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The USAAF B-17 Flying fortress in German service

Approximately 40 B-17s were repaired and put back into the air by the Luftwaffe. These captured aircraft were codenamed “Dornier Do 200”, given German markings and used for clandestine spy and reconnaissance missions by a Luftwaffe special operations group, Kampfgeschwader 200.

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X-Files Fic: Au Cafe Pequod, Chapter 6

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It’s amazing, Mulder thinks, as the days pass, how much good a little activism can do for the soul.

It’s not as though he’s doing anything particularly exciting, really. In a small town like this one, aiding the Resistance is less clandestine missions in the middle of the night, less sabotaging railroad tracks and stealing supplies, and more carrying notes and delivering odds and ends. Since the morning weeks ago when he made his decision to help and placed himself at Scully’s disposal, he has been doing whatever she asks without question, understanding that giving out too much information can be dangerous.

Mulder’s main task, thus far, has been to deliver messages between Scully and Hauptmann Skinner. Scully cannot enter the encampment unaccompanied, and it would look suspicious if she were to frequently stop at the gate and ask to speak with Mulder’s captain.  Likewise, Skinner could easily draw the attention of the wrong people if he is seen speaking with Scully too often.  Mulder, by contrast, as a soldier under Skinner’s command, is free to seek him out whenever he wishes without arousing suspicion.  And since Mulder’s friendship with Scully is common knowledge by now, no one thinks twice about seeing them talking together.

Sometimes, Mulder is sent to the pharmacy to replenish the stocks of medicines Scully needs to have on hand in case an injured airman or sick refugee is sent to her apartment to receive care.  The pharmacist has made some comments about the frequency of her visits that reveal that he is clearly suspicious, and the excuse that the medicines are for her mother has been wearing a bit thin… but this is one case where the standard reaction to Mulder’s German uniform comes in handy.  The pharmacist is too frightened of him to ever ask him why he’s obtaining medicine there, and not from the medic at camp, or to question why he’s getting so much of it.

By far, the most dangerous thing Scully has asked him to do is to steal pieces of German uniforms.  It has to be done piecemeal- a sock one day, a pair of pants the next, a jacket a few days later- in order not to arouse suspicion, and often, it involves sneaking into tents that aren’t his while their occupants are busy elsewhere.  It’s not something he’ll easily be able to explain away if he’s caught.  Scully sends the uniforms out to the various groups she works with, and they use them to disguise refugees and Allied soldiers, to make them easier to relocate after dark, when the curfew is in effect and any man on the streets in civilian clothing is likely to be detained.

And, of course, he provides information.  Skinner already does this, it’s true, and has been doing it for some time, but occasionally, Mulder hears things to which Skinner is not privy.  Jeffrey Spender is at his father’s side day and night and hears more than Skinner ever will, and with the right amount of flattery, the right combination of well-chosen words, Mulder is often able to goad Spender into showing off and revealing things his father would definitely prefer he didn’t.  Of course, this means Mulder has had to voluntarily seek out Spender’s company, something he has never done in his life, but Scully has asked him to do it, and so he does.  He’s learning, day by day, that he cannot refuse her anything.  It’s possible that this realization should bother him, but it doesn’t.  At all.

Amidst all of this, Mulder finds himself missing his sister even more than normal.  He wishes he could tell her that he understands now, that he now knows the way that doing something to fight back against injustice can take away the feeling of powerlessness, the hopelessness that comes from living under the rule of cruel and evil men.

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PREMIERES Sunday October 16 on all US EPIX channel platforms

GREAT news, EPIX has released episodes 101 & 102 early!! Official YT links below. Life willing, I intend to blog each episode separately when the series is officially started. But I’ll tell you right now that this spy show is definitely going to be worth the time watching it, thrilling so far on so many different levels!!!

The screen caps above are from this promo video about the cool electric bicycle Richard rides in the series as Agent Daniel Miller.
Berlin Station: FREYGEIST lightweight e-Bike I EPIX:

Berlin Station: Episode 1 “Station to Station” I EPIX/VF:
CIA Officer Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) arrives in Berlin on a clandestine mission to unearth an anonymous whistleblower, alias Thomas Shaw, and reunites with his old friend Hector DeJean (Rhys Ifans). As Daniel gets closer to Shaw, his quarry reacts in murderous fashion.

Berlin Station: Episode 2 “Lights Don’t Run on Loyalty” I EPIX/VF:
As Daniel pursues Shaw, Station Chief Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins) and his associates Valerie Edwards (Michelle Forbes) and Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser) gather intelligence on a Georgian Islamic radical in order to avoid an extraordinary rendition by Langley. By episode’s end, Hector surprises us all.

(here’s the latest “haven’t watched yet, but already writing” post-4x20 snippet)

It’s not until they’re safely back on the Palmer corporate jet that everything starts to catch up with her. Oliver is characteristically quiet, but  Felicity feels like she’s on a high wire. She’s looking for something to balance her out, and the silence only makes her shakier. Memories will have to do.

“Do you remember the last time we did this?” She’s certain that he does, but it feels like a few lifetimes ago.  “Clandestine mission, undercover at an secret casino?”

“I remember the dress you wore.” He answers almost immediately, and when she turns to look at him, his eyes widen a little bit, like he hadn’t meant to say it out loud. Behind the surprise though, is that extra heat she’s been seeing all night. If she’s honest, it’s probably always there, has been since long before they got together and fell apart again. But tonight, away from their city and their friends and their problems, she gave in and let herself notice it once more.

“You remember the dress?” Her attempt at incredulity is supposed to break the tension simmering between them. It does not.

“Yes,” he answers, never tearing his eyes away. “It was red.”