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bring that fire, babe (tom holland imagine/oneshot)

a/n: based on “kiss me”by olly murs.

I got this idea when Tom was asked to sing electricity in that one interview with Peter Travers (?) and he got all shy and flustered. I know he doesn’t sing in public anymore (unless bribed with popcorn ;)) but I liked imagining him liking someone so much he would force himself to get over that fear and sing anyways.



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The cold wind of New York City bit into my skin as I clutched my coat closer to my body. Even with Harrison walking beside me and the rest of the Hoco gang swarming around me, I was chilled to the bone.


I think I nodded when Haz asked. But I’m not too sure.

Tom turned back to look at the two of us. His eyes glazed over me for a moment before he looked to Harrison for confirmation of something. Confused, I watched his jaw clench and he turned back once again.

What’s his problem?

The gang filed in through a door one after the other as I watched Zendaya holler. Tom looked positively horrified, which was both entertaining and concerning. Haz held the door open for me and I followed behind them-only to realise why Tom had reacted the way he had.

It was a karaoke bar.

“Nope! Nope! I’m leaving! Goodbye!”

I bolted back towards the door but Haz got a hold of me. With the biggest shit eating grin, his hands moved from my shoulders to my arms as he quite literally revolved me around to face the stage.

Tom and I exchanged a look of mutual horror.

It was one of the things we had bonded over when we first met. Granted, I had barely known the guy. But he had opened up to me almost immediately. That coupled with the fact we were friends with the same people, more or less living on the set of the same movie, was it really surprise I liked him more immensely than I should have?

Zendaya’s enthusiasm broke me out of my almost panic attack. I noticed Haz’s hands were still on me and when he realised it too, he moved them away quickly.

“Who’s first?”

She had a microphone in her hand that Jacob quickly grabbed. The rest of the gang broke out into applause as we took a seat at the table closest to the stage. He bowed several times and performed a great version of “Uptown Funk”. Returning to the table, he was greeted with high-fives and “YASS bro”.

I swallowed hard.

Zendaya was next. She did what she did best-worked what little crowd there was with “Yoncé”, dishing out moves akin to Queen B herself. Everyone in that dark, dingy hole in the ground honoured her with a standing ovation worthy of the Oscars ceremony.

As one by one took a turn, sometimes offering me or Tom to take a turn first, my anxiety just got worse and worse. I turned to Tom, who looked much the same.

In the dim lighting of the bar, his hair was so many shades of dark and light, it was hard to pinpoint on any exact one. He ran a hand through it, making me question what shampoo he used because it looked so soft. His eyes raked up and down the floor as he fidgeted with his fingers. I was surprised to see myself doing almost the same thing.

When his eyes turned to me, I froze though.

Unaware of what I should do, I quickly turned away to Harrison. He was on his feet, flashing me his signature smirk. He passed me to quickly whisper something into Tom’s ear. His eyes widened. But otherwise, he didn’t react.

He looked to me once from across the table and then looked back to the stage.

What the hell is going on?

“Hello people of New York City!”

Harrison said loudly, sounding like a baseball commentator. His voice actually boomed so loud, static floated through the air nearly deafening us all.

“Sorry about that.”

He almost whispered. I laughed a little, rubbing my hands on my trousers. My foot tapped to its own accord as he leaned in a little closer to speak once more.

“Unfortunately, you shan’t be blessed with my vocals right now.”

The gang and I exchanged looks of confusion. It seemed like no one knew what the actual hell was going on.

“Instead, give it up for my best mate, Thong-ass!”

I heard myself laughing at the nickname he’d given his friend after a little incident where Tom had to be scanned for the Spider-man suit wearing just a thong, revealing most of his ass.

But I could also see Haz almost literally pull Tom from his seat at the table. Jacob helped push him forward too until he found himself standing on stage.

He stood still, looking completely scared out of his mind.

I could see his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallowed.

He closed his eyes and exhaled, looking like he had to do this or die trying.

Tom gripped the microphone in his hand as the opening notes began to play.

And I recognised them instantly.


I looked to my left to see Haz smirking. Dumbfounded by what was happening, Tom opened his mouth. And the room filled with a clear, accented voice singing the lyrics to one of my favourite songs of all time- “kiss me” by Olly Murs.

I was transfixed by the way he seemed to be just singing to me-making eye contact, reaching his hand out as if to touch me. I watched in awe as he not only hit every note but carried himself so well on stage it no longer surprised me that he once led a musical on the West End. He moved around effortlessly, emphasizing just where he had to and hitting that sweet high note near the end like a pro.

The song ended and I felt myself getting to my feet and clapping like a seal trapped in the body of a mad woman. At least, that’s what Haz told me later that night.

Tom looked shyly at his feet and then joined us back again. I felt myself floating towards him. But instead of offering my heartiest congratulations, I stood by and stared.

I stared because I was so wildly attracted to him.

I mean, who wouldn’t be?

He was smart and charismatic. He danced and acted and apparently sang like an angel. He was the perfect combination of humble and a narcissistic twat. That and he looked like a leading man out of a Jane Austen novel.

Even surrounded by our friends and their attention, his eyes found mine. He sidestepped to stand right in front of me-so close that I could feel his breath in my hairline. I could smell his cologne in the air between us. I could feel my heart beat like a freight train getting ready to run itself off track.

“You were great. That was a great song choice…..and uh, you were just….you were amazing.”

I managed to stutter out. Embarrassed by how tongue-tied I was, I looked up to see him licking his lips. Gone was the stuttering mess of a man who was just talking to our friends a minute ago. Now, there was this confident looking man with darkening eyes, wearing just a hint of shyness and apprehension.

“Glad you thought so. It was all for you.”

My heart quite literally stopped. Despite my instincts to fall back or run away, I looked up at him. And found not one trace of insincerity in his eyes. His fingers laced with mine as he closed the distance between us.

“If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been flirting with you-have been all year.”

I laughed, wrapping my arms around his neck to lower his face to my level.

“And you’ve been shit at it.”

I teased.


He asked. I nodded. He smirked and pulled me so close our bodies were pressed together. Then he kissed me so hard, I thought we were both going to be knocked down. Our lips moved together until the clearing of voices and not-so-subtle sneezing and other noises caused us to separate.

Tom smiled at our friends and turned back to me to say.

“How about now?”

“S’okay. It’ll get better with practice though.”

“Yeah? You offering?”

He asked, smirking like no tomorrow. But I could see the glimmer of hope and excitement in his eyes too.

“Yeah-I am.”

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Sorry if it looks bad or its shaky I recorded this off of my phone, also it cut off at the end so that sucks but whatever >3> Hopefully someone recorded the whole panel because it was so fun to sit through. This was such an amazing panel and I’m happy I got to talk and ask them a question even if it was kind of lame.


You know what makes me mad about Jack’s “all of my allies betrayed me I hate them”-shit? That there are a LOT of people who believe his words and forget about few guys…

cultrix-deorum  asked:

Question time. I am reading Marcus Aurelius's Meditations and in the first book he condemns "homosexuality." The Meditations were originally written in Greek, I know, but I'm not sure if ancient Roman concepts of male-male relationships translates easily into modern English. Unfortunately the translator/editor does not make any useful notes on this passage. Can you shed some light on male-male relationships in Roman antiquity?

SO. Despite being queer, this is something I read less about than I should, because it is kind of a minefield of exhaustion. To begin, you need to be constantly aware of the huge gaping discourse pits that plague ancient sexuality studies, especially when it comes to male-male relationships:

1. Labeling issues.
Modern sexualities do not map to ancient ones. This should be kind of obvious as they are separated by 2000+ years of history, but you would be surprised how badly this works out in practice. The problem here is that after being violently written out of history for basically forever, anything that vaguely sounds like “gay people didn’t exist back then” is obviously inflammatory. (And some gross academics have indeed argued just that.) The basic idea is that there is no neat 1-to-1 translation system of our current sexuality spectrum to the ancient spectrum, and our modern day realities can’t be imported backwards. However, this leads us to…

2. Language issues.
We don’t really have specific terms for much of the ancient spectrum, so we have to use modern words, which results in people applying their current conceptions. But wait, there’s more! We’ve got textual/linguistic issues where there is no differentiation between words for homosexuality (interest-only-in-men), homosexual behavior (acts-with-men), and pederasty.  Then you have hundreds of years of bigoted translators conflating homosexuality and pederasty. And then you’ve got today, where pederasty itself doesn’t neatly map to modern CSA but is understandably not something victims want distant academics philosophizing about!! Everyone is trapped navigating between Abuse Apologism and the Predatory Gays stereotype, which are both a helluva lot more harmful than Scylla and Charybdis ever were.

3. Reception issues.
With modern lgbtqia+ movements and queer theory rising in academia, we’ve seen a lot more perceptions and interpretations of classical works. There’s a tendency for any academic questioning of these minority narratives to be taken as an attack (and sometimes it IS, like with the hyper-focus on Sappho). A lot of “Western” sexuality movements also owe a huge debt and inspiration to their own imaginings of the classics, and while they aren’t invalidated by those imaginings being disproved, it can sure feel like that’s the goal sometimes. Murky waters.

4. Agency issues.
A lot of lgbtqia+ people have really bad experiences with being labeled rather than choosing labels. Since we can’t talk to ancient Romans and have them self-define, we’re either stuck discussing trends rather than people (which is impersonal), or deciding that because they do X, they must be Z. This results in sweeping generalizations: “well technically they’re all bi” or “if they ever had male/male sex they must be gay” and so on. But that kind of black/white labeling doesn’t manage to describe reality today either.0

5. (Bonus issue: Academia can’t keep up with our terminology which results in anything older than about 5-7 years being cringe-worthy and if I read one more article talking about a two-sexed image being bisexual I’m gonna friggin lose it)

Meanwhile, there are the ancient biases that one has to take into account:

1. We mostly know about ELITE male/male customs, as systemized in unbalanced arrangements and/or pederasty. There is considerably less data on the other 99% of Romans.

2. Active/Submissive. Labels were based on role during intercourse, not interest/attraction as our spectrum generally works today. The stereotypes surrounding men taking an active role (dick go in thing) were completely different than those about men taking a submissive role (thing dick go in). This also aligned ‘submissive’ roles with women, who performed the same function, and so doubled the implication of unmanliness.

3. Propaganda. If you hate an emperor/politician, make him seen unmanly. If you want to make him seem unmanly, say he’s submissive to other men and does other “womanly” things. It was a pretty simple equation. This does not mean everything is hands down a lie, but this is a bias that has to be accounted for when we delve into questions about the Galli, Elgabalus, and basically any secondhand report.

It’s kind of like if you had to write a history of modern sexual identities, but all you had were some 00s top/bottom stereotypes, homophobic diatribes, some philosophical meta on RPF, vague mentions of rainbow parades, and a handful of closeted love letters. In another language. Missing 90% of its context.

All of that said, there is constant work being done in the area, though more (and more varied) work is always needed. Here is a small chronological sampling across a few disciplines, with a caveat that I have not read most of these yet myself – apologies if they willingly hurl themselves into a discourse hellscape.

And to circle all the way back to Marcus Aurelius, I give you:

Lego Home

Disclaimer: I own Kayla and Kya.

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When Kayla came home she wasn’t expecting this. There are so many other things that she could think of. House fire? Sure. Water Softener broke and flooded the house? Plausible. Coming home to a giant Lego castle in the front room with furniture flipped everywhere? Not something she was expecting. She sighed as she heard giggling.

“Hi mama!” called out a small toddler, peeking through a small “window” in the wall. “Kya…where is daddy?” Kya giggled as another pair of eyes glanced out sheepishly at Kayla. Kayla almost laughed. “Trying to be cute won’t save your butt Finn Balor.”  “Aw. But I’m adorable.” Finn replied crawling out of the Lego fort.

Kayla shook her head and smiled. “That may be, but why is the house a wreck? I leave for a few hours and furniture is turned upside down, a towering Lego fort, and last but not least, a small child who should be down for a nap right now.” Kayla crossed her arms at Finn raising an eyebrow. “Well….see…when ya married me love you knew about the Lego thing…” Finn trailed off seeing Kayla stare him down some more.

“The Lego love? Yes, I knew that. Did I expect you to continue with it? Yes, I did. Did I think you would have our child get into her own Lego obsession? Yeah, I could see that.  Did I think you were gonna destroy our house to build a giant Lego fort and keep our three year old from taking a nap? No, I can’t say I did.”

Finn pouted slightly, almost causing Kayla to waver.


She was the one who was gonna have to put a grumpy three year old to bed, not Finn. “Well, see love…we were takin a nap together! Right Kya?” Kya giggled. “Yeah!” Kya didn’t try to come out of the fort. Lovely. Now Kayla had to grab her out of there and be the bad guy.

“Oh really? It didn’t look like anyone was taking a nap in there when I came in.” Finn smiled. “Ah! But that’s where you’re wrong love! If you come into our lovely castle…”

Finn gently dragged her to the entryway of the fort. Kayla gave him a look. Immedietly, he went to the defensive….which meant he pouted until she gave in. Kayla internally swore. This man would be the death of her. And when she died, she made a promise to herself to haunt his ass as a Banshee!

As she crawled into the Lego fort, Finn swatted at her ass. “That’s my girl!” he said proudly. Kayla rolled her eyes and crawled in sitting next to Kya.

Inside, there were several large blankets, some pillows, empty and full juice boxes, and some snacks. It looks like they had been camping out in here. Kya smiled and laid down on her pillow and curled up in her blanket giggling. Kayla smiled at her young daughter. Finn crawled in and laid on the other side of her.

“You’re trapped.”

Kya giggled and clapped her hands. “Mommy trapped! Mommy trapped!” Kayla smiles and rolled her eyes. She was indeed trapped. Sure, she could always break the fort down; after all…they were Legos. But as she looked around the fort, she knew it would break the hearts of the two people she loved and cherished the most.

Well…Finn would get over it…at some point in their marriage…

She sighed smiling and lying down next to her daughter and husband.

Finn scooted closer to her so she could lie on his chest, as Kya crawled onto both of them with her blanket. Immedietly, she fell asleep on the both of them. The proud parents smiled at her, then at each other.

“What do ya think?”

Kayla pretended to think for a minute.

“It’s cozy I suppose.”

“That’s as close as I’m gonna get as a compliment of the best home ever?”


Finn shrugged gently and kissed the top of her head.

“I’ll live.”

Kayla started to doze off. As did Finn. However, before Finn could fall into a slumber, Kayla spoke up.

“You’ll also be cleaning up this mess by tomorrow or you’ll be living in here for the next month.”

Finn groaned.

“All my hard work! Not just mine…Kya’s too! This is our home!”

Kayla smiled and opened her eyes slightly and looked around the small fort.

A Lego home?

She loved it. Along, with her loving husband and cute-as-a-button daughter.

And she wouldn’t have it any other way.