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Falling (Peter Parker x Reader) Hogwarts AU

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader 

Prequel to the Improper series

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: You nearly died of anticipation when your letter came, and while picking out robes at Hogsmeade, you seem to run into the same boy, over and over again. And by some twisted fate, he just happened to run into your compartment on the Hogwarts Express.

Warnings: Cussing. Mostly fluff before that, I think.

Words: 3,160

When you moved to London during the summer it was terrifying to leave your friends and past life behind for a whole new world, but you managed… And then the owl knocked on your window. At first you dismissed it as a small bird or common bat, but it kept tapping on the window until you looked over. Cautiously opening the window, you ran back to your bed, scared that the wild creature would attack and scratch. The barn owl ruffled its feathers and opened its wings once again, gliding over to perch on your bedpost. You were wary of the owl but noticed something held in its beak. The owl opened its mouth and dropped an old looking envelope on the bed before making another brief flight to land on your shoulder, sharp claws scratching your skin. You panicked, staying perfectly still. There’s an owl on my shoulder. You thought in disbelief. An owl. On my shoulder. What the fresh hell am I supposed to do? The owl nudged your neck with its head and looked pointedly at the envelope on your bed.

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Chapter 542 spoilers thoughts (mostly gruvia, erik/cobra appreciation and ultear)

First of all most important part is that we atleast get a panel of Gray protecting Juvia, and as stated by another supporter, that it’s the best panel of the chapter. (atleast in my view it is). 

First of all THANK YOU MASHIMA! We are grateful that you give us another moment. Appreciate it a lot :3


:I would’ve liked more if the panel was rather larger in frame and stature. I didn’t look at the chapter spoilers before, but only assumed that the gruvia panel in the chapter was larger. When I looked at them, I  was disappointed that it just was a small one that was zoomed in. Every other character atleast got a large panel dedicated to them, even Evergreen, but apparently we get a small panel of Gray and Juvia’s big moment. 

Conclusion toward Complaint

 Anyways, hopefully we’ll get more moments (regardless of their minor or not), so I’m not going to complain too much about that.

Thoughts overall 

With that said, my eyes were definitely on that panel, and I was very happy about the whole context of it. Basically showing how Gray will do anything to protect Juvia that we all know, and quite frankly two lovers protecting each other from harm via exposing their body infront of the other is what makes this manga exciting when it comes to ships, because it shows how much either party can do so much for their loved one. It’s simple as that. Gruvia is simply canon. Gray and Juvia love each other, and nothing the antis can say will take that away from them. Gray and Juvia are happy with each other, and that makes me happy. :D

Another thing to notice is how it parallels one panel of Natsu protecting Lucy in the same fashion from previous chapters before, so good work there Mashima.

Let’s also give some appreciation and clap our hands for the most underrated dragon slayer in the series with some development of his own. 

Well done Erik/Cobra. I hope you and Kinana end up together. I really wonder where Meredy went. We have not seen her since the Neinhart fight, irrc.

and speaking of someone close to Meredy, let’s have another appreciation for an unforgotten beauty from the story. 

Beautiful as ever, Ultear <3

CultureQUOTES: Nikki Giovanni

“Style has a profound meaning to Black Americans. If we can’t drive, we will invent walks and the world will envy the dexterity of our feet. If we can’t have ham, we will boil chitterlings; if we are given rotten peaches, we will make cobblers; if given scraps, we will make quilts; take away our drums, and we will clap our hands. We prove the human spirit will prevail. We will take what we have to make what we need. We need confidence in our knowledge of who we are." 

How shitty the represantation of mentally ill people can actually be

It’s really nice that we have more and more representation of people with all sorts of mental illnesses – from the worst ones that make life awful and unbearable to the most common ones that many people fight and live with every day. Some of them are brought to us straightforward, like with Even from Skam and his bipolar disorder, which was a very important topic in 3rd season of the show, where we could see a very good representation of said issue with all sorts of stuff like how it affects a person and his mood, actions, words, views on life, etcetera, etcetera. Some of them are brought to us hidden in a metaphor, like with Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments, whose ‘demonic blood’ was most definitely a metaphor for some serious mental issues, whose real personality we can see later in the books right before his death, which was a metaphor as well, which showed us how different a person is without all those awful things occupying his mind. Some of them are a bit more straightforward than TMI, but a bit less of a ‘punch in the face’ than Skam. Like, for instance, Nathan From Life Is Strange or Josh from Until Dawn. Josh is  definitely schizophrenic, having a post-traumatic disorder because of the death of two of his sisters that happened thanks to his own friends’ prank and that he blames himself in, even though at the time of the prank and their death he was passed out and couldn’t possibly do anything, besides that probably having some other issues on his plate as well. And Nathan, most likely being sociopathic, being abused by his father his whole life and being manipulated by a man, who has done some awful things and who most likely has a lot of mental issues himself, in his worst untreated state and obviously having some other mental issues that he tries to deal with using drugs, and by drugs I don’t mean meds, which he actually doesn’t use, but actual drugs, like cocaine, meth and all that stuff. As you can tell, both of the guys have some serious mental issues, but the player, if he wants to, can most definitely not pay attention to those details or even skip them, because they are not a huge topic of any kind.
You know what is a huge topic in the games, though? How awful and bad those guys are and how much you can hate them. Now, let’s step aside from our first and second examples. Because, even though I’m convinced that Sebastian’s situation is, in fact, a metaphor for mental illnesses, it’s not a confirmed theory and, at the very end, it’s a fantasy world. It’s still ‘demon blood’, which canonically can’t be treated or cured in any way and which is still an imaginative thing and all that, so I’ll let it slide. We’re also not going to talk about Even, because I already talked about how good the representation is, so the only thing we can do right now is genuinely clap our hands and step aside, letting Skam do its own beautiful thing. Who I want to talk to you about are Nathan and Josh. More specifically about how poor and unfair was their representations as individuals and the representation of the mental illnesses themselves.
Let us start with Josh, I suppose. Joshua’s mental illnesses are a bit more visual and by paying attention to the details and searching every little corner in the game (which not every player does, by the way), we can see his diagnosis and also understand that he was visiting many psychiatrists throughout his life. But, unfortunately, we also find out that every one of them was fucking awful, because each and every one of them (including the one we can actually interact with in the game) thought he had a depression, giving him the wrong meds, which made the situation even worse. If the player’s brain works at least a little bit, he can also figure out that the one sitting in the psychiatrist’s chair all this time wasn’t the player himself, but Josh, which leads to an obvious, but not detailed enough, conclusion of Joshua being mentally ill. And, all of this is pretty cool. You know, under certain circumstances of the player being clever, attentive and willing to spend hours researching every flipping room, which can be pretty boring and can take a good amount of time, the job would be kinda done and the representation would be pretty good. Why am I so angry, then? Well, let me explain you something. If you haven’t played UD, the player, making the right choices and clicking right buttons at the right time, can save everyone. Yes, every fucking annoying teenager, including that bitch Emily. Well, not exactly everyone. Everyone, apart from Josh. So, here’s your conclusion. Every teenager in the game has done some pretty bad things. They were fully capable of controlling themselves, they knew what they were doing. I already talked about a prank that they pulled and that killed two girls, which they stress out about much less than Josh himself, who didn’t have anything to do with it and who supported and loved his sisters dearly. There is a guy, who can literally point a gun at a girl and shoot her. But, no. That’s fine. He deserves to be saved. You know who doesn’t? A person with a package of mental illnesses, who can’t control himself and can’t acknowledge what he is doing. What he is doing, you ask? Well, he is pulling some scary pranks on his friends. What? No - no murders, no injuries. Can you repeat that for me please? Oh yes, a bunch of assholes should be saved, but the most innocent person and the biggest victim of all can either turn into an actual monster a.k.a. wendigo or die from hands of said monster. A horrible-horrible death. You know like, full on GOT Oberyn death. Yeah, I’m going to stand up and sarcastically clap my hands right about now. Good job, guys! Good message! Great representation!
Now, let’s move on to Nathan. If the representation of Josh’s issues in Until Dawn was pretty good and the conclusion is what I have an issue with, Life Is Strange here pulled a reversed card. Well, kinda. Our main character hates Nathan and so does her partner in crime/ex best friend/girlfriend/I still haven’t fucking figured out what exactly they are to each other – that’s not the point. One day they sneak into principal’s office and find out that Nathan has some issues. What issues? Who the fuck cares? I mean he’s crazy, right? Everything else doesn’t matter. Every clever player already figured out that Nathan has some serious mental illnesses and starts sympathizing him immediately, seeing a pattern I personally call ‘oh, that’s why he’s such an asshole’ and realizing every Nathan’s move is not his fault. Then, we find out that his father is a dick, who mentally and, possibly, physically abused him his whole life. And, after that it turns out that a manipulative abuser and killer is, well, manipulating him into doing some things that make him feel much worse and affect his mental health a whole lot. Some clever players look at Nathan totally different now. How does the game, meaning every character in the game, meaning most of players as well feel about Nathan? Oh, all the same. He’s a fucking crazy prick and they hate him. That’s how they feel about him. And, even though, we got a call from Nathan that showed his real self right before he dies (sounds familiar, am I right?), where he apologized and warned the main character – possibly because developers realized how they fucked up with Nathan being only one character that you can’t support and like in the game – and how it’s, in a certain way, nice that in a new universe Nathan got caught by the police at the very start of the whole messy situation with the manipulative abuser, which means that there will be a trial, where Nathan will definitely be diagnosed as mentally ill, which will lead him to a mental hospital, instead of a prison, where he’ll get the help he needs and will eventually get better, it’s still total bullshit. We can’t sympathize one of the only characters who deserves it. The game just doesn’t let us do anything except hating Nathan. And, honestly like, what the fuck?
All in all, my point is – you’re not helping. Honestly like, if you’re planning to do THAT, don’t do it at all. Because, you’re giving us false representation full of hate and ignorance, which reflects on people very well, especially in games, because they feel like they are in those situations themselves, meaning it feels much more personal to them. Every post about why Nathan ‘is awful, even though it’s cute that you support his mental illness’ is your fault. Theirs as well, but mainly yours. Because, you are affecting their thoughts and judgment a lot. Every time I read a post like that I feel like someone is beating me up, kicking me with every next word I read, because I realize that’s what most of people think about me and people like me. And it’s all thanks to you.

Injured Football Player Ch25

Originally posted by nerdyfandomimagines

Summary: The reader and Bucky try to decide what to name the new baby.

Word Count: 717

A/N: Well guys, only a couple more chapters in the series! I hope y’all enjoy!

Chapter 24

Master List

 “I still say name him after you,” you waddled into the bedroom from the bathroom one night. You were seven months pregnant and the little baby boy growing in your belly still didn’t have a name.

 “I don’t know, Y/N,” Bucky rubbed the back of his neck, “Does the world really want another James Buchanan Barnes running around?”

 You nodded, “Of course it does! But, if you have any better ideas.”

 “Well, I was thinking Dean Allen.”

 “Dean Allen? Where did you come up with that?” you asked sitting on the bed.

 “Well, Dean for your mom, Deanna, and Allen for your dad, Troy Allen,” he gave you a soft smile.

 “You would really want to name our son after my parents?” you were shocked. You knew Bucky loved your parents, but you never thought he would want to name a child after them.

 “Why wouldn’t I? They are the most amazing people I have ever met, and I couldn’t think of a better way of honoring them,” he grabbed your hand and gave it a kiss, “We can always think of some other ones, if you want.”

 You looked down at your stomach and smiled, “I think we finally have a name for this little guy.”

 “Really? You like the name Dean Allen?”

 “I love it. Our son will be named after the two people who will probably love him more than we can even love him,” you chuckle, “And when they find out we are naming him after them, he will be loved so much more.”

 Bucky sighed a little, “Maybe we shouldn’t name him that, because Charlie will get even more jealous than she already is.”

 You realized he was right and looked at him with a pouting lip, “But I love the name Dean.”

 He let out a chuckle, “I do too.”

 “Then it’s settled,” you clapped your hands, “Our son’s name will be Dean Allen Barnes!”

 Bucky rubbed your stomach, “Dean Allen Barnes, my son.”

 You got Charlie out of her car seat and she ran into your parents’ house, “Pops! Pops, where are you?” Charlie sang out for your dad.

 You mom walked out of the office, “What about Nana? Don’t you want to know where she is?”

 Charlie ran up to your mom, “Hi Nana! Where is Pops?”

 Your mom rolled her eyes, “He is in the living room,” she saw you and smiled, “How is my girl and my little boy?”

 You smiled, “We are okay. We actually have some news to tell you and Dad.”

 “Well, follow the noise of your giggling child,” she patted Bucky’s shoulder as you all walked into the living room, “Troy, the kids have news for us.”

 “What kind of news?” your dad asked looking away from ESPN as your child crawled over him.

 “We have a name for the baby,” Bucky smiled sitting next to you on the couch.

 That made your dad turn the TV off and sit up, “You do? What is my grandson’s name going to be?”

 “Are you naming him after you Bucky?” you mom asked.

 You shook your head, “No, he didn’t want to name him after himself. But he did come up with a better name, that we both think you will love.”

 “Well, spit it out, sugar,” your dad threw up his hands in excitement.

 “Dean Allen,” Bucky smiled, “Dean after you Deanna, and Allen after you Troy. You two are the most amazing people that I know and I couldn’t think of a better way to show you both how grateful I am to you two, than to name our son after you both.”

 Your parents looked between each other and then back at the two of you. Tears were starting to spill out of your mom’s eyes and your dad tried to blinked his away.

 “So, I take it y’all like the name we picked out?” you asked still unsure of what your parents thought of the name.

 “Of course we do,” you mom jumped up, “We love it,” she wrapped Bucky in a hug.

 You dad walked up to you and smiled, “You have no idea what this means to us.”

 You smiled, “It was all Bucky’s idea.”

 “I knew he was a smart guy.”

 You chuckled, “Yeah he is pretty great.”

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Touken Ranbu Hanamaru ED#5: 出づる月、招宴の唄 (The Departing Moon, Banquet Song) (full ver.) by Kasen Kanesada (Ishikawa Kaito), Shokudaikiri Mitsutada (Satou Takuya), Tsurumaru Kuninaga (Saito Souma) and Mikazuki Munechika (Toriumi Kosuke)

Mikazuki: The loitering star under the sky has no goals
Transient loneliness ends, disappears -

Shokudaikiri: Welcome, come in, now, let’s start
Tsurumaru: With surprises bursting forth
Kasen: And a welcome also in the air; to the free sky you like,
All: Go ahead and be entertained.

An invitation to a lovely feast is the greatest form of hospitality.
Let’s go to be healed, together, our hearts are full of laughter.
Because of good cooking and elegance, suddenly, your lip-smacking resounds.
In order for happiness to overflow, tonight, everybody sings.

Kasen: If you’re worn out, let’s get healed,
Tsurumaru: If you’re injured, let’s go to the refinery;
Being soaked in a medicated bath,
Kasen+Tsurumaru: Feels good, doesn’t it?

Kasen: Come now, let’s share tales of our travels
Tsurumaru: Let’s talk the entire night away, until we get sick of it
Shokudaikiri: Going beyond this one moment, as the seasons change,
All: Have fun even more

All: Being invited to take it easy in a refined festival isn’t so bad.
As a lamp burns, we’ll take turns clapping our hands,
Gentle sounds and music are all that’s needed to clear up one’s heart a little.
Everyone will dance tonight, to feel happy.

Mikazuki: All night I’ve been going through the mist, aah,
In the world of temporal things, I have seen the ends of [days] past,
I pray to the moon that tomorrow, [we] will dance, surely -

All: An invitation to a lovely feast is the greatest form of hospitality.
Let’s go to be healed, together, our hearts are full of laughter.
Because of good cooking and elegance, suddenly, your lip-smacking resounds.
In order for happiness to overflow, tonight,

Mikazuki: Everybody sings.

  • my translation index
  • kanji source
  • the short version is this one! i think this one is more accurate, if only cuz i got the transcript now (lol) if anything, though, the choruses seem pretty much ok, so i left those ones in.
  • can we guess why i translated this?? go ahead. i’ll wait (lol)
  • The loitering star under the sky - 天, “heaven” was actually pronounced as あめ “rain”…but i TL’d it as “sky” anyway oh god stop me
  • thanks for reading!!

The Pocket Watch

by reddit user The_Dalek_Emperor

When I was a child there was nothing to eat. I was the eldest of five and so it was my job to make sure that I always let my brothers and sisters eat before me. War was inching inward from the coast and as it marched closer, our food grew scarcer. Animals fled the area, or were slaughtered and consumed in panic by the other families in our village.

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Kalafina @ Mezamashi Live 2017 - Live Report (CORRECTED)

I corrected some minor and major mistakes (it wasn’t Wakana who danced mit Keiko during “Hyakka Ryouran”s kajiurago bridge, but Hikaru).

So today, on July 23rd 2017 Kalafina had their Live event in Fuji TV’s huge “Minna no Yume no Tairiku”-Festival: “Mezamashi Live” in Odaiba, Tokyo. Of course, I had to go, since tickets only cost 1500 Yen and they included some other stuff too, like entrance to special floors at the Fuji TV building.

Before going to the Live, I expored Odaiba, mainly the Fuji TV building and the boothes and sales corners (they had human-sized statues of One Piece characters - I died of excitement and happiness long before I went to see Kalafina).
The weather was actually quite bad, if you compare it to the past weeks here in Tokyo. It was very cloudy and windy and it did rain sometimes (but only a bit and it was over soon). But for me, that was probably the best thing of the whole day. I don’t know if someone already experienced summer in Japan/Tokyo area, but it is hell. Starting from rain season in mid-June until fucking October it is over 30°C almost every day with a humidity of 198675%. There’s literally no air to breath. So the fact that we did not have the sun burning down mercilessly on the poor souls walking here today, we had a refreshing wind and a bit of rain, which also probably made people stay in their homes, since it was not crowded at all (and I am talking about Odaiba on a sunday).

Anyway, I couldn’t participate in the pre-sale for fanclub members, so I just bought a ticket like any normal peasant at 7-Eleven. I had a number in the 1000s, so yeah, I thought I would not be able to see the stage at all, but I was actually wrong. Due to the arrangement of the areas where people were allowed to stand, I could see the stage perfectly and I wasn’t too far away from it. There was also a goods corner beforehand, where they sold some 9+ONE merchandise as well as stuff from older concerts.

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I’ve been thinking about what love is for.
Not the obvious part where he gathers
until he is purposeful inside her
as an electrical storm, not when he breaks
into a thanks so bright it leaves her
split like a tree. (We all jolt back,
our picnic ten shades lighter, our hands
clapped over awe that’s too big for our mouths.)

But the two of them, afterwards,
tasting the electricity, nibbling
the charge on the ions. When her pulse
has already risked coming to meet him
at the window of her skin. When what is left
of his body still feels huge, and he sits draped
in his fine, long coat of animal muscles
but uses all his strength to be almost imperceptible.
They curl up, make their bodies the same size,
draw promises in one another’s juices.
“You,” they say. I love it when they say that.

Would that they could give a solid reason.
Sometimes they even refuse to try.
They make jokes while cinching their laces.
“I’ll call soon,” he says. “You’re so sweet,”
she says, but the rank sugar of his breath
doesn’t summarize the world for her.
“Not you,” they say.

And nothing bad has happened.
They just turn the doorknob that has been
shining in their hands the whole time, walk out,
and continue to die. Same as the rest of us.
So maybe love is a form of crying. Or maybe
it’s our way of finishing what the leaves have started
and turning a brilliant color before we hit the ground.
Name one living thing that doesn’t somehow bloom.
None of them get to choose the right conditions.
Think of chemical fires or ghost orchids.

Maybe one body is simply insufficient.
So they change their minds and decide
to stand by one another’s side for years.
They bring flowers and carpet and children
into the act. They refuse to move, ever.
They act as if they’ve found the only hospitable
spot on earth. I love it when they do that.

Catie Rosemurgy, “Love, with Trees and Lightning,” The Stranger Manual

A lonely, isolated ice prince and a lonely, stubborn Japanese man fall in love and round out the best in each other. They will end up marrying and the ice prince will live in Japan with his spouse for good.

…Basically I am laughing how Viktuuri beats my darling otp KuroFai to being canon* in just three months of airing, versus more than 10 years of trc/twc publication.

*granted KuroFai is NOT canon and probably will never be…




(into a depression hole that’s where, I have all your posts lined up ready to read and comment on I PROMISE it’s just that ye olde depresh then taps on my shoulder and says ‘what if, instead of doing this thing you love, you just dragged yourself to work, then went home and mindlessly clicked around doing nothin and hating yourself? doesn’t that sound BETTER?’ and I am like ‘wow that sounds awful!!! let’s do it!!!’ honestly car dealerships should hire my depression it is the best goddamn sales person ever)


we are here, together at the end. It has been a long and winding road filled with lows (we wept with you and raged with you) and enormous highs (we laughed with you, we squealed and clapped our hands to our face in disbelieving joy with you) and some truly weird potholes (YOU FUCKING CASSANDRA YOU, SINGING THOSE JAGGED HOLES INTO BEING AND THEN SLAMMING THE SHIP WITH US ALL ON IT RIGHT INTO THEM)

it is the last season with DS9, but not our last season with you Tarra, not nearly. Legions awaits, and after that many more shows to delight in once again through you. But thank you for this amazing experience. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

and without further ado, one last primer

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