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ignore this rare showing of bitterness but like

Bellamy: the ice nation brutally killed my girlfriend and we’re at war, I have to protect my people.

Bellamy: *grabs gun*

Lexa: the ice nation brutally killed my girlfriend and we’re at war, I have to protect my people.

Lexa: *establishes an unprecedented coalition of previously warring clans, establishes a representative system of government with a democratic method of the removal of religiously ordained leaders, creates a weapons-free neutral zone with a flourishing local economy, ignores her personal desire for revenge to allow the Ice Nation into this coalition in order to prevent more war, becomes a popular leader responsible for the first period of peace and unity since a nuclear apocalypse*

Sasuke Uchiha deserved a hell of a lot better ending than he got

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What exactly would a clan head in Naruto do? For instance, Shikamaru who is working for Naruto all day, Ino runs a flower shop, and Choji goes off on ninja missions, those things take up most of the day without much time for other things. Before the villages they had to keep their families alive and doing missions. Now they don't have to worry about those things and focus their attention on other things.

Ok let’s pretend for a moment that the Naruto worldbuilding makes more sense and is more coherent than it actually is, and that therefore one can reasonably extrapolate from what occurs in canon based on comparable real world cultures.

So we’re gonna go way back to the Warring States era, pre-hidden villages. This era is called Warring States, seemingly inspired by several famous eras in East Asian history that were called Warring States, but it would more accurately be called Warring Clans era from the perspective of ninja. Basically we’re told that various feudal lords–a daimyo is just a term for a large land owner–and other warlords who were not ninja would hire various clans of ninja to fight for them. These clans had no allegiance specifically to any feudal lord or country except what allegiance they might have by way of being hired repeatedly by a lord and having a good relationship. With me so far?

So in this kind of society, the clan is everything. There’s no national loyalty, there’s no sense of ethnic loyalty that we seem to see in canon.

Some people have argued that child soldiers don’t make much sense in this environment. I don’t agree. The issue that it’s a waste of resources to send children out to fight when they’re not fully trained is a good point. But chakra users are so much better than non-chakra users that even a genin-level child ninja can be reasonably expected to be able to kill an adult non-chakra user fairly easily. This makes child ninja useful for some mercenary tasks. Also, children are small, enabling them to complete some tasks in tight spaces, and children don’t seem threatening, enabling them to get access. Considering in the real world what horrible and dangerous jobs adults have used children to do, and still do, including child soldiers, I’m not going to say that child soldiers in Naruto are necessarily irrational from a worldbuilding perspective. In particular if you think of this era as an arms race and a world of extremely short-term thinking. A world in which everyone is just thinking, “I just have to live through this week. The results are for future me to worry about.”

So. In this era, the clan leader is responsible for his (let’s be real, his) kinsmen. He chooses the jobs to take, he chooses who fights, he oversees training, he ensures payment, he invests, he arranges marriages.

Then Hashirama and Madara have this idea of bonding different clans together into a village. Rather than hundreds and thousands of competing clan loyalties, you now have something like a dozen or two hidden villages–a big drop. Plus, with the Hidden Villages functioning as a sort of shinobi union, they have more pull in setting prices and preventing people from skipping payment, etc. Also, the clans pool their resources to do things like training–voila, ninja academies.

But you wouldn’t expect the clan leaders who agree to join in on this new system to surrender all of their sovereignty, and what we see in canon is that they don’t, the best example being the Hyuuga.

As of original flavour Naruto, which occurs maybe 50-60 years after the founding of the villages, Hyuuga Hiashi has more or less absolute control over the internal workings of his clan. Nobody does anything to challenge his right to inflict the cursed seal on fellow clan members, nor his right to use those seals to inflict pain on them for disobedience, nor his right to choose to train or not to train his oldest daughter, nor his right to choose his successor. He can do whatever he wants.

Ah, remember when Naruto literally never shut up about how he was going to change the shinobi system and be a reforming Hokage?

So here we basically see the reason why the manga by the end and in Boruto is afraid to touch the issue of what clan heads do now. We don’t want to pick up the issue of clan heads and clan leadership beyond maybe a little bit of aesthetic window-dressing because it would mean bringing reader’s attention back to how the shinobi system hasn’t changed an iota and how, as far as we know, Hyuuga Hiashi can still scramble his kindred’s brains at will, he just magnanimously chooses not to.

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Good gravy.

15 things JK Rowling could include to treat Native people and culture respectfully:

1.       Don’t make the centerpiece of the story about a boarding school. If you’re white you probably don’t know this but, boarding schools were used to genocide Natives for centuries.

2.       Bother to do some research on the cultures you’re trying to write about. Natives are not simple. They are complex and deep. In some ways much more so than the European colonizers.

3.       Natives had the most advanced and sophisticated government structures in the world at the time. International war laws, reverse hierarchical federalized democracies, independent economic entities, the clan systems, the most expansive road and trade networks in the world, the list goes on just do some reading.

4.       Don’t diminish or dismiss the natives as backward or simple in the fiction either. JKR decided that natives don’t use wands for magic and stuff because they don’t do specific or focused magic, that’s racist nonsense.

5.       Natives would do some wild shit like Onondaga fire magic or Aztec surgical stuff. There were Mixtec oracles and mystics who cut the flesh from their face and replaced it with gems, that shit is metal.

6.       The wand thing could be replaced with turquoise gem totems, or obsidian magic knives or some shit like that. Taking the tools away from them is dehumanizing imagery.

7.       Don’t mess around with pipes or anything like that. You’re white JKR, you’re white.

8.       If you have a character run away into the woods in Massachusetts, she is gonna run right into Native cities. Don’t pretend that America is this open uninhabited nature reserve. That wasn’t true and it is racist.

9.       Don’t pretend that American societies are going to be as backward and prejudiced as other places. Most American languages didn’t have gendered pronouns. American cultures did not have the institutional patriarchal bullshit or homophobia. We would probably be pretty accepting of people that could do magic.

10.   There should be magical clans… that sounds dope.

11.   There should be magical schools already and there could be a really cool plot about protecting them from the Spanish and the English.

12.   They should not be schools as much as campus communities, workshops instead of classes. The predecessors to the Cherokee would create communities and give them a purpose, which was a practice common throughout North America. There would be a half-dozen schools the size of massive cities centered around dope pyramids like Cahokia.

13.   Magic using medicine men would come to villages to teach the citizens that couldn’t leave or something like that.

14.   Instead of skinwalkers which are too specific and appropriationy, try something like the Witiko, which is about cannibalism and evil deeds freezing your heart or something (fluctuates according to region). Could very easily be related to evil magic users.

15.   The basic thing I think is to do some research and maybe ask some natives before you try shit like this.

To be clear for some white people who think I’m being sensitive or something. First off, fuck you, the second thing is JK Rowling is trying to make a shit ton of money with this. And she will so she should at least not contribute to the immolation and genocide of Native peoples at the same time.

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Name: Erica
Age: 18
Country: Italy

Hi! My name is Erica, I can speak Italian and english, though my goal for next year is to learn german. If I was asked to define myself I’d say I’m bisexual, but I prefer to just feel what I feel and accept it as it comes.

Music: I get easily tired of listening the same music so try to constantly expand my “musical baggage”. Some of my favourites are System Of A Down, Tool, Bob Marley, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Einstürzende Neubauten, Eminem, Alborosie, Kendrick Lamar, Angelo Branduardi, Devo, Swans, Wu-Tang Clan, Caparezza, Rammstein, Mellow Mood, and many unfortunate others that I keep forgetting. But I really love folk or celtic music a lot as well as psychedelic rock! Actually, I’m open to any genre, except for most of today pop music, that I don’t seem to enjoy that much.

Art: it’s really important to me since I plan of making a living out of it. I draw and paint a lot, mostly weird, bizarre or macabre subjects. I do graffiti as well.

Literature: I’ve recently fallen in love with sci-fi, although I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I can remember. Another thing that I like is philosophy, which I’m considering for my future university studies. When it comes to books I’m really selective. I don’t like romantic stories and I tend to prefer books written in the past, with a relevant style and an unconventional plot. I really love poetry as well, especially when I’m home alone and I can recite it out loud… also, whenever I’m negative or anxious I end up reading “On the heights of despair” by Emil Cioran. I’m also into norse mythology.

Tv: I’ve watched a few tv shows that I really enjoyed, including Hannibal, Westward, Sherlock, Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, Vikings, Daredevil.

I guess that, if you’re interested, you’ll find out about everything else.

In general though, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give a chance to. Most of the times if I don’t do or try something it’s because of my anxiety and the difficulties I have in communicating and bonding with people.
That’s why I love letters, emails and basically everything involving words and a little bit of initial distance aha

If you’re interested send me a message here on tumblr or on instagram and, once we get to know each other a little bit better I’d love to send and receive actual letters!

Preferences: Neither gender nor sexuality matter. I’m open about it.
Age: I’d prefer 17+
Any nationality is welcome!
I’d like to find someone who can inspire me, who has many different interests, music and books to suggest, someone who is interested in the world, in art, in words, someone who likes to have both deep and shallow (within a certain limit!) conversations. I’m quite shy and insecure myself, so I won’t judge you for anything you might say.

I can’t wait to get to know you.

Imagine This:

Okay, so just say Studio Pierrot decides the best way to keep the old characters around in Boruto is to have one of them be a guest instructor every few episodes.

So one day Naruto appears and tells the kids about Shadow Clones

Another day Sakura appears and tells the kids about Chakra control 

Sai shows off some Anbu-style Kenjutsu 

Ino-Shika-Cho tell the kids all about Hiden techniques and the Clan system (then Shino freaks his students out with his bugs)

Temari demonstrates how she uses her fan and tells the kids all about nature transformations

Kiba brings in Akamaru so the kids can meet a ninken

Hinata shows the kids her Byakugan and tells them all about Kekkei Genkai

Lee terrifies the kids with his youthful taijutsu

Tenten lets the kids practice with different kinds of weapon to find out what suits them best

Kurenai gives the kids a genjutsu masterclass

Gai comes in and tries to make the kids converts to his ninja way by giving them copies of his books (according to the Manga and Konoha Shinden he writes now!)

And the famous Rokudaime Hokage? Well Kakashi walks into the class tells the kids it’s a free period, switches on the TV and puts on a movie…and just sits and reads.


Culloden Moor, Scotland, where the Battle of Culloden was fought by the Jacobite and English forces on April 16, 1746. The top photo is one of many stones commemorating the mass burials of many Highland clansmen; the second photo is the moor itself, which has been allowed to return to nature–this is the terrain men had to fight through; the third photo is the plaque of a later memorial built by an English nobleman (those are my roses!); and the last photo is a simple sign in Scots Gaelic and English asking for a little reflection and respect. The battle was a rout–it was over in about 45 minutes; well, cannons versus claymores. It led to the end of the clan system, the physical destruction of the Highlands, the banning of weaponry, kilts, and the Gaelic language, and the beginning of massive migration to North America.

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Idk if you're watching Boruto or if you've freed yourself from watching the anime but Hiashi said that some members don't develop the Byakugan and I'm guessing the same can be said for other kekkei genkai. What do you think comes of those members of the clan? Do they come servants of clan, do they join the branch family, can they still become ninja or would that make the clan look weak, Hiashi treated Hinata so poorly for being "weak" I doubt the powerless would get any better treatment.

I haven’t watched the anime, only seen what gets through my blacklist on my dash. Watching anime requires a time and attention commitment I’m not willing to give to Boruto. Skimming through the manga on my phone at the bus stop takes give minutes that I would have otherwise spent reading hockey articles or something, so I tend to do that, if only because in some group chats I’m in we post screencaps and make fun of them, MST3K style. (Pimp Daimyo and his son Richie Rich are great comedy fodder.)

Incidentally, I watched the Naruto movie Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom and its premise (child soldier protects selfish and profligate heir to hereditary despotic ruler) is exactly the premise of the current arc in Boruto! Yeah, that shinobi system sure got reformed!!! Happy ending!!!!

So back to your question about non-awoken Byakugan. We never see Hyuuga in the manga that don’t have blank eyes. Ever. Which leads to a few options:

1. They have blank eyes, but they cannot activate them and use them.
2. Hyuuga commit infanticide on children that don’t develop the blank eyes. Fun!!!
3. Hyuuga that don’t have the blank eyes are kept hidden away doing the shittiest of the shit work, like a lower tier than even the regular branch house.
4. Kishimoto doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing with worldbuilding (this can also be used in combination with the other three options).

This is as good a place as any to say that the anime’s transformation of Hiashi into Kindly Grandpa Hyuuga flabbergasted me. I actually reblogged someone’s graphics post with sarcastic tags in which the picture of Hiashi was inserted into various other Boruto images because I thought it was meant to lampoon this ridiculous notion, because it legitimately didn’t occur to me that anyone could see this as heartwarming. But people actually do. (I deleted the post once I realized the OP was sincere because I don’t want to be the douche who puts bashing tags on someone else’s sincere content.)

Like. I don’t want to get on people who like Boruto. But this is Repression McDouche we’re talking about, the guy who scrambled the brain of his twin and his nephew and probably dozens of other people routinely, the guy who completely abandoned training his daughter in the clan jutsu before she reached puberty and openly disdained her? “Oh well he was changed by Naruto” ok but like… that doesn’t account for a total personality-ectomy.

It’s part of a continuing pattern in Naruto where abusers, with minimal repentance and no actual efforts at reparation, get to live happy ever after and no one holds their past abuses or even war crimes against them in any way. Meanwhile, abuse victims don’t usually get that happy ever after kind of a deal. Neji’s dead in the ground, Yamato is sitting alone, and Suigetsu is still Snakebert’s servant. Hurrah.

I get shook, if it isn’t obvious.

Destiny 2: Live Reveal Highlights


  • more approachable, all the game types will be open to everyone and they’ve made it easier to find people to play with
  • enhanced the solo experience overall
  • the environments look awesome
  • more story quests
  • really nice campaign cinematics (and a good number of them apparently)
  • all new armor and weapons
  • “more to do in D2 than any game we’ve ever made at Bungie”
  • campaign will take you across the system and to new places, with missions, and cinematics
  • Strikes (co-op missions)
  • Crucible (PvP competitive multi; 4v4 vs for all game modes, new HUD stuff like knowing when teammates have their supers; sounds familiar lol
  • new game type called Countdown attack/defend mode game type for Crucible
  • Raids: they’re back but they didn’t tell us anything about the new one yet
  • launch all activities from the world without going to orbit (unlike D1)
  • World: ambient encounters, chests to find, patrols; adventures: treasure maps, lost sectors to discover
  • new characters with side quests that offer these different adventures
  • game map; jump to any planet from your map 
  • public events in the world
  • 4 new worlds
    •  European dead zone (on earth): largest new location. Looks amazing. 
    • Titan: moon of Saturn, ocean planet with structures built on stilts basically
      • Nessus: alien planet, unique plants/animal
      • Io: Jupiter moon, bunch of lore/mythology regarding the Traveller
  • Clans will be an officially supported feature: makes it easier playing with people; in-game rosters, tools to build fireteams, and custom banners; 
  • Clan reward system: no matter what you do when, it works towards earning rewards for whole clan
  • Guided Games: clans and solo players can meet; solo players can PICK a clan to join temporarily for a co-op game mode
    • guided games can also be helpful for clans: opens up party to solo players to fill empty slots for co-op missions

PC News!!

  • Some additional features for PC (probably enhanced graphics/graphics options)
  • Available exclusively through Blizzard’s

Overall, in Destiny 2, Bungie has put an emphasis on storytelling, friendship & community, and exploring the universe at your own pace.

me: nah warrior cats isnt really that confusing people are just exaggerating ha

warriors series: So there’s four Clans, five if you count StarClan and six if you count the lost clan, SkyClan, who were driven out of the forest years before, but you don’t figure that out until later in the series. The four Clans have a naming system based on color or animals and personality traits or physical skill and usually no two cats have the same name, unless the author rehashes the name like with Robinwing (there have been over five Robinwing characters in different clans). The Clans have this thing called the Warrior Code and you should NOT break the Warrior Code, unless you’re a protagonist or if you’re a villain, if you had good intentions its okay to break said Code but if you had bad intentions nevermind. You also can’t break the Code or say anythign bad about the Code, again unless you’re a protagonist then you can basically say FUCK the Warrior Code and-


Noir Nocturne Part 1 Chapter 13 Of Things Past and the Future

Claire studied the menu she had taken from the rack in front of her. What hadn’t she had in the six weeks she’d been in Scotland that she missed the most? She thought back, or was it forwards, to 1945 Britain and rationing and decided it was quantity of selection over quality, in the main, that had been lacking then. This did not take into account the dreadful food she had consumed during WWII at the Front that seemed to make regular appearances in her dreams as good, old-fashioned nightmare fodder.

Highlander food of the 18th Century was a mixed bag. Hearty, plentiful at Leoch, but consisting mainly of meat of some sort and bannocks with ale on the road. The tamale was filling, so she wasn’t that hungry, but felt she ought to order something as an example to the men.

The waitress at the counter, who was named Marie, according to her name tag, took her time about approaching them. Claire saw her eyes widen at the sight of Jamie and knew a moment of sharp jealousy that surprised her. She really needed to address her feelings about him, and soon.

“What can I get you folks?” Marie said in an American Southern accent, whilst chewing gum and reserving her smiles for the men. She was blonde, thin, but well proportioned. She wore a white starched cap along with a bright orange uniform and entirely too much makeup. Bit of a garish attention hound, Claire sniffed to herself.

“I believe I’ll have the oatmeal, hot tea with cream and the fresh fruit bowl please. My Husband would like that as well as the steak and eggs. Steak rare, eggs over medium, hash browns and whole wheat toast, don’t spare the butter please.” Claire ordered, with just enough emphasis on the Husband, as well as a hand on his arm, so as not to be misunderstood.

Jamie, oblivious to Marie’s appreciation, raised a brow in Claire’s direction and said “Thank you Sassenach. That should be fine.” He tried, but failed utterly, not to grin at the possessive touch,as he looked at it and her from under his brows with a pink hue creeping up his cheeks.

“I’ll ha’e what he’s having” was said three times down the line of stools.

“Well, Scotsmen! My word, but that accent is something.” Marie cooed while placing cups, saucers, teabags, spoons and small metal pitchers of hot water in one and cream in the other in front of them all. She served Claire last. “Haven’t seen you all in here before, I would have remembered such good-looking fellas.”

“Aye, you would lass.” Angus stated while trying to figure out what to do with the teabag. Claire saw Marie pat his hand and make the tea for him. I’ll have to explain tipping to them next, she thought and sighed.

It really was something of a burden feeling responsible for them. It left her no time to think about anything else of importance. She needed to consider what she knew about events from this part of the world pre-war. It was niggling at her brain that there had to be a benefit to it that would aide them all in some way. There was also the fact that she knew WWII was coming. Should she find a way to warn her Uncle Lamb? What about England and the world in general?

The United States wouldn’t even enter the War until December 1941 with Pearl Harbor. It was making her deeply disturbed to even think about the possibility of changing the future. What if whatever she did changed events for the worse? She could not risk that, but so many lives could be saved….

She felt panic rising in her chest and her hands suddenly went numb. She couldn’t catch her breath. There was pressure too, as if a weight had suddenly landed in her lap and was crushing her. She stood quickly and excused herself, heading for the washroom at the far end of the diner.


Murtagh saw Claire go and leaned into Jamie “Somethings troubling her lad. Mebbe ye should follow?” he nodded in the direction she went. Jamie went after her, after frowning and looking around for her. He’d obviously been too engrossed in his new surroundings to notice her small signs of distress. Could be as he just didna know her well enough yet, but Murtagh knew a bad reaction when he saw it, and was a wee bit disappointed that Jamie hadn’t caught it. The lad was usually verra perceptive. He’d have to have words with him about it.

“Did the Priest tell ye about the work then?” He asked Dougal on his right as the food started to arrive. He hadn’t been impressed with the tamale. Too spicy for his liking. This was more the thing he decided as he took in the sight of the steak.

“Aye, should’na be anything that leads to trouble I reckon.” Dougal said as he took up the bowl of oatmeal to smell it. “Ah! Finally.”

Only Angus spent the next several minutes doing any talking, and that was all to the woman who served them, Murtagh noted. He and Dougal were too busy eating to care about whatever he was saying. Jamie and Claire returned shortly after he started on the rest of his meal. They didn’t say anything though, just sat and concentrated on their food as well.

He was beginning to feel as if he could handle this day. The car, the boarding house, Mrs. Bartlett, the clothes, the talk with the Father on the telephone, the walk to the diner all had the effect of making him seem more solid in his bones. The dreamlike quality that had persisted since he awoke yesterday evening in this strange land was fading bit by bit.

It was somewhat exciting to see all the changes time had made. Everything was so big, bright and noisy though. The level of racket in the diner alone was enough to make his ears ring with it. Everyone around them spoke loudly and quickly. He saw several of them reading newspapers while eating and even that rustling was too much on top of the singsong behind the counter.

It wasn’t like the great halls he’d been in. All the sound seemed concentrated on top of him in this much smaller area. There was nowhere for it to go he realized.

“I can barely hear myself think.” He said to Jamie when the meal was over.

“I ken. Tis strange. It seems as if they all ha’e hearing problems in here. I canna understand half of what they say either e’en though I think it is English.” He replied in the Ghalidgh.

Happy to switch back to his native tongue he answered, “Is she alright then?” while watching as the woman put small bits of paper with writing in front of each of them. It was the bill for the meal.

“I do not know Godfather. She wouldna’ tell me what the trouble was, only that she felt overwhelmed all of a sudden like and had to wash her hands and face. I didna’ press her for more as it was no the right place for it. I just waited for her to come back out.” Jamie continued in the old language, keeping his voice down so the others wouldn’t hear.

“Aye well, she’s likely to be worrit o’er all this. Go easy lad. She’ll need seeing to as much as us. Only I dinna think she’ll allow for much of it. She’s strong and smart though, she’ll do.” He stood and picked up the bill by his plate.

“Where’s this cashier then Mistress?” he asked Claire.

“Oh, there is a cash register over there by the door. Just use one of the dollars I gave you to pay. There will be change and you leave a tip from it for the Waitress Marie where you were sitting.”



Dougal, whose reactions were much the same as Murtagh’s, although he couldn’t know it, paid his bill and waited for the others by the door. He was anxious to get to the employment center the Priest had told him about.

Father McDaniel had told him to just relax and listen to the men he encountered while going about his day. He had assured him that no one would take particular notice of them if they didn’t talk much or make their presence known in obvious ways. That meant no fighting, pushing, or horseplay he gathered. Just pay serious attention to the details taking shape around them was his best advice.

He knew himself to be a man of action. He needed work if he was going to survive this with his mind intact. It really didn’t matter so much what it was as long as it was doing something that made him feel in control again. He hated being dependent upon anyone, always had. It was not in his nature to follow.

Claire pointed out the center, which was across the street and up the road from the diner. There was a long line of mostly men leading to the door. Several of them appeared shabbily dressed and had a hungry look about them. Something downtrodden about their countenances Dougal thought. He was used to summing up men quickly. This lot looked defeated.

“Why are there so many of them Claire?” he asked her when they all got in line at the end of the que.

“It’s the Depression Dougal. Many hundreds of thousands of people will be out of work before it’s all said and done here. Although we have been very fortunate to have Father McDaniel pave the way for us, we will be lucky to keep working at a steady rate in the near future. I can only hope that we make more good connections in the days to come or we will be hard pressed indeed.”

“Well, we’ll take what comes Lass. Tell me, while we wait, if ye would, what has become of Scotland? I fear that I willna’ like what ye have to say on the subject, but I must know.”

Claire bit her lip and huddled them all closer together in the line by pulling on each of their sleeves.

“The Rebellion failed. Scotland is still a part of Great Britain, a very important part, but still allied with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. King James across the waters, never returned, nor any of his progeny. The Clan system was destroyed after the battle of Culloden Moor and Protestantism pretty much took over the combined countries. The current King is George V. He renamed the dynasty the House of Windsor during WWI. He is descended from George II but it’s a bit complicated all the way around. If anyone were to ask you all if you fought in the Great War, say yes, for a Scottish Regiment and leave it at that, except for you Jamie. You’re too young. Veterans are important, the world over, so we will have to do some research on it in case it becomes an issue. My war doesn’t start until 1939…” She had been nearly whispering while telling them all this and stopped cold there.

Not one of them knew how to respond to this news he saw. It wasn’t conceivable at any rate. He would have to find out more, and determine whether or no she was lying on his own. It felt like she must be, but, why would she?

“You’ll be explaining that further, but no right now. We need to concentrate on this aye?” He said giving her his most fearsome look possible. She appeared ill somehow and no wonder. If It was true it was heartbreaking. Disgusting to his very marrow.

“You’re right Dougal. I’m so sorry.” Claire said with tears starting in her eyes. Something was definitely wrong with her. He felt flummoxed by it. She was no weakling whatever else she may or may not be. He never could stand a woman’s tears, unless he caused them, and never expected to see them from her.

“Just leave it go.” He said turning away from her and facing the door and the stranger’s back in front of him. The line was beginning to move.


A Concept

Naruto is happily single, as the brand new Hokage of The Leaf Village. Playfully, he flirts with Sasuke in his free time as well as frequently strolls the village and greets the people, maintaining the peace between other villages successfully. He manages to abolish the shinobi solider system as well as brought up serious matters to address the Hyguga Clan Branch System. He lives in harmony with Kurama, carrying on the Uzumaki name.

Sakura happily marries Lee and together they give birth to a daughter and a son. Shortly after, Sakura opens an emergency medicine and medical clinic. Regularly, she lets visitors tour her hospital, honoring her Haruno Clan name, establishing their gift for chakra control and genjutsu release abilities. Lee assists with the elderly and disabled in the medical clinic, where Guy Sensei is admitted for the remainder of his life, accompanied by Kakashi frequently. In Rock Lee’s free time he does yoga with the elderly, with his children assisting.

Sasuke, although enthralled and flattered by Naruto’s attempts, happily marries Karin and together they settle outside the village of Konoha, rebuilding his clans city and reclaiming the Uchiha Crest. They raise two daughters and a son together. In their home, pictures of the Uchiha Clan are framed and hanging on the walls. Sasuke no longer harbors indescribable hatred for Konoha, but he has sworn to never return. Reluctantly, Naruto and Sakura accept this. Karin often visits Konoha to have girls day out with the Kunoichi.

Kakashi spends his spare time reading in a library he purchased and refurbished in the village of Konoha, his top selling books are all the editions of Jiraiya’s Tales along with The Tale of a Gutsy Ninja. Tsnuade visits with Shizune and TonTon, becoming regular customers. Decorated in his library are photos of his father Sakumo Hatake, Rin, Obito and Minato. Naruto often stops by to pay tribute to Minato and Obito. Kakashi no longer wears his mask, he visits Guy Sensei during his down time, reading to him as a means of torture.

Kurenai raises Mirai miraculously, retiring from her days as a Sensei. Kurenai and Mirai visit the burial site of Asuma every day, where she regularly runs into Hinata. She is often visited by Kakashi, Yamato and Guy Sensei, accompanied by Rock Lee. She ages beautifully.

Shino joins a research facility in Konoha, his family aiding in the cures to various diseases that his insects specialize in extracting. He delivers his medicine to Sakura for her usage in her medical clinic. He goes on to successfully help other villages with his research, finding cures for numerous diseases and counteractive measures for illnesses using his insects. With this persistence, he goes on to teach his findings to younger clan members who partake in his development.

Kiba travels between villages, hunting and gathering wild dogs with his clan, maintaining strong bonds with his comrades in the Leaf Village. He spares with Naruto frequently, enhancing his abilities and skills exquisitely. Joining the police force, he and Akamaru become veterans quickly. Eventually, he becomes leader of his squad, with his sister being second in command.

Hinata manages to abolish the Hyguga Branch System, doing away with the main and lower families, they come together as one. Her sister marries and she attends the wedding, holding Neji’s picture in her arms. She visits Kurenai regularly and looks after Mirai. She goes on to become a role model for Mirai.

Shikamaru goes on to marry Temari. She takes over the Nara clan name, they move back to the Sand Village, where they bring one son into the world together. Temari goes on to open a school to train upcoming shinobi in wind style techniques. Shikamaru becomes the behind the scenes man of finances for her school. Their son goes on to join the school, becoming an elite and world renowned wind style user.

Gaara marries a lovely woman from the sand village and together they give birth to three daughters and adopt one son. He remains Kazekage, abolishing the shinobi system of child soldiers. He also opens an orphanage, as well as builds a massive sand box for the children and the village. Gaara pays frequent condolences to his father’s burial site and brings flowers to his mother’s burial site, accompanied by Temari and Shikamaru.

Kankuro travels between cities performing puppet shows and teaching upcoming shinobi self defense techniques, using his puppets as dummies for them. When he has the time, he pays his respect to Saosori and Lady Chiyo’s burial sites. Mom and Dad puppets are retired, they are kept in Gaara’s orphanage, where children can sit in their laps, as means of comfort.

Ino opens a flower shop in Konoha where she regularly runs into Sai, who she eventually marries and has one son with. Together they incorporate an orphanage in her flower shop where Sai teaches the children how to draw while Ino helps them plant flowers across the village. Their son happily assists them, often drawing little pets that come to life for the children to play with while in the orphanage.

TenTen opens an artillery and weapons shop in the village. As business progresses, her inventions become steadily more modern; eventually leading her to creating the first automobile. She uses her newly built transportation to tour outside villages, selling her equipment. She works direct in line for the military, however with the nation being at peace, they find more use for them in other ways. Karui joins her shop, incorporating a class to teach swordsmanship as well as teaching kids to be blacksmiths.

Choji helps the old man from Ichirakuramen retire, taking over his business, where Naruto frequently visits. He meets Karui there, falling in love with her and bears one daughter. Karui moves to Konoha, where she joins TenTen’s weapons shop, incorporating a blacksmiths addition. Their daughter helps Choji in the restaurant, where she entertains customers and serves meals.

Naruto ends peacefully with everything resolved and ship wars aren’t created because everything else has closure. We say goodbye to our beloved team 7, as we wish them a well deserved farewell and thank you for the best times of our childhood.

When you get no respect from your second in command. 

Also bonus:

In light of a response from Vicky, I must ask. Do you think that kits, maybe about five or close to six moons, would have a full idea of what kind of life they may want? Leafpool and Willowshine are both said to have shown signs of being good MC material…but what about those kits who want to be warriors like Cinderpelt and Yellowfang and Puddleshine?

Grey’s notes: Within Warriors, five-six months of age is approximately equal to something like ten-thirteen human years. It’s preteen/early teen at the most, I think, and because of that, I tend to view new apprentices as basically equivalent to kids finishing primary school and starting high school. A time of really big personal changes–socially, emotionally, physically, so on–and generally a lot of uncertainty around identity and what the future will be. 

In reality, twelve-year-olds don’t have enough life experience or maturity to know exactly what they want when they grow up–or even know who they are yet. And that’s normal and okay. You figure that stuff out as you go through adolescence. In fact, you’re always learning about yourself. You change so much between the ages of twelve and eighteen, and then you change a whole lot again between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. Because of that, I can’t say new apprentices are always–or even most of the time–going to know for certain what they want to do.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the clan system isn’t the same as our capitalist system. In the clan, there’s two options of “career”: warrior or medicine cat. Nearly all kittens are going to expect to be warrior apprentices simply because that’s just how the clan works. It’s important to look at clan roles not as “jobs” in the sense we’re familiar with but as necessary community roles. We have aspirations about becoming artists, teachers, engineers, or whatever we want to be, based on our personal interests, our values, our priorities, and a myriad of other factors. Within the clans, cats might still have certain interests and values, but I suspect the major deciding factor is what the clan as a whole needs at the time. 

Most cats become warriors, regardless of how they feel about it: it’s an obligatory role that a cat needs to participate in (to their ability) in order to get the benefits of clan life. Likewise, I don’t think medicine cats are necessarily always the cats who have an active interest in medicine: if they’re capable and can commit to doing the work, that’s all that’s required. These things are done because they need doing. I personally think it’s far from ideal to force a cat into a role they hate and that it would always be preferable to take someone who’s willing (if not enthusiastic) to do the work instead if at all possible, but the fact is the clan system isn’t full of options and “doing what you love” just isn’t a clan priority compared to not dying out. 

I don’t think there’s the same weight of importance to individualism and personal choice within the clans when it comes to what you do when you grow up. Cats aren’t warriors or medicine cats for the job satisfaction: it’s for survival, first and foremost. If a cat is training to be a warrior and goes, “I don’t love this work, I’m more passionate about a different kind of work,” that’s not really an acceptable reason not to go hunting and perform basic duties to protect and support the clan. Basically, young cats might sometimes have feelings one way or the other about what role they’d like, but I think there’s a cultural expectation and pressure for them to make peace with whatever role they’re put into and just get on with it. I hope this answers your question somewhat!
Sam Heughan: 'Outlander' Season 3 is epic, the best yet

The end of Season 2 of Outlander left viewers slightly heartbroken as Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) were torn apart. Jamie sent a pregnant Claire tumbling back to the future through the standing stones instead of facing near-certain death at the Battle of Culloden.

Season 3 of Outlander, premiering on Starz Sept. 10, (8 ET/PT), is "an epic season, I think it’s our best yet,“ Heughan told USA TODAY as filming for Season 3 wrapped earlier this year.

Though the season is shaping up to be an impressive one, fans should brace for more hardship before any steamy reunions of the lovers, now separated by more than 100 years and an ocean.

“The title is voyager and its definitely that,” he says. “The journey picks up from end of Season 2, Jamie sends Claire back from the stones, and goes off to the Battle of Culloden, essentially to die. History says that Culloden was a great defeat.“ 

Jamie doesn’t expect to make it through the fight, the final bloody confrontation between the Jacobite uprising and the British crown that effectively ended the Scottish clan system. As readers of Diana Gabaldon’s novels know, Jamie manages to survive, and the scene isn’t pretty.

“He’s lost everything he loves and his unborn child, family, close friends and allies,” Heughan says. "It is really a great journey that he goes on to 20 years later, and reappears as if by magic back into his life unexpectedly.“

Claire, on the other hand, returns to 1948, when she’s still married to Frank, who moves to Boston for his new job.

Though there are eventual magical reunions (foreshadowed in the Season 2 finale), sea travels and stops in Jamaica, it’s not an easy journey for Jamie. 

"He really changes his personality this season, becomes many different people,” Heughan says. “He doesn’t really want to be Jamie Fraser anymore, (He) essentially wants to die and takes many things to realize it’s not worth it. It’s very epic.”


THE 1OO AU: The City of Light fell. And so did everything else. Skaikru held up their end of the deal with the Azgeda King and now the Fleim is in Ontari. But the damage has been done to the clans’ faith and the system of the Coalition. The legitimacy of the new heda is in question and old clan disputes are being to simmer. As alliances begin to crumble, there are whispers of civil war brewing. Roan has promised Azgeda’s loyalty to Skaikru and hoped for peace, but it might not be so easy when he must fight to keep Ontari on the throne. 

anonymous asked:

First love your au, second i was wondering about housing. Do they own houses and sleep in those after they change into human form or do they have dens or other sleeping areas?

It really depends if the shifter is an adventurer/traveler or have a stable pack/clan/flock. 
While Jesse was a vagabond, for examples, he usually slept in animal form to be quicker to face any kind of danger, and also because it’s a form that it’s suited best to sleep outside. The shambali travelers also sleep under the stars ^^

In clans, pack and flock instead they do have their own “houses” and the structure depend on the area.
In Morrison’s clan, they have a big yurt where Tracer, Morrison and Hanzo sleep in separate beds. When McCree join the clan Hanzo have to share his bed with him while they built another bed for him.
The Deadlock Pack live in the natural caves of canyons, they’ve put some red curtains on the edge of the entrance and inside they have furniture and stuff. The boss cave have a white curtain (thanks to @mikiri-tohoshima <3)
The Shimada Clan is one of the clans with the most complex architecture. They’ve fancy houses built on the edge of the rock, all around the mountain. Hanzo and Genji had a royal palace back when they were princes. 
The Waterhole Flock have wooden tree-houses that are really up high. Suitable just for birds.
The Los Muertos Clan had an underground system of shelters which was kind of similar to the one that the deadlock has.
The Talon Clan have wooden stilts houses with big stairs so that they can see if they’re being attacked from the distance.
The Overwatch Clan have Torbjorn, so they have this beautiful wooden house that is like the bungalow for the perfect dream vacation in the mountains.
Roadie owns a shed that miraculously still haven’t fall down. He decided that Junkrat was allowed to come in only after 3 months of him sleeping on the porch.
Blizzard Clan have igloo-shaped houses to keep out the cold :)

We actually made a [.pdf] where you can find all the info with photo-examples 👌

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skye, or the Isle of Skye (/skaɪ/; Scottish Gaelic: An t-Eilean Sgitheanach or Eilean a’ Cheò), is the largest and most northerly major island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. The island’s peninsulas radiate from a mountainous centre dominated by the Cuillins, the rocky slopes of which provide some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in the country.Although it has been suggested that the Gaelic Sgitheanach describes a winged shape there is no definitive agreement as to the name’s origins.
The island has been occupied since the Mesolithic period and its history includes a time of Norse rule and a long period of domination by Clan MacLeod and Clan Donald. The 18th-century Jacobite risings led to the breaking up of the clan system and subsequent Clearances that replaced entire communities with sheep farms, some of which also involved forced emigrations to distant lands. Resident numbers declined from over 20,000 in the early 19th century to just under 9,000 by the closing decade of the 20th century. Skye’s population increased by 4 per cent between 1991 and 2001.About a third of the residents were Gaelic speakers in 2001, and although their numbers are in decline, this aspect of island culture remains important.
The main industries are tourism, agriculture, fishing and forestry. Skye is part of the Highland Council local government area. The island’s largest settlement is Portree, known for its picturesque harbour. There are links to various nearby islands by ferry and, since 1995, to the mainland by a road bridge. The climate is mild, wet and windy. The abundant wildlife includes the golden eagle, red deer and Atlantic salmon. The local flora is dominated by heather moor, and there are nationally important invertebrate populations on the surrounding sea bed. Skye has provided the locations for various novels and feature films and is celebrated in poetry and song.

toukamika  asked:

Do you think kishimoto will kill sasuke in boruto, sasuke went through alot, and itachi sacrificed plenty to save him, killing him would just be stupid

[[ I don’t agree that it’s stupid to kill Sasuke. 

From what I can tell from the sudden-flash-forward in the very first chapter of Boruto, Sasuke will die for his beliefs and he will motivate Boruto to move on and fight stronger. 

Look at Boruto in the first chapter. 

He is wearing Sasuke’s cloak, he has Sasuke’s sword, and he is wearing Sasuke’s brown boots. Even a few pages later he is wearing the headband that Sasuke originally gave him in the Boruto movie.

(Proof the cloak/boots/sword originally belong to Sasuke.)

Granted, there’s another option here which is just “really dedicated cosplay” and we all know that Boruto is inspired by Sasuke, but I’ve seen no hints he’s so inspired like Sasuke that he would imitate his style of dress. Boruto is very much okay with wearing his own clothing right now. This leads me personally to believe that Boruto took Sasuke’s clothes upon his death to honor him, or Sasuke himself told him to take his possessions.

Yeah, Sasuke’s  been through a lot. That’s true. But he’s not technically “free” in that village. He never got reparations for his clan, the shinobi system never changed, etc. Also why should he stay alive just because other people fought to keep him alive? That’s not really fair on him. Yeah, Itachi did a lot to keep him alive but that doesn’t mean Sasuke has to. Sasuke should be living for his own sake, not someone else’s. I find it perfectly acceptable for Sasuke to die for a cause he legitimately supports, IE Boruto. Their dynamic is wonderful, they communicate, and are good for each other. 

Sasuke will be free of the village in death, and he will have passed on his motivation and possessions to someone he trusts and believes in.

Let him die peacefully. ]]