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The Masks We Wear (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Okay hello! This is my first imagine! Yay! I’ve worked really hard on it so don’t be afraid to give feedback!
Requested: Nope
Words: 2,557
Warnings: None other than some swearing

Being the new kid isn’t easy, especially when you are judged so fiercely for being yourself. You know the right words to say, the correct outfits to wear, when to smile, when to laugh, and when to disappear. You’ve never been the popular person, but you get along just fine with the façade that you’ve mastered so well it almost feels like you. Almost.
Your first day of school arrives just like the five before, even though the fall semester was already half way done. With your dad in the army you couldn’t blame him for all of the moving, after all your grandfather, great grandfather, and so on, all chose the same life. This move was slightly different though, your dad finally got the promotion that would keep you in one place for the rest of high school. You knew that at this school the mask you wore would need to be convincing enough to help you survive longer than usual.

This new school was bigger than the last, and your sense of direction wasn’t top notch. After the office gave you your timetable you scurried through the hall desperately looking for classroom 27B, and wondered if the office lady thought it would be funny to give you a fake room number. You looked at the doors as you darted around the now empty hallway as everyone had already entered a class. You were startled back to reality as you heard a locker slam behind you. You turned to see a boy walking away from you with leisure towards what you thought might be an exit, but you couldn’t be sure.
“Umm… Excuse me!” you surprised yourself with saying, but the boy only glanced over his shoulder and kept walking.
You dashed towards him this time, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I don’t know where 27B is and I’ve been looking for 15 minutes, and I don’t want to be late on my first day.” This time the boy turned around and looked at you with a mix of boredom and the smallest bit of amusement.
“You’re looking for 27B?” you nodded your head as you glanced at the piece of paper to the rooms around you, back to the boy.
“You’re on the wrong floor,” he said with a little more amusement showing.
“Oh…” the embarrassment evident on your face, “Well I guess that explains why I can’t find it. Anyways, thanks, and I’m y/n”
“Well, thanks, Connor and I’ll see you around? I don’t really know anybody and you’re the only conversation I’ve had with someone at the school who doesn’t work here”
“See you around,” he shrugged “I guess, but I wouldn’t plan on it.”

With that short-lived conversation, you were off to your first class. All the classes seemed to drag on, with teachers mindlessly going on about formulas that you wouldn’t remember in a week. As it does at every school the lunch bell rang, and it was time for what you pictured hell as :a lunchroom. Kids scuttle around trying to find a table that would get the most attention from the people they want to impress, and others take it as time catch up on homework in clusters of others as a form of protection. You on the other hand used this time to find a group that would keep you safe, I mean high school kids are mean. You settled on a group of girls that seemed nice enough and spent your lunch smiling at the right time, laughing when needed, and making the right comments so that the girls at the table said they could tell you would fit right in with them.

The next week was fine enough. You made some friends that you could eat lunch with, gossip about the teacher’s new haircut with and text for help on Algebra homework.  You even decided on trying out for the cheerleading team, which you made. It seemed as if the mask you perfected was working like a dream.
On the Monday of your second week, the girls you ate lunch with were all busy. A few had lunch detention, while others had the weekly student council meeting. With nowhere to go for lunch, you wandered on the lawn by the football field, where you spotted the familiar face of Connor, the boy who you met on your first day. Picking up your pace you walked over to him and sat down across from him and pulled out your lunch.
“What the hell are you doing?” he asked with annoyance rising in him.
“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m about to eat lunch with you,” you replied taking a bite out of your sandwich.
“I know what the fuck you’re doing. Why are you eating here?” he said this time getting angrier. “It might seem like a funny joke to eat with the freak, but this freak prefers to eat alone, so leave.”
The anger in his voice made you jump, but you didn’t get up.
“Why would eating with you be a joke? And I’m not leaving, I don’t have anyone to eat with and this freak likes eating with people,”
“Yeah well have fun by yourself,” he said as he picked his bag up and stomped away. You watched him walk away, the surprise evident on your face. Why had he thought you were trying to be mean? Why was he so defensive? All of these questions rattled in your mind as you walked back to the school building.

After cheer practice, you went with some of the girls to get frozen yogurt just around the block.
“Do you know anything about some kid at school named Connor?” you asked as everyone took a seat.
“Which Connor?” one girl answered.
“Well he’s tall, has long hair, really pretty eyes actually-,”
“You mean psychopath Connor? He’s a total freak. He has some major issues, but his sisters nice. I’d stay away from him if I were you, if people see you near him they might get the wrong idea,” and with that the subject changed to who was the best kisser on the football team.

The next day during lunch you told your friends that you had to do work with a teacher at lunch. Instead, you went back to the lawn from yesterday and sat next to Connor once again.
“Again? Really? I thought I made myself clear,” Connor said as flipped the page in the book he was reading.
“I’m not the best with listening to directions,” you said smiling at him this time.
“Your friends still busy or some shit?”
“No, I just wanted to eat with you,” Connor finally looked up from his book in surprise, but quickly went back to his annoyed face. You two spent the rest of lunch in silence together, him reading, and you eating your sandwich.

The two of you eating lunch together continued. With your persistent talking Connor eventually replied with more than one-word answers, and soon your daily lunch together became something you looked forward to.
“So what about ‘Fahrenheit 451’?”
“Well I did read that one, but only after I watched the movie and had turned in my essay”
“Well fuck, and you still got an A?” you nodded laughing looking at the amazement that had settled on his face.
“I am impressed, that takes real skill to bullshit your way through English class so well,” he said slowly clapping. You dramatically bowed as you walked over to the lawn together. Connor had started waiting for you by the bleachers so you could walk to lunch together, but he denied that he was waiting for you.
“It was a needed skill. Sometimes my family would move and the new teachers would automatically want an essay the next day from a book I’ve never read.”
“Well that sucks,”
“I guess it does, but I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve gotten used to it all,”
“You shouldn’t have to get used to it. Why aren’t you mad at your parents? I would be so fucking furious, and you just smile about it all,” you laughed as he said this while sitting down under a tree.
“I don’t get to be mad. This is what my family does. Besides I would sound so horrible if I got angry at my dad, the man who served three tours in Iraq, the man who risks his life for America,” you said as you pulled large clumps of grass from the ground,
“But sometimes I just want a dad, an actual dad, not some war hero, but someone who tells me to change shorts because they are too short, a dad who says cheesy jokes, not some man who lives in the same house as me, but is a billion miles away because he has no idea who I am.” You started throwing the clumps of grass you had uprooted. You glanced over at Connor who looked conflicted.
“What?” you asked abruptly aware of how loud you had gotten. In an instant Connor suddenly hugged you. His arms were long and lanky around you, but somehow you felt safe. His body smelled like coconut, probably from shampoo, and his heart beat somehow sounded beautiful. He let go of you, a second later, and the hug had felt like a million years and less than a millisecond at the same time. You looked up at him and he was looking anywhere, but your eyes.
“Thanks,” you whispered, “I really needed that.” Connor mumbled out a response along the lines of ‘no –problem’.

After that day you were painfully aware of Connor. You were aware of every step he took and how he kept his hands in his pockets, and scratched at his jeans when he got angry over something small, and how when you made a bad pun he would roll his eyes, but smile slightly. It seemed like all at once everything about Connor was magical and you would count down the minutes until lunch with him, and it seemed Connor was thinking the same thing.
“So I was uhmm-well I was think-no that’s no right,” Connor mumbled about a month and a half after your first lunch together, “I was thinking that we could hang out outside of school.” Connor looked down at you trying to hide the nerves that he felt asking. The nerves were evident on his face though as he watched you reply.
“I’d love to,” you said simply, but the smile on your face said it all. You were ecstatic; finally, you would spend more than the designated time at lunch together.

You and Connor had settled it and decided that you would hang out that Saturday and work on English homework together at your house since Connor said that his parents would be all weird about it. Finally, Saturday arrived, and the nerves you had denied were obvious as you paced your room trying to figure out which shirt to wear knowing they were basically the same shirt. Little did you know that Connor was also pacing his room trying to decide if he should wear a black shirt or grey shirt. Of course, Zoe found this hilarious and Connor, being too nervous to yell, allowed Zoe to help him chose a shirt. They settled on grey, Zoe saying that it showed that he wore more than black.
Connor showed up on time and you couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he was an actual friend, even though you wanted more, but he was somebody who you didn’t feel the need to wear your mask around, with him you could just exist.
“Uhmm, we can go hang out in my room if you want,” you asked motioning towards a hallway.
“Sure, but your parents will be okay with me in your room?” he asked as you opened the door to your room.
“Oh, they don’t really care what I do, and if they did they aren’t ever home to enforce the  rules they have.” With that you sat on your bedroom floor and pulled out your English books, but they were quickly forgotten when you started talking. Within minutes of talking the subject turned to Connor’s family.
“I don’t know. It’s just like I’m the fucking black sheep. I just want them to look at me and not be ashamed of their son,” Connor huffed as you lay side by side on your floor looking at the blank ceiling.
“I’m sure they aren’t ashamed”
“You don’t even know them, you can’t be sure”
“But I know you,” you said pushing yourself into a sitting position.
“What the hell does that mean?”
“It means you are the last person anyone could be ashamed of. You have this wonderful mind that anyone would be lucky to know about, you are the fastest reader I know, you pretend to hate others, but you are so incredibly caring, and you are my favorite person and the only one who knows me.”
Suddenly Connor pushes himself up.
“Bullshit. You have friends and I’m just a pity friend and we both know it,” Connor said. You knew you hit a chord in him. Whenever you said nice things about him he automatically thought it was a lie, no matter how many times you promised it was the truth. It pained you to think that somebody you cared for as much as Connor didn’t know that you did.
“Now that’s bullshit Connor. We both know that it’s fake with everyone, except for you! I put this mask on so I blend in, stay alive, and make it until the next school,” you took a breath and moved closer to Connor as you started speaking again.
“You’re the exception, with you it’s all real. I don’t have to pretend life is okay, or pretend I care about school drama. With you I’m just me, and with me I think you are just you.” Connor stayed silent for a minute after that.
“If we’re being honest and shit right now,” Connor spoke softly, “People don’t like the real me, but for some reason you do, the angry parts and everything, so I guess  don’t need a mask with you.” You looked at Connor and saw how scared he was, of being alone again, of being rejected. You knew that this was truly him without the façade that he had perfected over time.
“Connor,” you spoke softly. He took his gaze off the floor and looked at you. You slowly put your hands on the side of his face and brought your lips to his. He still smelled of coconut, but you were more concentrated on the feeling of his lips on yours. The surprise of you kissing him quickly wore off and he kissed you back as if it were life or death. His chapped lips melted into your and his hands found your waist as he pulled you closer. Too quickly the kiss ended as you both needed air.
“I hope it was okay I kissed you,” you softly laughed.
“It’s more than okay. I hope it’s okay that I don’t want to stop kissing you,” he replied as he went back to your lips for another kiss.

Ayyyy, @tamak0 took like a whole month to do a comic, and I told her that if she managed to finish it before going to sleep I would draw her a Trixie (and a free Skull Bow with it)

Lil fucker somehow did it and well


Btw you should totally check her comic out (and the rest of her stuff too), it ended up hella good! >>>Comic Here<<<

Beginning of Something Amazing

Part 1 (Guess Who’s Back) || Part 2 (It’s Our Turn)

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - By a bunch of people asking for a part 3 of the Guess Who’s Back series. I hope you guys enjoy :)

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – Once returning to Auradon, Harry is trying to fit in with the help of his lover, the daughter of Dr. Facilier.

Warning(s) - swearing, sexual hinting

Originally posted by thomasadoherty

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Rotten to the core ~Harry Hook imagine

A/N: Since I already watched the second Descendants movie I decided to, write this imagine, the way it was send first. I really liked that fic, and how things went in this story. It would be really great to write part 2 for this, but the decision is yours guys! ^^ I really hope you would like it!

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader, Mal x Sister!Reader

Request by @dizzymemories77Hello I love your imagines,and I was wondering if I could have an imagine where mal and I are sisters and I have a crush on harry hook but he doesn’t see me that way and goes for mal. So when I start hanging out more with Gil harry gets jealous and tries to ask me out,and when we need go meet up for our date I catch harry and mal kissing and I turn running away and you can add more if you need too…

Originally posted by malviex

On the Isle of the Lost it’s very rare to find a villain who has more than one child. Raising and feeding more than one kid was beyond the capabilities and skills of many islanders who never really learned to love. Everyone was surprised that the most terrible and most respected of all the villains-Maleficent gave birth to a daughter. And even more shocking was the fact that little Mal will have a sister.

There wasn’t much age difference between you and Mal, so she never treated you as ‘the younger’. You both turned in the same circle of friends and Evie, Jay and Carlos loved you equally. But as time went on, when all five of you started growing up, Mal’s behavior and her character impressed everyone more. When she dyed all her hair you only colored the ends of them. Her drawings were hanging on the walls in your house, yours landed in the shelves of destroyed cabinets. She was able to use every spell in the book, and your magical abilities were only a matter of making simple potions. You never showed any magical abilities, but your mother hoped they were just somewhere deep inside you. Mal always had what she wanted and if she’d like it, she shared it with you.

Your sister knew almost everything except that almost every afternoon when all your group, you, she, Evie, Jay and Carlos strolled the island and scared the little kids for fun, you were waiting just for the moment when you would go to the bar of Uma. You ordered the cheapest food on the menu and when your friends talked about their business you stared at the handsome pirate who had been turning your head for a while.

Harry Hook won your heart with a smile, courage and extraordinary charisma. And although every time you came to the bar yourself he was asking where your sister and her friends are, you always waited for this question to answer as quickly as possible. That was your secret. Mal didn’t know anything, because for the first time you had something of your own. Something about older sisters didn’t need to know.

Sitting at one of the smallest tables in the bar, you waited until Uma brought your order. Kids rarely recognized you without your sister, so no one bothered you. You sat quietly, occasionally glancing at the door, waiting for Mal. Today you were supposed to eat alone-Carlos and Jay decided to go for a walk through the island, and Evie was at home sewing one of the new outfits for herself.

When you turned to someone’s table for a moment, you heard someone sitting in a chair next to you. Convinced that was Mal, you turned around looking at that person with a smile, but it turned out that that the person who was sitting next to you was Harry Hook.

“Well, well, who do we have here? Our little fairy. Your mother almost  killed me last night, when I broke a few bottles under your house. Do you think she’s still angry?”

Your cheeks flushed red. Harry hooked his silver hook on your hair when he finished talking. “I don’t think she is mad anymore, but you wish you never have to see her mad when she’s waking up in the morning.”

Harry laughed, leaned back on his chair and laid his legs on the table, not caring that you and Mal would eat on this later. He took one of the napkins from the container and started polishing his hook.

“Without your big sister today?” Harry asked as he started playing with a salt shaker standing on your table. “She shouldn’t send you to a place full of pirates. Especially that you are not ugly and you can attract their attention.”

You looked in his eyes and you smiled broadly. “I’m not afraid of any of them. And especially I’m not afraid of you Harry.”

The boy leaned his legs on the floor and, holding his elbows on the countertop,he leaned toward you, staring with his blue eyes straight at yours [y/e/c] ones. He didn’t smile anymore, he just watched your cheeks grow darker.

“Even now?” He asked quietly. He didn’t blinked and didn’t turned his head until all the people in the bar turned their bodies to the door that cracked loudly. Mal was standing in the entrance in her purple jacket, which she was about to unzip and hang on the hanger. The place was quiet and the only sound came from the television.

“What are you looking at? Your not hungry anymore?” She said loudly, causing all the pirates to turn back to their tables and start talking to each other. Harry straightened up, no longer interested in you. At the moment when Mal appeared next to him, you were just an addition that don’t need attention.

“With all due respect Hook, could you please leave my sister alone and go to the bar, where is your place?” Mal asked, smiling at him ironically. Harry walked over to her slowly, pretending that he didn’t see his friends glancing at them. All your muscles became stiff and your hands clenched. You have been trying very hard not to let them know how hurt you are that the boy so quickly ceased to interest in you.

“It will be a honor for me. I will do it just because I have the best view of your table from that place.” After the Hook speech, the boys began to whistle and clap. He quickly bowed to the audience and then smiled mischievously at Mal.

“You can always stare. But don’t count on anything else. The only reason I’m here is not you, Harry. I care only about decent food. Right Uma!?” Mal shouted loudly so that the girl could hear her. Uma clenched her jaw tightly, tied her apron tight and holding two trays she muttered “Yes madame.”

The girl approached your table. You might have noticed that she wasn’t happy with the presence of your sister at her place. You rarely talked to Uma, but if you did, only when you received your order, and despite the fact that she was still Mal ’s rival, you have nothing against Ursula’s daughter. The girl placed two plates on the table, but she didn’t return to the kitchen. Looking at you she noticed your clenched fists and teary eyes. “Get used to it, honey,” she whispered, leaning toward you. “As far as I know, Harry is not going to let her go so quickly.”

You spent the next hours wondering about Uma’s words. You knew Harry was interested in your sister, but you always hoped it was nothing serious. You didn’t know if you wanted to go back to the bar and listen again as he asks you questions about Mal.

But it turned out that you had to return there much earlier than you thought. For most of the dinner you were silent, listening to Mal’s stories and when you both were out you were so thoughtful that you forgot your violet jacket. You returned quickly, hoping that Uma had not closed the local and that she would’t give anyone your property for sale. You quickly reached the door and opened it wide.

The place was empty, only Uma was spinning around the room wiping the tables. “It’s closed.” she murmured, looking reluctantly toward you. “Yes, I know. I only came for the jacket I left in my chair. If no one had taken it already. It’s …” “I know.” Uma interrupted you. “Purple. Just like all your clothes.” You ignored her comment, and the girl straightened up, and shouted “Harry you heard! Give it to her!”

Harry appeared in the kitchen door with your jacket in his hands. “Here it is, little fairy. All yours.” You murmured quiet 'thanks’, but when you wanted to reach for your jacket, Harry pulled it up so you couldn’t reach it. You jumped around the boy trying to take your jacket, while Uma just rolled her eyes on you two. “Hook, I’m serious, give it back.”

“But I’m serious too. And no, I’m not going to give it back to you, "he said, laughing at your efforts. "At least until tomorrow.”

“What do you mean by tomorrow?” You asked, stopping jumping. “I mean, my dear, I’m going to invite you somewhere. I will not be too original, but we certainly will not spend time here, where we see each other almost every day. But what about the old port? Almost no one is around there since ships stopped sailing, so no one will bother us.” Harry smiled gently, hooking up your hair again with his hook. “So?”

You couldn’t believe it was happening. Just a few minutes ago you wondered if it would be better to stop being interested in him, since he was into Mal-but it was you who was invited by him for a date, not her, right?

You smiled at the boy, not worried that Uma was probably embarrassed. You grabbed his silver hook and answered. “Damn you, Hook. I will come. But I hope to regain my property.”

“You’re gonna get a lot more,” Harry replied, then winked at you as you walked out of the bulding, beating your way home fast. You were sure that tonight you wouldn’t be able to sleep, because your thoughts were still going to one pirate.

The next day in the evening you were not able to sit in one place. You counted minutes and even seconds to meet, walking back and forth. You wanted to scream for joy, to say what was going to happen to anyone today, but you couldn’t. You wanted to say after that special date, when everything hopefully will go right.

Carlos listened to music all day, Jay was stealing at the market and Evie spent her time in front of the mirror. Mal wasn’t at home, but maybe she painted more graffiti on the walls of the buldings. None of them noticed how nervous you were, until there was so little time left that you wanted to run through the door as quickly as possible. Evie glanced at you and she saw that you were still looking at the broken watch. “Everything is okay, little Mal?” You shuddered when you heard a long-forgotten nickname. “You know, you look like someone caught you on the murder. Something happened?”

“I’m alright, Evie.” You replied, smiling at her. “Although… no, I’m not. In a moment I can either float with happiness, or I will make a fool of myself and destroy everything that can go well.

"If you don’t tell me what’s going on, I don’t know if I can help you.” The girl stand up from her seat, holding her magical mirror in her hand. “Believe me, if everything would be amazing, you and Mal will be the first to know everything. I swear. But not now.”

Evie’s eyes sparkled with curiosity but she didn’t asked you more questions. Instead, she stood behind you and pulled her little mirror infront of you so you could see yourself in it. “No matter what happens today and what is happening in your crazy head- just know that you will never make a fool of yourself. Because you are one of us. You are the daughter of Maleficent. You are rotten to the core. And that is enough to be unique.”

You turned to the girl and hugged her tight. Evie squealed, but she wrapped her arms around your shoulders. You glanced at the clock on the wall and your eyes stared out. “I have to go.” Evie hurriedly let you go and you ran out of the house hearing that the girl was wishing you good luck.

You walked down the dirty streets looking up at the sky, which was covered with the dark, rainy clouds. You just hoped it would not rain before you got to the right place. You got goosebumps, but you didn’t get your jacket back. Yet. You got to the docks without any problems, so there was nothing left to do but wait for Harry. But he was already there. And unfortunately not alone.

Harry held your sister in his arms. He hugged his silver hook on her hair-exactly as he did with you. You couldn’t look at how close his mouth was to her lips, as Mal didn’t try to resist him. Harry kissed her. Like he had forgotten with who he was supposed to be here today. You tried so hard not to cry and you almost didn’t. You were about to leave with your head up, but you noticed that Mal was wearing your jacket. The one Harry was having fun with. Just like with you.

You started running as fast as possible, wanting to be far away from those two. You were sick because of that you were never good enough for anyone. It was raining, you were shivering from the cold but you didn’t wanted to go home. You stopped by some shop, looking at your reflection in the window. You looked at your eyes and you didn’t felt sad anymore, only angry. You clenched your fists and you were breathing hard. Suddenly, your eyes turned green. To the bright, dark shade of green, the one who took Mal’s eyes in rage, when her magic was the strongest.

Energy filled your whole body. The only thing you thought about is how you can get revenge. Especially at Harry.

Evie said you could do many things and Mal didn’t know what you might be capable of. You are rotten to the core. Right?

GOT7 Reaction to you singing and dancing to one of their songs-

(for anon)


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Mark came home to you dancing along and singing (loudly and very off key) to Moon U. He stayed quiet and watched you from the door way, silently laughing and falling deeper in love with you.


Originally posted by gsvnrewind

While you were waiting for Jaebum to get in the car after practice, Firework came on and you couldn’t help but wiggle your body and sing along to it. Jaebum finally came in and you ceased all movements and singing. He only laughed and shook his head. “I got most of that on camera so go ahead and stop then babe.”


Originally posted by got7official

As you were screaming along to Teeanger into your hair brush, Jackson walked in right at his verse and sang even louder than you. Causing you to laugh then clap when he jokingly bowed after his verse was over. 


Originally posted by fuckyeahjinson

You were having a good ol’ time, singing and dancing along to Remember You while cleaning your room but the good times ended when Jinyoung walked in and began to laugh HARD. “You’re coming with me to practice next time cause that was not dancing baby!”


Originally posted by xingiesheep

You Are came on while you were doing your hair in the bathroom in the morning and you absolutely used your straighter as a microphone and shoo your ass a long to the beat. Youngjae was passing by to get into the kitchen when he stopped and stared, beginning to laugh and busting out his phone to take a picture. You chased him around the house, screaming at him to delete it but Youngjae only laughed and posted the video mid run.


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Getting ready for a shower, you danced and sang along to To Me when BamBam came home. You couldn’t hear due to the loud music when the door slammed and BamBam was secretly watching and holding in his laughter. Wondering how he was lucky enough to find someone as adorable as you.


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You were screaming Face as well as dramatically sliding down the wall when Yugyeom walked into the room and noticed you sitting on the floor with a red face from yelling so much and so loud. He began to laugh and shake his head at your silly antics. “So precious babe ahh!”

Intrigue - Part One

Finally the time has come! Part one of my Lafayette series is complete and what perfect timing because it’s Lafayette’s birthday! I’m super excited about starting this new series and I hope you like it! If you want to be tagged in part two please let me know!

Pairing: Lafayette/ Reader

Era: Late 1700s- early 1800s

Word count: 2000ish

Tag Crew: @musicalmoriarty @imagineham @la-frenchiest-frite @tallish-hobbit @thepaddyb @lafislife @drugsdiggs @marquiis-de-la-baguette @imaginebeinghamiltrash @daveedish @americanrevelation @icanneverbesatisfied @getupoffathathang @withthatbitch @jamisahivemind @a-schuylerr @spn-applepie-imagines @spilledkauffie @cupofkauffie @crazypurplebananas @hanakatsumi @sunshinelafayette @secretschuylersister @patron-saintof-sluts @parksxo @mysterywriter36 @librarychild @shamagangster @okierieteonaodowan-vevo @midnightokieriete

“Don’t look so sullen (Y/N),” your father chastised.

“I’m not sullen Father. I just don’t see why I have to go to the party. It’s terribly boring and all of the men…”

“Enough! You are my only daughter and it is your obligation to go to this party. We are personally invited every year by Monsieur Deforest and I will not tolerate you insulting our host.”

“But Father…” You tried to argue.

“I won’t hear another word (Y/N),” your father interrupted, “Please just try to have a good time and maybe you will catch someone’s eye. Do you like the new dress I brought you back from Paris?

“It’s lovely,” you said quietly as you smoothed your skirt.

“You look like your mother with your hair done like that. Go on now mon cher, you don’t want to be late,” he said with a loving smile.

The Deforest family was the wealthiest family in your town. Their winter ball was something everyone looked forward too as soon as the seasons began to change. There was music, dancing, good food, and everyone who was anyone was invited. You frown as you walked up into the entry way of their mansion. It was no secret to you that your father was hoping that you would find a suitable man at one of these parties and he had taken it upon himself to make sure you attended every single one. It was exhausting to say the least. In a small town such as this there were vary few bachelors that your father found acceptable and none of them had managed to keep your attention. They didn’t seem to enjoy the fact that you were an educated woman with an opinion.

“Here we go,” you whispered as you walked into the ballroom.

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parted, and never parted || kiribaku week 2017

kiribaku || 4,100 words || sfw || @kiribakuweek2k17

Before going into battle, it’s only proper to make an offering to the god of war. But Kirishima’s run out of things to give. 

space / fantasy au / nightmares

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Dream Team

Taehyung (V) x female reader (part 1), Mafia au
(slight J-hope x reader)

angst, humor?

Warnings: it’s mafia so violence, blood, death, cussing, everything you’d expect from a mafia au

Word Count: 6605

Summary: you audition for the Bangtan gang and the rest is history

Note: I was too lazy to make this into a scenario so i made this instead and got a bit carried away forgive me

PS. since it’s so long it most probably has mistakes i haven’t noticed

part. 2

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  • so you got accepted into an audition for the bangtan gang after your experiences with guns and some small gang activity in the past
  • you had decided you wanted more, you wanted to be in the gang
  • you were good and you liked money so why tf not
  • so
  • all the new trainees are invited to a training hall where they are supposed to audition
  • if you get accepted you’d officially become a trainee for the bangtan gang
  • the training has different steps to test when the trainee is ready to officially join
  • the last step is the final test where the trainees are put into action with their chosen mentors
  • they get to choose one of the three mentors and then be guided by them
  • then the mentors will together decide who will get accepted
  • the ones that don’t will have to continue training
  • you were hoping you’d get through on your first try
  • you were pretty confident in your own skills
  • your specialties being handguns
  • you were a reaaal good shot with them
  • like real good
  • anyways
  • as you get to the training hall, you’re surprised to find out you’re the only girl there
  • so does everyone else
  • they’re like ‘wtf dis chikc doin here’
  • but they don’t know what is about to hit ‘em
  • you stand a good distance away from the other male trainees not expecting anyone to approach you
  • but you can feel them all staring at you and snickering but you stand tall and proud
  • from the corner of your eye you can see one of them starts to approach you
  • but then someone walks into the room and steps next to you, blocking the other guy
  • you mentally thank the guy since he just kindly stands still next to you almost like protectively
  • then the big guys walk in
  • you see the leader, mr. Kim
  • and his son, who is also a part of the clan, to be the next leader, Kim Namjoon
  • along with them walk in the mentors
  • Min Yoongi
  • and Kim Seokjin
  • they were all pretty famous around gangs and very feared for their skills
  • you all bow at them and they start explaining stuff for the audition
  • you learn everyone will take turns and perform in front of everyone
  • you see shooting ranges and all kinds of equipment
  • the mentors encourage everyone to do something where they are their strongest at
  • “ladies first”
  • it takes you a second to realize that’s you
  • so you step forward
  • you hear someone say “don’t shoot the mentors” and snicker
  • so you reply with “i’m about to shoot you” and you know the fucker heard you

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Alpaca Boy Saves the Day ( Im Youngmin )

Author’s Note: I might have gone a little crazy while writing this lol. Please enjoy this extra long writing ^^

Character: Im Youngmin

Genre: Fluffiness

Word Count: 3,579

Summary: College!AU. Your friends force you to go on a group date with them. During the date, you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and when you’re walking back, you run into a group of drunk guys who start to harass you. One of the guys (Youngmin) who was in the group date sees this happening and saves you from the drunkards. 

Requested Scenario!

Originally posted by hitoritabi

It was morning and you were sluggish from staying up finishing assignments for your classes. You got up from your bed doing your usual morning routines so that you didn’t look like hell and looked into the mirror satisfied with your work. Before leaving your apartment, you grabbed all of your things you needed for today’s lectures and headed off for college, locking your door behind you. Since it was still morning, the weather was still cool to where it felt nice on your skin, but you frowned at the thought of it reaching high temperatures later in the day. You arrive at the bus stop, the bus getting there a couple minutes after you do. You recognize a couple of people already in the bus, but they weren’t really acquaintances of yours so you found a seat by yourself and listened to music on the ride there, looking through social media.

Time passes by and the bus stops near the college and you get up to get out of the bus and other college students that were in the bus did as well. Your earbuds were still playing music as you were walking towards the college, nearing the entrance when you felt someone jump on your back. You quickly turned your head to see your friend Yoojung and you pulled out one of your earbuds. “Hi Y/N!!!” she said excitedly and jumped off of your back and started walking beside you. You smile to see your happy friend and pause your music, putting your phone and earbuds back into your bag. “Hey Yoojung. Glad to see you’re still your happy self.” you say and nudge her a little. A voice calls for the two of you from a distance and you both turn to see your other friend Somi running towards you. “Y/N!! Yojung!! Wait for me!!” she yelled, huffing as she ran towards you guys and once she caught up with you, she bent down to catch her breath, holding onto Yoojung’s shoulder. You and Yoojung greet the friend catching her breath and Yojung helps her up with her arm, the three of you heading off to the first class that you have together.

The lecture ends and you sigh, stretching your arms off, popping your back and a little bit of your fingers after sitting and writing for so long. “Y/N are you free tonight?” Somi asks you as you’re putting your stuff back in your bag. “Yeah.. Why?” You were suspicious of what Somi was gonna make you do this time because she always forced you along with her and the rest of the group to go places. “Well I already tried asking other people, but they weren’t free, so I was wondering if you could come on this blind group date with us.” She said with a smile and making that same begging puppy face. You sighed and looked at her with a frown on your face. “Please please please!!!” she begged, clapping her hands together and bowing, waiting for your response. You just rolled your eyes and smacked her head lightly. “Fine.” To be honest, you only agreed to these things to look over her incase she or any of your other friends were to get into any trouble. She quickly lifted her head up ignoring that you hit her and hugged you tightly saying, “Aah thank you!!”

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Truth Or Dare, Losers

Thanks to @steve-hairringtwin and @gazeboseddie for reading this and giving me their opinions. You guys are the

Word Count: 4.1k

Warning: Dares, truths, secret relationships, fun, fluff

The day, so far, had been an adventure for all the losers. It was Stan’s birthday, which was a celebration for the whole group.

They started with gifts. Bev had taken up knitting recently, and made Stanley a kippah with a light blue robin on it. Stanley and Beverly hadn’t gotten on well when she first joined the group, but she had slowly been growing on him. But when Stanley saw what she had made him, thinking about the time she must have spent on it, made him tear up. He pulled Bev into a tight hug, whispering a thank you into her ear. She chuckled and rubbed his back, telling him he was welcome. They had to wait to open the rest because Stanley immediately wanted to put it on.

Once he came back, Stanley finished opening his gifts. Richie handed him a newspaper wrapped package, filled with a stack of comics, including some of Stanley’s favorites, like the Fantastic Four and Hawkman. “I would have gotten you some binoculars, but they’re expensive as hell and I didn’t want them to think I was a fucking pervert. ‘They’re a gift’, even if it’s true, is exactly what a pervert would say,” Richie explained, gesturing and acting out the different parts of his thoughts.

“I’m not sure why you were worried, Richie. People already think you’re a pervert because you’re always talking about Eddie’s mom in perverted ways,” Stanley responded, smirking at his friend.

Richie started to protest, but Bill gave him a look, and he stopped himself. “Fine, it’s your birthday, Stanley, so I’ll save it for later.”

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Growing Together

An unexpected guest arrives in Skyhold, reawakening memories, awakening insecurities, and making quite a turmoil in the Inquisitor’s life.

PART I/ II (Part II here)

Cullen Rutherford X Demetra Trevelyan

“This is ridiculous.” Demetra murmured, rubbing her tired face and looking at two very specific people in the courtyard. Luckily alone on the ramparts, the Inquisitor bit her lip, the taste of her lipstick spreading in her mouth.
One of the two people she was observing tossed her head back, laughing, her hand gracefully leaning against the man’s arm. Demetra wasn’t sure she liked seeing the two of them so close.
Not that she was jealous. Not at all. Why should she?
Cullen was just talking to their new guest in Skyhold. Just talking. A friendly, nice chat in a very open space, under the eyes of other people. It wasn’t as if they were hidden in some alcove, she reasoned, looking at them from the ramparts. The silvery laugh of the woman echoed in all the courtyard again, reaching the Inquisitor herself. And hitting her like a punch in her guts, destroying all her well crafted thoughts.

Elan Surana.

One of the few mages escaped from the massacre of Kinloch, saved by the Hero of Ferelden and her companions. Demetra knew about her, of course, even before she appeared in Skyhold.
One night, chatting while waiting for the sleep to come, Cullen had confessed her about his youthful and impossible infatuation for the mage who was his charge. It hadn’t been a problem, for Demetra. She knew he had a past, and she surely wasn’t going to be jealous of something happened when she wasn’t in his life. She had reassured him with kisses and tender words, happy that their relationship was being built honestly and openly.
Beside, past couldn’t hurt her.

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The Best for Last | Klance circus!au

This is the first time I’m writing in a long time -and the first time I write about Voltron-, so please bear with me if it’s not the best, I tried ;; also, English is not my first language, so if you see any grammar mistakes please point them out and I’ll change it ASAP! Also, thank you to @salamandraimoral​ for letting me use her !au for this, you should go check her amazing art ♥

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Sugar on the Asphalt

bts x reader // fluff, eventual smut // 2776 words


part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5 || part 6.1 6.2

Summary: In which you take Yoongi up on his offer and let him take you out on that date.

Originally posted by enflorescence

Music filled the quaint basement bar, soft chatter dancing between the saxaphone notes effortlessly as people laughed and sipped their drink of choice. There was a homey charisma about the room. Records overflowing bookshelves, instruments packed tightly on a make-shift stage, tables and chairs squeezed wherever they could fit. It reminded you of those American films where the teenagers hung out in some dingy basement listening to rock music, and lounging around on an old beat-up sofa in their chuck taylor’s.  You hadn’t pegged Yoongi to be the type of person to enjoy a place like this, but here you were, sipping a bottle of red and laughing as he told you the story behind finding this gem.

“Well thanks for sharing this place with me,” you grinned, taking a sip from your wine glass and tapping your fingers on its stem. “Oddly enough, it feels like home.”

“Right?” he nodded, picking up a sharpie from the table and doodling a little cartoon figure onto its surface. “Whenever things get too crazy I like to come here and just vibe.”

“I can’t peg you as the type of person who frequents jazz bars,” you giggled. “This is somewhere I would expect to find Taehyung, not you.”

“I’m not sure if I should be offended or not,” he chuckled and passed you the marker. “Are you saying I’m not classy enough for jazz music?”

You tilted your head, placing your glass down on the table and doodling a cupcake next to Yoongi’s little figure. “I’m saying you’re too dark and brooding for jazz music.”

“Me,” he scoffed, “brooding?”

“That’s what I said, pumpkin,” you giggled, capping the sharpie and returning your attention back to his face. 

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