, blared my music the loudest I could. After a while I was so into cleaning and dancing, that I was using the broom as my microphone I didn’t notice the boys walk into the library. And as soon as the ending to Renegade by Styx came I heard clapping, I turned around and bowed, obviously embarrassed but I gave my all into that performance.

“How was the hunt?” I said to the Winchester boys. Dean just took a swig out of his beer and Sam looked at me, “It was difficult in the beginning but everything worked out pretty well.” I nodded and after a bit of talking Sam said he was tired and was gonna head to his room. I got up and walked over to my boyfriend who was still sitting on the opposite side of the table and sat in his lap, draping my hands over his shoulders.

“(Y/N) is this your way of seducing me? Because if it is, it’s working.” Dean leaned in kissing me gently. “No you jackass, I just missed you. I also have to go finish mopping the floor but if you want you can watch me make a fool of myself singing again.” Dean nodded and I got up from his lap and went to get the mop and also turn on my music. When I turned my music on Issues by Julia Michaels came on and I started to mop the floor, Dean just stood at the doorway watching me while eating an apple. I’m jealous, I’m over zealous… I sang loudly into the mop and swirling the thing around as I finished mopping.

Before I knew it Dean pulled the mop out of my hand while using one hand to grab my waist. As soon as he sat the mop down he pulled me into his arms and playfully spun me around. Got hands like an ocean, push you out, pull you back in… I lightly pushed Dean away and pulled him back in by his flannel as I sang the song to him, Cause I got issues but you got ‘em too so give 'em all to me and I’ll give mine to you bask in the glory of all our problems 'cause we got the kind of love It takes to solve 'em… As the song ended Dean pushed back my hair and cupped my face with his hand and kissed me passionately, while I pulled him closer to me he moved his hands to my waist and picked me up dragging us to our shared room.

“(Y/N), I love you you know that right?” I looked up towards his emerald eyes, “Of course babe,” Dean smiled, eyes crinkling and he looked at me in the eyes as he sat me down placing my feet back on the floor. “I want you to know that despite all my issues you’ve been there for me and I really appreciate the love you show me,” “Dean are you about to breakup with me?” I joked. “What? Oh god no, I’m just letting you know that I love the fact that you don’t judge me based on my issues baby and that I love you so much.” I looked at Dean shocked. “Dean I love you too and who am I to judge you based off of your issues? Especially when you accept all of mine? Plus one of my biggest issues is that I need you.” He grabbed my hand, “Well let me show you had bad I need you.” 

After Dean had passionately showed me how much he loved me, I laid there tangled up with one person I wanted to be with at the end of each day. Dean wrapped his hand around me as I tucked myself into his chest, legs completely intertwined. “I love you Dean Winchester,” I said while tracing his Anti-possession tattoo. “I love you too (Y/N)(Y/L/N),” he said tiredly said kissing the top of my head. 

anonymous asked:

Furuta in this chapter or nah?

Yep he does. Here’s the scene with him so far.

[Main HQ]

The situation at the HQ calms down and Furuta gets surrounded by clapping and cheering. He bows but it’s shown that he’s wearing a very sly expression.

#183 - For Evangeline & anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “reader is a theatre actress and van and the guys help rehearse?” and “y/n is obsessed with like theatre and musicals so Van takes her out to see a new production and it turns out to be shockingly bad and they leave before it’s even finished and van feels really bad about ruining y/n’s night but she just finds the whole situation rlly funny??”

Note: A hugggggeeeee shoutout and thanks to @you-andthebottlemen for helping me brainstorm ideas. This fic is partly you, and is very much dedicated to you. 

The West End was alive and buzzing, even at that late hour. You stepped off the bus and made your way down back alleys to the artist entrance of the theatre you would perform at the next night. The roller door where stage equipment was transported through was up, and people were loading musical instruments into a van.

Security tried to stop you from entering, but you showed them your set of keys and identification. “Sorry, love. Thought you were one of them fans,” he said as he let you through. 

A band had played the theatre that night. If the instruments weren’t a dead giveaway, the streets peppered with kids in matching merchandise was. Backstage was lit up and voices were yelling back and forth. You tried to snake through the hallways unnoticed, heading towards the stage for a last minute solo rehearsal in lieu of sleep. 

“Hey! You ain’t meant to be back here!” a voice called as you passed a room with an open door. A boy followed you down the hallway. You turned around but continued to walk backwards. 

“I am," 

"I don’t know you, but,” he said with a grin. 

“Doesn’t mean I don’t belong,” you replied. 

“What ya doin’ then?” The boy was drunk, but happily so. His hair had that beachy wave to it, like it had dried while wet with sea water. It was probably sweat though; he wasn the band then. You shrugged in reply and turned back around to keep walking. “You going out to the stage? Are you an actor?" 

"Van! Where you going, mate?!” someone called from down the hallway. Van stopped to yell back. 

“There’s a dead cute girl here. Won’t tell me who she is!" 

"Leave her be then, ya fuck!" 

Van laughed, but you’d turned a corner before he could say anything more to you. 

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A/N: This is going to be a good one. I saw the prompt somewhere and decided to try it out! Hope y'all like it! Constructive criticism welcomed!

Word Count: 823

Pairing: Oak x Reader

Warnings: I think like one curse word. Thus is just some big FLUFF.


You had just came back from a sweaty jog and your clothes were sticking to you like white on rice. You fed your dog and headed to the bathroom to start your shower.

You plugged your iPod up to your speaker and scrolled through your music. You finally picked No Air by Jordan Sparks ft. Chris Brown. The water was finally the right tempature and you jumped in. The song started and you got captured by the lyrics.

“If I should die before I wake. It’s cause you took my breath away. Losing you is like living in a world with no air, oh.” You sang the verse with ease. You opened your mouth to sing the next part only to be shocked by the voice on the other side of the wall.

“I’m here alone, didn’t want to leave. My heart won’t move, it’s incomplete. Wish there was a way to make you understand.” The voice sang. All you could do was have your mouth open like a fish out of water. You quickly shut it and did the next verse.

“But how do you expect me, to live alone with just me? ‘Cause my world revolves around you. It’s so hard for me to breathe.” You sang. You had never heard the person’s voice before. From the sound of it, it was probably a man.

“Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air. Can’t live, can’t breathe without no air. That’s how I feel when you ain’t there. It’s no air, no air. ” Decently a man’s. “ Got me out here in a water, so deep. Tell me how you gonna be with out me. If you ain’t here, I just can’t breathe. It’s no air, no air. No air, air, oh. No air, air, no. No air, air, oh. No air, air.”

“I walked, I ran, I jumped, I flew. Right off the ground to float to you. There’s no ground to hold me down for real.” The voice sounded deep, but it had emotion to it.

“ But somehow I’m still alive inside. You took my breath but I survived. I don’t know how but I don’t even care.” You matched his emotion as you washed out your shampoo.

“So how do you expect me, to live with just me? ‘Cause my world revolves around you. It’s so hard for me to breathe.” You sang in unison. The voice made you have goosebumps. They quickly faded away with the warm water.

“ Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe no air. Can’t live, can’t breathe with no air. That’s how I feel whenever you ain’t there. It’s no air, no air. Got me out here in a water, so deep. Tell me how you gonna be without me, yeah. If you ain’t here, I just can’t breathe. It’s no air, no air. No air, air, oh. No air, air no. No air, air oh. No air, air.” Harmony is a thing this boy knew how to do. He has power in his voice, but it fades away when it become a duet.

“No more. Baby, oh. It’s no air, no air. Hey, no air. Oh.” You washed out your conditioner and grabbed your rag. “ Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air. Can’t live, can’t breathe with no air. That’s how I feel when you ain’t there. It no air, no air. Got me out here in a water, so deep. Tell me how you gonna be with out me? If you ain’t here, I just can’t breathe. Its no air, no air. No air, air oh. No air, air no. 'Cause my world evolves around you, it’s so hard for me to breathe. Hard for me to breathe. Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air. Can’t live, can’t breathe with no air. That’s how feel when you ain’t there. It’s no air, no air.”

“Got me out in the water, so deep. ” You sang. You were almost done in the shower.

“ Tell me how you gonna be without me?”

“ If you ain’t here, I just can’t breathe. It’s no air, no air. No air, air, oh. No air, air no. No air, air, no air. No air.” You sang out the last note turning off your shower. You heard applause from the wall and smiled. You clapped and bowed, even though he couldn’t see you.

This happened many more times after. A new song every time. It was kinda rare that you both got in at the same time, but it became a schedule. You both got in at either 6:30am or 8:00pm. Unusual, yes, but creepy, no.

You fumbled with your keys as you put your shoes on. You lost them this morning which led to a scavenger hunt. You got your shoes on and your keys in your purse, ready to go. The door locked on your way out of the apartment. A tune you heard this morning came out of your mouth until you bumped into something.

“It’s you.” Said a voice. You looked up to a man with dark skin and a beanie on his head. You tilted your head unitil he finished your tune and you eyes widened.

“Oh my gosh. Your the voice.” You said with shock on your face. He laughed as he scratched the back of his neck.

“You said that like its a bad thing.” He blushed. You quickly got over your shock and waved your hands.

“No, no!” You said and nervously laughed. Silence filled the air as you both stood there awkward. Their was no tension, just nervousness. It was broken when he opened his mouth.

“ Wanna hang out sometime?” He did looking at you. He was scared you would say no and calls him a creep. “O-only if you want to?” You giggled at that and his blush darkened.

“Yea. Hand me your phone.” You said holding out your hand. He quickly pulled out his phone and put it in your outstretched hand. You quickly typed the numbers in and handed it back. “See you later!” You called and walked towards the elevator. You had a feeling more duets were to come.

Karaoke & Cuddles (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hi guys!! I’m sorry this took a while to post but I hope you like it, anon!! I also hoped it was like your dream? Haha I know it won’t be the same but yeah, I hope it’s what you wanted. I kinda had fun writing this😊Anyways, enjoy!!

Request: Oh I had a funny dream and I thought I’d make a request for it :) You are an Agent (like Maria Hill) and also Natasha’s best friend. One time all the Avengers make a small Party and you’re invited too. Later that evening you end up having a karaoke contest and you get paired with Bucky for a Duo. It’s a funny evening and later you fall asleep on their Couch when Buck Plays with your hair and he decides to sleep with you on the Sofa after everyone left :) Idk if you like it :)

“Hey, Y/N, are you just going to continue staring or are you going to pick out an outfit?” Nat asked as she laid on your bed, scrolling through her phone as she glanced up at you staring at your clothes in the closet, a frown on your face.

“Is a dress too much or should I just wear jeans?” You asked as you turned to look at your best friend.

“Just wear whatever you’re comfortable with, it’s just the team anyways.” Nat sat up, shrugging.

You sighed. “I don’t even know why you invited me, I’m not even part of the team. I’m just a normal agent.”

“But you’re my best friend, I would never leave you out for these kind of things,” Nat said, putting her phone down. “Besides, everyone loves you, especially a certain someone.”

You rolled your eyes as you put the dress back, grabbing a shirt to go with your jeans. “Ha ha, you’re hilarious, Nat.”

“Admit it, you want to see him too.” Nat smirked as you gave her a look and took off the shirt and shorts you were wearing now to put on the outfit you picked out.

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Dawon - Find You.

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

Series: Find You.

Title: Where Are You? (Part ½)

Pairing: Dawon x Female Reader (ft. Baro and Inseong)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Implies rape (the actual act does not happen), Violence, Cussing

A/N: Please let me know what you think!! Part two is already in the works/almost done and I will be releasing it not too far from now. I wanted to read at least one thing about Dawon that doesn’t describe him as “extra”, but I ended up writing one instead. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed the times that he’s very quiet and serious. I hope you enjoy and that it satisfies all your angsty needs!!

“Alright, great work everyone,” SF9’s choreographer says with a soft bow and some hollow claps. His bow is returned by the 9 other bodies in the room, the ones that had danced until the room was foggy and their breath shaky. They fall to the floor one by one in exhaustion, and Youngbin begins passing out water bottles as they try to slow their breathing and heart rates. Letting the water refresh them, they gradually start talking about mix of things amongst themselves, ranging from the routine they just learned to who’s gonna shower first. Dawon only somewhat contributes to the conversation as he has other things running through his head, mainly the fight. 

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#143 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “Going to the beach with Van and going in the arcades and eating ice cream and taking loads of pictures and flUFF” and “a fic about how van would celebrate your birthday?? i feel like he’d go all out and be the romantic bastard he is”

Note: And as promised, Van watching you do regular makeup. I told you it would happen! Also, I have done a carnival date before - click here. Therefore, this one deviates from the prompt just a little.

Nothing good could come of Van McCann keeping secrets. Firstly, he was horrible at it. Secondly, what could he possibly have to hide? You watched in suspicion as he held phone conversations behind closed doors and hesitated before answering questions about your birthday. Obviously then, he was up to something. If you had asked him outright, he would have shifted from foot to foot, unable to stand still. He’d not make eye contact, grin away, and shrug before changing the subject. Instead of that, you let him have his secret, and hoped that if it did have something to do with your birthday, that it would be lowkey.

It was two weeks before your birthday when he started to ask you what you wanted to do. “Nothing,” you replied, like you always did. He threw his head back dramatically.

“Babe! We ain’t doing nothing for your birthday. Birthdays are special. Not everyone gets to be born, you know?”

“What? That doesn't… It’s my birthday, Van. If I don’t want to have a party then we’re not having a party,”

“Didn’t say we had to have a party. Can I just take you somewhere? Just us?”

“Do you swear to fucking God it will just be us?” you asked, warning him with a look on your face that meant business. He smirked and nodded.

“Cross my fuckin’ heart, babe.”

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