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okay my name is super weird and has /no/ meaning, but what do you associate with Clanny?

It’s not weird, it’s unique!! Never think for a moment that your name is ‘weird’ embrace your uniqueness!!

Clanny: Flannels, chamomile tea, frizzy hair, Scottish terriers, green fields, riding on horse back and oranges!!

I hope you like it!!


Tindies Spooky Slasher Event!

Halloween is all sorts of fun… especially when you’re being hunted down by your worst nightmare: a slasher movie monster.

Thank you Brien @brienrs for hosting this super fun and thrilling event again. Everyone had a grand time! Here are a few shots from the event :-) More under the cut!

We still have some Halloween events coming up, so stay tuned clannies!

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The creation of the internet has led up to this fateful moment, this is the product of humanity