Me and My Favorite Characters:
  • favorite female characters: slay slay slay you go girl kill them all *fist pump*
  • favorite male characters: omg precious baby let me hold you and protect you and love you
The Darkest Minds: A Summery
  • Ruby: what are you talking about I'm definitely a green I don't know what you're talking about
  • Liam: *stares intensely at Ruby with puppy eyes* DARLIN
  • Chubs: do you even know what happens when you...
  • Zu: ...
  • Clancy: lol wow look at me I'm such an amazing leader all of these children love me I'm such a hero wow *sexually assaults Ruby* *burns down East River*
  • Vida: boo, I fucking hate everything
  • Jude: let's just talk I like to talk talking takes my mind off of things if we stop talking I might actually have a panic attack continue please
  • Nico: I'm sorry I was just staring at Clancy he's pretty cute
  • Cole: I don't understand the kids? FIGHT ME

Characters of Color | Suzume (Zu)

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken

“We have no idea, but its not like we’re going to win any awards for normalcy anytime soon. So you get into people’s heads? The two of us can throw people around like toys. Zu once blew up an AC unit, and all she did was walk by it.

I felt like doing another Character dump and I LOVED this trilogy so why not. I’m mostly happy with how it turned out but there area couple characters who didn’t turn out as weel as I’d hoped. My favorites in this drawing are Chubs and Clancy (It was so hard making him attractive since I have so much hatred for him). I’m also pretty happy with Cole and Zu.

Anyways, You should all go read the Darkest Minds by Alexanda Bracken btw. It’s SO GOOD.

PS: *spoilers for Never Fade* the shirt/tie colors show what power they have