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overwatch canon according to background info: the world has recently come out of one of the most violent and destructive wars in history and is now moving forward into a new era with the challenges of accommodating a new race of robotic citizens. a second crisis has broken out in russia and australia has been reduced to a nuclear wasteland. with the world in such an unstable condition, a group of heroes from the first war’s era, who had been disbanded following public denouncement despite their efforts to protect humanity, must come together to carry out clandestine operations in order to defend the very people who turned their backs on them

overwatch canon according to the game: twelve randomly selected people meet up and beat the shit out of each other 

Historicity of Call of Duty: WWII

I usually refrain from posting about video games, but yesterday came with the big announcement that the multi-million dollar franchise Call of Duty is returning to its World War II roots. I enjoyed franchise’s World War II games back in the day, so I’m glad this decision was made - especially since this new installment follows the “Bloody First” Infantry Division, who saw the brunt of the fighting in France and Belgium during the latter stages of the war.

“No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great”. The 1st Infantry Division, otherwise known as the “Big Red One”, turns 100 this year.

Anyway, after the historically disappointing Battlefield 1, which strayed far away from the reality of the Great War, Call of Duty of all franchises seems to be taking a step towards gritty realism. Gone is regenerating health and ammo pickups; the player will now have to rely on squadmates to get them back up to speed. When shot, the player will apparently enter a “wounded” state, where they might pick up a limp or some other injury, impeding their combat abilities, until a medic patches them up. All in all, it sounds a far cry from the Rambo-style shooting galleries that the franchise has become somewhat infamous for.

Much to the dismay of some people, the game does not stray from the Western Front; specifically, France, Belgium and Germany. Thus, we will not be seeing any action in the Pacific Theater or Eastern Front. The developers claim this decision was made to better develop the narrative, which they did not want to be fragmented by constant globetrotting. It sounds like they’re going for a Band of Brothers-style story thread. The protagonist is a 19-year-old Texan who serves in the 1st Infantry Division, which was previously the focus of Call of Duty: Big Red One (an overlooked installment in the franchise).

The iconic M1 Garand rifle returns after a long absence from the franchise.

But the game won’t just focus on the “Bloody First”, say the developers. Also included as a supporting character is a British Special Operations Executive agent, operating clandestinely in Europe to assist French Resistance cell led by a yet-unnamed female character. It would actually make more sense for the SOE character to be female, since there were to my knowledge no resistance cells led by women, whereas there were numerous female SOE agents serving as liaisons between the British government and the French resistance. But the role of French women in the resistance should not be downplayed nonetheless.

Also set to appear is a segregated African-American infantry unit which the player will encounter at some point during the story, say the developers. They briefly commented on the historically-accurate racial tension between the white and black infantry divisions, which will be included in the game’s narrative. Despite the over-saturation WWII video games back in the day, of role of African-American soldiers was barely touched on, except for one briefly playable character in Call of Duty: Finest Hour back in 2004. Black soldiers will also be playable in multiplayer component of the game.

African-American troops served in Europe during WWII; notably in the Battle of the Bulge. They still served in segregated units at the time.

In terms of enemy factions, we can expect to see the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS, although since the narrative drives into Germany in its (presumably) closing chapter, it is possible that the Volksstrum might pop up. It would be interesting to be able to use some of the stop-gap German weapons developed in 1945.

The Allied weapons confirmed to appear so far are the iconic M1 Garand, the M3 Grease Gun, the Springfield M1903, the Thompson M1928, the Browning M1919, the M1 Bazooka, and the Colt M1911. The only Axis weapons seen thus far are the Gewehr 43, the MG42, and interestingly the Luger, which was not an official service weapon among the Wehrmacht but was popular with officers who privately purchased them. It has become something of an iconic Nazi gun, despite having been phased out by the Walther P38.

The infamous “Buzzsaw” will, for course, make ample appearances. It wouldn’t be the Western Front without it.

Although unconfirmed as of yet, we will undoubtedly see the return of classic Axis weapons like the Kar98k, the MP40 and, given the setting, the StG.44. Since the SOE and the French Resistance are involved, it would be surprising if the Sten did not appear too. Who knows, we might even see a few oddball weapons like the Liberator pistol or the Volkssturmgewehr.

Not much information has been unveiled as of yet but from what has been seen and described, it looks like Call of Duty: WWII will be taking a radical shift towards authenticity compared to the previous games in the franchise. We’ll see how it turns out.

For anon:

You assumption is totally pertinent. Kishimoto just might have blighted narusaku. And NS as a couple won’t transform the ninja society without radical grassroot reforms. But why do I ship them? Because of my personal history with Naruto. I didn’t particularly ship them when I first became acquainted with Naruto - their dynamics just made them appear to be the most plausible pairing. Romantic love felt to be the perfect logical conclusion to their character evolution as depicted. A reasonable prediction of romance - this much was my involvement with canon narusaku.

After the Sasuke retrieval arc i watched Naruto pretty much sporadically and eventually lost interest in the anime. The concepts were intriguing though, so i almost exclusively retired to fanfiction. At that point of time, i wasn’t bothered by the problematic issues handled by the story, instead i was infatuated with a particular character. Exploration of core issues was secondary to my fave’s status as the protagonist. Anyways all my updates were sieved from fanfics and were not too thorough either. Gradually I cut back on my fanfiction consumption which had become too very addictive and hindered my studies. All i retained was the skeleton of the premise and the vague outline of characters. If you can believe it, I came to know about shippuden’s conclusion last year only.

You see, Naruto had been so much like opium that I had consciously refrained from getting involved with it a second time. Once in a while i would peruse my favourite fanfics and that was that. When i finally learnt about chapter 700, i was shell shocked. The thing i had been most curious about was not any pairing but Sasuke’s fate. And it was fucking anticlimactic to know about the resolution of the series.

You see, according to my past knowledge, NS had felt like a given. So my anticipation was all about Sasuke. Did he die at last? If yes, under what circumstances? If he lived, how did he manage to achieve closure about the Uchiha massacre? What was the final ethical stand of Konoha? Were all the troubling clandestine operations finally banned with punishment meted out for past offences? Where did the Konohans finally draw the line? Did group morality triumph over the personal? How was the ambivalence about good and evil finally settled? Ironically, Sasuke was the epicenter of all these questions and my interest was specifically arrested by his ultimate fate and its implications for the ninja world as a whole.

Needless to say, i was disappointed. No true resolution of the vexatious issues and the epic showdown monopolized by an overpowered duo and the main villain disposed of so erratically to introduce Deux ex machina style another supervillain. Madara’s philosophy actually merited consideration - sacrificing reality for freedom from pain. It deserved to be scrutinized and answered, even if ambiguously. But no. All it got was a simplistic appraisal before going altogether moot with Kaguya’s superfluous entry to the scene. God-like powers, a flimsy character background and sudden attribution of the shadow supervillain crown - it was a classic bullshit move.

And then came the pairings. It was the last straw. Not only the Byzantine intermeshing of NaruHina but also the fucking travesty done to my favourite character. The person she ended up being - it was a damn nightmare. And the person worst implicated in this sabotage was, most ironically to my consternation, Sasuke. As for Hinata, she went from being an almost invisible speck to the cynosure of it all.

For Sasusaku to be, NaruHina was needed. And the final product of this infuriating algebra was one parody of a Sakura Haruno. Which couldn’t have been possible without the undermining of Narusaku relations, a pathetically concocted sasusaku and Hinata appropriating and subverting the main story. Thus not only was the ending terribly contrived with no real closure, but my precious character was mutilated beyond recognition.

The lack of a mature resolution was disappointing, but THIS was aggravating like hell. I hadn’t felt so outraged for a fictional character all this time and this discovery was like a fucking cataclysm to my imagination. So from being complacently convinced about narusaku as an inevitability, i went to become a NS shipper with a vengeance.

And now without my childhood naivete, all that was invisible to me then became glaring enormities now. Thus I came to have two axes to grind but Sakura will always take precedence over the bungling narrative. Turns out it’s an attachment i can’t exorcize myself of despite the passage of time.

So yeah, NS wouldn’t have made any difference on its own while the status quo remained essentially unchanged with a cosmetic gloss over. But all the shoddy development leads inexorably towards the canonised pairings, making it the most obvious target for criticism. The tip of the iceberg, if you will.

For example, Kaguya was completely unnecessary if not for the intention of protracting the series with a new treasure mine of antagonists. Neji’s death was gratuitous as well, a preposterous contrivance to propel NaruHina. Remove the couples and new gen characters from the equation and you get so much space for a worthy denouement.

Now pairings were only necessary for a sequel featuring the next gen ninjas. Eliminate the pairings and you can instead concentrate on the immediate aftermath as well as the gradual reordering of the society. For this to have happened, no ludicrous change in the NS dynamics would have been needed, thus naturally culminating in romantic love.

Alternatively, instead of placing emphasis on conjoining them romantically, attention could have been paid to the new dialectics of Team Seven which could be considered as a microcosmic portrait of human impact of the ninja business with all its ambivalence.

The central canonised pairs are as static and complacent as the new Konoha. If you think about it, the lack of structural reform is mirrored by the stasis in personal relationships. There has been no substantial growth, both character wise and society wise. In Shippuden, private issues were inextricably linked with systemic iniquities in Konoha. Gaiden is all about children with daddy issues in a vaguely defined commune of the ninja with extraterrestrial dangers since issues endemic to their society got resolved magically.

Erasure of canon pairings could only be a small prelude to the radical restructuring of the ninja business, if not its complete annihilation. For me, narusaku embodies a shift from sentimental romance to a holistic revolution in the ninja universe that includes nuanced exploration of love. It is a pair that could be easily assimilated with the canon developments until the shinobi world war while functioning as the centre of the divergent narrative.

Such are the reasons for my ardent Narusaku love. Canon remains unaltered for the major part, the facile resolution is substituted with realistic (and consequentially arduous and protracted) measures that bring about genuine transformation and my precious character evades an abrupt, uncharacteristic and altogether debilitating transition.

It goes without saying that with Sakura eliminated as a romantic candidate for Sasuke, Hinata not playing usurper and continued emphasis being placed on team seven, Narusaku emerges as only one of many possibilities in the resultant tableau. It just happens to be the one I’d rather prefer.

P.S. Hope this suffices, dear anon. If not, feel free to enliven my sad, empty inbox:)

P.P.S: I didn’t dwell on Sakura’s character in a hypothetical tryst with Naruto since canon Narusaku is mostly impeccable as it is and doesn’t do Sakura an egregious disservice like another pairing. Sakura Haruno stays Sakura Haruno, not an emasculated shell of her essential self.

Day Thirty-Five

-An old woman attempted to give me $0.58 on a gift card. A teenage girl, $0.02. I do not know what inspired this sort of generosity to me today, but I hope it happens again on a slightly larger scale.

-I witnessed a small girl of four years of age learn what pockets are, learn that she had them, and learned that she could use them to hold stickers. Her life will be forever changed.

-My task for the day was to give register eight a deep clean. For those in the loop on my Q&A, this will register as a red flag, as this was where my mystery cache of stickers was found. We will see in the near future whether the emergency sticker rations were finite or not.

-A woman told me to have a good day. Her daughter responded before I could, “thanks, you too.” I do not know where the toddler in the stroller is off to now, but I wish her the best.

-Upon being asked if he had been able to find everything alright, a man told me that he had indeed been successful, even in finding his glasses after they fell off of his face. This man accomplished in one shopping trip what Velma Dinkley could not in forty-seven years.

-A young woman bought three boxes of beer. I asked for an ID. She told me, “You don’t need an ID,” followed by, “Oh. You do.” I respect this first attempt at a Jedi mind trick, but she has a long way to go.

-A woman came through my lane, accompanied by a young girl. She returned ten minutes later, once again accompanied by a young girl. However, these were two entirely different young girls. I do not know where the second was hiding during the first trip. I do not know where the first was put during the second trip. I sense clandestine operations amongst us.

-As a grandmother was finishing a phone call with her daughter, her granddaughter became distraught, shouting that the last thing she said had been a secret and she should not have shared it. The grandmother quickly yelled, “You didn’t hear that, that was a secret, goodbye,” and immediately hung up. This reassured the child instantly and the crisis was swiftly averted.

-A small girl was thrilled to receive a large strip of stickers. She gleefully informed me that she was going to share them with all of her classmates at school the next day. I envy her for the amount of friends she is going to be swimming in now.

-I said to a three year-old girl, “Hi!” A three year-old girl said to me, “Pee-pee!” I have finally found someone who I can understand.

-A small girl had broken her arm earlier in the day, and her mother bought her a large toy ice cream truck to make her feel better. The girl told me that this is what you get for breaking an arm. This ominous quote, tied with her serious gaze, worries me about what precedent this will set for when she turns sixteen and wants a car.

Imagination: what if sourdough culture was a controlled substance that was highly valued much like methamphetamines, and a high school teacher started a clandestine black market culinary operation to earn some money on the side, immortalised in a gritty television drama Baking Bread??

Brain: *disgusted* shut the hell up

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so i've been stalking your blog for like 2 hours now and your crime writing resources are amazing!! unfortunately though, i was unable to find anything on international espionage. i did find some stuff on the levels of classified information... but i'm in need of the nitty-gritty details of what a day in the life of an NSA or CIA agent would consist of? my heroine is an assassin for a federal organization i've created, but i'm still clueless as to what she would actually do day-to-day. thanks!!

These may be a bit general for your tastes, but they still may give you some insight into the agencies. 



Hope this helps! 

***These links have also been added to the resource masterpost under sections 002 and 026. 

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Any Suitehearts headcanons?


-sandpup, father was originally from the city

-devout follower of the phoenix witch, legend has it he helps her bring dreams… if you cross him, they’re nightmares

-voluntarily goes into the city to meet with juvie halls, operates CLANDESTINE INDUSTRIES with the rest of the suitehearts; he helps bring lost souls into the desert and helps them learn the ways of the wild before sending them off on their own

-pretty violent at times, but he really just doesnt think

-has made out with at least a handful of draculoids



-city born

-was once a doctor, issued medication and developed it, also was a pediatrician

-he got in trouble after having multiple cases of serving the wrong medication to the wrong patient, holding illegal experiments, and testing medication on himself

-he had a cat that he had to leave behind ):

-he tends to be really cold to outsiders, sometimes its rumored he doesnt have a heart, that he has a big long scar running down his chest… nobody has been able to prove it, but nobody has been able to disprove it, either

-hes surprisingly not the medic, but he does work on gathering supplies and hes actually pretty decent at fisticuffs

-another rumor is that hes more vicious than sandman can be

-trivia wiz

-he burns so fucking bad so hes at a constant need for aloe vera

-hes really gentle with the kids they rescue and sometimes he sings for them when they cant sleep


-city born, was an idol/celebrity figure

-after a slipup in not taking his medication, he was disgusted with how he was portrayed in the city and what he was supposed to represent, hated the system of it all

-became a juvie hall, was underground for a very long time until he fled to the desert, wanted to abandon the city at all costs

-when he joined the zones he swore off all drugs of any kind so long as it had some mind-altering effect and even struggles with benzedrine sometimes about taking the medicine he provides when theyre sick/injured

-smartass, know-it-all, but it does come in handy, unlike benzedrine’s random trivia

-gets it

-LOATHES tommy

horse shoe

-neutral who got involved with killjoy bands

-joined the movement mostly because it was fun at first, then actually became involved in the message

-the witch likes him for some reason, he doesnt even believe in her really but he always seems to have luck on his side

-eats bugs

-not a great fighter but not the worst


-they brought up the sinners

-lesser known than the fab four but still a big name

-located where hollywood was

i have a lot more but this is all i can think of right now (^: i love my boys please ask me more about them!!!!

So I wrote this earlier

What in the name of the Lord did you just say about my person and character, you insolent whelp?  I will have you know that I am the foremost duelist of the Black Ribbon, have been involved in numerous clandestine operations against the Khanate, and have over three hundred confirmed kills.  I have been thoroughly trained in the arts of gorilla warfare and am the foremost sharpshooter in the entirety of the Neath.  You are nothing to be but just another speck.  I will wipe you out with speed, precision, and grace the likes of which has never been seen before on our Lord’s earth, mark my words for they are verifiably true.  You think you can get away besmirching my good name through the mail?  Think again, degenerate!  As I write this, I am contacting my rumormonger’s network across all the Zee and your address, as well as any secluded addresses you might think to hide at, are being tracked down, so you had best prepare for the storm, maggot.  The storm that wipes out the pathetic excuse for a life that you so desperately cling to.  You’re f_ing dead, boy.  I can be anwhere, anytime -through the help of mirrors- and can permenantly extinguish your life in over seven hundred ways, excluding the use of any weaponry.  Not only am I extensively trained in pugilistic pursuits, but I have access to the entirety of Her Enduring Majesty’s arsenal and I swear that I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable existence off the face of the Neath, you unrepentant slanderer.  If only you could have known what righteous retribution your little ‘clever’ comment was about to bring down upon you, perhaps you would have held your pompous tongue.  But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you are paying the bloody price, you slackjawed moron.  I will defecate fury all over you and you will drown in it.  You’re absolutely deceased, boy.


The American Paratrooper Who Served in the Red Army During World War II.

When the United States entered World War II in 1941, Joseph R. Beyrle enlisted in the US Army and volunteered for the elite paratrooper service.  After completing paratrooper training and training as a demonlitions expert, he was assigned to the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles) with the rank of sergeant. Little did he know where the winds of destiny would blow him. 

His first two missions were secret clandestine operations in which he covertly parachuted into German occupied France wearing bandoliers filled with gold, which he delivered to the French Resistance. On June 6th, 1944 Beyrle participated in the legendary D-Day drop during the Normandy Invasions. When his plane came under heavy fire he was forced to jump early and only 120 meters above the ground. Despite being separated from his unit, Sgt. Beyrle continued his mission, performing acts of sabotage behind enemy lines which resulted in the destruction of two bridges and a power station.  Unfortunatley a few days later he was captured by the Germans when he accidentally stumbled upon a German machine gun nest.  For the next 7 months he was held as a prisoner of war, where he became notorious as an escape artist, making several attempts, two of which were seccessful.  After each attempt, the Germans tortured, starved, and beat him, then transfered him to a different camp.  During his time in German captivity he was shuffled between seven different camps.  After his 7th escape attempt, which was successful except that he accidentally boarded a train for Berlin, the Germans sent him to a camp deep within Poland, with the idea that it’s distance from the Western Front would discourage him from further escape attempts.  Promptly after arriving at the camp in January of 1945, he successfully escaped and made his way to Soviet lines.

After his escape, he came upon the 1st Battalian of the 1st Tank Guards, where he met the famous lady tank commander Captain Aleksandra Samusenko, introducing her with the greeting, “Americansky tovarishch” (American comrade), while handing over a pack of Lucky Strikes. 

Wanting to get back into the war, Bayrle convinced Samusenko to allow him to join the Battalion. Samusenko agreed, and he was appointed a tank machine gunner.  For the next month he would serve with the Red Army, even taking part in the liberation of the POW camp from which he had escaped.  In February of 1945, he was seriously wounded after an attack by a Stuka dive bomber, and was evacuated to a Soviet hospital. During his recuperation, he met none other than the Soviet supreme military commander, Field Marshal Georgy Zhukov. 

 When Bayrle arrived at the US Embassy in Moscow, he learned that he was officially listed as dead, and that his family back home in Muskegon, Michigan had celebrated his funeral.  As it turns out, when he was captured during the Normandy Invasion, his uniforn and dogtags were taken and used by a German infiltration unit.  The German soldier wearing the uniform was unexpectidly killed in September, the corpse being recovered by the Allies and mistakenly identifed as Bayrle’s and buried in France.  Bayrle returned home in April of 1945, married in 1946 (coincidentally in the same church that held his funeral) and lived a happy life raising three children. In 1994 during the 50th Anniversary of D-Day, he was awarded with medals by both US President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin at the White House. He was also personally awarded a specially made presentation AK-47 dedicated to him by Mikhail Kalashnikov.  Joseph “Jumpin’ Joe” Beyrle passed away in 2004 while visiting the paratrooper training grounds in Toccoa, Georgia. He was buried with honors in Arlington National Cemetery.

Guerrilla fighters of the Indian Special Frontier Force (SFF) in 1971. The SFF was founded in the early 1960s and raised mostly from Tibetan refugees who had fled into India. Originally envisioned for use against China in the event of a future conflict, the 9,000 man force first saw significant action during the 1971 War, deploying in the Chittagong Hill Tracts on the eastern border of Bangladesh, and engaging in clandestine operations beginning in November (prior to official involvement of India in the war).


Blown. | minhyuk

Monsta X Assassins AU Req

[ 7 ]  All my intel said you’re not meant to be back until next week, and I’m sitting here using your apartment as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy…this is awkward.

Member: Assassin!Lee Minhyuk / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 1,300+
Genre/Warning(s): Assassin AU, language, angst, drama.
A/N: Why do I feel like nobody will like this, I’m crying inside. It’s so different from what you might expect.


Lee Minhyuk was sure that everything was in place. That everything was correct and without careless fault. That the trust he put in dispatch wouldn’t go wasted. He even went the extra mile, quite literally, to be certain that you, a poor soul obliviously caught up with the wrong people, arrived at the airport as scheduled for a flight out of the country on familial matters.

It was all in the files linked to the digital footprints of your transactions, and gathering comint for the advantage of a hit is something the bureau does well.

This is nothing new to Minhyuk, though. Just another clandestine operation meant to fall into place within the following hours of nightfall. Gripping the handle of the matte-black case in his hand, he pushes through the door of the apartment that he’s more than familiar with.

He’s walked the halls more times than he’d care to admit without a pang of guilt sprouting back in his veins, especially with the recollections of how often he’s pressed your body against the walls as well, hungry lips roaming across burning skin. He’s told many lies within the confines of your abode, and to tell the complete story behind the reason why the assassin is preparing to set up nest within your apartment of all available vantage points would be too complex.

The lights are left off, and all else remains untouched by his gloved fingers.

“I’m in place.”

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1st Panel
Huey Freeman: Ahem… In this time of war against Osama Bin Laden and the oppressive taliban regime…

2nd Panel
Huey Freeman: We are thankful that OUR leader isn’t the spoiled son of a powerful politician from a wealthy oil family who is supported by religious fundamentalists, operates through clandestine organizations, has no respect for the democratic electoral process, bombs innocents, and uses war to deny people their civil liberties. Amen.

Robert Freeman: This is the last time you say grace, boy.

Aaron McGruder did not give a single f**k during the Bush era!

;; Shipping call.

;; (because I’m highkey unoriginal trash but it’s also a hella good idea.) have you ever wanted your own star arcana boyfriend? an utter beacon of dry sunlight even after repeatedly getting beaten on by life? a loyal weapon in your corner when push comes to shove? 

;; well, look no further! come down and talk to your friendly neighborhood eighth-demon star shadow-slayer! (in some verses, he doubles as the friendly neighborhood clandestine Shadow Operatives headhunter.)

In no particular order, a short list of five of my favourite Rhett & Link fics.

Best Day Ever by @wneleh| I’ve always been a ‘100K OR BUST’ kinda gal in terms of my fanfiction, but Helen has really taught me that sometimes a simple 1k can pack just as much of a punch (the fic is 4k, but you know what I mean). In my head, this fic is the shortest of biographies, and there’s something truly intimate about the way Helen writes Rhett and Link.

She once said that she felt that despite the fact she wrote gen, her work was probably ‘more intrusive’ than some of the other fics in fandom. I can understand why she said that. This fic felt like she’d cracked both of these boys open and laid them out to me plainly. Obviously I know that’s not the case, but it takes a truly great story, and a truly great author to be able to give you that effect in RPF. 

Sky Full of Stars by @crackers4jenn| This fic writes Rhett and Link coming together without compromising a speck of who they are. They’re the same goofy, snarky best friends and I’m Fully Convinced this particular author commandeered a satellite just to watch Rhett and Link argue, because the dialogue between both of them is so spot on it left me breathless with laughter. 

And to expand on ‘without compromising anything’ – I fully mean that. Rhett and Link come together just as they are. As two best friends who fight and don’t always understand each other. As people who are already happily married, with wives and children who love them (and who they love in return). It’s the happiest, most feel-good kind of story of how Rhett and Link would fall together, and it makes my heart soar that it’s painted with such realistic brushstrokes. 

Operation Clandestin by ponytales (vanderloo) | This fic offers something a little different from the two others that came before it. It’s a well-written story, but the Rhett and Link portrayed in it is very different from the Rhett and Link in @crackers4jenn​ and @wneleh​‘s stories. 

I can say with confidence that it’s a fic I’ll be coming back to when I’m 80, and in a completely different fandom. There are Timeless Classics out there, the kind of fic you read over and over even when you no longer care about the characters you’re reading about, even when you’re 100 fandoms away from the fic you’re reading. This fic? Is one of those. This is the fic that will ensnare your fandom friend who won’t give Rhett and Link the time of day. It’s the fic that you’ll want to read if you one day decide to leave fandom (this fandom, or fandom altogether) behind. This could be the fic that gets deleted off the internet because the author realised they could sell it as a novel. It’s just plain good, in the way books should strive to be.

Overwater by famouswolf | You probably don’t know this about me, but I originally made my name in fandom by reccing fic. I take pride in my fic recs (look at this long unnecessary one). I know this fic has been recced to heck and back, but I can’t in good conscience not rec it. The only word that can adequately describe it is breathtaking.

This is the fic that turns you inside out. The prose is stunning, and it’s compounded even more with the author’s interpretation of Rhett and Link as people. Fist clenching, heavy breathing, lightheadedness… those are all real things I felt reading this. I’m glad it’s a work in progress because I can really only read one chapter at a time. I need a BREAK after the heaviness of each chapter. But it’s a good heavy. Like running a marathon where all the proceeds go to an orphanage. You’re so tired, but you feel damn good.

Whale, Whale, Whale by @rhincoln| It takes someone special to write about teenage boys. It might not feel that way, with the amount of fic about teenage boys out there, but it’s true. There’s fic where you (and the author) forget the characters’ age, because when you love a character that much you don’t want them to have any embarrassing flaws.

Tilda has no such compunctions. She’s gonna fucking write her fave humping a stuffed whale, and she’s gonna make her other fave LOVE IT. She’s gonna write every single embarrassing thought, and have them say every single embarrassing thing that a teenage boy would usually say. 

And it makes for the most fun read you’ll ever have, I promise. You’ll roll around in bed and hide your face in every pillow of your house, but it’s gonna be fun, and you love the characters anyway for all their teenage boy faults. To write characters like that - it’s something Special. Seasoned writers couldn’t create flaws in their characters in the way Tilda manages to do it.

Other favourites include:
‘If I Sleep for an Hour, 30 People Will Die’
The story of a Jewish resistance forger who saved thousands of lives.

PARIS — It’s 1944, in occupied Paris. Four friends spend their days in a narrow room atop a Left Bank apartment building. The neighbors think they’re painters — a cover story to explain the chemical smell. In fact, the friends are members of a Jewish resistance cell. They’re operating a clandestine laboratory to make false passports for children and families about to be deported to concentration camps. The youngest member of the group, the lab’s technical director, is practically a child himself: Adolfo Kaminsky, age 18.

If you’re doubting whether you’ve done enough with your life, don’t compare yourself to Mr. Kaminsky. By his 19th birthday, he had helped save the lives of thousands of people by making false documents to get them into hiding or out of the country. He went on to forge papers for people in practically every major conflict of the mid-20th century.


Yup, more Titanfall. As much as I might hate the Smart Pistol in multiplayer, I have to admit that the design is pretty cool. I was going for a sleek bi-tone, Hitman sort of feel for my take on the SP-Mk6, since the concept art said that it was a favourite weapon of clandestine operatives and assassins. Stay tuned for a cool piece featuring this pistol soon!

Joker Game Novel Translations: Book 1, Chapter 1 [Joker Game], Part 2/6


[Word count: 1689]

This part’s a little long, but was real fun to translate :3

I decided to number the annotations instead of using asterisks to make things a little easier. 


Also, toodles to @akiyamaa for suffering with me (and helping me draft the translations, i love you, i really do.) as we struggle to think up of insults for Sakuma to say -slapped-

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Photo of me and Amaranta Gomez Ti Muxe Zapoteca.

I attended to a conference related to gender issues and Muxes on the Tecnológico de Monterrey with Amaranta Gomez, muxe, political candidate and advocate for LGBTQIA and indigenous communities.

Ti (the preferred pronoun) talked about what ti calls “Identidades Genéricas Indígenas” which could be translated to “Generic Indigenous Identities”. It started with the issue of how indigenous people are seen around the world specially on the emotional and erotic aspect which ti believes even mexicans have this idea that only white people “the European” feel passion and have sexual encounters, ti joked saying “only the people in the north of Mexico feels and desires, the whites, the ones from Monterrey” in which the audience laughed a lot since people from here are known to feel superior from other states in the country.

Ti talked about the role of ti muxe in a lot of areas such as intersexuality, identity, feminism, virginity, migration, religion, the LGBTQIA community, etc… But mainly ti focused on the studies of indigenous identities and the importance of recognizing the transgender movement. Although ti said muxes can’t completely relate to this since it sometimes feel like this movement it’s saying “have operations and wear high heels, when I don’t need those operations and I’m actually wearing huaraches!” said Amaranta. And it also can’t be connected directly to feminism since a lot of feminists have an issue with the way muxes loses ti virginity.

One of the most essential part of the talk was when ti refereed to the problem of romanticizing muxes, there’s an actual belief that these people are somewhat holy in Juchitán and that they don’t suffer since it’s a kind of paradise to them. Well this is completely untrue. She attributes this misinterpretation to a statement two Spanish reporters made about them ages ago, but there are no privileges on the muxes community but only roles they perform since they’re acknowledged as muxes. Being a muxe it’s more than a sexual orientation: it’s a third gender.

Amaranta talked a lot about the problems muxes are getting into related to modernity: the peer pressure of operations, clandestine injected oils that can end up in mutilated body parts, but mainly the problem it’s related to work: when prostitution and styling end up being the only options for them causing migration to Mexico City.

So I was very curious about this part related to facts and myths about the muxes community, since I did learn about muxes on the internet specially on photographs in tumblr and a video made from VICE, so I asked ti about it to what ti said the problem with this investigators and photographers is that they only stay in their communities for a week or so not giving enough time to actually get to know ti, there’s not a “muxe paradise”, the part of muxes being very festive shouldn’t be the only element characteristic about ti since they actually have a very interesting social compromise between the community.

So finally Amaranta pointed out not wanting to just be folklore of investigators and photographers with the idea that they are doing well, yeah there’s been progress like the big step they did on participating on labor and politics, but there are still challenges in which the talk ended with a phrase that could be roughly translated to: “We refuse that history deny us and disappear us”


The Welrod Silenced Pistol of World War II,

By World War II the use of sound suppressors on firearms had become common with special operations and clandestine missions.   With silencers, commando’s were given an the edge of stealth and guile over much larger forces.  The suppressor wasn’t without flaws, however.  The main problem being the pistol that it was attached to.  The working of a slide, as well as the clink of a spent brass casing could be enough sound to alert the enemy to one’s position.

To solve this problem, the British developed a new suppressed pistol called the Welrod.  Unlike other pistols, the Welrod used a bolt action mechanism so that no sound was made by the action, and the user could have more control over the disposal of cartridge casings.  To operate the knob at the end of the pistol was pushed/pulled, which worked the action . Key to the Welrod’s success was its 12 inch long suppressor which makes up almost the entirety of the pistol.   At best the Welrod could manage a sound level of around 70 decibels, about as load as a car driving down the street at 25MPH.  The suppressor was not detachable, but was an integral part of the pistol. 

The Welrod came in two models, the Mark I, which was chambered for 9mm and used a 6 round magazine, and the Mark II, which was chambered for .32acp and used an 8 round magazine.  All Welrod pistols had no markings, while records of their manufacture were destroyed after contracts were fulfilled.  Thus it is impossible to tell how many were produced, but rough estimates suggest around 2,800.  Most were issued to British Commando’s and agents of the British SOE (Special Operations Executive).  Others were issued to American OSS agents (forerunner of the CIA).  A number of Welrod’s were also dropped behind enemy lines for use by resistance fighters in German occupied territories.

After World War II the Welrod continued to be used by the British military.  It saw service in the Falklands, in Northern Ireland, and even possibly the Gulf War.