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Queer Eye for the “Straight” Guy

FINALLY, six months after I was commissioned, this thing is done.

I’m truly sorry to my donation winner, Cindy. Lord knows you never asked to put up with my procrastinating ass.

But I’m truly happy with how this turned out! And I hope you, Cindy, and the rest of y'all are too! This work is a part of the Fandom Trumps Hate auction. Check out some other cool works and support these charities this movement helps!

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Never had Castiel been checked out with such scrutiny.

The man walked around him, eyes slowly dragging over his body, just on this side of appreciative. They were green and critical under contemplative eyebrows, pushed together to form a crease in the middle that Castiel kind of wanted to poke. The man’s arms were crossed over his chest, his thumb playing with his lower lip as he circled.

Castiel just stood, arms loose at his sides, posture normal which was to say terrible. He watched the man watching him.

“Well,” the man said, facing Castiel but also kind of facing the large camera he’d brought with him. “The suit is awful but we can work with it. Are you sure I can’t talk you out of the trench coat?”

Castiel shook his head, his mouth grim.

The man sighed. “Well, I’ll figure something out.”

He then explained to Castiel some of what he was going to be doing. Usually the exposition would take place among the five men who hosted, but Castiel understood this was a special case. The usual five men to do the job was now one.

“Hi, and welcome to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy : celebrity edition. Where instead of the Fab Five, who are all experts in their fields, you have me, Dean Winchester, a bisexual hockey player who is slightly above average at these things.”

Castiel was, in this scenario, ‘the straight guy.’ He supposed that description fit simply by process of elimination. He knew he wasn’t gay because he did not wish to have sex with men. He didn’t particularly want to have sex with women but he liked them well enough: enjoyed the softness of their lips when they’d kissed him and liked their smell and general company.

So yes, Castiel could be the straight guy.

Although Dean Winchester’s shoulders looked very nice…

“Today’s victim is Castiel Novak: world renowned entymologist specializing in honey bees. His latest research publication is receiving all kinds of awards so he’s going to have a little celebration tonight. That’s where I’m here to help.”

“Okay, Cas, it may only be me, but I’ve still got some hired guns to help me move shit – er – junk around your apartment.” Dean turned to a woman wearing headphones. “Do I have to say that again?”

She smiled and rolled her eyes. “If you would, please.”

Dean sighed and repeated himself, this time leaving out the swear word.

This was all far too much production for Castiel. He preferred quiet libraries or the gentle hum of apiaries to the clapboards and shouted instructions of a television set.

“A necessary evil “his agent had called it. “ How do you expect to get more funding, Castiel, if no one cares about your research?”

Castiel had thought this quite unfair and demonstratively untrue. Plenty of people cared about his research! Students and… kindergarten teachers…

Castiel supposed those groups didn’t pay very much. He may have seen Meg’s point.

He didn’t know why that meant he had to be involved with a reality show, though. He glowered at the camera.

Dean smiled at him, unaffected. “I have given the crew my instructions so now I can whisk you away for a fun makeover montage.”

Castiel turned his glower on Dean.

He winked. “Yes, you’re very scary. Let’s go.”

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Bruised and Battered Chapter 6

Dean Winchester x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: Being friends with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“So, everything pointed to Vampires, but the more I’ve researched, the more I’ve come to realize that might not be the case.” Sam said as you sat nervously in the back of the Impala. Cas was sitting next to you, staring at your knee that wouldn’t stop bouncing. You were a bundle of nerves. Nervous about the hunt that was your first in years. Scared at seeing your parents again for the first time in a couple of weeks. Wondering how they were going to react when they found you traveling with Sam and Dean.

“I believe it might be two types of monsters working together.” Cas answered, reaching over and placing his hand on your knee. The weight from his hand, along with the positive energy he sent your way calmed you enough that your body stilled.

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witches of the world: american suburbs

we were quiet, compliant, agreeable. we were cheerleaders and organised bake sales and attended our school discos. we accepted that we too would marry our high school sweethearts and move to pastel clapboard houses and attend garden parties and PTA meetings.but we wanted to enjoy the years of freedom that we still had left.

Catch a Falling Star

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 1832 (Part I)

A/N: Part I of a Soulmate AU mini-series, or as I have come to fondly refer to it, the 1K Follower Celebration request by @trexrambling with prompts for hurt/comfort, protectiveness, and reunion inspired by TKG poem #4 that outlined better for me as a series than a stand-alone drabble.

Summary: What if angels didn’t end up just anywhere when they are banished by sigils…what if sometimes they end up exactly where they need to be? Turns out you are Castiel’s grounding stone, and it’s more complicated than either of you realizes. Sparks fly when you meet a mysterious blue-eyed stranger in the most unexpected of places.

Few sensations exist in creation more unpleasant than the vision blurring stomach churning skin chaffing whirlwind spin of an angel’s vessel hurtling uncontrollably through physical space upon being banished by means of blood sigil. Few sensations, that is, save for the fireball crash landing which invariably follows such expulsions. There are archived plans for a Coney Island roller coaster gradually disintegrating in a drawer at the New York City Public Library which, if the project reached fruition, might have come close to replicating the experience. However, engineers could never work out adequate safety measures to protect the rocketing passengers from being jettisoned into oblivion at the kinetic peaks.

Castiel, like most vessel-bound wavelengths of celestial intent in his current predicament, hadn’t expected to find himself the equivalent of an angelic slingshot just now. Unfortunately, and also fortunately for him, the sensation was not entirely unfamiliar and he knew panicking would accomplish nothing. Practice taught him that accepting fate and relaxing usually made for a slightly softer landing.

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ambrosiadoe  asked:

Hey sweetie! Wcif everything on the outside of fern's future house? Thank you!💘

Hey, lovely! There’s not much of CC outside of the house… there’s not much of anything outside of the house tbh xD

Here goes some stuff I used:

Not Just The Movie

Anon asked: Could I ask for an Adam Driver x Reader fic? I had this idea where the Reader is in a movie with Adam as love interests, and they’re filming a really huge plot point for their characters, and it just ends up being really fluffy both in the movie and out?

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I got so happy when I saw this prompt. Adam Driver is pretty high up on my thirst list. ;3)

Plot Summary: You and Adam have been pretty good friends, working on another new movie together. See, it’s always funny when two actor friends are the main love interests. Filming a romance is pretty easy when you actually do feel attracted to your love interest, both in the movie and out.

Warning: Light Swearing

Originally posted by dashii-san

The doorbell rang as you stretched, hopping off of your couch and heading to the front porch.

“Coming!” You yelled, as a muffled voice could be heard from the other side.

“Y/N! Hurry, I want to grab my coffee!” Adam’s deep tone could easily be recognized as you threw on your boots, rushing to grab your purse and open the door.

“Calm down, big guy. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get your coffee.” You chuckled, giving him a hug as he leaned down to return it.

“Yes it is. You know how I am without my coffee.”

“Still a functioning human being, only more grumpy and sad?” You noted as he scoffed.

“LIke you’re any different without it!” You pondered on his thought, as you nodded.

“You know what, you’re right. We should hurry though. Studio needs us at 10:30. We’ve only got an hour.” You closed your door, locking it as he held open the passenger side door on his car.

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Sense8: Season 2 Analysis

First, sorry for my English, I´m a mess but… I haven’t english’s sensate, haha.

Well, the state of analyzing clothes, scenery and clapboards, to be able to connect all this. I hope to hit something, and not make a mistake.

I’ll go in chronological order to the series. So we started with the photos from episode 1 (Christmas special = espisode 0). Warning, although there are theories there are things that can be spoiler, so if you do not like spoilers, STOP READING.

  • The first thing I’m going to analyze is this photo:

Okay, the first thing is to assume it’s Positano. Why? For this (pink circle):

We know for certain that this scene occurs on the honeymoon of Kala, in Positano, so that scene as well. On the other hand you can see what the green arrow indicates, it is a candle, candle that tells us that scene belongs to the espisode number 1 of the season (the Christmas special) How do I know? For this:

The clapboards give a lot of information. Also highlights that Riley’s clothes match ?. On the other hand, I have marked two squares.

Red: Season + espisode number 2.01 (Christmas Special)

Blue: Sequence number (¿B?)(35A) and scenes (there are many) What does this indicate? The sequence is the same dramatic unit while the scenes differentiate different places or times. The parenthesis with the B indicates that it is not the central axis of the action, that is, that sequence does not focus on Kala, or at least do not connect in principle by Kala.

With this I want to come to the following conclusion. Perhaps this scene was removed from the espisode . But I have another theory, and it’s going to be part of a FLASHBACK. I think we will have several important this season. I do not think that a sequence, made up of so many scenes is eliminated because yes, or it was not so important (something that the girls do not look like) or because of problems of postproduction time could not be included (more likely). It must be remembered that this scene may have been recorded in four countries (one for each girl).

But another thing to take into account is the clothes, we did not see in the Christmas espisode that in any moment one of them would wear those clothes. And I look especially at Riley who goes in short sleeve (very summer) and Nomi (who is quite warm) for what is San Francisco.

And here again the candle. And Doona goes in the jail costume.

And here are those sofas, which appear in the sequence.

  • We go to espisode number 2 (episode number 1 of season):

More clapboards:

Green: “SCENE”

Red:  Sequence number 6A

Below we can see EPISODE and 2.02, which tells us that this scene will be in espisode number 2 (which is number 1).

Espisode 2.02, scene 15F (F? sixth?, I do not know what that means there, maybe one of these scenes in which they are all walking or something) On the other hand, just below it says: (14,18, A19,19) So maybe it can be part of other scenes in other countries as I said walking, we know Wolfie likes to walk and think.

On the other hand agrees with Capheus, we can read 15B (17,18, A19), so clearly they are connected.

  • Episode 4 (3):

More clapboards:

Green: 204 (2x04)

Red: Escene 55E (57), We’ll see a connection, clearly with Will, Riley and Nomi with Lito. We can see MEXICO CITY in the Clapboard.

And so the action goes beyond. According to the following photos that were recorded in Amsterdam:

Well, I cont … WAIT! Riley’s clothes sound to me, do not you?

But there is a problem, Nomi does not match. But it’s that if you look closely, or are different scenes or Riley’s clothes change up to three times. It’s a tricky subject.

Left pink: Very close neckline and black t-shirt.

Central pink: Circular and black.

Right pink: Peak and green.

Well, as I said before, maybe it’s a flashback referred to the timeline of the first espisode (birthday, honeymoon, Christmas …) Or a future scene, but then we would not have the clue of 2.01 and the candle. WHAT A MESS!

  • Episode 6 (5):

Anything important, except this pic:

Although I have not indicated it indicates the espisode number, and here Sun is already wearing normal clothes, as seen in other photos, so it is supposed to be free.

  • Now 2.08 (episode 7):

Three important things in this photo.

Red: espisode number 2.08. (7)

Green: Mumbay (I believe 80% does not put M. City) So this scene would be related to Kala and Lito, but at the same time this scene is connected with another.

Pink: Yes, the most important thing is Lito, look how he is dressed. There are two important details, his chain, in the neck carries a ring, Lito will marry? The pajama does not look familiar?

Well, yes, there we have it, the same pajamas. Will it be in that espisode? As I said at the beginning I can not assure you, they are theories.

Green: Perhaps the dress of Kala coincides with this day:

You can see how Tina wears a spice of shorts (I’m not sure, it could be the blue blanket from the photo below). But all this may be connected with this:

Or maybe it has nothing to do, or maybe the last three if they are connected (I rely on the light type, so it’s not very reliable).

On the other hand, let’s analyze another important thing of the photo:

I think the circles speak for themselves, same clothes, same scenario, it seems to coincide and that Wolfgang will have another fight with the girl that Kala looks at and speaks as if he hated a lot.

And finally and without much information we have these from espisode 10 (9) and 11 (10), the last):

Who’s next to Nomi and Amanita?

Good and to finish some loose things:


[Nomi lies recovering from her surgery.]

Nomi (Voice Over):  When I woke up, the first thing I felt was Tegan’s hand holding mine. Her smile was the first thing I saw. And her voice singing Happy Birthday was the first thing I heard.

[Tegan is holding her hand and singing to her with a carrot cake cupcake and a number 1 candle.]


A large group of friends and cops spill into the hall. Diego leads Riley into the room - -

En el guión filtrado podemos ver como Nomi tiene un flashback, lo que no podemos deducir que es la cirugía de cambio de sexo, ya que su hermana le canta cumpleaños como si hubiera vuelto a nacer. Y no es el único flashback.

Here we see that after the Flashback of Nomi, two hard scenes come, Diego takes Riley and Will (who are in CHICAGO) to the hospital, Gorski (Will’s father) is sick and finally dies. But it does not have to be in the same episode, as this is a ROADING plan.

But it is not the only one here we see another flashback (now / then) You can read GORSKI (father of Will) YOUNGER. Also read as Riley tells Diego (friend of Will) everything that has happened, this seems to be angry (this is not a flashback).

And finally:

From here it can only be deduced that the Kala / Riley scene occurs in India, and occurs in the same episode that for some reason, Nomi and Amanita are in the forest.

I hope your theories also, that you liked the analysis and that it works for your theories also.

I wait for your opinions @double-tequila-squared @scaredofuhlek @fvuckyeahsense8 @kalagodgiven @gear65

Magnetic Chapter 7: Hunting Together

Dean Winchester

1200 Words

Chapter Summary: After a drive that went surprisingly well, you and Dean get ready to start up the hunt. 

Story Summary:  After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up Here: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Author’s Notes: As always, thank you so much for checking out my story!! I’m always interested in hearing comments and suggestions.

The rest of the road trip went by smoothly, with only a couple of colorful comments exchanged between you and Dean. Even you were surprised at how smoothly it went. How you and Dean ended up singing along to most of the songs on his cassette’s, and how surprised Sam seemed to be when the two of you hadn’t killed each other by the time you were pulling in to the small town in Colorado.

When you weren’t singing along with Dean, you enjoyed the scenery outside your window. Only driving through the state a handful of times, you had always thought it could be a place to settle down in. This town was located high in the mountains,  big pine trees crowding the side of the road, blocking your view of anything else. Aspen trees interspersed with the pine trees were beginning to turn a brilliant shade of yellow, with the oak brush below  turning a vibrant shade of red. Feeling the air grow cooler outside, you were grateful you had packed your heavier wear. Old, one story clapboard houses lined the streets, and if you blinked you would have missed main street, with his handful of small, colorful buildings. “This is a college town?” You asked, amazed that this small and quaint town could support college life.

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Wayside Inn

                 CHAPTER 1: A BUMP IN THE ROAD

You’re on the way to Stanford where Sam will be attending law school when there’s car trouble, leading you and the brothers to a rundown Inn out in the middle of nowhere. It was only after you settled in for the night that you wondered where the whispers were coming from. With no staff in sight….who was it that turned off the lights? 

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The Myth of Damien Echols: Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy

Despite being only one third of the trio accused of brutally murdering three 8-year-old boys in West Memphis, AR, in 1993, Damien Wayne Echols and his legend have eclipsed much of the case and its subsequent trials, often to the point where the lines between fact, fiction, and fantasy have become hopelessly blurred. Echols himself seems to have trouble articulating his personality as a teenager, though many times over the years he has attempted to downplay or ignore various accusations and facts so as not to hurt his innocence campaign. Thankfully, independent and unbiased sources have provided the astute researcher with all the information they need to answer the burning question: who was Damien Echols in May 1993? Was he simply a troubled young man afflicted with the same issues of angst and depression thousands of people his age have, or was something far more sinister going on in his mind?

Damien Wayne Echols was born Michael Wayne Hutchison on December 11, 1974. His mother, Pam, was only fifteen and had a number of health issues while pregnant with him. She told a defense appointed psychiatrist that Echols was a withdrawn, quiet baby who was delayed in reaching many of his developmental milestones, and admitted she did little to alleviate his asthma problems and heart condition as a child.

Growing up, Echols’ childhood was marked by frequent moves, parental neglect, and terrible poverty. Often the family did not have enough money to pay rent or buy food, and relied on donations from charities to get by. After the birth of his younger sister, Echols parents divorced and Pam married Jack Echols, who adopted the children and gave them his surname. Echols remembered his stepfather as a miserly, fanatically religious man who would abuse him verbally over the slightest provocation.

At one point, the family lived in a clapboard shack in the middle of a field that was regularly doused in toxic pesticide. There was no electricity or running water, and the unsanitary conditions and isolated location was a source of great pain and annoyance to Echols. He took solace in Stephen King novels and skateboarding, and it was around this time he started dressing all in black and growing his hair long.

After legally changing his name from Michael to Damien, Echols began a relationship with a young girl whom he identified as a Wiccan, or witch. The girl introduced him to her occult beliefs and encouraged him to expand his beliefs beyond the insular, evangalical Christian religion of their home town. Their relationship ended when she and Echols attempted to run away, and this incident led Echols to be formally charged and sent to a mental institution, apparently for threatening to eat his parents alive and other disturbing statements.

Echols would be hospitalized three times over the course of two years. During all these stays it is noted by staff that Echols was suffering from severe depression, aggression, volatile emotions, and psychotic thinking. Once, when a fellow patient cut his wrists, Echols grabbed the patients arm and proceeded to suck the blood from it, showing no remorse after being removed. He also claimed to various staff members he was a vampire, and could see cameras and microphones behind the mirror in his room. His self assesment questionaire revealed a number of disturbing thought patterns; often Echols wrote he did not feel anything, was often bored, enjoyed having power over others, and that he “hated the human race”.

Echols’ did not attend school in the year prior to the murders, and his record reveals that he was suspended 7 times in his most recent school year for trying to claw a classmates eye out, setting his classroom on fire twice, and general delinquent behavior.

A few weeks before his arrest, Echols mother separated from Jack Echols and entered a relationship with his biological father, Joe Hutchison. At this point, Echols was deeply involved in the Wicca religion and dressed in alternative style. Alongside best friend and fellow accused Jason Baldwin, Echols wore black, listened to heavy metal bands such as Metallica and Megadeath, and carried knives. He had also impregnated his current girlfriend, Domini Teer, and gotten a part time job with a roofing company. He had applied for and recieved full Social Security disabled status on the basis of his mental illness.

Perhaps one of the biggest distortions about this case and Echols himself concerns the extent and severity of his mental illness in 1993. Being mentally ill in no way makes you guilty of murder, BUT in Echols case he tries very hard to deny he was mentally ill at all, an assertion that can be very easily demolished once you consider his history of violence, his record of hospitalization, and, most tellingingly, Echols application for disability benefits ON THE BASIS OF HIS MENTAL ILLNESS. In his own handwriting, Echols listed the symptoms of his mental illness as being the reason he couldnt work, and among the symptoms listed there was “drug and alcohol abuse”, “sociopathic”, “suicidal”, “paranoid shizophrenia” and - wait for it - “homicidal”.

Yes, thats right. Damien Echols actually wrote down that his homicidal feelings were a disability that prevented him from working….and his disability was granted to him.

In later years Echols would do a 180 and say, while he was depressed and often felt angry, that these problems were well within normal realm, and his troubling behavior was just ‘typical teenage stuff’. A compelling idea, but one that is sadly overshadowed by the sheer volume of evidence that suggests otherwise - evidence that Echols himself exploited at one point for disability benefits.

So, knowing all this, can we REALLY say that Damien Echols was just your average teen with average teenage issues? It would be a stretch in this writers opinion.