[NEWS] 170118 MONSTA X Announces Comeback That Will Be “Bigger Than Anything We’ve Done Before”

The members of MONSTA X revealed that they will be making a comeback in February.

During their Naver V Live broadcast on January 18, Jooheon stated, “We’re going to be making a comeback soon. We’ve prepared something that’s bigger than anything we’ve ever done before. Please keep an eye out for it.”

Jooheon also spoke about his upcoming mixtape, even rapping a verse from one of his tracks as a teaser.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk reminded fans to watch “MONSTA X-RAY,” their reality show with JTBC2. Their first episode aired on January 12 and cracked people up as the members attempted to replicate funny photos of dogs.

Are you excited for MONSTA X’s upcoming comeback?

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Do you have any headcanons for Papa Shimada? Also, do you think Mama Shimada would reunite with her boys at any point? (AKA, shameless wonderings about how she'd react to Hanzo and McCree)

Argh I’m a lot less clear on dad than I am on mom, I mean besides him being slightly softer of the two when it comes to the boys and Genji’s protector of sorts.  I’ll probably draw him sometime :)  I answered some asks here and here about mom finding out where her sons are if you wanna take a look!

What Feralfront admins should have done:

- Left the site in maintenance longer and announce that it would be down longer than expected while they fixed up the layout

- If they couldn’t leave it in maintenance any longer, make an announcement that things were still being cleaned up and fixed, and describe what was going to be changed about the new layout

- Calmly answered the people that have questions and concerns

- Rationally taken care of the people that were actually trying to start up shit over the new layout

- Let Dynamo do the coding on the new lay-out while Romans banned the members starting shit and Frosty and Maple helped answer people’s questions

What Feralfront admins did instead:

- Leave the site in maintenance mode for an hour longer than announced and then pull it out still looking like a piece of fucking useless asparagus

- Leave poor Maple to answer people’s questions and concerns and try to calm people down on her own while they did fuck all

- Start deleting civil criticism threads because one person got in and tried to start shit

- Start banning people for doing so much as saying their polite goodbyes to the site, tracking meme threads, or just asking questions

- Tell all of their site-goers, including their 4, 6, and 8 year veterans, to leave for being concerned and scared so they wouldn’t have to deal with them

- Lie to people’s faces consistently

- Compare us being reasonably confused and angry and speaking up about it to “going to a staff member’s house and kicking their dog”

- Promote the people that were making out with their asses to forum moderators, including Timur, who was chewing out and cussing out people that were even slightly against the forum transfer


Tanzanite grew up in the Starfall Isles despite being a Light dragon. She came from a family of Light guardians who were the protectors of a royal Light family. Tanzanite was excited for the day where she would find her calling. She wanted her parents to be proud of her and she wanted to protect one of these royal dragons too.

 So she waited. One day a giant imperial visited her clan and something stirred inside of her. She felt the strong, fierce desire to protect this dragon. Could it be that he was her Charge? She confessed her feelings to her father, and he told her it could very well be her Charge instincts kicking in. He told her she should be proud to be this dragon’s Charge. His name was Isra, the Demigod of Silence. He was the husband of one of the royal dragons her family protected. He was also the father of her father’s Charge.

She followed Isra back to his clan, Clan Ton Theon. Here she introduced herself and told him she was his guardian. She was nervous, and didn’t really think herself worthy to guard such a noble dragon. she was afraid she would just be an annoyance to him. She thought maybe a powerful dragon like Isra didn’t need to be protected after all. But he accepted her.

Tanzanite was crushed when she found out Isra was not actually her Charge, his pretty blue god blood was. She found out when the imperial had tried to donate his blood to the clan healer’s out of the kindness of his heart. She had attacked the healer with his blood and she took it for herself. She felt ashamed of herself. She wanted Isra to be her Charge, not just his blood.

When not following Isra around Tanzanite likes to collect anything blue. Fabric, rocks, shells, you name it, if it’s blue she’s keeping it. She’s always loved the color and always will. She’s sweet and excitable, but not a fan of change. She’s always afraid of the future.