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Loosely based on a true story of my friend and his girlfriend during her college graduation and the rest of us just couldn’t stop awwing because GAH


Castiel is graduating and Dean isn’t here.

It’s a horrible feeling, knowing his boyfriend isn’t with his family as he walks across the stage, but Castiel understands why, to a degree. Dean works the graduation ceremonies. He kinda needs to do that if Castiel wants  to graduate at all, but still…

Which leads to now, Castiel waiting with his fellow Arts and Humanities college graduates as the timer counts down to zero, at which point they will all walk out into the arena and sit down for about two and a half hours of speakers until they walk across the stage, have their name called, hear applause as they walk across, take the stage helper’s hand on the stairs to avoid falling, and walk back down to their seats as college graduates. It was routine at this point to Cas, he himself having been to enough of the rehearsals whenever Dean was working them to know what comes after what. He had thought he’d feel a little different when the graduation would be his own, maybe with his best friend cheering him on and congratulating him with a kiss at the end, but instead Dean will be somewhere else making sure the entire graduation runs smoothly as a Marshall or helping the vice presidents run errands or something else that he’s done before.

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It’s all fun and games until someone gets roasted

“Can you do a miniminter imagine, where deji or rice roast his girlfriend in a diss track, and him and the boys are reacting to it?” 

Okay so it wasn't till after I wrote this that I realized I completely misread the prompt, but don’t worry I’m going to write a new one that is just right for the prompt! But thank you for being my first request! It honestly means a lot to me! I hope you like it.

“Simon, I told you not to get involved anymore,” you whined as you walked to the kitchen to grab some water, “It’s unnecessary and childish, you’re better than this.” Simon followed you into the kitchen quickly, “Okay but technically I was already involved in this, and he made a disstrack on me Y/N. What do you expect me to do?”Of course Deji dropped a diststrack on Simon, he has nothing better to do with his time obviously. All this drama was childish and pathetic to you. You rolled your eyes while you opened the fridge and grab a bottle of water, as you shut the door you turned to face Simon and crossed your arms, “I expect you to be the bigger person in this situation.” 

Simon let out of huff of frustration and ran his fingers through his hair, “Y/N, baby, I need to defend myself. I can’t just let him get away with making a video about me and getting millions of views and subs from it.” You stopped listening to him and starting walking towards Simons bedroom, but as soon as he noticed you leaving he quickly followed you and cut off you; standing right in front of you. He grabbed your shoulders and gave them a light squeeze. You looked into his eyes and saw concern on his face. 

You knew all this drama was upsetting him, even though he didn’t want to admit it. Simon always shut off his emotions and never really expressed what was wrong with him, one of the few things you have been working with him on. But you could tell that he’s been a tad bit sadder ever since all the JJ drama has started. Simon let his hands wander down your arms until his hands found yours, he gave both hands a soft squeeze while pulling you forward until your foreheads were touching. He closed his eyes and spoke softly, “What do you think I should do?” 

You gave his hands a long squeeze and gave him a quick peck on the lips, “I think you should ignore him and move on, you’re a better person than him babe. Don’t let this bug you.” You felt Simon nod his head against your forehead, he let out a breath and moved away from you; “You’re right, but..” You gave him a confused look and tilted your head to the side, “But what?” He gave you a big, cheesy smile; “I can still make a reaction video right?”

You rolled your eyes and smiled fondly at him as he ran up the stairs calling for Josh and Vikk.

“Hey guys. So Deji has decided to drop a diss track on me, and I have decided to react to it, but for moral support I have the rest of the Sidemen here with me. Say hi boys.” All the boys wave to the camera and Ethan lets out a chuckle, “Lets hope this is worth our time.” Everyone lets out a murmur of agreement with his statement, “hm, probably not.” Josh adds, which gains a strong laugh from the other boys. Simon looks into the camera and claps his hands together gaining the attention of his peers, “So lets get started.” 

Simon presses play and the music begins, you’re laying on his bed trying to distance yourself from all the chaos while still being able to know what’s going on. Even thought you don’t agree with everything thats going on its still amusing to be apart of. You were just scrolling through twitter on your phone with the track and boys comments being background music to you. Every now and then Simon would pause the video and the boys would let out a whole hearted laugh about how weak Deji’s bars are. It wasn’t until you heard your name that you started to focus more on what was going on.

And Simon mate, lets talk about your girl. Whats with all that makeup, what’s she trying to hide? If she ate all that makeup maybe shed be beautiful on the inside. 

Simon paused the video once again but this time no one laughed, all the boys looked at Simon with wide eyes covering their mouths while Simon directed his attention all on you. You sat up from your position on his bed and walked over to where the computer was resting on Simons chair, “Replay that.” “Y/N..” You looked down at Simon and shot him a firm look, “Simon, replay it.” 

Simon replayed and confirmed what you just heard, Deji made fun of you. Confused and shocked was how you felt right now, never once have you spoken to Deji. But apparently he thinks he has the right to talk about you in a negative way. Nobody spoke for a full minute before Ethan spoke up, “Well that was a weak worse wasnt it?” Josh nods his head in agreement and leans forward, “Yeah I mean y/n doesn’t even wear that much makeup, whats he on about?” Simon finally spoke up and leaned back in his chair, “Well obviously he ran out of stuff to say and just needed an extra verse.” The others nodded in agreement and let out a few chuckles. 

You backed up from your position and made eye contact with Simon. You can tell he was annoyed at what Deji said, and you knew he was worried you were hurt by what he said about you.You finally decided to speak, “Simon.” Now all eyes were on you, Simon nodded his head, “Yeah?” You glanced at everyone before nodding your head and looking back at Simon and smirking at him. 

“Finish him.” 

Simon let out a chuckle and smirked back at you, “Already ahead of you babe.”

13 Going on 30 (Part 5)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead.

Word Count: 1,352.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy! Always love to hear your guys’ feedback. 

@spidweeb & @heaventide - i love you guys, thank you for the help. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Stay Together

nothing lasts forever, but wouldn’t it be nice to stay together for the night?

Shawn x Reader

“And the winner for best male artist is….”, the announcer began, “Shawn Mendes”, your ex-boyfriend’s name was called.

You clapped as the cameras were now on you, you smiled and clapped to keep from controversial comments.

“Thank you all so much”, Shawn began with a grin on his face, for a split second you could’ve sworn he winked in your direction but you tried not to think too much of it. He finished his speech and was on his way, you only hoped seeing him again wouldn’t bring you back to your old memories with him. The ones that kept you up at night.

“Congrats on your award”, your makeup artist nudged you while taking a sip of her wine that they were serving at the after party.

“Thank you very much”, you grinned.

“You know who else won an award”, she wiggled her eyebrows.

You hip bumped her, “Shut the hell up”, you giggled while tucking your hair behind your ear, “I clapped and smiled, congrats to him I guess….”, you trailed off.

“You’re still in love with him”, she teased.

“No…just no”, you chuckled while shaking your head, “But I do see Luke Hemmings eyeing you, got get ‘em tiger”, you put your hand out in a claw motion as she began walking over there. You shook your head lightly with a smile as you took a cheese cube.

“These look good”, a voice said as an arm came into view and took one too.

“Because they are”, you smiled while turning to see the owner of the voice, “Oh…hey.”

“Y/N”, Shawn grinned widely before pulling you into his arms, “How have you been?”

You were shocked at how comfortable he was with talking to you, especially since you couldn’t smell any alcohol on his breath, “I’ve been good actually, congrats on your award”, you high fived him.

“You too, most outstanding actress, fucking awesome”, he praised you.

You blushed, “Thanks”, before looking down at the cheese cubes, somehow planning to make your escape with some in your hand, “Well it’s getting pretty late so…I think I’m gonna head out”, you turned around.

You suddenly felt Shawn grab your elbow, “I’ll go with you, I was about to leave too”, he shrugged.

“Are you sure”, you asked, really hoping he’d come to his senses and just stay.

He nodded, “Why not spend it with my favorite girl–I mean old friend”, he corrected himself as you giggled, “I meant the second one.”

You continued laughing as you both began walking out.

“So you hit yourself in the head with the mic twelve times in one night”, you laughed as Shawn was chuckling at the wheel of his jeep, untied tie, blazer off. You with his blazer on to keep warm, converse on, comfortable.

Shawn burst out into more fits of laughter, “Stop laughing, your laugh is contagious.”

“It’s fucking hilarious though”, you threw your head back with laughter as the car came to a halt.

“I just need to get something out of my house”, you hadn’t realized you were in Shawn’s driveway until he got out, “You coming?”

“Uh…yeah”, you nodded hesitantly before climbing out and following him inside.

“I’m just gonna get my jean jacket out of here before I drop you off at your place”, he put his right foot on the stairs.

“Oh no, it’s late, you don’t have to drive me home. I can just call an Uber”, you waved off at his offer.

“You in the car with some creep at 4am? I think the fuck not”, he chuckled.

“Well I don’t want you to drive home this late by yourself so I’ll just call my driver”, you took your phone out of Shawn’s blazer pocket, where you had left it.

“Don’t bother the poor guy”, he held your arm, “How about you stay here?”

You looked up at him with shock, his shy figure blushing in front of you, “I don’t wanna trouble you. You’ll have to get your guest room ready or some shit like that, I’ll go home.”

“It’s not like we haven’t slept in the same bed before”, he shrugged, gaining more confidence by the second.

“You sure do have a way with words Mendes because…I think I’ll take you up on that offer”, you giggled.

“Just like old times”, a grin spread across his face.

“Ehh”, you said sarcastically.

“You’re right”, he walked toward you and smashed his lips onto yours.

For some reason, instead of pulling away, you melted into the kiss, became putty in his hands. You became so putty like that you somehow ended up making out on his bed, blazer off you, shirt off of him….

Imagine Being Part of Teamiplier

“And here we have our newest member, (y/n)!” Mark exclaimed. Kat and Amy clapped behind the camera, while Mark and Tyler lifted you by your arms and legs. Ethan just stood there laughing, blue hair falling in his face. You, on the other hand, were just yelping and laughing so hard your stomach hurt. Today was a good day.

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junhui college au!
  • guys, I burned my fingers
  • so it hurts when I type
  • I apologize for the delay, please bare w/ me!
  • let’s go!
  • jun would probably be an undecided major
  • he’d get all the core courses over with
  • but he was still trying to find out what he really liked
  • but you
  • you were an art major
  • you loved drawing
  • you liked sketching
  • and designing
  • and coloring
  • and everything art included
  • you were in your junior year of college
  • and so was jun
  • but neither of you really talked to each other
  • you thought he was the most gorgeous man on campus
  • but you’d never have the courage to go up to him
  • and he thought you were the most pretties girl on campus
  • and he’s seen plenty of pretty woman
  • but he thought you were breath taking
  • he’d watch you sketch in your pad from afar
  • he’d always wonder what you were drawing
  • he has always wanted to see your drawings
  • he was so curious 
  • both of your admired each other
  • but had never spoken to each other
  • but one day
  • you were in your art class
  • your art class was pretty small
  • about 13 students
  • so you were pretty close to everyone
  • one of your friends and you were talking
  • “so it’s the new semester, do you know what our project is this time?”
  • your friend asked you
  • but you were just as clueless as her
  • “I have no idea”
  • before your conversation could progress
  • your professor walks in
  • but he isn’t alone
  • he has 13 boys walk in behind him
  • “good afternoon class! today, as you all know, we will begin our new semester project!”
  • you try to take in all the visuals in the room
  • your eyes trail down the line of boys
  • until you hit jun
  • he was looking straight you
  • for some odd reason
  • neither of you looked away
  • it was a comforting stare
  • as if you guys were communicating somehow
  • “and I was able to get these 13 wonderful volunteers to help me and you with this project”
  • you finally leave jun’s glance
  • and focus on your professor 
  • “you will be assigned a model to draw with all the elements and detailed as possible, you have a month”
  • you knew this was coming
  • you saw it coming
  • you just hoped you wouldn’t be assigned jun
  • because that would be 
  • the teacher starts naming the pairs
  • “hansol is with lisa”
  • “mingyu with sunny”
  • until she called jun
  • “jun is with y/n”
  • you screamed internally
  • you banged your forehead internally on the desk
  • “you guys can start as soon as you’d like, you have a month”
  • the professor left the classroom
  • leaving the ‘models’ 
  • (which were really good looking students with a free period)
  • with you guys
  • jun makes his way over to you 
  • and you gulp nervously
  • out of all 13
  • he was the most confident
  • “y/n, right?” he takes a seat next to you”
  • you nod, “yes”
  • “jun”
  • he sticks his hand out for you to shake
  • you accept it kindly
  • his friendliness breaking the barrier you both had
  • “so are we gonna start now?”
  • “no, not here, let’s go outside”
  • you collect your things and jun follows your lead
  • for some reason
  • you liked to draw outside
  • the natural lighting was the best
  • and since your drawing had to be detailed and realistic as possible
  • you needed jun in the best lighting
  • “so first, we’re gonna start with a sketch”
  • you positioned jun on a bench
  • he posed naturally
  • “is this good?”
  • he smiled at you 
  • and you melted
  • “that’s perfect”
  • you begin to sketch jun
  • looking back at your pad and at jun
  • his features were so sharp
  • as if he were already a work of art
  • you were worried you wouldn’t do him justice
  • but you had to have some confidence in yourself
  • you took many breaths
  • sweat dripping down your face
  • and you were done with the sketch
  • “done! it’s just the sketch!”
  • you hand the notebook to jun
  • because he quickly stood up
  • eager to see your work
  • “wow! it’s so cool! you’re so talented y/n!”
  • hearing him call your name casually made you feel close to him
  • and when he complimented you
  • you felt your cheeks get hot
  • “y/n! can you come here really really quick!”
  • your friend calls you from across the courtyard
  • you don’t hesitate and tell jun you’d be right back
  • you left jun alone
  • with your sketch pad
  • he didn’t think before looking through your sketch pad
  • he just wanted to see more of your work
  • he always wondered from afar
  • and now it was in his grasp
  • he sees most of your work was nature and lifestyle objects
  • he turned to the pages at the end of the pad
  • he sees a bunch of outfits you’ve designed
  • you really did it all
  • he admired how talented you were
  • and he could see a bright future ahead of you
  • unlike him
  • he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do
  • or what he was good at
  • jun quickly puts your pad on the bench and waits for you
  • he watches you as you walk back from your friend
  • your hair blew in the wind
  • your skin glowed under the sun
  • he was mesmerized “jun? jun?”
    you have you hand in front of him
  • he barely realized you were back 
  • “uh yeah?”
    he tries to pull it off
  • “my friend invited us to go eat, you down?”
    jun doesn’t hesitate to join you and your friend
  • your friend who was also an art major
  • she was drawing someone named hansol
  • so jun, you, your friend, and hansol
  • end up eating at a popular deli close to campus
  • you get to know jun more
  • which kind of helped
  • if you knew him better
  • maybe it would help you draw him better
  • his personality was bright
  • he laughed and smiled a lot
  • you found out he was close friends with hansol
  • for some reason you all got along so well
  • it’s like you and jun were meant to be friends
  • you both clicked so fast
  • days passed 
  • and jun and you used the ‘project’ as an excuse to hang out
  • you both knew you liked each other’s company
  • but jun would distract you from your drawing 
  • and he’d make funny faces
  • and you’d just laugh and tell him to get serious
  • and one day
  • jun and you were at the art store
  • because you ran out of pages in your sketch book
  • and he wanted to tag along
  • that turned into a hang out day around the city
  • “so have you decided you major yet?”
  • you ask jun as you both walk down the busy streets
  • “no, i haven’t found what I’m good at yet”
  • you could tell how down and confused jun was
  • “it’ll come to you soon, I know it”
  • you reassure him and he nods
  • you and jun soon got hungry
  • so you both stopped by a food truck
  • “I’ll buy” 
  • jun stops you from pulling out money
  • and you don’t argue
  • because jun is stubborn
  • and you wouldn’t win an argument against him
  • you both take a seat and enjoy the street food together
  • “excuse me sir”
  • a man well dressed in a suit taps on jun’s shoulder
  • you both look up at the man
  • and he seems really friendly
  • “I couldn’t help but notice how visually pleasing you are, and I think you’d really suit our company! here’s our company’s card!”
  • he leaves jun with a card
  • and you can’t help but feel so happy for him
  • “jun! you could be a model! you just got scouted!’
  • he blushes and shakes his head
  • “I don’t know…I think I want to finish college first”
  • he reads the card
  • “well yeah! do that, but you can get some experience now and get a portfolio together and everything!”
  • jun’s heart warms up and how passionate you were about what he should do
  • “maybe you’re right”
  • the month was almost up
  • and you had the base of jun done
  • all you had to do was paint it
  • and you still needed him to paint him
  • “y/n, I had a question”
  • jun asked, but he didn’t move a muscle
  • he knew you had to paint it perfectly
  • “ask away”
  • you mix paints together and begin to work
  • “remember a few weeks ago when I got scouted?”
  • “yes, I remember”
  • jun takes a pause before continuing
  • “well, you said I had to get experience, and the school is having a fashion show, and I signed up to walk the runway, but they need more designers, and I’ve seen your work! you could totally be an amazing part of the fashion show!”
  • you freeze
  • jun saw your designs?
  • you were slightly embarrassed
  • because you only kept those to yourself
  • “you saw those?”
  • you take a pause from painting
  • “yeah, they were amazing”
  • you don’t think it’s a bad idea
  • it would help jun out
  • and it could benefit you too
  • “I’m down”
  • once the month was over
  • you turned in your final work of jun
  • you got an A (ofc)
  • and now it was time to start your new project
  • which was designing clothes for jun and the fashion show
  • this took a lot of time and dedication
  • you had to measure him and everything
  • “the guy from the company is coming”
  • jun speaks as he watches you sketch ideas 
  • “really? well then I’ll make sure you look extra good”
  • you give him a thumbs up and he smiles at you
  • you design two outfits for jun
  • the style was chic with a mix of street style
  • the fashion show was at the end of the year
  • and you were so nervous with all the stress
  • next year you’d be a college senior
  • and you’d have to find a job quickly
  • sure enough, the fashion show came quickly
  • just as quickly as you and jun grew so close
  • you revealed the outfits to jun two days before the show
  • just to make sure they fitted
  • and they did!
  • when you arrived backstage of the fashion show
  • you were looking for jun
  • he texted you the room he was getting his makeup done in
  • and you found it quickly
  • “hey!”
  • he greets you as soon as you speed in
  • “he-”
  • you look up at him
  • and 
  • he 
  • looked
  • amazing
  • his hair was styled perfectly 
  • his makeup was barely any he looked so good
  • “y/n!” he snaps his fingers in your face
  • “oh! here, here, put this on!”
  • you hand him the outfit quick;y
  • he removes his shirt quickly
  • and you gasp as you turn around
  • “jun!” you scold and cover your eyes
  • “what?” he laughs at your sudden shyness
  • “you couldn’t have waited till I left?”
  • he just continues to laugh and gets undressed
  • with your back facing him
  • once jun was dressed
  • you escorted him to the entrance of the cat walk
  • “okay, you look good! I believe in you! you got this! show that company what you got!” 
  • you touched up jun’s outfit as you hyped him up
  • he just looked down at you as you fixed him up
  • he loved how supportive you always were
  • how positive you were
  • “you’re up!”
  • you look up at him
  • he was nervous
  • but he couldn’t afford to mess up now
  • he nods at you before stepping out onto the catwalk
  • you watch jun from the tv backstage
  • he looks like a professional
  • he only practiced his walk once
  • and he was killing it
  • he was drop dead gorgeous
  • any modeling company would want to sign with him
  • he walked across the stage smoothly and cooly
  • flashes of cameras 
  • claps from the audience
  • jun loved it
  • he loved the moment
  • once he made it backstage 
  • he was quickly rushed to change into the second outfit
  • and it was the same routine
  • jun loved the rush backstage
  • he loved how exciting it was
  • and for the first time, he found what he was good at
  • once the fashion show was over
  • you ran up to jun
  • “you did so good!!!”
  • he laughs at how cute you were 
  • “thank you y/n” 
  • he pulls you into a hug 
  • and you were shocked at first
  • it being your first physical contact with him
  • but you hugged back in less than 3 seconds
  • “mr.wen?”
  • you both turn and see two men walking towards jun
  • one was the same man from last time
  • and the other was a new one
  • “you are very talented, and you know what you’re doing out there on the runway, why don’t you sign with us?”
  • the man speaks
  • and jun almost screams
  • “I’d love to! but I’d like to finish college first”
  • the man nods understandingly
  • “there’s no rush, you’d just have to sign the contract now, and once you’re done with college, you can come work with us”
  • you almost cheer for jun right there in that moment
  • but someone taps your shoulder
  • you turn around and face an older woman you’ve never seen before
  • “are you miss y/n?”
  • you nod and walk farther away from jun so he could talk to the men
  • “I’m a designer myself and I own my own company, and I saw your work, and I’m in love with your style, and the model made it look even better!”
  • “thank you so much!”
  • “I wanted to offer you a job at my company, here’s my card, if you’re interested, you can give me call and we could meet up any time!”
  • she hands you her card and leaves with a smile
  • you were so happy
  • you could finally have job and enjoy it
  • jun walks up to you once he’s done talking
  • “so what was that about?”
  • “a designer offered me a job”
  • you show him the card and he takes it
  • “really?! that’s awesome!” 
  • he subconsciously hugs you
  • he was so excited for you and himself
  • “wait, I wouldn’t been able to do this without you”
  • jun tells you and he slowly releases you
  • you look at him puzzled
  • “if I never went out with you in the city that day, I never would have been scouted, I never would have found out what I’m good at, because of you, I found what I liked doing”
  • jun was being soft and it made you melt
  • “well, I have to thank you too, if you never had seen my work and asked me to do the fashion show, I would have never got a job”
  • jun hugs you again, but this time it was for a longer time
  • “I never told you this, but even before we started talking, I admired you, and now I like you more than ever”
  • jun’s words were so blunt
  • he was so confident in confessing to you
  • but you feel exactly the same way towards him
  • “I do too” you let go of jun to look up at him
  • you both smile at each other
  • laughing at each other
  • this was the best day of your life
  • you got a job 
  • and you got jun

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Note: I did this as the Jonathan Ross show in the UK, as that’s he only one I’ve seen a whole show from!

“Shall we see who’s in the green room tonight, ladies and gentleman?” Jonathan asks the audience as they clap and cheer. The light on the camera in front of you switches on and pans around the room as each of your are introduced.
“And here, we have the star of the new romantic film of the summer, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)! Good evening (Y/N)! I see Taron’s making you feel right at home back there,” he jokes as the camera lands on you and Taron just as he hands you a drink and sits next to you so closely that your thighs touch.
“He’s the perfect gentleman!” You laugh, holding up your drink to the camera and taking a sip.
“Taron, are you going to come out when it’s your turn, or does (Y/N) need to come too? You look pretty close there!” Jonathan teases.
“I think she’ll have to come with me. Who’s on first? If it’s me, then she’s coming too,” Taron jokes.
“Wow, okay, looks like the green room has turned into an episode of first dates!”
You and Taron laugh at Jonathan’s comment and the camera turns off as the show starts. The green room slowly empties as guests go on, then it’s Taron’s turn and as he stands up to head out, he holds his hand out to you.
“You didn’t think I’d be leaving you here on your own did you?” He asks with a cheeky smile. You mirror his expression and take his hand, unsteady in your heels, as you’re not used to wearing them much. He takes your arm and links it with his as you turn the corner to the stage and he helps you down the few steps.
“Jeez man, leave her alone for one second!” Jonathan laughs as he shakes Taron’s hand and kisses you on the cheek, “come and sit down both of you.”
You sit down on the sofa as the other guests shuffle up to he other end for you, then the audience quietens down so the interview can start.
“So, as we all know, Taron is in the amazing film Kingsman, The Golden Circle. And I’m not just saying it’s amazing because my wife’s involved with the film,” Jonathan laughs, “it’s genuinely so well written.”
“It is!” Taron says, throwing a hand in the air with enthusiasm, “it’s so in your face and full of action, it even jumps off the page at you when you read the script.”
Taron shuffles as interview goes on, getting closer and closer to you. You hold your breath when his leg rests against yours again, then remember you’re on tv and manage to bring yourself back to reality.
“(Y/N), have you seen the first Kingsman film?” Jonathan asks.
“Yes, I loved it. It was non stop, and completely blew my mind in the best way possible,” you reply, as Taron watches you intently.
“And how was it working with Colin?” He asks, looking back at Taron, “erm, hello? Taron?”
“Sorry! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!”
“Look, I’m trying to ask you questions here. You can stare at (Y/N) as long as you want after the interview, okay?” Jonathan laughs. The audience erupt into giggles along with the other guests, and you sit there blushing, holding your hand up to your mouth as you laugh as well.
“I’m here, I’m focused, let’s do this!” Taron grins, his cheeks a bright red. Jonathan asks a few more questions, then it’s your turn.
“So my next guest is the star of the summer’s most anticipated romance, but before we speak to her, here’s a quick clip,” Jonathan announces, smiling over at you. You look at the screen adjacent to you, watching the trailer for your film and cringe a little when you see yourself.
“Embarrassing sometimes isn’t it?” Taron whispers. You nod, bite your lip and look down at your lap.
“So embarrassing,” you mumble. Taron puts his arm around you, rubbing your back with his thumb as he looks up at the screen along with everyone else. The clip ends and the audience clap, then the camera goes back to you just as you look up.
“Can I just say, for those of you at home that didn’t see this, (Y/N) wasn’t looking at the screen all the way through that trailer,” Jonathan laughs, “so you not like seeing yourself in films?”
“I don’t know, I’ve watched a couple, but I don’t usually do the soppy romance thing, so it’s all a bit embarrassing!” You explain.
“That’s understandable, we’re used to seeing you as an action woman. What made you go for something like this?”
“It was the script, something about the whole story just felt right. I’ve been offered a couple of parts like this before, but didn’t do them because it didn’t feel right. This one did,” you nod.
“It is such a good story. I’ve seen it, and I’ll admit I shed a couple of tears! Now- Hang on, Taron, what are you doing?”
“Me? What? Nothing!” He says, shocked.
“Where’s your arm? Can’t you leave her alone for two seconds?!” Jonathan laughs, putting his head in his hands.
“Well, I, er…”
“He knows I’m really nervous, this is my first solo interview for anything I’ve done,” you say, giving him an excuse.
“See! I’m being a gentleman!” Taron winks.
“Okay, okay, you’re excused! Is it really your first solo interview?”
“It is. I literally didn’t sleep last night because I was so nervous,” you explain.
“Really? You’ve done brilliantly. Hasn’t she done great everyone?” Jonathan asks the audience as they whoop and clap. You smile and put your thumbs up to them, thanking them for being supportive, and after clapping, Taron places his hand on your back again.
The interview continues, but all you can think about is Taron’s hand on your back and his leg resting against yours. You manage to gather your thoughts enough to answer he questions being asked to you, then the music performance starts and a couple of the guests leave the stage, but you and Taron stayed put on the sofa and turned to watch the artist. He leans his head on your shoulder as you enjoy the song, and Jonathan takes a photo from behind you, putting it on Twitter before the end of the song.
“It was lovely to meet you finally, (Y/N),” Jonathan says after filming finished, “and Taron, so good to see you again. You’re both going to go far.” You chat for a bit and say your goodbyes, then Taron walks you out.
“Do you want to swap numbers or something?” He asks sheepishly.
“Of course,” you smile. He grins and pulls his phone out of his pocket, unlocking it and handing it to you. You tap in your number then hand it back, blushing a little.
“How do I know you’ve not given me a fake one?” He smirks.
“Ring it,” you wink. He does and your phone buzzes, holding it up to show him.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean-“
“It’s okay. I would’ve said the same to you,” you laugh. He pulls you into a hug just before you exit the building, then kisses your cheek and you say goodbye. You had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last time you saw him.

Façade [Prologue]

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: You thought you wanted fame. You thought you wanted this. But a part of you still yearned for that normal life, a normal love: finding someone that you love and will love you back with all his heart. So soon enough, this became too much for you.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Epilogue

“…the most famous couple…”

“…thousands of fans have gathered in anticipation…”

“…their twenty-seventh nomination…”

“…can they win again?”

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Amazing - Part 1

Summary: Jensen and the reader do not get along. After months of driving each other crazy, what happens when Jensen has finally had enough?

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,025

“Camera set! Rolling!”

“Don’t you ever get sick of lettuce, Sammy? I’m surprised you haven’t turned a nice shade of green by now.” Jensen says as he shoves French fries in his mouth.

“Don’t you ever get sick of being a dumb ass?” Jared retorts with his classic bitch face.

“Just for that…I’m serving burgers at your funeral.”

“We don’t have funerals, Dean. At least not the normal kind.”

“Yeah well, I’m gonna throw a normal one just for you. Everyone’s getting a bacon cheeseburger when they pay their respects. I’ll keep a big platter of them next to your casket.” Jensen counters sarcastically.

“Fine! I’ll do the same for you. Except everyone’s getting a salad!” Jared adds defensively.

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Partners in (Fighting) Crime Chapter 7: My Hero

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

Masterlist  Partner’s in (Fighting) Crime

Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!hero!reader, Michelle x reader (best friends)

Warnings: Minor violence and cursing. 

Summary: You test out your new armor on some bad guys and Sweet Pete’s has it’s grand opening! 

Michelle set up a camera in an abandoned warehouse. “Okay all set.” She says and steps away from it then gives you a thumbs up. “Armor test trial one, commence.” She says and you fly down from the rafters and land on the ground. “Superhero landing, all good.” She says and writes that down in her journal. You stood up, feeling proud and confident in your new suit. “Okay now time for the strength test.” She says and picks up a wooden baseball bat and carries it over to you. She whacks it hard against your armor and it snaps in half. 

“Holy shit!” You exclaim and her jaw drops. 

“Damn I’m good.” She says and smiles. 

“Yeah you are that was awesome!” You say. “My enemies are going to have a hard time fighting me now!" 

"Don’t get too excited yet. We’ve got to test your armor’s strength and mobility in combat.” Michelle says and gets back behind the camera. “Gun simulator test one, go.” She says and a bb gun you guys set up fires and you block it with one of your arm braces, the bullet fell to the floor. "Success.“ Michelle says and smiles. "Test two.” She says and the gun fires and you let it hit you in your chest plate. “Success.” She smiles. “Test three.” The gun fires at your boots and also falls to the floor. “All three pieces of armor are bulletproof." 

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idol shows ; yoon jisung

genre: fluff

summary: you and jisung appear on weekly idol, and both of you get embarrassed when you begin talking about relationships.

it was such a basic title im so sorryhhded and also the group name sucky sucks but meh

“we have two new groups who have recently debuted this month!” doni announces, “both have debuted with new songs that reached the charts in korea.”

you’re shaking a little bit as one of your members whisper, “unnie, fighting!” you give her a chuckle and a small smile as doni continues introducing your group.

“we firstly welcome, fly high!” your group walks in as the entire room claps and you smile.

“two, three, up to the sky! hello, we are fly high.” your leader whispers the two, three and all of you then join in. you were only a group of seven, which was a bit less than jisung’s group of having eleven.

“fly high? shouldn’t you be in the sky by now?” coni jokes as you all laugh, including wanna one and your leader says, “it’s a play on words.”

the hosts laugh, “fly high has had their fifth win, becoming a quick girl group to reach the charts within a week. congratulations!”

you all give a small clap.

“please introduce yourselves!” doni smiles before the camera turns to you.

“hello, i am ri, short for sungri. i’m the leader, the oldest and we hope you continue to support us!” 

“how is it like being a leader?” coni asks.

“it feels great!” sungri smiles, “it requires a lot of hard work, but i’m incredibly proud of the girls and how far we’ve come.” 

“so you guys go by oldest to youngest?” your leader nods, “i’m the oldest, then y/n, nari, myung, kira, mina, and finally jihye, our maknae.” you all give a clap, then the cameras turn to you.

“hello, i’m y/n! the main dancer and the second oldest, who will dance to you even if you’re far away.” you shyly said, making a fool of yourself with some moves. everyone chuckles at your stupidity.

“so you don’t take a plane, train, car? you just dance?!” doni gasps, once again joking. you turn red and laugh at yourself. 

“i tried thinking of some pun when planning, it didn’t work,” you admit as everyone laughed. 

“we heard y/n’s also the main translator!” you nod, “may you speak english for fans abroad?”

you nod, “hello, we are fly high. we hope you keep on loving our music and supporting us! we won’t let you guys down, we love you.” you make an arm heart as you blush.

“ah, how cute.” doni sighs. the camera turns to nari.

“hi, i’m nari! i’m the main vocal and i’m sure you will all love me for my vocals.” she winks as you all burst out laughing, you almost choking.

“i’m myung! i’m the lead vocalist. i hope you continue to show fly high a lot of love throughout the future!” she bows as everyone claps.

“hi, i’m kira! your lead dancer and rapper!” she shows a demonstration of beatboxing, leaving everyone in awe. you clap and look over at jisung, who gives you a thumbs up.

“hello, i’m mina! i’m the visual and the main rapper! show us love throughout the future!” mina was a timid person, so she didn’t often talk a lot. you encouraged her just to be herself.

“i’m jihye, your maknae and center. thank you weekly idol for having us!” jihye shows off her smile as everyone claps.

“now we have a recent boy group who has grown quickly because of the show, produce 101. you’ve guessed it, let’s welcome wanna one!” doni announces as wanna one walk in. you give a clap and bow.

“please introduce yourselves!”

wanna one introduces themselves and daehwi speaks in english and you laugh at how fluent he sounded. probably more than you if you were honest.

you all sit on the chairs the show had provided and began to talk about relationships. you had no idea if doni and coni did this on purpose just to make you and jisung embarrassed.

“we have a special couple here don’t we?” coni stares at you and jisung and you hide your face in front of jihye, who was in front of you.

“jisung and y/n?” doni says. the members from both groups stare at both of you, nudging you both and your group chuckling while saying, “unnie!”

“i’m sure everyone would love to hear how you met,” doni says at gestures at the camera.

you look at jisung and he cheekily smiles. jisung always embarrasses you and you know everyone will laugh, because how you met jisung is the most embarrassing thing ever.

“me and y/n met a cafe,” jisung says, “it’s a quite cliché story. y/n and i were in our training period but she worked as a half-time cafe worker. the cafe was closing soon and i was still there because i wanted some alone time. she was mopping, then she slipped, but luckily my earphones were out and i caught her.”

everyone was laughing, even the producers behind the camera. you hid your face in your hands as jisung stood up and pretended to fall dramatically how you fell, and made it obviously, made it more dramatic because of how extra he is.

“yah!” you shout before you had your members leaning on you because they were laughing so heavily.

doni and coni were also in laughter and it took a while for them to move on. they asked about how your members and your companies felt.

“it was surprising how nice our managers were- they accepted it and they allowed us to date. it was shocking, it did feel like we got married, our members couldn’t stop looking at our phones.” you say.

“they were attached to the hip, though, well, still today they are.” seongwoo says as everyone laughs again. you blush.

“watch it, ong,” you look at him which lead doni and coni into more laughter.

later on, you and jisung stayed at your shared apartment and laid on the couch in silence, both staring at the blank, white ceiling. you watched over the show and you were so glad they didn’t zoom into your hot red face all the time.

“why were you embarrassed?” jisung says as he played with your hair, your face nuzzled into his neck.

“a-ah… it just felt, like i was being exposed.” jisung chuckles and places a small kiss on your forehead.

“at least everyone knows that we love each other,” jisung mutters and hugs you even tighter.

you smile and jisung could feel your smile forming.

“i love you,” you mutter.

“i love you too.” jisung says, “yah, never forget that.”

“why would i?”

Surprise, Surprise

Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin X Reader 

• it’s your birthday

• boyfriend! Guanlin 

• ft. my wanna one sons 

Word count: 1750

oH MY GOD MY BIAS MY BIAS DKSIAHSDH LET’S GO i love guanlin so fcking much it hurts. and awww, you’re the sweetest, thanks for requesting this anon, hope you like it !! as much as Seonho loves Guanlin. Also I was kind of lost and this took me quite awhile to write so please be more specific next time + it’s shorter than i’d like it to be but I really couldn’t :( ( i’ll let it slide since it’s my baby boy ) 

also longevity buns and noodles = something i’ve eaten every birthday for as long as I’ve lived. I love them ❤️ 

can anyone relate?


Guanlin awoke extremely early this morning and he was never known to do be up at such an unholy hour but today was special. 

It was your birthday.

And he was determined to make it perfect… with the help of his hyungs of course! It had been the most challenging thing to keep his plans a secret from you and he even called your parents the night before to confirm it. Your parents were so taken in by how sweet and adorable Guanlin was your mother was set on marrying you off to him. She too, had a hard time keeping her mouth shut about today, nearly babbling all about it to you if it were not for your dad’s constant reminders. 

7.48 am

Guanlin, Jihoon, Jinyoung, Daehwi and Jisung pulled up outside of your driveway, your mother dashing out as soon as she spotted the headlights of the car.

Jisung didn’t care if he was blocking the entire street, there were barely any cars on the road anyways, all he focused on was getting the balloons safely out of the car. By safely, he meant not letting any pop. They were so precious, he stayed up all night scouring the internet for these metallic gold balloons only to find out that the shop nearby their dormitory sold the exact same ones. That was the moment when he turned around, walked about two blocks down back to the house and re-evaluated his life decisions.

Jihoon’s nimble frame clambered out of the car half asleep, he was monitoring the cake which at first, Guanlin and Sungwoon teamed up to make but it was ruined because they ‘forgot to add something’ in the batter half way so ‘you can have it guys. Call Seonho over if you can’t finish’. Guanlin ended up using up his monthly allowance from the agency to order your birthday cake and he said he would sue the bakery if it wasn’t as good as they claimed it to be.

He eyed it carefully, ignoring Daehwi’s advances to 'help carry the precious cargo’, 'no offence Daehwi but I think you’ll drop it’. He wasn’t about to let Guanlin’s money go to waste, the maknae probably had to only drink water for the month. 

But when it came to you, he only gave you the best.

Guanlin’s hands shook uncontrollably and his heart was pounding madly in his chest. He squeezed his eyes shut and opened them again. He was more nervous now than when he auditioned for Cube. 

“Y/N is quite a light sleeper and early riser,” your mother had told him. “But I will try to delay her as much as possible.” Your mother rushed up the staircase just as car number two with the rest of the boys arrived outside your front door, that only shocked Guanlin more and he feared that things would not go to plan. 

The boys could pretty much taste the anxiety radiating off him. “Never fear dongsaeng, your hyungs are here.“ 


It was a real miracle that you hadn’t stirred the whole time Guanlin was busy filling up a heart pattern on the floor of your room with rose petals. 

How romantic. 

He’d lie and say it was Daniel’s idea later though. 

A heart made solely out of rose petals adorned your floor, by it’s side was a single pink balloon which was attached to a scroll of paper. Guanlin hoped you liked your first gift of the day. 

He took a glance at you as you slept, he had been avoiding doing that while he decorated because it seemed creepy and stalker like but he couldn’t help it. Even in your sleep, you looked breathtakingly beautiful, like a princess out of a Disney film, to Guanlin, no one else could compare. He knew it would stay like that for eternity and if he got to wake up to you every morning, he’d never go anywhere else for the rest of his life. 

Your boyfriend’s thoughts were all over the place now. Resisting the urge to wake you up so he could kiss your tender lips, Guanlin quietly crept out of the room, he smiled to himself, thinking about how well the rest of the day was going to go. When he returned from upstairs, he saw that Sungwoon had everything under control and should there be a need for extra party supplies, he brought his Doraemon purse along. ( i hope someone understands this part ) Jisung and Minhyun ( parents )  was helping your parents to set up the dining table for breakfast which Jinyoung and Daehwi had come marching in with. Breakfast was waffles and pancakes from your favourite cafe and longevity buns your parents had made. 

He hoped you hadn’t minded all of the boys joining you for breakfast, all of you were close and he figured it’d be more fun. 

"Okay! We’re ready,” Minhyun whispered from kitchen. 

Jihoon gave a thumbs up as Woojin stepped away from a bunch of bunting, he pretended to wipe fake dirt off his hands and smiled. Daniel and Sungwoon inspected every single part of the decorated living room, and Seongwoo proceeded to rearrange the present pile. 

“It has to look perfect before I hit my slate! Okay, Jaewhan, start recording,” he instructed. 

Slate clap! 

Jaewhan turned the camera to focus on Guanlin and nodded encouragingly.

Shit, I swear I had a script for this, Guanlin thought. It’s just lost in my head now.

“Uh…hey guys. T-today is actually Y/N’s birthday so Wanna One is here to surprise her. All of us are very close to Y/N and we are very excited for what is about to happen. For now, we will wait for the princess to awake from her beauty sleep,” Guanlin said, he couldn’t hide his smile even when speaking. When Seongwoo pointed that out, he just laughed awkwardly and covered his face.

“We will update you when Y/N’s here, I don’t think she knows a thing. See you guys!” Sungwoon ended Jaewhan’s recording. When he opened his mouth to protest, Sungwoon shushed him. “I think we should go up to the second floor. Y/N’s mum is going to wake her up.” Guanlin felt like digging a hole and burying himself inside. 

Jaewhan, 'I’m the cameraman’, 'you need a slate every time’ Seongwoo and 'i’m today’s mcee’ Sungwoon camped outside your room door where you and your mother were inside. 

She was preparing you to be camera ready. And secretly filming your reaction.

Let’s go. 


Your eyes fluttered open and for once, you weren’t blinded by the bright sunlight as usual. You felt your mum shake you gently. “Y/N….it’s time to wake up,” she murmured. “It’s your birthday today. Happy birthday!" 

Though confused, you still sat up to hug her, your eyes still shut and unaware of the massive balloon and heart … and your mum’s camera recording the entire thing. When you finally saw the first thing Guanlin designated for you, your jaw fell open and you shrieked excitedly. "What! What? What is this?” You were wide awake now, all the sleepiness was erased and throwing off the covers, you dashed to it’s side.

Your mother laughed at your antics. 


Someone call Samuel over. 

The scroll unfolded, you immediately recognised your boyfriend’s handwriting and smiled.

My dearest Y/N, Happy birthday baby! I can’t believe this is our first time celebrating a birthday together. Cheers to many more! Speaking about cheers, go get ready. I still have things for you! Love, your boyfriend, Lai Guanlin.

You felt your face get hot and suddenly became too aware that your mum was holding her camera the entire time. "Mum! No! Oh my god!” You wailed, trying to hide your face - until you made it into your bathroom at least. You looked in the mirror and took a deep breath, fanning your reddening face. 


Okay, let’s not keep Guanlin waiting downstairs.

At the thought of your boyfriend, you grinned so wide it almost hurt.

“Jaewhan! Seongwoo! Sungwoon!” The scream tore out of your throat before you could stop it and you covered your mouth before launching into the arms of your close friends. Brothers, more like it. 


“Happy birthday!" 

"Today is going to be so fun!" 

Jaewhan focused the camera on you. "It’s our dear Y/N’s birthday! Here she is! We’re so proud and happy for her!" 

You attempted to cover up your awkwardness and embarrassment by playing it cool. You shot your best, million dollar smile into the lens. 

"Ahhh! Y/N, what do you expect from today?” Sungwoon asked, holding a hairbrush as a mic. 

“I definitely expect a lot of fun times and good memories from today! I know it’ll be enjoyable with all my oppas around,” you replied, brushing a stray strand of hair out off your way. 

“Of course! Now, let’s go downstairs and see what’s waiting for you, okay?”

Seongwoo had to hold onto you to prevent you from sliding down the entire staircase. You simply couldn’t contain your enthusiasm today. 


You nearly fell down the last step for dramatic effect. 

"Y/N! Happy birthday!” Jisung yelled, enveloping you into a tight embrace as soon as you were down the last step. “My yeodongsaeng is growing up!” He rubbed your back affectionately before stepping away to let the rest of the boys overwhelm you. 

Daniel was the next person to hug you closely, he got mildly emotional too. Minhyun was on the verge of tears but he got himself together anyways. 

Daehwi threw petals around you as Woojin balanced a flower crown on your head. You blushed, shy, but that didn’t stop you from squishing them into big brother hugs. “Aww, I’m almost as old as you guys,” you teased at which they both scoffed and rolled their eyes. 

You took your time to greet the rest of your friends, hugging them close like a family member would. 

When you saw Guanlin, holding out a bouquet of roses ( bcwhynot ), nearly burst into tears from sheer joy and gratitude. He leaned in a pecked you on the lips before pulling you in for a tight hug. 

Okay, it’s now or never. Guanlin thought, he did his best to shake off the nerves that seemed to be eating him alive. He held you close to him and then whispered into your ear. 

“Y/N, I love you. Happy birthday.”

That was probably the best surprise of today.