clannad 30 days challenge


Day 10 of the New 30 Day Anime Challenge:

The anime that changed me is, without a doubt, Clannad and its second season, After Story. This show took me to emotional depths I didn’t know were possible and has been my all time favorite since that moment. I love this show and recommend it to everyone.

Day 17: Who Do You Ship

Yes. My time has come. My inner weeaboo is spilling out for all to see. Behold. My armada. (This is gonna be really long soooooo…)

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30 Day Clannad Challenge

Day 10: Favorite Scene?

The ending scene of episode 18 of After Story. Holy shit, this scene made me cry bloody tears. The writing and dialogue in this scene is near perfect and it’s the first scene that comes to mind when I think of beautiful scenes in any anime. I think that this is where all of us truly began to love Ushio.


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30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 21 - Favorite Goofy Anime Character

Sunohara Youhei from Clannad is perhaps one of the most hilarious characters I’ve ever come across in anime. He’s a dick, he’s a pervert, and he’s way over the top in every way, but just the way that each is portrayed is what makes it so incredibly funny. Even though I wouldn’t usually react to similar jokes, every time he was kicked in the face, teased, or anything else, I was nearly falling out of my chair from laughter. His weird faces, odd perversions, and dickish side comments left my lungs lacking air. And as for the occasional serious moments he brought to the show, they left me nothing less than intrigued.

Sunohara is the best.


30 Day Clannad Challenge - Day 1: Favourite Character(s)
Katsuki Shima

Shima may not seem like much, as really he’s only in two episodes, but he’s definitely my favourite character from Clannad. He’s sweet, kind and cute, as well as unique, and I can’t help but love him. He reminds me a little of myself, in some ways! Not many ways… but a couple!


Clannad 30 Day Challenge

Day 17: Most Epic Scene Ever

The scene at the flower field (episode 18 of After Story)

was this even questionable There were many, many scenes in both Clannad and Clannad: After Story that can be described as outstanding, but this one… It was just perfect in every single way. The visuals had no flaws, the dialogues were written in an astonishingly beautiful way and the characters were portrayed in a really realistic way. Simply said, this scene was perfect.


Clannad 30 Day Challenge

Day 23: Funniest Scene

Clannad: After Story, episode 13: Nagisa gets drunk

I assume that this one explains itself without many words. It was totally unexpected to see a character like Nagisa getting drunk, thus this scene wasn’t only hilarious, but also pretty surprising.