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Since Insomniac won’t give us a design for Ratchet’s mom, I guess I have to come up with my own headcanon instead >:(

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Ratchet’s Mom - A Fan Theory

What you read below should be taken with a grain of salt.
Or maybe an entire salt shaker.

I can’t say I am super familiar with all Ratchet and Clank games, but in A Crack In Time the matter of Ratchet’s mother’s identity was so hilariously skirted around, it got me thinking.

Alister keeps going on about Kaden, but when it comes to Ratchet’s mom, he doesn’t even mention her name. He remembers some friend of hers, and provides her name and a bit of trivia, but Ratchet’s mom is like a Lombax-shaped blank space in that story.

Or is it Lombax-shaped? ;D

What if Ratchet’s mother has been in the story all along? What if we’ve already met that person? What if there is a good reason why Alister doesn’t want to talk about her or even mention her name? What if Ratchet met his mother and never knew???

Time to outdo Darth Vader’s “I am your father” with something far more sinister.

What if Ratchet’s mother is responsible for the Lombax disappearance and currently rules Polaris with an iron fist?

What if Ratchet’s mom is Percival Tachyon?

Are you still with me? Good, take this in: Kaden married an alien behind everybody’s back. Even behind Alister’s. Nobody knew who his wife was, the identity of that person was like the biggest Lombax secret. Why did Kaden hide his interspecies affair? The reasons could be numerous. But the main one is:

Kaden was so smitten with Percival (who wouldn’t be?), that he was sure every other Lombax in existence would instantly try to steal his spouse. And Alister Azimuth, that handsome bastard, would have real chances of succeeding.

Percival’s education on Vapedia came to an end and he couldn’t wait to return to Fastoon and work on some major projects. Kaden tried hard to dissuade him, but failed. Percy, being the strong independent Cragmite that he is, did not change his surname upon marriage, so when he came to Fastoon as an inventor, nobody associated him with Kaden.

In a last attempt to secure their marriage Kaden decided to try and discourage Alister from collaborating with his Cragmite wife:

We all know how that worked out.

Now you might be asking yourselves, hey, didn’t Percival have his evil plan to avenge his kind yadda yadda? Well, he did! He was studying abroad for that very purpose. The tuition fees were cheaper on Vapedia, don’t judge him. Either way when he met Kaden they managed to work his vengeful issues out. Or so they thought.

Then they had Ratchet. And your know, pregnancy can really mess with your head, hormones and all that… And Percy had a sudden craving for the death of all Lombaxes… and cupcakes.

Wait, now, do I hear you asking “How the hell did they even have Ratchet?”, so glad you asked. Since canon is really imprecise on Cragmite reproduction, my assumption is - they only have one sex. That’s why Cragpoles fall out of dead Cragmites, they just insta-fuck themselves before death. Now, a Lombax and a Cragmite, that’s an entirely different story. Since it is not said in canon that they are incompatible, I will assume they could be!

So Ratchet isn’t a Lombax, he’s a Lomite or… Cragbax? The bioscans just detect some Lombax genes in him and identify him as such. Poor bastard has no idea.

Percival must have developed some delusions or memory loss not to acknowledge his own offspring, and it is sad. But even in canon we see he suspects something. “Only I know your true name” - you sure do, Percy, you’re the one that named him (possibly).

Now, back to the part where Percival has a postpartum depression and attacks Fastoon. Kaden doesn’t want his unstable spouse to get hurt and he tells the rest of the Lombaxes the truth about him and Percival. They’re all shocked. Alister the most. He balls his fists and tells Kaden he should have revealed that earlier. Because he had no idea he’s been screwing his best friend’s wife for the last couple of years.

Now the rest of the Lombaxes just don’t want to live in the same dimension as these Cragmite-fuckers any longer. A couple hundred of them are so shocked and disgusted they just die. The survivors walk backwards into another dimension. The two Cragmite-fuckers are forbidden from ever joining them. As the majority of the Lombaxes are leaving, Lorna Cross stays behind. The others don’t even ask any questions, they just walk quicker.

Kaden, having decided neither of them is apparently good parent material, sends Ratchet away. Then he tries to calm down his raging spouse, but that does not end well.

And that is why Ratchet’s mom is never shown or named. The truth is out there and it can drive a man insane and make him want to turn back time so he doesn’t fuck his best friend’s wife.

“I made a mistake.” - Alister Azimuth

The moral of this story is: don’t make nameless fridged female characters or I will find a way to replace them with the villain.


I’ve had several people ask me about my process when drawing. I decided to record myself so you can see a little more clearly. This piece isn’t done yet, I’ve only completed the basic lineart (which is the longest thing for me to complete).

I have used a butt load of reference for this, so the poses themselves are derived from an actual model’s (which explains the *seemingly short* pauses: it’s me looking and analysing the reference).

As you can see, my sketching phase is ultra messy. I can sometimes have 5 (or more) layers of sketches for the same pose. Mainly to add details or fix the shape without erasing the base. Notice how I always use an action line before starting to sketch: it gives me a basis on the body’s position and stability.

Here’s the end result for now. I’ve decided to head the advice of going with the circular head. For those wondering, my personal favourite was the triangular one. 

Details like stripes, patterns, etc. are to be added at the colouring stage. Hair as well (if I decide to even give her hair in the end).