There are two versions, the Guilty version and the Innocent version:


  • 145mm x 195mm
  • 92P
  • Random photocard
  • Random polaroid (100 photocards only)
  • Poster (Guilty ver.)
  • Special card “Guilty Rouge”


  • 145mm x 195mm
  • 84P
  • Random photocard
  • Random polaroid (100 photocards only)
  • Poster (Innocent ver.)
  • Special card “Guilty Rouge”

You can pre-order the album at Synnara (Guilty), Hottracks (Innocent), Yes24 (Guilty & Innocent), Aladin (Guilty & Innocent), Interpark (Guilty & Innocent) and for international fans, Ktown4u (Guilty & Found), Yesasia (Guilty & Innocent) and Kpopmart.



anonymous asked:

Do u mean the east sea clan a literally a group of fishermen? And I remember Ymir said she did not like herring and Reiner seems did not know about the word "herring"? So Ymir is from the east sea clan and the Hometown ppl don't know about the sea?

Hello Anon~!

In the newest Snk ANSWERS guidebook, Isayama has clarified Mikasa’s “Touyou” clan means “East Sea” instead of “Asian”, since the word  “東洋” has confused many readers. Before the release of the guidebook, I used to think that “Touyou” people would have Japanese surnames~!

And yes, In my crack theory post about the East Sea Clan, I suggest most of them are fishermen~! If there is a common surname among the clan, how about…


(lol why not? We have Yeager the hunter, Ackerman the field man and Reiss the rice dealer.)

And in Snk chapter 38, Ymir found a canned herring in the Utgard Castle. After she handed it to Reiner, Reiner was shocked that he did not understand the text on it:

More important is, there is a possibility that Reiner did not know about the word “herring”!

So what is a herring?

Read more: Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus)

Herring is a marine fish. A species of fish living in the sea. 

So Ymir has eaten herring before and she knows about the ocean!

Perhaps the Hometown is located far away from coastal region, thus Reiner doesn’t know about the text on the canned food neither the terms like “herring” and “ocean”.

In the Snk Crack Theories Week, @momtaku has suggested Ymir might be an Ackerman (and I agree too, since it seems Ymir sees Historia as her liege~), what if Ymir is also an East Sea person? Why not both mmmm, just like Mikasa

Snk Theories: Ackerman Timeline

I really want to know what had happened to Ymir 60 years ago. Perhaps she’s the descendant of the Ackerman family and the East Sea clan and being persecuted by the King of the Walls. Ymir said she “died in order to bring happiness to many people”, may be she was forced to sacrifice herself and turned into a mindless titan, so nobody of the two family can know the “lost history of the world” and pass it down to the next generations (chapter 65)?

I hope in the coming Snk 86, Isayama will show us the Ymir’s letter (and Ymir herself) and other stuff about the Ackerman+East Sea Clan…

A little monsta x theorising


They are mini white carnations 

White carnations are associated with purity, luck, innocence, and pure love, and can even mean protection, healing and strength (There is an innocence version of the album, so it fits with that theme).

The indians is mexico often pilled these flowers around their dead as they prepared them for burial (*sweats*).

They were also used to worship gods. maybe they worship the blob that we see at the end of the all in mv, people have been assuming that they want to fight it but maybe it is a type of ‘god’ to them.

You see in the teaser photo that there is a blue liquid being poured over the flowers. Blue is often associated with things like peace, tranquility, truthfulness, spirituality and devotion. (true love??) 

@tutti-frutti-nct ‘s ideas on it:

so if minhyuk and hyungwon were in love then, based off how his dad reacted then he saw their love as wrong but really there’s nothing wrong with it, its like an innocent love? but then at the same time if its for the clan then the people in authority seemed to have taken over their town or whatever, and they are trying to bring back the original innocence it had before they got there.

I think that is about all the information we have gathered up on these flowers, but more may come up later so i will add it on and anyone is welcome to share their ideas on it too.

@debuthansol and @tutti-frutti-nct helped me a lot with getting all of this together thanks guys ilysm. 


[Narration Teaser] Oath of Minhyuk


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First Borns

So this ended up being a lot longer than I had originally planned. So much so that I have to put up a part two today. Oops. :X This takes place not too long before everything with Arduin, btw! Just in case anyone was wondering. This will probably be most interesting to @alma-ren and @fusefr since you two ended up with these children in your lairs!

Warning for: children being thrown into Mordecai’s pit of horrors, ect.


“Must we do this?”

The question caught Dagna off guard. She wasn’t at all expecting for Othello to ask such a thing. “I…” she started, guilt bubbling up inside her. In truth she wasn’t sure if she wanted this either, but it was their ways and the Plaguebringer would be pleased. 

“Of course,” she said finally, her voice lacking any confidence in her words. 

Corthyra watched and listened from the other side of the room, his eyes locked on Dagna. Othello had always been the weaker of the three, but there was something that had seemed to change in Dagna after her children had been born. Corthyra smiled. How interesting

Othello sighed deeply and nodded his acceptance. He’d never questioned Mordecai’s actions before, but selfishly the thought of his own children being-

No. He refused to think too hard on what was to come. For the Plaguebringer, he reminded himself, for Mordecai.

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“Love is worshiping every inch of your body. Love is letting you know just how beautiful you are to me.” 

Six months on the road without her girlfriend were hell for the Pearlcatcher. So when she finally got to see Wish again, Saraswati made damn sure to show her lover just how much she missed her.

Gianna Bianchi is a necromancer who traces her origins back to the Giovanni, a cosanguineous clan of independent Kindred, and a former member of the coterie of Cambridge, Massachusetts that slew the great thunderwyrm threatening the sanctity of the realm. A woman of great but ultimately dwindling faith, she was one of many ghouls chosen for her striking beauty by the clan and ultimately discovered the treachery of her sire when her child, Evelyn Grimaldi, unwound the complex labyrinth of false memories he had wove over the true horrors of what he had done to her and her family.

Following the diablerie of her sire and grandsire at the side of her childe, Gianna turned her mind to contemplation of the state of her clan and the weakness inherent within it and quietly came to a decision that was to prove far more dreadful than petty vengeance. As of 1867, she and her childe have not seen eastward since, rumored to have retreated to Italy to commiserate and plan. Lying in wait without fuss or hurry, they resemble their Setite companions that travel the known world at their sides in search of secrets, ready to strike.

This art is by the very talented anavys over on artistsnclients.



Woe to you, Ariel,
she will mourn and lament,
she will be to me like an altar hearth.
I will encamp against you on all sides;
I will encircle you with towers
and set up my siege works against you.
Brought low, you will speak from the ground;
your speech will mumble out of the dust.
Your voice will come ghostlike from the earth.
But your many enemies will become like fine dust,
the ruthless hordes like blown chaff.
Suddenly, in an instant,
with thunder and earthquake and great noise,
with windstorm and tempest and flames of a devouring fire;
the hordes of all the nations that fight against Ariel,
that attack her and her fortress and besiege her,
will be as it is with a dream,
with a vision in the night.
Isaiah 29:1