‘The OA’ Star Patrick Gibson Heads To Fox’s ‘The Darkest Minds’

Irish actor Patrick Gibson, the breakout star of Netflix’s epic mystery The OA, has been cast in teen sci-fi project The Darkest Minds, Fox’s adaptation of Alexandra Bracken’s YA trilogy.

Gibson will play the handsome and slightly narcissistic Clancy Gray, the president’s son and poster boy for rehabilitation whose portrait is displayed all over the camp. He possesses a certain power that can manipulate people’s minds and he uses that to convince those around him that he’s been healed.

Gibson broke out on the international scene with his role in Netflix’s The OA, the straight-to-series drama that reunited Sundance veterans Brit Marling and director Zal Batmanglij. (…) He also has a role in Showtime and Sky Atlantic’s six-episode series Guerilla from John Ridley and Idris Elba.


TDM filming starts this week. THIS WEEK. This week the actors and actresses that we’ve seen come together right before our very eyes are going to become our favorite characters. They’re going to act out the scenes that we’ve read 100 times. They’re going to say the lines that made us laugh and cry and scream.

I know I haven’t been on here in forever but with all the hype about the movie I’m back!!

How do yall feel about this?? Lot’s of people are excited and even saying that this is how they pictured Clancy, which is surprising to me because Clancy has black hair in the book.

I’ve heard good things about his acting so I don’t doubt that he’ll do a good job but I’m still a little disappointed because of how differently I pictured Clancy.

Above all else, I hope the movie is able to capture the same depth and complexity that Clancy has in the book.