clan of xymox


80s goths dancing to Clan of Xymox.

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Clan Of Xymox - She’s Dangerous


Clan of Xymox - This World (1997)


“Obsession” Clan of Xymox


Clan of Xymox ✦✞ Heroes ✞✦ (David Bowie Cover) HQ

music tag

i’ve seen this one a while ago, i think, i think. i was tagged recently by @ananonymousauthor to answer questions using only the song titles of one artist/band. not an easy one! ( i chose clan of xymox. )

What is your gender: number one

How do you feel: call it weird

If you could go anywhere: a million things

Favourite mode of transportation: going round

Your best friend: be my friend

Favourite time of day: the darkest hour

If your life was a TV show: scum (i have no idea on this one)

Relationship status: obsession

Your fear: into her web