clap traps


You know what makes me mad about Jack’s “all of my allies betrayed me I hate them”-shit? That there are a LOT of people who believe his words and forget about few guys…

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What Harry promo? Music trade magazines & radio djs that want to be talked about mention Harry. The CEO of the label that expects to put music out by him sometime in the not so distant future said one thing and suddenly that's promo? This is not promo for Harry. This is just talk. Every big artist gets this clap trap chatter. Harry is the only one that gets whiny hate about it. From his own fandom.

And here they are - if you’re talking about him, publishing articles about him, and mentioning his album all the time: is promo. Is way to get his name out there, but it keeps changing every time. Calling that out it’s not hate. We call out all of the teams. All of them. Have you seen how much we talk about Louis shitty team? Like?? You guys need to take this idea out of your mind that calling something out = hating 

I wish that the vault hunters had a larger pool of dialog for when outside of battle. Maybe they gained more dialog as you completed more quests and side quests (similar to how speccing in to new skills gives battle dialog) like humming/singing parts of the catchy clap-trap song occasionally.

And in case some people don’t like that they can switch the extra stuff off in the options menu?